Best Running Headphones Reviewed & Rated For Quality

Let’s be honest, there is no better feeling than running outside, whether on a local trail, on the road, or even inside at a local gym. It’s an exhilarating experience to notice not only how capable the human body is – but also keeping track of all of the numbers, including calories burned, miles ran, and how fast you might be able to run. Now, of course, your performance as a runner, even if it’s not competitive, is directly impacted by the quality of gear that you are using. For example, if you have a lower-quality running shoe – you can guarantee that you will notice the consequences of those running shoes. Now, out of the many different pieces of running that gear that can help runners have a great workout – there is one in particular that we happen to think is the most underrated. The reason being, without them – it can completely hinder your running experience. Can you take a guess?

Featured Recommendations

SENSO Bluetooth
  • SENSO Bluetooth
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Comfortable Design
  • Price: See Here
Phaiser BHS-530
  • Phaiser BHS-530
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Sweat Proof
  • Price: See Here
TaoTronics 4.2 Magnetic
  • TaoTronics 4.2 Magnetic
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Perfect Running Design
  • Price: See Here


Well, of course, it’s running headphones! Now, have you ever tried to run without headphones before? Chances are, if you have, you might have noticed that your performance or endurance might not have been as strong or long in comparison to when you wore a pair of running headphones. In truth, having your favorite songs playing while you run is a great source of motivation and energy to keep you going. With that being said, to help improve your running game, we are going to share with you today the absolute best running headphones that have been tested and approved by previous consumers and the experts. So, before you are quick to head to the local or gym or trail, consider one of these products.

Let’s begin!


10 Best Running Headphones


1. SENSO Bluetooth

1. SENSO Bluetooth
As the first running headphone on the list, we are very eager to bring to you this next highly touted brand. With that, these headphones have over 25k reviews online, so we think they are considered a winner. Now, what does an individual care about most when it comes to running headphones? We think first and foremost is that they do not fall out, and secondly is the sound. With that said, let’s see if these headphones make the cut. Let’s talk about the Senso Bluetooth Sports Headphones, a better step towards a better running experience.
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Comfortable Design

Now, have you ever had headphones ears? We are unsure if that is actually a thing, but we describe it as the moment when you realize and get a sharp pain in the ears because you have been wearing headphones for too long. With that said, users do not have to worry about getting headphone ears while wearing these headphones. They are designed featured an ActivBuds technology, which is ergonomically designed with flexible ear hooks that include a gel flex silicone design to ensure that individuals do not get tired of wearing them. With that said, yes, they are incredibly comfortable!

Battery Life Is Important

Now, we can all agree that another vital and important aspect of quality headphones is the battery life. With that in mind, we can happily say that these headphones pass the battery life inspection test. Unless you can run for up to 8 hours, we are pretty sure these headphones will not die on you. Yes, the headphones allow for up to 8 hours of pure music enjoyment and about 240 hours of standby. Now, we know what you are thinking, how long do they charge for? Well, they have a quick charge time of about an hour and a half. Meaning, if you can run eight hours, all you have to do is weight an hour and a half for another run.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration, we want to keep in mind these are the first headphones on the list, we think we set the bar pretty high. With all of this in mind, the cost is relatively well-priced for regular headphones but the value is amazing. Seriously, where can one get an eight-hour experience with a one year warranty, for headphones that are also, wait for it, waterproof? Yup, you can run and swim!
  • High-quality running headphones that will not fall off during running.
  • Users will not get tired of wearing these headphones.
  • A true HD experience with 4.1 CSR technology.
  • A state of the art really deep bass for the best EDM sound for running headphones.
  • A one-year warranty in case you run too fast or dance too hard.
  • Bluetooth enabled capabilities that can go for up to 30 feet.
  • Users wish they came in more than one color.

2. Phaiser BHS-530

2. Phaiser BHS-530
Following the first headphones on this list, we think we may have set the bar pretty high. Therefore, we are eager to try to top it with these next headphones. With that said, we are eager to bring you one of the best running headphones on this list that offer plenty of great features for a couple bucks less than the last ones. Let’s talk about the Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones. With about 6k plus reviews, they are still considered a fan favorite and here are two reasons why.
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Sweat Proof

It is no doubt that during running an individual sweats. Therefore, this manufacturer made it a purpose to create quality headphones that were also sweat proof. Yup, these headphones offer a sweat proof design thanks to the Liquipel Nano Coating technology. With this, an individual’s buds will be able to withstand sweaty workouts or accidental drops into the water. With this in mind, users highly appreciate the soft design and coating that went into developing such quality headphones.

