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Timberland Flyroam Review Facts

Fashion is a dynamic category. It isn't just what is seen on popular runways or "fancy-dress". It ranges everywhere from baggy to tight, sporty to business, every day to nightclub and so on. Fashion is considered a popular style that doesn't just include clothes. This covers accessories, footwear, makeup, and hairstyles as well. Running shoes have evolved throughout the years. Though not necessarily "fancy-dress" they have always been a type of fashion accessory. They evolved throughout the years between narrow and thin to thick and bulky and back to thin again. Timberland specifically has been known for their iconic tan/yellow colored boots. You can look back at hip-hop videos from the 90s and see nearly every hip-hop artist wearing some sort of version of the Timberland boot. With their success, Timberland has since created a wide range of shoes that have gone far beyond their yellow high-top boot. This article focuses more specifically on the Flyroam line of shoes. They are lightweight and stylish, offering a more modern design to the classic boot. 

Timberland has been around for just over 90 years, initially starting their line with outdoor wear and a primary focus on outdoor wear. They have since expanded to other lines of products including watches, clothes, glasses, and sunglasses. This article focuses on their Flyroam knit runner that is currently massively popular as more of a fashion accessory than a running shoe. We looked at consumer reviews to find out what people who wore this product liked and didn't like about it and what were its pros and cons. We also looked at the materials used as well as the products construction in order to look at its features like breathability, flexibility and overall quality. This is our comprehensive review of the Timberland Flyroam runner. We hope that this review is informative to you and helps you in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish 
  • True-to-size
  • Made of quality materials
  • Narrow 
  • Require breaking-in 
  • Hard heel


This product offers knitted synthetic mesh jacquard fabric. The knitted synthetic mesh not only looks really attractive (as it is quite popular and modern right now) but also allows the product to breathe better. Because the mesh runs throughout the entire upper of this product, this would allow for greater ventilation throughout the entire upper rather just in designated areas. With each step, hot air would be pushed out while simultaneously cool air would flow in keeping feet cool and dry. This is important because hot feet are obviously uncomfortable but they also encourage sweat production. Any moisture in the shoe can cause blistering as well as the potential for slipping which isn't ideal for when in a faster motion (running). It is crucial that the foot stays cool and dry because of these reasons. Jacquard fabric is a weaved pattern that is currently very popular. It is raised and woven (or embroidered) rather than printed which gives a more geometric feel to the design of the shoe. The woven pattern would also assist with the structural integrity of the fabric as well. Those who wore this product found that it was quite breathable and attractive in design. They liked the mesh throughout and found the Jacquard fabric to be very breathable. They also confirmed that their feet stayed cool and dry when in use, even after extended periods of time or in areas of higher heat. All feedback about the breathability of this product was positive feedback.


The uppers, as mentioned, are very breathable and keep ventilation at higher levels in order to keep feet cool and dry. The mesh lining is also made of recycled fabric for those who are interested in eco-friendly footwear options. The material of the upper is softer and less stiff and therefore when laced up fits closer to the foot to offer a more controlled and natural step. The midsole of this product is called their Aerocore energy system which offers better energy return with each step. This would help keep foot and leg fatigue down and improve the runner's performance. Those who wore this product found that the energy return was helpful in their daily activities, especially when using these for work when on their legs for a longer period of time. This product is also really lightweight in both it's upper and outsole which also assists with less fatigue in the foot and legs. The outsole is quite supportive but more-so as an everyday shoe, less-so as a running shoe or trainer. Those who wore this product found that they could wear them for extended periods of time, found that the upper did fit very close to the foot offering a natural step, and found the shoes to be quite lightweight. The biggest concern people found is that they are a little narrow which would impact those with wider set feet over most. The heel of this product, as well, is noted as being a little stiff which didn't adjust even after extended periods of time. This should be considered before buying this product.


The durability of this product was also a subject of debate with these shoes. The upper of this product is made of mostly fabric and does not offer traditional overlays that most running shoes offer. This would mostly affect the stability and control of the product, however, can also decrease the overall structural integrity of the product. This would leave most of the impact and wear and tear to the fabric of the shoe which is already a weaker area of the shoe. The mesh, with its spaces between fabric, offers better ventilation but also, as well, lower levels of structural integrity and will wear through a little easier. The other aspect of the shoe that is affected by wear and tear sooner is the connection between the outsole and the upper of the shoe. This is usually a construction issue which involves glue breaking down and some lift happening at the rubber areas connected to the fabric. This seems to be a point of concern for some consumers. Some reviewers found that there were some areas that had some glue coming loose, as well as just some areas where the glue was exposed (this would be the company not taking care to quality control their sneaker and allowing models onto the market that was not constructed well). Though there were complaints about the durability of the product, there didn't seem to be too many major issues with the shoes which were positive. Though, at the price, this may be an issue to some consumers (this is discussed more below) and should be taken into consideration before purchasing.


