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Arc’teryx Incendo Review Facts

One thing that all runners can agree upon is that having the right running gear is crucial for if you want to have an effective time on the trail. This also includes jackets, though one might not realize that even the clothes you wear could impact the effectiveness of your run. It is important for a runner to have a jacket that is not only lightweight, but that will also help to repel the wind and any water that they might encounter (i.e. rain), and of course, provide all the necessary comfort and breathability that they would look for in other running gear.

A jacket that takes the cake in all of these categories is the Arc’teryx Incendo. Available both with and without a hood and in a wide variety of colors, you are bound to find something that will suit your tastes and your needs. Besides that, this jacket is loved by many customers and runners. As with all things, there were some features of this jacket that people weren’t so pleased with, but in general, the Incendo jacket is one of the best-rated rain jackets on the market. If you’re looking for something light and breathable that you can wear on days where the weather isn’t too cold, this is a great option for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • There is also a version of the jacket that has a hood

  • The Incendo jacket is said to be very versatile and can be worn on a variety of different occasions

  • This jacket is lightweight and can be packed and transported very easily

  • People said that this jacket has excellent protection against the wind

  • The jacket is highly reflective, meaning that you can easily wear it in low light conditions


  • Some people complained that the jacket does not do much to fight against sweat

  • The jacket is not good with repelling heavier rain 


The Incendo jacket is made by the brand Arc’teryx, which features outdoor and sporting gear and is based in Canada. This highly popular brand known for its outdoor equipment is also praised for its ability to create fashionable clothes that can be used in the outdoors. Most runners, hikers, and climbers know that finding gear that also looks good can be quite the challenge; Arc’teryx has taken the challenge and succeeded in doing so. And other than looking good, its products also perform well. Many people are pleased with how durable all the products made by Arc’teryx are, as well as the amount of breathability and resistance to tears. Not only that, but when purchasing outdoor clothing, you are bound to find products that will allow you be as flexible and comfortable as possible. So, if you choose to purchase this jacket, know that it was created by one of the best outdoor brands out there.


One of the areas that many people praised the Incendo jacket on was its breathability. It’s not too common that a running jacket has the greatest breathability, but there is mesh material on the underarms to allow you to receive the ventilation that you need. People were also genuinely surprised by the fact that the jacket had as much breathability as it did since the jacket is only made out of one type of fabric. However, despite the relatively small amount of space that the mesh takes up, they provided more than enough breathability, and people said that it took them some time before they felt that they needed to unzip or remove the jacket in order to cool down.


Another area where people were pleased with the way the jacket performed was with its comfort. The jacket is extremely comfortable, according to many users, and they said that they did not want to take off the jacket at all. It is also perfect to layer with if you plan on going out in very cold weather. The only area where some people had complaints was regarding the jacket’s lack of ability to deal with too much sweat, and they said that the jacket grew uncomfortable as they grew sweated because it didn’t really soak up the moisture at all.


The jacket retails for $139, which, according to some people, is quite pricey. If you are on a budget, this definitely may be on the high end for you, but in reality, a lot of similar jackets come in at similar prices. And, as with a lot of running gear, you may be able to find the Incendo jacket for a lot cheaper on other websites, including Amazon. So, check it out on several different retailers’ sites to see what price suits you the best. Moosejaw, for example, has the jacket available at $111.


When it comes to running, especially running in harsher environments, one of the biggest things that people look for is products that have great durability. It is important to have jackets, shoes, and more that will withstand all the elements and last as long as possible because it could negatively impact the quality of your run (or hike, or climb, or whatever other activity you are participating in in the outdoors), and besides, no one wants to have to replace their equipment every few months or so.

The brand Arc’teryx is well known for having products that have the best durability. Considering the fact that it is regarded as one of the more luxury brands for outdoor gear, it comes to no surprise that a lot of people who purchased this jacket were pleased with its durability. No one complained of the jacket tearing or being made out of cheap materials. They were pleased with the way that the jacket held up and did not feel the need to have to replace it after some time. And, people also said that the jacket was made out of high-quality materials. Overall, if you are looking for a very durable and long-lasting option for a jacket, then this is perfect for you.