Built-In Microphone

Nowadays technology has a way of surprising us all. Therefore, this manufacturer created in their headphones a built-in microphone. With the advancement of smartphones and smart technology, a built-in microphone gives users the advantage of being able to take phone calls without ever taking out their phone. In fact, the headset can read when a call is coming in and will read the called number. Now, the best part is once the call has ended, the music begins to play once again without having to open any apps and stop your running any longer.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for these headphones, there are way too many benefits for us to try to share and explain in a couple simple paragraphs. For example, one of the many benefits of these headphones is that these come in multiple colors. Yes, an individual can pick blue, black, and even purple. With that in mind, the value is immense and users will thoroughly enjoy their running experience with these headphones.
  • Hd sound quality and 10mm speakers and a 4.1 Bluetooth sound quality.
  • These offer a secure fit thanks to the behind-the-ear technology design.
  • The microphone adds to the usability and features of the headphones.
  • Lifetime sweatproof warranty.
  • Users tout the quality of these headphones.
  • These headphones offer almost total isolation from the outside, acting like noise-canceling.
  • Users mention that these hurt after a while.

3. TaoTronics 4.2 Magnetic

3. TaoTronics 4.2 Magnetic
It’s time to talk about another brand that happens to be a fan-favorite among runners. These next headphones offer a really cool unique feature known as magnetic earbuds. Meaning, individuals can tie them around their next and they form a loop so they never fall from the shoulder. With an innovative design such as that, we can see why they are highly touted as one of the best. Let’s talk about the TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones and what users can expect from these high-quality headphones. Let’s look at two important points.
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Perfect Running Design

When it comes to running, it is universally thought that the less gear and equipment the better. The reason being is that a runner does not want to be dragged down by gear. Other than that, a runner or person working out does not want an uncomfortable experience. Therefore, this brand took comfort and design into masterful consideration and developed high-quality headphones that fit snug inside the ear and are secure enough to stay put while hiking, running, or working out. With that, users will not get tired and will have the time to focus completely on the workout ahead.

In-Line Controls

Another step towards masterful innovation is the design of these headphones and the features they created alongside them. For example, one of the best features is that these headphones offer a trusted control console in the cord. The in-line controls allow for an individual to activate Siri or answer calls at the touch a button. Other than that, the charging port is included in the in-line controls for an easy and useful appeal that users will enjoy and tout.

Cost And Value

Now, taking cost and value into consideration, these headphones offer much of the quality design that makes the other one’s expert headphones. Now, the price is much like the last ones, only carried by a couple bucks. Therefore, we really have to look at the features and quality. For example, these only offer 6 hours of battery life, but multiple compatible support. They also offer in-line controls and other design aesthetics that makes them really appealing. Oh, and they are magnetic, so there is that! Either way, no individual will go wrong with these headphones.
  • High-quality headphones with a 6-hour battery life.
  • Designed to stay in your ear while running.
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Multiple color options to choose from such as black, blue and white.
  • Rechargeable long battery.
  • 2 Bluetooth technology that is fast pairing so you never have to wait long.
  • Users have mentioned that these headphones have a unique fit that the ear may not feel comfortable with.

4. Mpow Flame Waterproof IPX7

4. Mpow Flame Waterproof IPX7
These next quality headphones are specifically designed for runners and people that love to workout. As one of the best headphones on this list, we are excited to bring you a pair of headphones that are designed to last the test of time and are extremely durable. With enhanced comfort and a richer sound than regular headphones, we are eager to share the Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones. These headphones feature some of the best headphone designs and features that one can expect from today’s technology, here are two important points.
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Enhanced Comfort Design

These headphones are designed with an ear hook, the ear hook allows an individual to wrap the headphones around the ear for a better fit. However, this brand enhanced the ear hooks so individuals will receive a better fit thanks to the stronger design. With that in mind, this brand also added a pair of memory-foam tips for the ear that adapts to the canal to provide a better seal and snug fit. With a design like this, the headphones are meant to stay in place. They also come with three pairs of regular ear tips that are all a different size for a better custom fit.

Sweatproof Material

As we have said, it is without a doubt that when a person runs, they will sweat. With that, this manufacturer designed the headphones to have a sweatproof water-resistant nano-coating. This coating allows an individual to sweat and also protects the headphones from moisture. With that, the headphones last a longer period of time and an individual can rest assured that water and moisture will not damage the quality of the headphones.

