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Salomon Outline GTX Review Facts

Salomon is one of the top companies on the market that produces hiking shoes. So, many people have nothing but positive things to say about the numerous different shoes that the brand releases and every new release are met with tons of buyers and tons of positive reviews.

The same goes for the Salomon Outline GTX. While these shoes are meant to be used while hiking, many people said that these feel just as comfortable and lightweight as a regular pair of running shoes. Lots of people who enjoy hiking have been on the hunt for a pair of hiking shoes that have the look and feel of any pair of running shoes. And, the comfort of the shoes is easily the number one thing that many people were pleased with. They said that the shoes were comfortable enough to be worn right out of the box; many buyers did not feel the need to have to break in the shoes before taking them out on the hiking trail.

And that’s another place where these shoes excel. Not only are the shoes comfortable and lightweight, but they are also made with a highly breathable material that is exceptional at keeping water out should you encounter any rain or unexpected puddles. The outsole of the shoe is made with rubber that grips the ground very well, so you could ideally run on any surface with these shoes.

The only two areas where some people expressed their disappointment with these shoes was that they felt the fit of the shoes was too narrow, and they felt that the shoes did not offer enough support.

Otherwise, these very attractive hiking shoes created by Salomon have many positive features to offer to any hiker.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • People were pleased overall with how comfortable these Salomon shoes were, saying they felt just like regular running shoes
  • These shoes are great at keeping water out and keeping your feet dry
  • There were many people who said that the material on the shoes made them very breathable
  • The shoes were comfortable right out of the box, and users did not feel as though they needed to break the shoes in for long
  • The shoes have great traction on many types of terrain
  • Some people said that the shoes were a bit narrow
  • Others claimed that the shoes do not work the best when running or walking on rocky terrain


When you’re on the hiking trail, one of the most important things that you’ll look for in a pair of shoes is its ability to keep your feet protected and to provide enough traction on the trail. Having a durable outsole with excellent traction will not only prevent any slippage that could take place on the trail, but it also will protect your feet from any sharp objects that could potentially hurt your feet.

One of the areas where many people praised these shoes was the outsole. It is made with a Contagrip material, which will allow you to get as much traction as possible on the trail, and it gives you the opportunity to run on virtually any terrain you’d like. There are lugs on the outsole which help to keep you steady whether you’re running on wet or dry terrain, and the grooves on the shoe will allow you to run safely uphill and downhill as you’d like. Your toes will also be protected while wearing these shoes because the outsole material goes all the way up to the toe area to help protect your toes from anything you might encounter on the trail. Lots of people said that these shoes are worth purchasing due to the exceptional performance of the outsole.


While these aren’t necessarily running shoes, it is equally important for a pair of hiking shoes to have the same kind of cushioning and responsiveness that a pair of running shoes would have. The midsole of these shoes provides ample cushioning so that you can still feel as though your feet are protected and stable, but while staying comfortable at the same time.

Like many shoes meant for running and hiking, the midsole is made out of EVA foam, which helps the midsole to retain its shape but provide as much responsiveness as possible. As you strike your foot against the ground before taking a step or running, the midsole will absorb this shock and send the energy back into your leg, allowing for a bouncy and faster ride.

The shoe also has a sock liner in the midsole which helps to keep your feet comfortable and provide some level of support to the arches of your feet. However, this sock liner is also removable, so if there are other versions you prefer or ones your orthopedist recommends, you could easily switch this one out for one of those.

And finally, the midsole of the shoe helps to absorb as much moisture as possible, which will help to keep your feet dry as you are out on the trail.


The upper part of the shoes is not only made with a fabric that is highly breathable but one that also is durable against any type of abrasion. Despite the fact that the material is thin enough to provide ample ventilation to your feet, many people have agreed that the upper has not torn at all for them and it has lasted them a very long time.

The material that the upper is made out of also dries very quickly should you encounter any water while you are on the trail. Besides that, these shoes are lauded for their waterproof abilities. Without taking away any of the breathability that these shoes offer, the upper works hard to keep water out of the shoes thanks to the Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort system.

There is also a toe cap on the upper which not only provides your toes with enough protection but also helps the shoes to maintain their durability.

Also, the lacing system in the shoes is meant to keep your feet sturdy and stable while you’re wearing them. The tongue of the shoe works to keep any debris from getting into the shoe, while the collar of the shoe will help to provide you with some extra comfort while on the trail.


