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Asics Gel-Venture 6 Review Facts

Asics is a Japanese multinational company that originated in Kobe, Hyogo. They started their company starting with basketball shoes and soon after expanding their line to a variety of Olympic style shoes used throughout the 50's to 70's. The company has since been around for nearly 70 years and offers a wide variety of athletic accessories, most popular though, shoes. ASICS is an acronym for a Latin phrase that translates to a sound mind in a sound body. Their mission is to stay true the statement by attempting to create the best product in innovation, concept, and idea. ASICS in comparison to competitive brands like Nike and Adidas seem to take a more conservative approach to the construction of their runners. They use gel rather than air or foam for cushioning and impact absorption. This seems like older, potentially obsolete, way of doing this compared to newer technologies. Their shoes have not changed much throughout the years after creating a product that worked for people (hence their conservative approach). Even with slow development, Ascics is praised as having very reliable and stable shoes.

This article is specifically on the Asics Gel-Venture 6. This, as the name implies, is the 6th generation of the Gel-Venture. This runner is on the over-pronation side of the spectrum. Underpronation of the foot means that the outer side of the heel touches the ground at a more intensive angle which should cause more impact on the lower left. While over would offer the opposite. This shoe corrects improper landing of the foot and corrects to help with better alignment of the leg. The majority of shoes on the market today offer neutral pronation making this shoe a little more unique in comparison to the market. This product also includes a removable sock liner which is an extremely important feature for people who require a medical orthotic. We went through consumer reviews on the Gel-Venture to see what people had to say, both good and bad, about this runner. We wanted to put together a real, comprehensive review of the 6th version of this model. This is our review of the Asics Gel-Venture 6, we hope this article helps you in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Good impact-reduction 
  • Supportive around sides and upper
  • Extremely durable
  • Inexpensive in price
  • Obsolete gel-technology 
  • Not as comfortable as competitors 
  • No heel-lock technology (like included with previous models)


The upper of this product has mesh all throughout the toe, top, and sides of the shoe. This would offer better ventilation and therefore breathability to the shoe. Mesh is a superior material used on runners due to its higher levels of breathability. If there is not proper ventilation in the shoe the runner may find that their feet get hot and sweaty. Any moisture build-up is a problem because this could lead to blisters or even slipping which is dangerous (especially when out on trails). With the new version of this runner, as discussed below, the heel lock feature is no longer available which would make slipping even more likely. Luckily with this shoe, it is quite ventilated to keep feet cool. Those who wore this shoe said that they could wear them on long runs without any over-heating issues which is positive. This shoe is well-ventilated and breathable even for those who run a little hotter.


The cushioning in this shoe is gel which is less common in today's shoes. Gel, being thicker than water and air, is supposed to offer more shock absorption while simultaneously offer more cushioning relative to its competitors. The gel absorbs shock and is supposed to offer a smooth transition midstance. Those who wore this shoe said that though the gel is comfortable and does absorb impacts, wasn't as good as competitive products cushioning (compressed foam and air). The shoe is comfortable however it does seem like the gel-technology can be improved and modernized. This product also has a sock liner that is supposed to fit closer to the foot. Those who wore this shoe did confirm that the shoe had a natural feel however the shoe is a little heavy in comparison to others on the market. This is not ideal for trail running. Reviewers also said that the shoe's responsiveness isn't ideal. Overall, though, this shoe is widely reviewed as being a fairly comfortable shoe and is ideal for both urban running and trails (outside of the shoes weight).


This shoe is not waterproof which isn't a problem for urban runners, however, is a problem for trail runners. Trail running does usually have a bit higher levels of moisture than city streets. The one benefit is that this runner is quite breathable which would at least help the runners foot or sock dry faster.


This product has high abrasion rubber and reversed lugs to help with runs in more rugged areas. Those who wore this product said that they have worn more expensive brands of shoes (like Nike) that didn't last as long as these runners do. This product is made of quality materials and seem to be constructed well. They aren't as attractive as other more modern runners on the market, however, offer a quality runner at an inexpensive price. This shoe is meant for both urban running and trails. It has high-abrasion rubber at critical points on the shoe in order to avoid wear on high impact areas. The shoe also seems to have a strong build to the shoe as it is meant for the trails. The toe bumper on this product looks quite small but seems to do the trick. This shoe isn't stylish but is definitely meant to be used in grittier areas. They are also easy to clean which is a nice feature.


