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Asics GT 1000 Review Facts

You can never underestimate the benefit of a good trainer. Trainer, like runners, provides different type of support throughout the shoe. They are complex in that they have different areas that each area of the shoe does something a little different but work together with the goal of providing an easier, supportive and comfortable run for those wearing them. The upper of a shoe is usually leather or a synthetic material that can stretch stiffly across the top of the foot. This keeps the foot in place from the top during movement. The upper usually has overlays which are support systems on the side of the shoe that connect to the bottom of the shoe and stretch along the sides and connect at the lacing system. This offers better stability when in motion. The lacing system, of course, ties the upper tight in order to optimize fit for different foot shapes. The upper also usually have a toe bumper at the toe end of the shoe in order to help keep the upper and toes protected from damage that can occur when in movement (stubbed toes). The upper usually also offers mesh throughout in order to aid in ventilation of the shoe. Ventilation keeps the feet cool and dry during runs and helps delay sweat build up. This also protects the shoe from any mildew or mold buildup within it.

This article is on the Asics GT 100. Asics is a conservative company that is constantly looking for ways to upgrade their existing product base. We looked at real consumer reviews in order to get an accurate idea of what people thought of this product both good and bad. We also looked at the materials used with this product to gauge its quality and function. Finally, we looked at the shoe's construction in order to determine its durability and flexibility. This is our comprehensive review of the very popular Asics GT 1000. We hope that you find this article useful and that it also serves you in your next running shoe purchase. Enjoy!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great for those who like a gel cushioning system 
  • Offers superior support and stability 
  • Attractive in design, offered in numerous colors to suit individual styles 
  • Offers a good level of traction 
  • Some durability concerns 
  • Some discomfort issues within the heels of the feet


This products uppers offer mesh all throughout, between the overlays that provide stability for the foot. Mesh offers ventilation to the foot when in motion. It works by pushing hot air out while simultaneously encouraging cool air into the shoe. This product does seem to have quite a bit of mesh throughout the shoe, not just at the toes like traditional running shoes offer. The sock liner of this product, as well, offers a moisture-wicking material that promotes a cooler, drier and healthier environment. Not only would this keep the feet cool and dry but it would also assist in decreasing any unnecessary odor buildup within the shoe. Those who wore this product found that they are quite breathable, saying that their feet stayed cool and dry throughout the course of their run which was positive. The sock liner is also removable which is positive, as this would allow those with orthotics to use this product. Overall, there didn't seem to be any real concerns about the ventilation or the breathability of this product and those who wore this product only had positive things to say about it.


The sock liner mentioned in the section above offer a cushioning that helps with performance by offering energy back to the person running. The midsole of this product, as well, offers some bounce back which helps slow down fatigue and offers a better performance. The SPEVAFOAM technology in the midsole of this product surrounds the foot in a way that cradles it, offering a high level of arch support and low midsole breakdown. One complaint some people found is that they were having issues in the underside of the heel. They said that the midsole of this product was possibly a little hard which decreased the comfort level of those wearing this shoe. Others found that their knees actually started to hurt mid-run too which would especially be a concern for those who have existing knee issue. The rearfoot of this product offers Asics classic gel technology which helps cushion the foot and also improve impact reduction when in motion. There were several comments regarding the gel technology, most saying that it did offer some additional cushioning and impact reduction. Overall, though there were some issues with the outsole and midsole of this product, the majority of users praised its comfort.


This product offers overlays throughout the upper of the shoe which offers better durability to the weaker areas of the shoe (the fabric across the upper and mesh both of which offer lower levels of structural integrity than other areas like the outsole). The overlays also offer better stability to the foot than runners without them. Those that wore this product did have some concerns about the durability of the upper of this shoe. Reviewers regularly complained that the mesh of the uppers is quite weak and that the mesh wears through relatively easily, leaving larger holes throughout. The outsole of this product is made of a high-abrasion rubber material. The outsole also offers strategically positioned critical areas that are 50% more durable than standard Asics high abrasion rubber material. Unfortunately, reviewers found that the outsole of this product had some durability issues. The rubber material of the outsoles started to peel off the shoe which affected the shoes overall traction. Though the rest of the shoe did not have any complaints about durability, it seems that the overlays and the critical points did not help with the durability of this product.


