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Asics Gel-Contend 4 Review Facts

Asics is an acronym for the phrase "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" which translates to mean "a sound mind in a sound body." The company started in Kobe, Japan in 1949 and expanded into America in 1977. The company lives by their philosophy with every product they make, offering products that are both advanced in technology and upgrading. They opened a research institute in Kobe that does research and development of innovations by scientists and tested by athletes. They are driven by their desire to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for consumers. They are a conservative company that has stuck to their vision over the years, as well as are continually upgrading their successful models. They are also known for offering a supportive product and having a helpful customer service team.

This review is a single product review of the Asics Gel-Contend 4. Asics is one of the few companies that still offers a gel insole. This is an older technology that Asics still stands by. Being a conservative company they work with their products that have tried true throughout the years and advance that way rather than offering all new technologies. This way they upgrade on what they know rather than offering what they don't know well. It is something to be admired about the company and their business structure. The Gel-Contend is the 4th generation of this product, making it fairly young considering the company has models that are in the double digits in upgrades. It is highly rated by reviewers and is inexpensive in price. Below we have our comprehensive review of this product that we gathered based on the technology and materials used, as well as reviews from consumers. We hope that this assists in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This product is quite comfortable 
  • Offers removable insoles 
  • Very breathable 
  • Reliable
  • Not as supportive as previous models
  • The gel cushioning is considered to be outdated 
  • Product may need to be downsized 


The Asics Gel Contend 4 offers mesh throughout the upper and the heel. This would allow better ventilation throughout the shoe. Cooler air would be able to enter the shoe through the upper and heel with each step, while simultaneously pushing hot air out. This creates a cooler environment for the foot and therefore stops the foot from overheating. Proper ventilation and breathability are important because this will aid in comfort because the foot stays at a more ideal temperature, no moisture/sweat build up will occur and it will decrease the blisters associated with unnecessary slipping of the foot. This product offers good breathability according to reviewers. Those who purchased this show and reviewed it confirmed that the ventilation did its job and kept their feet cooler longer, allowing the runner to go further in this product. This added to our overall rating of the product.


This shoe has the patented gel cushioning system that helps reduce the impact that a runner experiences at faster speeds. Running is fantastic for physique, however, it is hard on the joints and bones. This Asics Gel Contend 4 features the company's gel cushioning system in order to cradle the foot well, offer superior cushioning and offer better impact reductions. This product also offers a comfoDry sock liner which is a liner that actually wicks away moisture from the foot in order to keep the runner's foot cool and dry throughout their run. This would also help with odor reduction which would be particularly appealing to those with existing foot odor issues. This product offers neutral support in order to offer a more natural step to those wearing them. Those who purchased this product said that it was one of the most comfortable shoes they have ever purchased. One disadvantage to this product, though, is that in comparison to previous models, those who wore this product found it to be less supportive. This is something that should be considered before purchasing this product if buying this product because the buyer liked the previous models.


This product offers a rubber sole that is securely glued to the upper of this product. It also has a medium sized toe cap that helps protect the runner's toe from any debris but also protect the shoe itself from any potential damage. The upper and heel of this product are surrounded by mesh which tends to be a little weaker in structure compared to leather and rubber, however, the mesh is securely surrounded by synthetic materials that keep the mesh in place. The durability of the shoe depends on numerous factors including the shoes stitching, the glue holding the upper and outsole together, as well as materials used. This product does not have a reputation for falling apart though. Those who reviewed this product confirmed that the shoe was highly durable if kept at a low mileage will last a long time. The toe cap protects toes from any rocks and debris in the runner's path. This product is made of quality materials and is constructed well. This was factored into our overall review of the product.


The heel of the Asics Gel Contend 4 offers their patented gel cushioning system. Over the years gel has been phased out by many shoe manufacturers because it is becoming obsolete. It is also not as light as more technologically advanced materials. Though this is the case with many companies, Ascis being on the more conservative side has continued with the gel cushioning alternative. This decision seems to be a positive one. Though the weight of the product does seem to be on the heavier side, it does offer better comfort and support to the individual wearing the product. Those who purchased this product found that they had a lot of control with each step, saying taking off was relatively easy due to the support offered in the heel. They also found that despite the product offering a potentially outdated technological feature, that the product was quite cushioned and offered really good impact reduction.


