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Adidas Energy Cloud Review Facts

Running is considered the most accessible sport. This is due to the ability to run just about anywhere with very little equipment required. Running is also a superior form of cardiovascular activity in that it can consistently keep the heart rate of the runner high for an extended period of time. Running is also superior because it works all areas of the body including the core and back. Running can be done to lose weight, stay healthy or even competitively. It helps lean participants out and helps keep illness at bay. The issue with running is that it can be hard on the body. When moving at higher speeds the step-down of the foot happens at a stronger force, this creates more impact that rippled throughout the body. Areas of the body that are affected the most are the areas where there is less structure, like the joints. This can cause issues down the road specifically in the hips and the knees. Things that can be done in order to help decrease the damage associated with running is taking proper supplements including fish oils (for lubrication of the joints) and proper muscle builders (like creatine). Another area that should be considered is running shoes. A proper trainer with proper cushioning and impact reduction will go a long way in not only properly reducing the impact that running causes but also create stability so that each step is more in line and therefore doesn't create wear in off-areas of the body (like the side of bones).

This article focuses on the Adidas Energy Cloud. Adidas is a well-known household brand that has been in business for nearly 100 years. They are not only known for their long list of sporting equipment but are also known for their fashion attire. We looked at consumer reviews on this runner in order to provide a comprehensive review on it. We wanted to know what people liked and disliked about this product and why. We also looked at the materials used and the construction of the shoe in order to determine its durability, flexibility and reliability. This is our in-depth and detailed review of the Adidas Energy Cloud. We hope that this article serves you in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Inexpensive¬†
  • Durable
  • Lightweight¬†
  • Attractive design
  • Tracks in outsole collect rocks¬†
  • Not true to size


This product offers an ultra-breathable stretch mesh fabric across its upper which offers better breathability and a closer fit to the top of the foot. This product also offers a breathable mesh lining which helps with the shoes' overall ventilation. Mesh, though lower in structural integrity and therefore decreased durability, does offer a superior form of ventilation for those wearing this product. Mesh allows hot air to exit the product while encouraging cool air into the shoe. This helps with the breathability of the shoe and helps keep feet cool and dry. A cooler and drier environment, as well, helps keep odor levels down as well as potential mold and mildew that is usually promoted by wet and enclosed environments. Those who wore this product praised the product for offering a high level of breathability. They found that their feet stayed cool and dry during their runs. This is especially helpful for those whose feet tend to run hot as well as those with existing foot odor issues.


This product offers mesh (as mentioned above) that keep the feet at comfortable temperatures while decreasing the buildup of moisture. It also offers a cloudfoam midsole (offered exclusively by Adidas). This technology helps keep the foot cushioning with each step while also offering a level of impact reduction. As mentioned in the opener of this article, impact reduction helps protect the body longer from the deterioration that running can often cause. The sock liner in this product is also properly cushioned to help with impact reduction but also to keep the whole bottom line of the foot (arch, heel, and ball) comfortable and properly cushioned. Those who wore this product did find that the shoe was quite comfortable right out of the box. They did not find that they had to break this product in and they also found that the product is extremely lightweight. This is handy in that it can be worn for longer and it can also help with athletic performance. There were several commenters that stated that they would regularly wear these shoes all day due to their comfort levels and that they could easily wear this product during long days on their feet at work which is positive.


This product offers a 3D molded fitpanel which adds to the overlay of the product for a lightweight support. This helps protect the upper, as well, from any deterioration that moving around in the shoe might cause. It also offers Adidas's 'adiwear' outsole which is supposed to provide a high-wear durability to the shoe. This product does have some complaints about the outsole of this product but not from a durability perspective. Those who wore this product did find that the outsole of this product is quite durable and the shoe can be worn outside without issues. Typically outdoor runs cause some issues because rocks can be sharp and break down the outsole of runners as a result. Runners did not find that issue with this product. The shoe also seems to be well constructed in that there were few complaints about the connection between the outsole and upper if this product not staying intact. There is a common issue with running shoes that the outsole seems to disconnect over time. This was not noted as an issue with this product. Overall, this product seems to be quite durable and at this price point that is quite impressive. The price point is discussed in more detail below.


