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Asics Gel Kayano 25 Review Facts

Asics is known for gel cushioning and impact reduction in the same way Nike is known for their Air bubble technology. Though gel could be considered obsolete there are runners that prefer it to air and foam alternatives. Gel helps create a cushioning via a liquid alternative to air or solid substances. It helps increase comfort by surrounding the foot better (similar to the way that memory foam surrounds around the foot however in potentially a closer and form-fitted fit). It also helps reduce impact when in motion. Impact reduction is extremely important because it helps keep the body in better shape longer. The motion of stepping on the ground can cause some impact on the bones and joints and cause some issues later on down the road. It could require knee and hip surgeries as a result so it is important that along with the act of creating a better physical form, that the runner is also supporting and protecting the body from running's hard impacts. Those who suffer from particular ailments including bad knees, flat feet or Achilles heel issues can also benefit from the positive features of gel as well due to it's impact reduction and stability features. Overall, though again potentially out of date, gel is still a feature that sports apparel companies use as well as many insole companies in order to provide adequate resistance to long-term damage to the body.

This article is a review of the Asics Gel Kayano 25. Asics is a company that focuses on their popular and existing models and improves on them rather than creating new and fresh models. This particular option is now on its 25th revision which should be enough evidence to show that this product is quite popular. This is another one of Asics gel line which offers a gel insole that form fits the heel and offers good impact reduction. We looked at consumer reviews, materials used and the products overall construction and durability in order to put together a full and comprehensive review of this popular running shoe. This is our review of the Asics Gel Kayano. We hope that this article serves you in the purchase of your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable for longer runs¬†
  • Offers good stability features¬†
  • Fits true-to-size
  • Durable
  • Some reviewers found some heel issues
  • Not fashionable¬†
  • Expensive


This product offers a jacquard mesh upper which is a multi-directional stretch mesh according to the Asics website. The material is supposed to offer both a closer fit and better breathability. Mesh, in general, offers better ventilation to those wearing it as with each step hot air exits while cool air enters. This keeps heat from building up in the product and therefore preventing unnecessary sweat from accumulating in the shoe. This is beneficial not only from a comfort perspective but also from a safety one, as this will stop the runner's foot from slipping due to the slick environment moisture creates. This product offers a very large surface area of mesh throughout its upper. The mesh runs along the sides of the product as well as the toe to offer better ventilation. It also helps the foot fit closer to the upper as opposed to less supportive shoes. The upper's overlays are also made out of mesh allowing for a supportive and breathable fit in one. Those who bought this product and tested them out found that the product fits closely to the foot as well as kept their feet cool and dry throughout the course of their run. They also noted that these shoes were exceptionally comfortable to wear for long periods of time without any overheating issues.


This product offers clutch technology around the heel of the shoe in order to keep the heel in place better while adding a level of stability. It is supposed to hit closer to the heel which does seem to be the case in a negative way. Those who wore this shoe did find that the heel blistered easily and those with existing heel issues (like Achilles heel issues) found that the hold was a little too aggressive and actually cause some pain in their heel. The internal fit system offers a no-sew underlay which offers a seamless body that fits close to the foot with no discomfort from threading and layers. The mesh upper helps keep the runner's feet cool and dry during their runs as well as adds a level of stability to the shoe. It also offers Flytefoam Lyte technology which is supportive and also offers a better bounce back with each step. The Flytfoam technology also offers cushioning to the foot in order to decrease the impact reduction on the runner's bones and joints, as well as helps with the overall comfort of the foot. Finally, this product offers Flytefoam propel which is cushioning around the toe of the product in order to keep the toe of the shoe comfortable as well as add some bounce back to the toe of the shoe. The toe area, which is usually tighter in more narrow shoes like this, is actually known for having quite a bit of room and a comfortable fit. This is positive.


This product offers an AHAR outsole which is strategically positioned in critical areas of the outsole in order to provide better durability in areas that typically face more wear than other. It is made of a compound that is 50% more durable than ASICS own high abrasion rubber according to the company website. It also offers a Fluidride midsole which is a technology offered by Asics that is supposed to offer better bounce-back to the runner which would help provide energy to the runner without causing energy exertion to the runner. It is supposed to be extremely lightweight without sacrificing the durability. This is beneficial in that it offers a lighter shoe without sacrificing the durability of it. Typically lighter products wear through easier but those who wore this did find that, despite a lighter weight, the Asics Gel Kayano 25 is durable. It is made of quality materials and is constructed well. Mesh is usually an area that wears through relatively easily due to the structural integrity of the material (due to the materials holes, it breaks down the strength of the material) but those who wore this did find that it did not wear through easily which is a huge benefit considering comparable products did find that to be an issue. There seem to be few durability concerns with this shoe which helps justify the high price tag, described in more detail below.