The midsole is made of a durable rubber material. It shapes the foot well in order to offer a more natural step. It is noted as being supportive however the issue that many runners had with this shoe is that the shoe fits a little wide therefore decreasing the overall stability of the product. Those who purchased this product said that they had to size down and even then the product fits a little wide. They said that the previous model didn't have this problem and that it was a lot more stable. The upper's laminate mid cage aids in the support of the product but unfortunately due to the wideness of the product, the stability starts to become less reliable. The arch support in this product is neutral which is ideal for those with normal to high arches. This product is ideal for those with wider feet as well as those with normal to high arches. For those with more narrow feet, the stability might be a concern. The midsole is highly durable, though and does offer a very comfortable fit. This was considered when calculating our overall rating of this product.


There is not much information provided about the outsole. It is made of a durable rubber material that offers both durability and support. Those that wore this product said that the outsole was very durable and offers a good tread (and traction) for city runs, however, is not as 'sticky' in wetter environments. The outsole is a little wide, making the fit of this product a little awkward and may require sizing down as a result. Overall, though, this product does offer a good tread for beginners and is ideal for city runs as well as in the gym.


The biggest benefit of the Asics Gel Contend 4 is its comfort but runner-up is the price. This is a really inexpensive one. Though there seem to be some issues with the stability of the product for those with more narrow feet in comparison to earlier models, this product does seem to do the trick. It seems that the gel technology does offer superior impact reduction, however, may not offer the lightest or the best alternative to comfort. The product is more attractive than earlier versions, however, is still not fashionable. That all being said, this product is a really good, low mileage runner. It may not be ideal for professionals, but is a great road runner for casual runners as well as a great gym alternative. It is quite inexpensive in price as well which means that replacement won't be too hard on the bank account. For those on a budget and for those who are just getting into running this product is perfect. It is cushioned, offers better impact reduction, is quite durable if being used on city roads or in the gym, and offers a supportive upper. For these reasons, this product is definitely worth a try and worth the price.


The traction of this shoe is not really discussed on the manufacturer's website or on third-party retailers websites. Those who ran in this said that the traction of this product is great for city streets but probably not so much on the trails or in environments with high humidity or moisture. This runner is meant for city runs and the gym, it does not have the technology required for running on trails. It can be dangerous to run on trails without the proper tread. This should be considered before buying this product. It is a low-mileage runner meant for beginner to intermediate runner's who are practicing in the gym on pavement or cement.


We will start by saying that the latest version of this product is more attractive in design than earlier versions. This product offers a slightly more narrow design than earlier models with more intricate features. Which is interesting because this product does fit wider than earlier versions. This product looks like a standard runner. It isn't necessarily fashionable, in that it would probably not work well as a styling option for nights on the town or running errands, however, it does look like a sleek gym shoe. It is offered in numerous colors for stylization and individual preference. Overall, this shoe would not stand out at the gym as being gaudy or bulky, however, would not work well as an everyday shoe. It is not necessarily versatile however for this price that shouldn't matter.


The bottom line is we like this product. It is well made, it is durable and is made of quality materials. It is durable so it can be used outside however should be reserved for urban environments. It is not necessarily attractive in appearance, however, is more attractive in comparison to earlier models. It would probably not be ideal for running errands but looks like a decent workout shoe. It is quite comfortable, offering not only proper arch support but also impact reduction. Those who wore this product appreciated that their heel did not hurt after hours of wear and said they could comfortably walk on cement floors for work without any ankle or arch issues. It may not be ideal for advanced or professional runners but is ideal for those who are beginners to intermediate runners. They are a little wide so some of the potential support is lost for those with more narrow feet. Consider sizing down as the upper is still quite supportive, and that mix may aid in a proper fit. The product does not offer tread for trail runs but would work well as a street runner. Finally, this product is a great bang for your buck, almost appearing as a discount runner. Overall, this product is worth the cost and is worth a try.