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Nike Terra Kiger 4 Review Facts

The new and improved Nike Terra Kiger 4 has a lot of updates. A Flymesh continues to deliver lightweight support and breathable coverage. The shoe has a new soft, generous toe bumper that replaces the TPU-made add-on of its predecessor.

A thin layer keeps the foot well-protected and offers a softer feel. The fourth Terra Kiger version features a gusseted tongue design instead of the traditional tongue construction. It holds the foot securely in place.

Improved Dynamic Fit technology has an inner-sleeve construction that gives a more sock-like fit. Flywire cables located at the shoe top were reduced but still hold the fast securely and comfortably. The improved upper assembly also includes a lace system that has an upgraded lace loop design.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Ample foot protection
  • Balance of underfoot protection and sensitivity
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Great traction
  • Lightweight
  • Low profile
  • Softer midsole
  • Wider toe box
  • No rock plate
  • The outsole is not super sticky on rocks
  • Runs a half size small


As the third version, the Terra Kiger 4 uses the Dual Density Outsole. The outsole gives reliable traction and protects the feet from irregular surfaces. It offers reliable traction on wet and dry surfaces and protection in high-wear areas.

The strategic design of the waffle-patterned outsole provides added durability and multi-surface traction. Environmentally friendly material is used in the outsole. The clown-puke rubber makes the shoe look appealing.


Nike Terra Kiger 4 uses the midfoot construction system used in the third version. The combination is firm but forgiving. It allow runners feet to be supported yet feel the ground below. Nike’s Zoom Air and Phylon units are placed on the forefoot and heel.

They are strategically placed for more responsive cushioning. The units offer resilient and lightweight cushioning. The Zoom Air unit consists of pockets of pressurized air. Two Zoom pods are cushioned with Phylon Midsole material. The midsole unit is used in other Nike shoes such as Nike Air Zoom Streak 7 and Nike Air Zoom Winflo 5. This super foam midsole works with the Zoom Air features to give the shoe a springy step.


The upper design of the Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 4 is straightforward compared to other Nike shoes on the market. The feel and look of the shoes are an ideal combination. A seamless design includes Nike Flymesh technology.

It gives the shoe excellent ventilation. The upper allows airflow in and out but not dirt particles, making it perfect for a trail shoe. All well-ventilated shoes allow water to enter. Flymesh technology allows water to drain out quickly and dry fast.

Along with the upper mesh super technology, a Flywire lacing system is meant to lock the midfoot securely on tough terrain. A well-designed upper system makes the shoe pleasant to wear on trails.


A men’s size nine weighs 9.3 ounces. It is on the lighter side of the trail shoe weight spectrum. The Air Zoom Terra Kiger 4 is not the lightest available shoe, but it offers all features of trail running shoes without feeling clunky or heavy like others in the genre. Out of 17 shoes tested by reviewers, only six were heavier. The reviewers gave the shoes a six out of ten years for weight.


The Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 4 breathability is excellent. Updated Flymesh technology used in the upper allows plenty of airflow. The feet are kept dry and cool while rocks and dirt are kept out. A wider toe box also permits more airflow.


The design of the shoe offers incredible comfort. It is comfortable for long training runs and hard races. The comfortable upper is snug and keeps the foot locked in place. Along with the midsole cushion and outsole support, a comfortable ride is offered by the shoe.

The right amount of cushioning needed during trail runs is provided. An appropriate cushion-to-weight ratio keeps the shoe from feeling bulky or heavy. The runner does not feel the cushion bending or thinning with pressure or weight.

Comfort is a subjective metric. Everyone’s foot is shaped differently. Standardized shoes naturally feel different to each person. With that information as a precursor, the shoe is among the most comfortable reviewers ran in.

Of the 17 shoes tested, the upper was deemed to be the best fitting. Multiple Dynamic Fit system layers comfortably and perfectly hug the foot. Underfoot the shoe is much stiffer and firmer than most foam cushioning counterparts. The shoes still offer a smooth ride with excellent padding.


The Air Zoom Terra Kiger 4 is an excellent example of a simple design. The shoe is environmentally friendly and well-designed with a smooth feel. Various color combinations are offered for ladies and gentlemen.


The durability of the shoe is worth noting. A patterned waffle outsole is made of recycled rubber that is excellent on the ground and can handle tough terrain. The durability of the Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 4 is improved from the previous versions. Racing and trail running offer no mercy to a pair of shoes. True to the brand, the Nike shoes hold up well.


The shoes rated six out of ten by reviewers for foot protection. The combination of the Nike Air pods and Phylon foam material makes the shoes feel stiff underfoot in both the forefoot and heel areas. Although the shoes have a rigid feel, there is no full-length rock plate.

The shoes retain a surprising amount of sensitivity. It does not cut the runner off from connection to the trail. Reviewers appreciated the supportive and stiff underfoot feel. It is a contrast to the springy and cushy ride runner feel on shoes having a lot of midsole EVA foam.

While the underfoot is almost perfectly protected, the mesh upper remains vulnerable. New upgrades did not increase protection. A thin rubberized overlay replaces the minimal TPU overlays used in the third version toe bumper.

The mesh upper offers only slight abrasion resistance. There is nothing to protect the top or sides of the front from rocks, roots, and branches if a foot slips off a muddy embankment or wet rock. Other Nike shoes have burlier rubber protection. The shoe features 28mm of stack height beneath the heel. It is slightly better than average in the area of foot protection. The midsole is made of Phylon foam.