Cost And Value

When we think about cost and value, we can say that these headphones are designed as one of the best for today’s active lovers and adventure seekers. For the enhanced comfort, quality sound, quality design, and different color options, we can say that these headphones are designed for long-time use. With that, the price is very reasonable and users should expect a quality sound. Much like the last headphones on the list, these headphones are priced to sell quickly and we highly recommend them as one of the best.
  • Richer quality sound thanks to HD powerful sound and incredible bass.
  • Memory foam ear tips as an add-on option.
  • IPX7 sweatproof nanocoating material is high quality and can withstand intense workouts.
  • The hook design stays on the ear.
  • Comfortable to use and easy to wear.
  • 7-9 hour running time with a 1.5-hour charge time.
  • Users have mentioned that the headphones do feel a bit cheap.

5. SoundWhiz Bluetooth

5. SoundWhiz Bluetooth
We are eager to bring you another fantastic pair of running headphones. These next headphones are dedicated to runners and people that love to workout. However, this brand soars above the rest due to the amount of value they bring to the table. In fact, this brand has added a quality pack of bonuses to the purchase of the headphones, which we will talk about in one of the features below. With that in mind, let’s talk about the SoundWhiz Bluetooth Running Headphones and what users should expect from these quality headphones. Here are two important points to take into consideration.
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Incredible HD Sound

When it comes to small headphones, it is a common fear for people that the sound quality will not be as good. With that said, these headphones offer magnificent sound quality. The design that went into the sound quality includes a 10mm Dynamic Drivers that deliver crystal clear sound. Other than that, the bass has been enhanced so users feel more of the mids and trebles for a balanced dynamic experience. Other than that, users love that even at high volume, they still have a quality experience without the scratchy noise that most headphones get at outstanding volume.

What is In The Quality Pack?

Well, this brand has taken their value a step forward by adding a value pack to the headphones. With that, what is the most common area of the headphones that the user needs to ensure will be comfortable? If not, an individual can get a lot of ear pain. Well, the earbuds themselves! That is why this manufacturer has included large, medium, small, and x-small earbuds so individuals can switch them out and use them as needed. With that said, a user can wear them as a casual fit if they are walking or relaxing, or a right locked-in fit if they want them to be more secure during a run.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into thought for these headphones, yes, they are the most expensive as of now on the list. However, for the amount of value that an individual receives, we believe that these headphones are completely worth it. With multiple-compatibility Bluetooth and intuitive controls, users will appreciate the quality of these headphones more than any other. With that said, these headphones come in four different color choices, making them one of the best on the list.
  • High-quality headphones with a powerful sound that users will enjoy.
  • Easy to use headphones that pairs to any Bluetooth enabled device.
  • These headphones charge in about two hours.
  • Eight hour run time and can be worn in two different ways.
  • Quality cord design that does not break easily.
  • Stable and durable in-ear design that users will appreciate.
  • Users have mentioned that the Bluetooth range is somewhat short.

6. ZEUS Bluetooth

6. ZEUS Bluetooth
Time to introduce another pair of great headphones into the mix. These headphones are designed for running or watersport use and have been named one of the best water-resistant headphones in the industry. Users will appreciate the high-quality design and the different features that went into creating these quality headphones. With a sporty design and a cool red and black color look, these will stand out from the crowd. Let’s talk about the ZEUS Bluetooth Headphones.
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Better Call Quality

If you happen to be a talking runner or walker, these will be the headphones for you. If you love to go for long quality runs and walks and want a quality headphone design that is perfect making phone calls, these are it. These headphones offer an absolutely powerful sound experience with an Apt-X noise canceling design that makes listening to music and making a phone call much easier. With that, the headphones also have a Bluetooth readable notification feature in the case an incoming call is coming through.

Water Resistant

If you happen to be a runner, swimmer, or yoga enthusiast and you want a better headphone experience, then you will highly appreciate the water-resistant design of these headphones. This brand knows the importance of water resistance, and so they included an IPX7 water resistant finish on the headphones so users never have to worry about sweat. With a design such as this, no wonder they are touted as the chosen headphones for individuals to go running in. Perfect for swimmers, pool lovers, runners, and yoga enthusiast.