The midsole of this product offers Timberlands Aerocore energy return system which is essentially a system that would return energy back to the foot and leg with each step. This helps propel the runner or walker forward with less energy required with each step for the runner. The midsole of this product is also made of a molded EVA rubber material which is both supportive and fitted to the foot. This will curve around the heel, arch, and ball of the foot and offer a more natural step along with the upper of this product. Those that wore this product found that despite being lightweight and not offering as intensive of features in comparison to trainers, that this product did offer a high level of arch support. This product also accommodated those with a high arch which is a good thing to note. This product is a casual running shoe that supports the lower part of the foot, returns energy and offers good control with each step. The EVA material used in the midsole, as well, is both lightweight and durable which is positive. The biggest issue those who wore this product found is that the heel of this product is a little stiff (as mentioned earlier in the article) and even with time it didn't break down enough to offer more flexibility, unfortunately. Overall, though this product is supportive and comfortable to the underside of the foot which is good.


The outsoles of this product aren't discussed in too much detail on the company website, however, are made of a recycled material (again for those looking for an eco-friendly product). It is made of 34% recycled rubber material. They are quite durable and offer some impact reduction which is good for those concerned about their joints and bones. When walking around, especially on harder surfaces, there is an impact on the joints and bones of the body. In the long run, this could lead to long-term issues and potentially surgery. As this product is a more casual shoe and not so much a trainer, the impact reduction is a nice feature, however, not as important as stability (for instance). The outsole of this product is also quite lightweight which is a nice feature as the outsole is usually the heaviest part of the shoe. Between the outsole and upper, this product is quite lightweight which means less fatigue in the wearer's legs and feet. Those who wore this product found that despite the construction (glue) being a little weak, the outsole itself was quite durable and offered a decent level of impact reduction. This was taken into consideration when formulating our overall rating of the product. It is also a nice add-on that these shoes are environmentally considerate.


This product sits about mid-range in price considering its use. This product isn't a trainer or even really a runner. It could potentially be used as a gym companion but its focus is more on fashion than anything else. This makes sense as this product is quite attractive in design, that and its lightweight nature are its biggest advantages. They are attractive in design, light and comfortable. They aren't versatile in that they can be worn as a runner or as a fashion accessory which would have been credit towards the price of the product but they are highly rated by consumers. If the purpose of this product is to be worn as a gym buddy and fashion accessory then the price makes sense. However, if these are required for a running shoe and a fashion accessory then the price might not make as much sense. This product also has some durability concerns which, again, doesn't help support the price of them. Overall, though they are attractive in design, comfortable and lightweight the price tag might be a touch high considering they are quite narrow (won't accommodate larger feet), not very durable and aren't very versatile. This should be taken into consideration before purchasing this product.


This product is quite attractive in design. This is their biggest redeeming quality. They have beautiful Jacquard fabric throughout the upper of the product that is not only attractive but also quite breathable. They are also quite lightweight which makes them a little sleeker in the body without the bulkiness that some sneakers can offer. They are also quite narrow in design and therefore fit closer to the foot. This is a bit of an issue, though, as it doesn't allow much additional room for those with wider feet. They are also offered in a couple different colors, all of which are light and fun and great for the spring and summer months. This is an issue in muddier areas though where they might get dirtier quicker. They have some durability concerns as well so they may not look attractive as long as more durable, fashionable running shoes on the market. They would work well as both a gym buddy and an everyday shoe which is nice, however, they aren't really designed to be a running shoe. Overall, they aren't durable and they are a little pricey considering, but they are attractive (and modern) in design and are lightweight which is worth considering.


The bottom line is this product is not meant for running. It is an everyday fashion shoe. It is supportive and lightweight which makes it ideal for those looking for something a little lighter to walk around in or wear during the workday. It is attractive in design and offers a lovely Jacquard fabric across its upper which is quite popular right now. It comes in a couple different light colors that are great for spring and summer times. They may get a little dirty easy and aren't super durable so they may not look attractive long. They are mid-range in price which doesn't seem justified due to the durability and lack of versatility concerns. They are, however, very comfortable and quite breathable which is regularly noted no matter the concern by consumers. Overall, it's not a terrible product but it is definitely more of a fashion statement than a piece of sports equipment.