Adidas Terrex AX2R

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Adidas Terrex AX2R Review Facts

Hiking offers a special kind of cardiovascular experience. Spending time in the gym or on a track can be handy but the view is minimal. Rather than focusing your attention on a television or the grunting weightlifters in front of you, hiking offers beauty in nature and adds adventure to your activity. Hiking also helps with other aspects of the body including the brain. Hiking has scientifically been proven to decrease blood pressure, help with depression and ward of anxiety. Hiking also puts the participant in an environment that offers higher levels of oxygen which means the body can function at a higher level as a result. Hiking does require some equipment that goes beyond basic gym apparel. Hiking may require items like backpacks, emergency packs, and specialized boots. It is also important that the hiker reviews the paths that they intended to hike on before starting their trip in order to get the most out of their hikes. In closing, hiking offers a more enjoyable cardiovascular experience and if planned out correctly could completely change the way a person exercises.

This article focuses on a specialized hiking shoe offered by the very popular athletic equipment brand Adidas. This article is on the Adidas Terrex AX2R. Adidas has been providing the public sports related apparel for over 90 years. They are by far one of the most successful and well-known sports-related fashion line next to Nike. We looked at consumer reviews to find out what they thought about this product both positive and negative. We also looked at the construction of the shoe as well as the materials and technology used for it in order to put together a comprehensive review. The information gathered on the materials used, construction and technology were able to assist us in determining the waterproofing, durability, and quality of the product. We hope that this article helps you with your next hiking shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Surprisingly lightweight considering it's a hiking shoe
  • Many reviewers found the shoe to be quite comfortable
  • Offers a high level of stickiness from its outsole¬†
  • Attractive in design (for a hiking shoe)
  • Some durability concerns
  • Some concerns about the shoes waterproofing capabilities¬†


This product offers technical mesh and woven synthetic material across its upper in order to provide less weight, durability, and breathability. Offering technical mesh in hiking boots can be a point of concern for some hikers due to mesh's more open design. Mesh offers small holes throughout its fabric in order to add better ventilation and breathability throughout the shoe. Though those who wore this shoe did find it to be quite breathable they also had some issues with its waterproofing capabilities. This is discussed more below in the waterproofing area. Though the waterproofing of this product was labeled as being an issue, those who wore this product did find that they offered a decent level of breathability. This is very positive in hiking shoes, as a common complaint about hiking shoes is their lack of breathability. This is usually because of the waterproofing. It is hard to find a proper set of boots or shoes that offer both. Air that can easily enter the shoe usually means water can easily enter the shoe as well. Though this product may not be ideal for areas of high moisture, the breathability is unquestionably superior to similar products on the market which is positive.


As mentioned above, this product is quite breathable which would leave feet feeling cool and dry throughout their hikes. They are also lightweight which aids in less foot and leg fatigue as well which is positive. Traditional hiking boots are quite clunky and heavy due to their added protection against rocks and debris found on trails. This product has the advantage of also being quite light in design. Reviewers regularly praised the shoe for how lightweight it is as well which is positive. This shoe also has a molded sock liner which is supposed to offer an enhanced comfort and superior fit. This was slightly disputed by reviewers, though, as some found that the insole should be removed entirely and replaced with something a little less stiff. There were also some stability concerns which can be a problem when hiking. Overall, though, there were many reviewers that praised this product for its superior comfort and cushioning which was positive. Proper cushioning in this type of product, as well, is important because it helps with both the comfort level of the wearer as well as the impact reduction which would help the hiker in their later years.


This product offers a super high traction rubber outsole which is supposed to provide durability and traction in wet conditions. It also offers a woven synthetic upper which is supposed to also provide a lightweight durability to the shoe. Those who wore this product found that the durability of the shoe left something to be desired. There seem to be some issues with the upper mesh of this product, saying that the toe seam and mesh seem to break down relatively early in the life of this product which is a concern. They also said that there were some concerns about the shoes overall construction, saying that there were some tore seams and disconnecting outsoles which is also a pretty big concern. This type of product needs to protect the wearer's feet due to the rougher environment that it is in and unfortunately it does not seem that this product is able to stand up to that type of environment. Though there were many concerns about the durability of this product, those that wore this product did find that the outsole did protect their feet from rocks despite the lack of a rock plate which is positive, however, that does not make up for the issues with the shoes overall durability.