The uppers of this product offer mesh all throughout the shoe in order to provide good breathability and ventilation of the shoe. It also has rubber overlays which provide better support to the sides of the feet. Those who wore this shoe did find that the shoe fits closely to the top of the foot with good support specifically when running. The lacing system is the standard lacing system however it is different than earlier versions of the shoe. The earlier versions of this shoe offered eyelet for heel-lock lacing which was removed from this models design. This seemed to be an unpopular decision, specifically for individuals who had purchased the 5 then the 6 due to their love for the 5. Those who had issues with this said that this made the runner virtually unusable for them.


These shoes are true-to-size meaning that when buying online, especially if owning an existing pair of Asics runners, you could be the size that you are familiar with. They also don't require any breaking in which help with avoiding any blisters or calluses. Some reviewers found that this version of the model does not provide the arch support that the previous model offered. They said that they experienced some arch pain as they wore them throughout the day. This complaint was fairly far and few between though, and many reviewers all echoed that they felt that they felt supported. The issue with the arch pain could be due to the those wearing the shoe had unique pronation to the leg. The sock liner of the shoe can also be removed meaning that it can be replaced by medical orthotics. This would be appealing to people with existing foot issues (removable foot soles aren't too common).


The outsole of this product is made of a high abrasion rubber which is put in specific areas of the shoe (areas with higher impact and wear) in order to avoid increased breakdown of the shoe. The outsoles also provide reversed lugs which are supposed to assist in traction for going uphill and downhill, which would help with trail runs. Those who wore this shoe said they often took the 5's on trail runs due to the shoes superior traction and impact reduction. Reviewers also said that the soles of these shoes are a little thicker than others they have worn. Though the gel injection in the heel of this shoe is only considered mediocre it seems that it is in line with the price of the shoe. The shoes are not uncomfortable and do provide good impact reduction which would ultimately help the bones, joints, and back of the runner. One issue that reviewers found is that though the heel has good cushioning (considering), the forefoot seems to have very little cushioning which causes pain in the ball of the foot.


The traction of these runners seems to be targetted to trail running. The soles of the shoes are listed as being trail-specific with high abrasion rubber for 'confidence-inspiring traction'. Those who wore this model did confirm that the traction on the product is quite good, saying that they could run throughout trails while feeling secure and supported. They also said that the shoe could be worn in wet and dry conditions which is positive. When out on trails if the traction is not good the runner could find themselves slipping when on rocks and branches. This would lead to injury. It is important that the runner has proper traction and enough surface area to get a runner through the run even if stepping up on awkward surfaces. It is also important, especially in trail runners, that the shoe can withstand water because water tends to be more present in areas with less sun exposure like in the trees and bushes.


This runner looks like a standard running shoe. The design is sporty and ergonomic. The lines that round the upper of the shoe around the foot in a sporty design. They are also a little more narrow to give the shoe a sleeker design. Outside of that, the shoe isn't overly stylish. They probably wouldn't be able to double as a fashion accessory or be used for everyday styles unless the wearer's style is quite sporty. This product is quite inexpensive (described below) and so the cost is justified. Though the shoe is not a fashion accessory it is still an attractive shoe.


This runner is quite inexpensive in price. Those who reviewed this shoe said that they are affordable even when on a budget. The shoe, though not quite as good as more expensive shoes, is reliable. It has gel cushioning that is slightly obsolete but still effective in cushioning the foot as well as decreasing damage associated with high impact. They are sporty in design, however not really fashionable. They are medium width and true to size which is nice however they are reviewed as being a little heavy and slightly clunky in comparison to more modern alternatives. They have really supportive sides and insole. The insole is also removable. For these reasons, despite their appearance, this product is worth a look at. The shoe is ideal for those on a budget or for those who are a little rougher on their shoes.


The bottom line is this product isn't a terrible shoe. The company is quite conservative in their technique and it shows with what seems to be an outdated gel cushioning system. That said, it does the job. The gel isn't as comfortable as comparable runners like the air or pressed foam but it does provide adequate impact reduction especially when running on trails. This runner is unique in comparison to other reviews we've done on other shoes in that they work both for running on urban streets as well as city trails. The terrain, cushioning and support are ideal for more rugged terrains. The shoes are also durable which helps when accidentally bumping shoes on rocks and fallen trees that may be discovered while on the trails. They are also highly rated for the support the shoe provides which makes sense considering the shoe does offer traditional rubber overlays. Overlays aren't as trendy especially on more minimalist shoes today due to their added layer on the shoe. Overall, this shoe is worth the buy if being used on less intensive runs or for those on a budget.