Cost And Value

As we share cost and value, we would like to share that these headphones are designed for long-term use and are perfect for individuals looking for quality headphones. With that in mind, they are priced like many of the headphones on this list and offer a handful of features. For the fact that they are water-resistant, users will appreciate the quality features of the Bluetooth and the sports-like style. With that, users have mentioned the sound could be better, but they are still high-quality headphones.
  • Bluetooth headphones that allow individuals to make and answer calls.
  • Flexible fit where individuals could wear it tight or looser.
  • Hand free calling with a built-in microphone feature.
  • The sound quality is thanks to an APTX Tech CVC 6.0 Noise Technology
  • These headphones even come with a carrying case.
  • Great quality for the price.
  • Users have mentioned that they do not work well with android phones.

7. Safari Hyvton Special Edition

7. Safari Hyvton Special Edition
These next headphones are one of the best headphones on this list! They are designed with masterful craftsmanship. These headphones are designed to be one of the best thanks to the sound quality, the features, and the comfortable style that makes them one of the best. We are eager to share the Safari Hyvton Special Edition Bluetooth Headphones, the perfect workout or running headphones. Here are two important features to take into consideration.
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Advanced Technology

When this brand manufactured these headphones, their goal was to keep up or be ahead of the times. Therefore, they ensured these headphones would last the test of time by including a different advanced technology. This technology includes a CSR chip that allows for individuals to easily pair the headphones with any smart Bluetooth enabled device. More so, these headphones come with a clear and high-quality built-in microphone that uses CVC 6.0 noise cancellation. This makes it easier for individuals to talk on the phone when jogging in busy environments.

Sweat Proof Design

Another important aspect that goes into building quality headphones that this brand has jumped on is a sweatproof water-resistant design. Of course, when people jog or run they sweat. Therefore, it is common for running headphone manufacturers to include a sweat-proof design in the manufacturing process. With that said, the sweat-proof material is known as an IPX7 water resistant coating that allows users to get their sweat on without worry that it will damage the headphones.

Cost And Value

Speaking of cost and value, we have covered all of the bases with the last headphones. However, what makes these stand out above the rest is the quality sound that users highly tout and appreciate. What we believe is that for the price, they are noted as one of the best. However, the price is a bit pricey considering the price of other headphones on this list. If you want a masterful sound, these are it! We highly recommend them if the price is not a worry.
  • Quality headphones with a masterful sound.
  • Noise reduction microphone feature.
  • The water-resistant finish is well-design and built.
  • Lifetime money back guarantee.
  • The sweat-proof design makes them easy to use all day long.
  • Comfortable earbuds so users never get ‘runners ear.’
  • Users have mentioned that they have disconnected randomly from the Bluetooth pairing.

8. StealthBeats Bluetooth Wireless

8. StealthBeats Bluetooth Wireless
It is time to introduce a different kind of quality headphones into the mix. These next headphones are designed masterfully as one of the best. Now, upon seeing the design, users will notice the aesthetically pleasing, cordless state of the art design that makes the stealthy looking, hence the name. With that in mind, these may be one of the most modern and most attractive headphones on the list. If the price is no concern, then let’s talk about the StealthBeats Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. Here is what users can expect from these quality headphones.
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High-Quality State of The Art Sound

Now, these headphones were designed for music. More so, this brand has enhanced the sound experience with a quality acoustic sound that is perfect for users that want on-the-go headphones. Now, what is even better is the bass and the treble, an aspect of the headphones that users will appreciate. With this in mind, we believe that the sound is state of the art and one of the best from running headphones. For the small design, these sure pack a punch!

The Aesthetic Stealthy Look

These headphones are virtually invisible. Users will appreciate the quality design that is both sweatproof and cordless. With that in mind, these headphones look beautiful. With no bulky string, they do not get in the way and with a comfortable earbud, users sometimes even forget they are wearing them. What we can say is that these headphones are designed as one of the best for runners and joggers that want to just wear them and go. More so, the aesthetic design compliments the modern abilities and look of the headphones. We highly recommend them as one of the best on this list.

Cost And Value

As far as cost and value, we did not think it could get pricier, but it can. However, in this case, the pricier they are, the better they sound and the better they feel. These headphones have a plethora of different features that make them high quality. With a long running time and a short charging time, a stealthy look, and Bluetooth compatibility, users will want to bring these headphones everywhere. We highly recommend them and we think if the price is no option, get these!
  • High-quality headphones with a wonderful acoustic sound.
  • Quality headphones 
  • A trusted brand with years of experience.
  • High fidelity sound with awesome bass.
  • Cordless design means less of a hassle.
  • Longer battery life for added value and convenience.
  • Pricey.