This product offers a lightweight EVA midsole which offers cushioning and support during the hiker's travels. EVA is a rubber material that is not only durable but also quite flexible and supportive. It also offers a flexible rubber outsole that properly grips to more awkward surfaces like rocks and gravel. Those who wore this product did praise the shoe for its flexibility. Flexibility is a nice feature in hiking shoes as it adds a level of agility to the hike. When in situations that are a little 'sticky' like sliding rocks or loose branches it's good to have the flexibility to take quick action. The traction of this shoe is regularly praised for its traction in drier areas and wetter areas. This works hand in hand with the flexibility of the shoe in order to act quickly and react better in stickier situations. Overall, this product is regularly reviewed as having an impressive level of flexibility. With the outsoles, superior protection against rocks, the flexibility of the shoe is quite impressive.


The midsole of this product is a lightweight EVA product. EVA is a stronger material that is contoured to the foot of the hiker. Contouring to the foot is important because this helps with the hiker's stability and natural step. When the foot is tighter to the shoe without being uncomfortable or restricted this offers a more natural step. A natural step allows the hiker to not only react with more ease when in situations that require faster action (whether it be sliding rocks or just a casual outdoor run). It also assists the hiker in their shift of focus. This way the hiker does not have to worry as much about their foot placement but rather can focus on other aspects of their hikes. Stability is particularly important for those who have rolled their ankle in the past or are required with hell and ankle support. This product is regularly as being quite stable and supportive however does have some complaints about its ability to support more lateral movements. Overall, though, those who purchased this product did find that it offers a good level of support and stability which meant a more supported and natural step. All of which are items that should be taken into consideration.


The outsole of this product is made of a high abrasion traxion outsole. It is supposed to provide superior grip in all directions. The high traction rubber material also is supposed to be superior in wet conditions. This is listed on their website. Those who wore this product praised the traction of the shoe even when in areas of higher moisture. Those who wore this product found that they were 'sticky' even in areas where other hiking products have failed (like on slippery rocks). Other reviewers stated that they offered superior traction over competitors hiking products as well. There doesn't seem to be much as far as concern when it comes to the outsole of this product. Though there were some issues with the disconnection between the outsole and the upper, those who wore this product found that the outsole was quite durable and also offered superior grip in both high moisture areas and dry ones. That is quite positive and does work well with the control and flexibility of this product.


This product is mid-range in price. They are definitely an affordable hiking boot. This product doesn't really offer much in regards to durability which goes hand-in-hand with the price in that the faster they break down the sooner they have to be replaced. Luckily this product isn't unreasonably priced and can easily replace the previous product. They are also attractive in design and therefore can be used for more than one activity. It would not be odd to wear this product out and about. Though they are not as fashionable as some running shoes on the market they are definitely more attractive than most hiking boots currently on the market. This goes hand-in-hand with the price and it indicates the uses the shoe can be used for as well as the shoes overall versatility. Though this product isn't very durable, the price is right on this product and they are versatile which helps with the price. This product is ideal for new hikers, younger hikers (growing feet), infrequent hikers and those on a budget. This should all be considered before buying this product.


This is described earlier in this article but to review they do seem to offer some stability but there seem to be some questions about the shoes lateral stability. Overall, though, this product seems to hold tight to the foot, offer a natural step and offers a decent level of flexibility.


This product is surprisingly fashionable. They don't look like hiking boots but more like minimalist running shoes. They are attractive and light in design which is impressive because hiking shoes have the reputation of being bulky and heavy. This usually due to the protection that the outsole provides to the hiker against sharp rocks and debris. There doesn't seem to be many complaints about this shoe's lack of protection due to a lighter outsole which is positive. Overall, this product is attractive in design and offers a level of versatility that helps justify the cost of the shoe.


Waterproofing in a hiking boot and shoe is important because trails tend to have more moisture build up than open streets. This is because the rain stays within the leaves and throughout the trail longer. Sunlight is also less common due to tighter shrubbery therefore not drying as fast as it typically would on the city street (which are more frequently exposed to sunlight and therefore dry faster). Those who wore this product found that the waterproofing of this product was seriously lacking. Though this product does offer superior breathability, it seems to also allow water to leak in through the mesh at the top which is a bit of an issue. Luckily the traction still works well in areas of higher moisture, however, the foot will still get wet if the upper of the shoe is exposed to water. This should be considered before buying this product.


Overall we are on the fence about this product. On the positive side, it's supportive, stable and offers proper cushioning. On the other side, the waterproofing is lacking, the durability is poor and the overall quality seems to be questionable. This product is a good price and is attractive in design, however, the individual wearing this product may go through the product faster as a result of the durability. Also with less durability, this product will more than likely not stay attractive looking longer. This product may be better suited for newer and younger hikers that may not wear them as frequently or have growing feet and would require upgrades sooner anyway. It is also good for those on a budget and for those looking for a more attractive hiker alternative. We hope that this article helped you in your next hiking shoe purchase and happy hiking!