This product offers a Guidance Trusstic System which is supposed to offer better structural integrity and support to the midsole. This is supposed to keep the midsole intact while also offering greater stability to the heel and ball of the foot. It is also supposed to provide greater control with each step as well. Offering a more natural step helps the runner focus their energy on other aspects of their run rather than the placement of their foot. The midsole also offers reinforced fibers that help with the overall bounce back of the product. Bounce back is similar to the momentum gained on a trampoline. Though this product obviously does not offer that much return of energy, it does offer a better return of energy to other products on the market. It would allow the runner to use the momentum of the bounce back to propel themselves further and with less energy exertion. This would also help delay the fatigue typically faced without this feature. This would also enhance athletic performance. Those who wore this product did find that it offered good stability and a more natural step. They said that they could wear this product for extended periods of time without needing to take them off which is positive. The EVA midsole also offers better durability which would extend the longevity of the product.


The outsole of this product is made of a highly durable rubber material. It also includes the AHAR plus outsole which is, again additional protection in critical areas of the outsole in order to protect it from damage. It also offers a high abrasion rubber that helps protect the product from sharp rocks and obstacles. The outsole is also surprisingly lightweight considering how strong the material used is. Those that wore this product found that it was extremely lightweight and easy to run in for longer periods. This is especially advantageous for those who are training for something in particular and are putting several miles on per session like marathons. The tread of this product isn't mentioned on the website or in consumer reviews which is interesting. Though there was nothing positive there was also not much mentioned in regards to it not being sufficient either. The tread seems to be similar to others on the market and may not do as well in areas of higher moisture or humidity. Though the traction is not mentioned much, the outsole support, impact reduction, and durability are mentioned, all of which are praised which is positive.


This product is relatively high in price. They aren't crazy expensive but definitely on the higher end of shoes reviewed by this website. This product seems to be worth the cost though. This is a good runner. It is made of quality materials, the construction seems to be really good and the durability seems to be superior to comparable options on the market. This shoe isn't as versatile as more stylish shoes on the market. They can cross between gym buddy and outdoor running shoe but wouldn't be able to be used as a fashion accessory. It is more narrow which is an advantage but still very much looks like a trainer. The durability and the stability of the shoe seem to be the best justifications for the price of it. This would be ideal for those training primarily in this product and less so for those on a budget or for those who still have growing feet. Because of the heel issues, as well, this might not be ideal. Overall, though the Asics Gel Kayano 25 is expensive, it is made of quality materials and seems to offer superior durability. For these reasons, this product is worth the higher price tag.


This product isn't really fashionable. It is an attractive looking shoe though. It offers a more narrow and sleek design but is still true to size which is very odd. Those who wore this shoe found there to be enough room through the toe, arch, and heel of the shoe despite being quite narrow. This product can be worn at its own size rather than sizing up or sizing down which makes online ordering easier. This product is also offered in numerous colors to match an individual's personal style including very bright and fun colors. It is also made of quality materials and is constructed really well which would mean that it would stay looking newer longer than a product made with less than quality materials. It is definitely more attractive than other Asics models which tend to play it safe when it comes to style. Overall, though they are not fashionable they are still an attractive runner and with how durable the product is, it will stay looking newer longer which is positive.


The fit of this product seems to be quite impressive as well offering a close fit across the upper of the product while also offering good support and stability through the midsole of the product. The heel offers a tighter grip which bugs those with heel issues and did cause some blistering for others. This is something that should be considered by those who have existing heel issues. It is a little pricey however you typically pay for quality. This product offers superior durability to others on the market and is made of quality materials. It is also constructed quite well. The heel seems to be the primary issue for those who reviewed this product. This product is ideal for those who are looking for a comfortable shoe, with better bounce back, higher levels of impact reduction, who are not overly concerned about the style of the shoe and need a more natural step. It is not meant for those who are looking for something fashionable, for those on a budget, for those with heel issues and for those who have feet that are still growing. This product is made by a reputable company and seems to be very well made, this product is worth consideration.