Another area where people were genuinely pleased with the shoes was when it came to the shoes’ weight. Now, one would expect for a pair of hiking shoes to be generally heavier than a pair of running shoes. However, that is not the case here- and that also does not mean that these shoes lack in any of their features.

The men’s version of the shoe weighs 350 grams, and the women’s version of the shoe weighs 300 grams. This makes the shoe a lot lighter than many of its counterparts.


These shoes are also highly breathable, which is quite surprising due to the fact that they are also waterproof. The upper part of the shoe provides material that is light enough to be breathable and to provide your feet with enough ventilation to prevent sweating too much.

The shoes are waterproof, however, and people have tried out the shoes in streams and puddles. The mesh material on the upper was able to dry very quickly, which is a unique feature of these shoes and a perfect way to make these shoes even more versatile for a wider number of people. However, if you prefer to have shoes that are not waterproof, or can’t imagine using them in such conditions, the Salomon brand also created a version of these shoes that are not waterproof.


One of the key selling points of the Salomon shoes was their comfort. It is absolutely essential for any pair of shoes to be as comfortable as possible, especially if they are going to be a pair that you will wear as often and as long as hiking shoes. However, many people noticed that these shoes were much more comfortable than the average hiking shoe, claiming that these feel much more like an average pair of running shoes. Salomon is well-known for creating very comfortable shoes, and ones that you don’t need to break in too much after you have purchased them.

The shoes are available in all different sizes, and it will be good for those whose feet are of standard width. Some people complained that these shoes were too narrow, so we assume that, if you have wider feet, you might want to test these shoes in-store before purchasing them to see if that’s the case for you. Otherwise, many generally agree that these shoes are true to size.


These shoes also shined in their aesthetics. The shoes do not look at all like hiking shoes and some people even said that they were able to wear these shoes in casual settings; no one would have ever guessed that they were wearing a pair of shoes meant for hiking. Salomon did a great job creating a pair of shoes that are sleek, fashionable, and great-looking for anyone to wear.

The Outline GTX hiking shoes are available for men in black, teal with coral accents, navy blue with sky blue accents, light green, and gray with beige accents. For women, the shoes are also available in black, as well as blue with purple accents, teal with turquoise accents, navy with light blue accents, and gray with light blue accents. So, you are bound to find a pair of shoes that you like and that suits your style.


Salomon is well-known for the durability of all its shoes, and no one has had many complaints about the quality of these shoes in particular. The upper is made with a strong material that won’t allow it to tear easily, and despite the fact that these shoes are lightweight, no one thought that the shoes felt cheap. And, no one mentioned that the shoes wore off very easily.

However, one user did mention that the toe cap started to peel off the shoe after several uses, while the rest of the shoes remained completely fine. While this is not ideal, it also does not mean that these aren’t durable shoes.


These shoes can be worn on any terrain. Most people wear these on regular hiking trails, but you could wear these on roads, groomed trails, dirt trails, mountain terrain, and more. The outsole of the shoe is made with material that will allow you to wear these shoes in wet and dry environments, and you will also be able to fare well in these shoes going both uphill and downhill.


Some people might look at the price tag and be a little bit discouraged, but in reality, these shoes are priced just right (and even a little bit less) compared to other hiking shoes. These shoes officially retail for $130, but you are bound to find them for a lot cheaper on other websites, Amazon in particular. The shoes are not sold online on the official Salomon website, so you will also be able to find them in store.


Another selling point of these shoes was the traction they provided. All of the people who purchased these shoes agreed that they got a solid grip on the ground whenever they went hiking. The shoes can provide traction no matter what terrain you intend to run or hike on. The shoes will be able to get a grip on both dry and wet surfaces, and you will be able to go both uphill and downhill. The only area where there were a few complaints was on rocky surfaces.


The drop in these shoes is 9mm, which is average for a pair of running or hiking shoes.

Key Features

-The outsole of the shoe has grooves that allow for great traction
-The shoes are waterproof, and will even dry quickly after being submerged in streams or any other water
-You can wear these shoes in virtually any environment
-These shoes are very comfortable and don’t even need to be broken in

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a pair of hiking shoes that is like no other, then look no further. Some people thought that these shoes were a little narrow, but other than that, many were pleased with all the features that it had to offer. Not only were these shoes sleek and stylish, which is an unusual trait for hiking shoes, but they also are incredibly comfortable, breathable, and to top it off, waterproof. You can wear these shoes on virtually any terrain and get the grip and response that you need. These shoes are bound to be a great investment for any avid hiker.