It provides cushioning and a combination of a heel air pocket and forefoot ‘rock plate’ that is relatively sensitive and very flexible. It is not a solid rock plate but helps protect the feet from impact. Relatively thick rubberized patches on each side of the upper do an excellent job of protecting the feel and the shoe material.


The shoe offers a responsive feel perfect for trail shoes thanks to the midsole design. The Air Zoom pocket in the forefoot and heel, in particular, provide cushioning and additional responsiveness. Air Zoom Terra Kiger 4 is relatively flexible for a trail running shoe. It allows natural movement and adds to the overall responsiveness. The lightweight shoe is excellent for trail races.


Trail runners are offered super support. The support system consists of an upper with Flymesh technology that hugs the foot, support and cushion of for the midsole, and a grippy outsole made of waffle lugs that absorb impact. Key design features display a support system that is solid from heel to toe.


Tough terrain was the focus of the shoe’s design. The shoe is an all-terrain shoe. It has a snug mesh upper keeping the foot in place and a lugged rubber outsole having a waffle pattern design. The mesh upper can be worn around water. Water runs through the mesh and dries quickly.

Whether running through streams or hitting the mountains, this is an excellent all-terrain shoe. The shoe ideally fits the train running shoe mold. It thrives as every day, high-mileage trainer. The shoe is an ultra-running shoe that is also comfortable for hiking.


The MSRP is $125. It is standard for high-quality trail shoes. The $125 is in the middle of the range. When features are compared to durability, the price of the shoes is a great value. The shoe is among the more affordable options in the inflating market.

It is a wonderful shoe durable enough to last for a long time. Its relatively low price presents an extraordinary value. One group of reviewers awarded it the title of Best Bang for the Buck. Reviewers validate the value based on durability during testing and internet claims that back up their findings. It is available on Amazon for $90.


A waffle-like design on the bottom of the shoe has remained the same for many models of the shoe. Sticky-like traction is offered by recycled and high-abrasion rubber. It has an aggressive outsole. The design is durable and provides the needed traction for trail runs.

The lug design is a waffle pattern with impressive and interestingly deep squares that cover the entire outsole. Climbing over rocky terrain mountains is made easier. The lug pattern looks as though it was pressed in a waffle iron.

It offers many aggressively incut square lugs. Initially, the rubber feels hard to the touch, which slightly limits scrambling over rocks. Reviewers gave the shoe a seven of ten rating for traction. It was ranked a notch below the shoe; they felt provided the best traction.

Except for wet and dry rocks, it performed as well as the shoes deemed to be the most aggressive while retaining more durability. The design is a bit different than other Nike shoes, but the material used is the same found in other Nike outsoles.


The Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 4 has unique flexibility. There is softer cushioning in the forefoot of the midsole. The shoe has a firm, flexible feel. Flymesh used in the upper allows the feet to move naturally, adding to the flexibility. There is an excellent range of motion that still offers the support system needed in all trail shoes. The overall flexibility is remarkable.


A 20mm stack height gives a feeling that is close to the ground. It adds to a stable feel while running over rough terrain. The design offers a forefoot that is wider than the forefoot and natural landing of the feet with each stride.

The design increases the stride stability. The Flymesh upper has a snug feel that gives the foot a stable feeling with the help of an excellent lacing system. The Kiger 4 does not correct pronation issues.

While it does provide stability for trail runners, the shoe was not designed as a stability shoe. It only provides enough support for those with neutral pronation. It may not be super stable; it doesn’t disappoint either.

Runners don’t feel excessive forefoot movement or their heel slipping. The ring of rubber from the midsole to the outsole and the ground conforming features give the feet better grip. Each step is firm and made with confidence.

A low 20 mm stack height in the forefoot and a low four-mm heel-to-toe drop ensure the shoe runs closer to the ground. The reviewers rated the shoe as among the best when considering stability. It was given a rating of nine.

The stability within the upper is due to a combination of a gusseted tongue with stretchy elastic and a new inner mesh liner. The secured upper and landing platform feel as stable as other top stability scorers.


The Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 4 has a drop of four-mm which is below the average trail running shoe. A low drop reduces the possibility of a rolled ankle. A runner that transitions to a higher drop needs to do so slowly to become accustomed and prevent injury.

Key Features

* Available in various color schemes
* Environmentally friendly
* Flymesh upper provides a snug feel and breathability
* Overall lightweight
* Simple design
* Unique outsole waffle design pattern
* Zoom air units in forefoot and heel

Bottom Line

The Air Zoom Terra Kiger 4 is among Nike’s best all-terrain shoes. It is an excellent value for both the features and the price. Nike has made improvements to the model over the last several years. A redesigned upper gives a snug, natural feel and is more breathable.

The outsole and midsole have not changed. The features maintain the outsole’s unique waffle design pattern and the excellent cushiony, yet firm midsole feel. The outsole not only has a cool appearance, but it is also environmentally friendly. The outsole construction uses recycled rubber.

The shoes have excellent all-terrain running shoe attributes. It offers breathability, excellent traction, and comfort but is durable enough and supportive enough for rough run use. The Kiger 4 is worthy of the arsenal of any trail runner.