The heel of this product is part of the cloudfoam technology system. The cloudfoam technology is supposed to cushion the heel of the runner and reduce impact reduction all in one. This product, though superior in impact reduction, seems to be a little stiff in the heel. Those who wore this product found that the heel of this product was a little tough when they first started wearing this product. This can cause some pain in the heel when running at higher speeds or when wearing this product for longer periods of time. Though there were some complaints about the stiffness of the heel there were still several reviewers that said they wear this runner all day at work on cement floors without any issues which is positive.


The midsole of this product is also part of the cloudfoam system. Again, this offers a good level of comfort as well as aids in impact reduction. This will help keep the body protected from the impact of running that typically leads to invasive surgeries down the road. The midsole offers step-in comfort in that it is properly cushioned as well as contoured to the bottom of the foot. A contoured midsole is positive in that it stays closer to the foot which is comfortable but also adds a level of stability and support. It also offers a more natural step which also helps with comfort but also helps take the focus away from the foot placement with each step and allows the runner to focus on other aspects of their run. This works hand-in-hand with the lightweight nature of this running shoe. The midsole helps the wearer with their overall performance without slowing them down and helps the runner with stability and decreases foot and leg fatigue. This is quite positive.


The outsole of this product seems to have the most complaints. There were very few complaints about its durability which is positive. Those who wore this product did find that they were suitable for both indoor and outdoor use due to their high level of durability. The issue is that the tracks of this shoe tend to pick up rocks which becomes annoying when wearing. They found that the traction, as well, seems to be lost in wetter areas which is a problem when using them for outdoor runs. Rocks in the tracts of the product not only feels annoying but can also start to hurt over the long term. Having to get rocks out can also be tough which would deter people from attempting to remove them frequently. This can also become dangerous when transferring from the road to slicker surfaces like tile or laminate because this could cause some slippage. Overall, though the outsole is quite durable and constructed well, the tracts collecting rocks and not being super sticky when faced with wet surfaces is something that is important to consider before buying this product.


This product is quite inexpensive in price which is positive. Typically you pay more when you get more and that doesn't seem to be the case with this product. Overall this product is quite durable which means your money goes a little further with this product. This shoe requires no break in time and will last the buyer longer due to its durability. Additionally, this product is quite durable in nature which is also positive. This means that odor build-up won't cause the purchaser to replace them as quickly as well. Those who bought this product appreciated the lower price tag. They are also attractive in design in that they can easily be worn out and about running errands. This makes them a little more versatile. The problem with them is the traction issue which may deter those wearing this product from wearing them outside which would affect the versatility of the product. Overall, though, this product is ideal for those on a budget or with growing feet who want an attractive running shoe that offers proper support and superior durability.


This product, though still on the sporty side, is quite attractive in design. They are offered in different designs and colors which would suit individual styles. Those who wore this product praised its color availability options. They are mostly mesh on top which explains their breathability. They have supportive overlays three of which sport the classic Adidas stripes. They are lightweight and narrow which gives the shoes the appearance of being snug to the foot without additional bulk. Adidas is known for they attractive and more fashion-forward design and have name-recognition behind them. They have become a household name for fashionable attire. Overall this product offers a lightweight, fitted and attractive design which helps justify the already low price tag. And because they are quite durable they'll stay looking new longer which is also a great feature.


This was discussed earlier in the article but the outsole of this product is quite durable which is positive and also means they can be used outdoor as well as indoors. The traction of this product is good, however, there seem to be some slippage issues with them when in areas of higher moisture. This could cause some issues in both indoor and outdoor environments. They also tend to accumulate rocks within the tracks of the outsole. This can cause some issues with the traction of the shoe, unfortunately. When not in areas of moisture or when rocks are not in the tracks, though, this product does seem to have a nice tread which is positive. It might be wise to use this product exclusively as a gym or track buddy as a result.


The bottom line is this runner is a good one. Firstly, it is hard to compete with this product's low price tag. This shoe is quite inexpensive despite all its positive qualities, the primary being the shoe's durability and fashionable design. They look attractive, will have a longer life (due to its durability and breathability) and are offered in numerous color choices which is great. The primary issues with this product is that the heel is a little stiff and that they aren't true to size. This means they may need to be tried on in store rather than ordered online. Those who wore this product did find that sizing up 1 full size helped this though. The other issues are that the traction isn't great when these shoes face rocks and slippery surfaces which needs to be considered when looking for an outdoor running shoe. The positive features of this product are its superior impact reduction, its lightweight nature and the support that is provided by the uppers and midsole of this product. Overall, this product seems to be a really good one but is probably better for indoor use.