The heel of this product offers gel technology which also helps impact reduction, is comfortable and offers a smooth transition to midstance. Those who wore this product did find that they like the gel technology offered with this shoe, saying that they chose Ascis specifically for its gel technology cushioning system as they liked it in the past. The issue that people found is that their heel and knees would hurt mid-run. It's unclear why but it seems that the gel is not quite enough to help protect the body from wear and tear. Additionally, it might not be thick enough to offer cushioning and comfort. Though the technology is good, with this product it seems to be lacking and a point of contention for some runners.


The midsole of this product as mentioned earlier offers bounce back to the runner. This provides energy and decreases the effort it takes to perform. This type of technology is ideal for those who are training for something like a marathon. The midsole also contours to the foot in order to work with the upper to keep the foot within the shoe without squishing it. Those who wore this product found the issues mentioned earlier (pain in their knees) which could also be as a result of the midsole of this product. Though these issues were present, the durability of the midsole is very good and offered a nice fit according to reviewers.


The outsole of this product offers AHAR Plus technology which is a patented technology created by Asics and is therefore exclusive to them. This technology offers a 50% more durable alternative to Asics traditional high abrasion rubber. AHAR Plus is supposed to be an exceptionally durable compound material. This is important in runners especially when running outside. Running outside presents the runner with sharper surfaces and therefore the requirement for a more durable material to stand between the foot and the road. Some runners did have some issues with the outsole of this shoe, as mentioned earlier in this article. Those who purchased this product did find that the traction of the outsole to be reliable however there seemed to be some issues with the construction of this product. Those who wore this product found that the outsole started to disconnect from the runner which affected the traction. This would vastly affect the performance of the runner and can also become dangerous to the runner. This should be considered before buying this product.


This product is very reasonably priced. This, of course, kind of goes in line with the durability of the shoe. Because this shoe seems to have some durability concerns, this product will need to be replaced more frequently than more durable alternatives on the market. This product is also not very versatile in that, though it does have an attractive design, it still looks very much like a trainer. This would mean that this product won't work as well as an everyday shoe and would probably only be used as a gym buddy or an outdoor runner. It isn't fashionable so it probably wouldn't double as an everyday shoe or one worn when out on the town. Additionally, because this shoe isn't very durable the aesthetic of the shoe would even further become deteriorated with time. This would make the shoe even less appealing to wear out and about. Those who wore this product did praise the shoe's price though. And because this product is quite inexpensive this product would be ideal for growing feet and for those on a budget which is positive.


This product offers an overpronation alignment which would allow the food to land on the outside of the heel. This allows for a more natural step, ensuring that the weight is being transferred to the inner edge of the foot rather than the ball of the foot according to the companies website. This product encourages the big toe and second toe to take on most of the energy when running. This helps with the natural step mentioned earlier in this article. A more natural step allows the runner to focus on other aspects of the run which improves performance. It also helps keep the runner's ankle supported and helps avoid rolled ankles. This is particularly helpful for those with existing ankle issues. Those who wore this product praised the shoe's stability, mostly offered in the midsole area which is positive. They found that their foot felt more stable and supported.


This product isn't a stylish product, however, is offered in an attractive design. They are a little more narrow which looks more attractive and also keeps the product closer to the foot. They are lightweight in design as well which takes away that bulky look that can sometimes be present in runners. They are offered in numerous vibrant colors as well which is ideal for those looking for some flare and to suit individual styles. They also a slightly minimalist design, as well, which is in style currently. Overall, though they aren't necessarily fashionable, they do offer a clean and narrow design. They certainly are not unattractive but also not quite versatile as something that could cross over between the gym and a night out on the town. This should be considered before buying this product.


This product is an ok one. Asics is known for their gel technology which is arguably an outdated and obsolete form of cushioning. Asics, however, does it well. There is a wide range of individuals who like this technology and regularly go back for it. This product does offer a decent level of comfort, however, there were some issues with some runner's experience pain in their heels and knees which is usually indicative of improper cushioning and therefore less impact reduction. They are inexpensive which is beneficial, however, this isn't as impressive considering the shoe does have some durability concerns throughout the outsole and the upper of this product. Those who wore this product appreciated that the shoe offers a decent level of stability which seems to be Asics claim to fame. This product isn't necessarily fashionable in design but is attractive in that they are minimal in design, are narrow, lightweight and come in a variety of fun, bright colors. Overall, this product isn't a terrible one but should be avoided if looking for something with a greater level of impact reduction, come with a need for durability or for someone who has knee issues.