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Anker SoundBuds Slim+ Review Facts

The sound quality offered in earphones and headphones is first and foremost the most important quality offered by wearable audio equipment. Audio technology companies are constantly striving to offer the best sound quality available at a decent price to consumers. Though this is the case other aspects of earphones and headphones are often missed as a result of the importance put on sound quality. These features include areas such as battery life. This, of course, is exclusively an area that is reserved for wireless or battery operated earphones and headphones. When wearable audio equipment is battery powered it is important to understand what type of battery is used to power the device in order to understand how long the battery will last. If not well-versed in battery knowledge then reading reviews allows the buyer to skip the research required and dive right into other common experiences to understand how the battery will last, work and live. Considering your lifestyle and when these devices are going to be used and when they can be charged will help you, the buyer, know what type of battery life and, thus, the device will cause the least frustration and, rather, ease of use. Other areas that should be considered when buying wearable audio equipment is the price and the durability of the equipment. These two areas will help determine the best product for the buyer's needs.

This is a single product review on the Anker SoundBuds Slim +. These are earphones (the type of device that goes into the ear rather than sits over the ear) and are of the wireless variety. We looked at buyers reviews to understand what consumers thought of this product after they bought it. We also looked at the technology provided by these earphones to determine if they are in line with the price that is given to them online. Finally, we looked at the overall quality to examine whether or not these earphones are worth buying. This is our review of the Anker SoundBuds Slim +. We hope that this analysis assists you with your buying process.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • These headphones fit well (especially due to their numerous sizing options)
  • They also pair relatively easily to the user's smartphone¬†
  • They are convenient in that they are wireless¬†
  • They offer decent sound quality for the price
  • There seem to be some charging issues with these earphones
  • There also seems to be some issues with the sound quality when distance is put between the earphones and the listening device¬†
  • The mic of these earphones seems to be poor quality as well


These earphones offer "wireless" technology in that they do not need to be connected directly to the listening device and rather offer Bluetooth as a connection. They have a wire that connects them to each other that is placed around the back of the neck to keep the device out of the way specifically convenient when using them for more vigorous activities like in the gym or on a run. They also have a secure hook at the top of the bud itself in order to keep the earphones in the ears, again, securing them for more vigorous activity. They offer a level of water resistance that doesn't necessarily allow swimming with these on but will prevent damage caused to them when sweating. They also offer a 7-hour battery life and a 1.5 hour quick charge time making them ideal for transit and travel.


These earphones offer the basic features that are required for Bluetooth headphones including lightweight design, allowing those wearing these earphones to wear them without strain or discomfort. They also offer a remote device attached to the right side of the cord to avoid having to pull the listening device out when in motion. The remote also offers a mic to easily answer calls when on the go. It offers Bluetooth for easy connection to the listening device (though this has some questionable quality concerns discussed in more detail below). It has a 7-hour battery which recharges in 1.5 hours (quite short when considering alternatives on the market).


These earphones also offer some more advanced features that may be considered unique or over-and-above standard and comparable Bluetooth earphones including a water-resistant coating in order to feel at ease when sweating a little more profusely or when getting caught in a thunderstorm. Though the water resistance is an IPX-5 (meaning they are fine with splashes of water but not necessarily being dunked in a pool of water) those who wore these earphones were really happy with their water-resistant addition. On top of the water resistance, they also offer additional hardware (like multi-sized earbuds) in order to fit different ears making them a little more comfortable to wear even with different ear shapes. They are ergonomically shaped for better comfort and also offer the safety hook that rounds the ear keeping them in the ear better.


The sound offered by the Anker Soundbuds Slim + is an aptX high resolution HD according to the company website. This is supposed to offer a superior sound experience which is also supposed to be crisp and clear. Those who bought these earphones mostly bought them because they were a fan of Anker. Anker is known to offer reliable products at a decent rate and is well regarded as having a highly effective customer service team. After purchasing these earphones reviewers were quick to note that for the price of these earphones the sound quality is decent. Though this changed after creating some distance between the earphones themselves and the listening device. Though when holding or pocketing the listening device the sound quality was "decent" when walking away from the device (around the 10 feet mark) the sound quality quickly decreases and cracking starts to happen. This may be an issue for those looking to keep their phone in one spot but still wanting to listen to the audio.


These offer a Bluetooth connection which is the most popular and reliable connection available on today's markets. Those who bought these earphones found them relatively easy to connect to their listening device but did note (as mentioned above) that the connection didn't go very far. Considering the price of these earphones this really does make sense. Though easy enough to connect, the device does need to be by your person in order to get not only the best connectivity but also the best sound quality of these earphones.