Of course, the Incendo jacket has multiple uses. For one, it is meant to be a jacket worn outdoors in warmer weather (by warmer, this typically means early spring, when it’s not freezing outside but you still need a jacket). The jacket is also great with water resistance and wind protection, so you can also wear it in such conditions. It is generally marketed towards people who enjoy hiking, climbing, running, jogging, and other forms of outdoor exercise. It can also be easily layered with other clothing if it’s cold or extremely rainy outside. Also, people said that the jacket looks nice enough that they simply chose to wear it as a regular jacket in warmer weather when they went out in casual settings.


Since this jacket is made completely out of nylon, it will be very easy to clean. For very light stains, you might be able to get away with simply wiping them off with a wet napkin. Otherwise, it is generally recommended that clothes made out of nylon materials be washed in cold water. Any laundry detergent that you use will work fine, just make sure that you don’t use bleach. And, it generally isn’t recommended that you put nylon clothes in the dryer, because this could easily cause them to lose some of their quality. Besides, nylon is known to dry very quickly, so you can simply air-dry the jacket and have it ready to wear in no time.


Another area where people were pleased with the jacket was with its style. It has a nice, slim fit, and it looks great on almost everyone. While most people said that the jacket is true to size, others who prefer clothes that sit a little baggier on them said that they purchased the jacket a size up from what they usually wear. Others said that the jacket is fashionable enough that it can be worn almost everywhere, including for running errands that are unrelated to outdoor activities. This is one area where Arc’teryx does well; it is known for providing high-quality outdoor clothing that looks fashionable for everyone.

The jacket is also available in a variety of colors, including black, white, green, orange, red, camel, and blue, so you will surely find something that you will like.

There is also a hooded version of the jacket and a version that does not have a hood. It is generally recommended that you try out the hooded version since it will also keep your head dry, but this is ultimately up to personal preference. The jacket features the Arc’teryx logo on the left side, and it also has a pocket that is meant to be where you put your phone. People said that their phones fit easily into this pocket and they did not have to worry about the phone falling out. The jacket also has the ability to fold up really small, just about the size of a smartphone.


A great feature that this jacket includes is its portability. Some people don’t like to wear their jackets, especially if it’s a jacket more so designed for the rain and wind like this one, and they simply prefer to keep a jacket in their backpacks (or bags) with them in case they come across bad weather. However, if the jacket is particularly heavy, this can add extra weight to their belongings. The Incendo jacket, in particular, is very lightweight- it weighs approximately 7.6 ounces- and it folds up very nicely. One user showed a picture where the jacket can fold up to be the size of an iPhone. So, it won’t take up too much space in your bag, either.

Water Resistance

Another area that is extremely important to pay attention to when purchasing clothing for doing activities outside is checking to see if it is resistant to water. This might not be a mandatory feature for some people, but if you are an avid runner, hiker, climber, or anything else that is performed outdoors, you probably will want something that will work well for you should you encounter any rain. If you are on your hike and it starts to rain, you don’t want to get too wet, because for one, you will start to feel uncomfortable, and two, you could easily catch a chill.

The Incendo jacket is not bad when it comes to water resistance. If it is pouring torrential rain outside, then this might not be the best jacket to wear. But if you notice that there is a light drizzle or some lighter rain, then you can easily wear this jacket and stay relatively dry. Most people agreed that the jacket works well in lighter rainstorms, but not when the rain gets too heavy.

Wind Protection

This jacket also performs very well with wind protection, which came as a surprise to some people due to the fact that it is made out of very thin material. It is a great jacket to wear if you want to go outside and jog on a day that is particularly breezy and cold. The zipper is also good at being able to keep the air out. Unless you decide to have your arms outstretched (since there are mesh vents on the armpits), you won’t have any trouble wearing this jacket in windy conditions.

Key Features

-Available both with and without a hood
-Great for wearing in windy conditions since it will keep the wind out
-Repels light rain, so you can wear this if it will be raining outside
-The jacket comes in a nice style and in many colors, so you don’t have to limit yourself to wearing it during activity
-Lightweight and durable material

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a jacket that has been praised by lots of people for its breathability, durability, light weight, and more, then the Arc’teryx Incendo is a great option for you. Of course, some people were deterred by the price point, and it does not offer the best protection against sweat, but otherwise, it is a highly versatile jacket that you can wear during virtually any activity and feel great in.