These earphones are ergonomically designed to fit the ear better than standard earbuds. They also come with additional earbuds in case the standard shape doesn't fit the ear. This is particularly helpful for those with ear canals that are different sizes. As mentioned earlier, they also offer a hook that is supported by the inner ear to keep the earphones in more securely. Those who bought these earphones were happy with how comfortable they are and are happy with the additional sizing options. They have a cord that wraps around the back of the neck in order to keep the cord out of the way which reviewers were also happy with. One note that a reviewer mentioned is that the mic and control switch attached to the cord did weigh down the right side of the earphone cord a little which caused some 'dragging' on the neck. Though it didn't necessarily cause discomfort, they did find it to be a little annoying after long periods of time.


These are a little more stylish in that they are a more narrow or as the name suggests, "slim" in design. They fit closer to the head, tighter around the neck and are, therefore, a little sleeker looking. In addition to this feature, they are wireless which means no cord running from the device into a pocket or into a coat. They come in a couple of different color options, as well, to suit individual styles. Overall, a nice style option, ideal for active people and lifestyles.


The durability of these earphones is a little questionable, not so much in regards to the working external parts of these earphones but more so in regards to their internal parts. Firstly we'll discuss the external features, though. These earphones have less moving features exposing the earphones to less exposure to breakage which is nice. They also offer a water-resistant coating to product them from moisture typically caused by sweat and environmental exposure (like rain). This keeps the internals protected and working even when caught in an unpredicted downpour or for those who perpetrate a little more than others. The internals seems to be an issue in that the speaker and battery seem to go relatively quickly. And when we say quickly we mean within months of purchase. This is quite unfortunate for obvious reasons but when taking into consideration the cost of these earphones and then looking at the cost of other Bluetooth earphones, they are so inexpensive. The durability seems to be in line with the cost of these earphones. And these issues were not the case with all purchases of this product but it was a common complaint among users. It's important to be mindful and considerate with these earphones if wanting to see the longevity of them, unfortunately.


These earphones connect relatively easily to your device and stay connected as long as within range. The biggest negative impact experienced with these earphones when considering ease of use is definitely the fact that your device needs to stay nearby you when using these earphones as mentioned above, they seem to lose sound quality quickly after moving past anything above 10 feet. They are Bluetooth which is handy and they also offer a remote via the cord to avoid having to pull your device out when busy doing other things. One other benefit of these earphones is the built-in mic on the remote enabling the user to answer calls easily too. Though this is supposed to add a level of convenience to the device, those that used these earphones were very displeased with the reliability of the mic, saying that those calling them had a hard time hearing the user of the mic. They noted that the background sound control was pretty sad and they had to repeat what they were saying numerous times just for the caller to hear them making that feature a little pointless.


These earphones offer a 7-hour battery with a 1.5 recharge time. This is pretty impressive considering other comparable products on the market with much higher price tags. Though the battery is regularly reviewed as matching the quoted battery life and charge time, the biggest issue with these earphones is the batteries longevity. Those who bought these earphones reported back that the battery itself didn't last much longer than 3 months. Though the customer service team with Anker is quite impressive and helpful, that doesn't really help the actual quality of the battery of these earphones. Many had Anker send them new sets just to have the same issue happen again. This is their primary issue but without sounding like a broken record, the very low price tag does kind of match the longevity of the battery of these earphones.


This has been mentioned a couple of times now in this article but the price tag of these earphones are very low. This is what drew a lot of buyers to these earphones- the ability to buy a Bluetooth earphone without the really high price tag associated with comparable products on the market. Though the price tag is low it does kind of match their quality which isn't the greatest. These earphones are great for those on a budget or potentially children that want a Bluetooth product but are likely to run through them quickly. Sadly, this is not a life long product.


- 7-hour playtime for all day use
- 1.5-hour recharge for those on the go
- Bluetooth technology for a quasi-wire-free experience
- Remote and mic directly on the device for a more hands-free experience
- Water-resistant coating to protect against rain and sweat
- Attractive, sleek design for a discrete wear
- Ergonomic design with additional earbuds for a customized fit
- Inexpensive price for those on a budget


It is hard to really sell these earphones, they longevity just doesn't seem to be there. Though this is the case they are comfortable and water resistant which some users may find appealing. The price tag is also quite low for those on a budget. The sound quality and connectivity is also reliable which is positive. Overall, not the best product on the market but definitely one of the least expensive considering its advanced technologies which is positive.