9. Tenergy T20

9. Tenergy T20
We are coming close to the end of the list, and it’s time to bring back the corded simple headphones, much like the first ones on the list. With that in mind, these headphones offer plenty of value and features for the great price and we can say that they are highly recommended by many users. With a high-definition sound, these wireless headphones are perfect for runners and individuals looking for quality headphones. Let’s talk about the Tenergy T20 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones and what users can expect from these headphones today.
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Sporty Headphone Design

These headphones are known as ‘ear-locking’ headphones with a hook design that can either be worn more comfortable or more fit. Now, the design is meant to withstand hardcore running or workouts so users are ensured that they will not fall out. What we can say is that the sporty design is really great that appealing. Users will appreciate the high quality waterproof IPX7 coating that makes them perfect for rainy days or users who sweat a lot. Now, the headphones are designed for everyday use so individuals will appreciate the high-quality cord and materials that went into designing these headphones.

The Audio Quality Is Superb

Other than comfort, what are another incredibly important aspect and feature of headphones? The sound! With that, we believe that these headphones have one of the best sounding bass and treble from this list. The manufacturer has used a CSR 4.1 chipset that provides a strong and powerful Bluetooth connection so individuals never get that music skipping sound that happens when the Bluetooth connection is weak. With this in mind, users will love the bass and the acoustics of these headphones, even during very busy occasions.

Cost And Value

As we talk about cost and value, these headphones are priced accordingly, making them one of the more affordable headphones. With this in mind, we believe that these headphones are designed for multiple-use and whether you use them for running or not, users will appreciate the many features of these headphones. With tailored comfort and a wireless technology, they are the perfect company for any runner or individual looking for quality headphones.
  • The headphones come with an IPX7 waterproof technology design.
  • The headphones have a music run-time of about 7-8 hours.
  • The HD sound quality sounds really great.
  • The features include a noise reduction technology.
  • The wireless technology makes them even easier to use.
  • Built-in microphone for phone calls on the go.
  • Users have mentioned that the first connection was a bit hard to connect.

10. Rosaxton Bluetooth

10. Rosaxton Bluetooth
We have come to the end of the list, and we are eager to share the last headphones. We started off great, we hope to finish great and these next headphones will prove that. With a sweat-proof design, heavy bass, and noise canceling technology, users will love the Rosaxton Bluetooth Headphones. Let’s talk about what makes these headphones one of the most superb on the list. With a lightweight design, here are two points as to why users should consider these headphones above any others.
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12-Month Warranty

Now, this is new for this list! We tend to share when a manufacturer has included a warranty because you never know how individuals will feel after a while of using the headphones. This manufacturer has included a 12-month warranty in case the headphones break and a 30-day money back guarantee. With this, users can test out the headphones, see how they like them, and if not, they can return them. More so, if the headphones brake or an accident occurs, the manufacturer will replace them. Now, It may be hard to not like these headphones thanks to the slew of features that makes them superb.

The Many Features

Like many of the headphones on this list, this manufacturer has added a slew of features to keep up with the competition. For example, these headphones have a super quality experience thanks to the CVC6.0 noise canceling technology that ensures a clear recording quality when talking on the phone. More so, the manufacturer has included a built-in microphone and easy-to-use buttons that allows for easy skip, play, and pause options. Other than that and what may be the most important feature is that they are sweatproof. With this, users can ensure that the headphones will not lose quality if they begin to sweat. For more features, we highly recommend users to try out these headphones.

Cost And Value

We have come to one of the most important points of these headphones, the cost, and the value. So, how much do they cost? Surprisingly enough, these are considered one of the most affordable on the list and can be compared with most of the headphones we have talked about.
  • High-quality headphones for everyday use.
  • The long battery life can play music for up to eight hours.
  • A charge time of about 1.5 hours.
  • Superb quality sound with awesome bass and noise canceling Bluetooth recording during phone calls.
  • Comfortable fit that users will enjoy and appreciate.
  • Easy charging.
  • Users have mentioned that these headphones are somewhat cheap.

Did you know that the running headphone market could be so saturated with such great options? In truth, it was incredibly challenging for us to pick out the very best products for your consideration because there were so many different, innovative products. However, we can say, with confidence, that every product that we reviewed and shared with you today is most certainly and proven to be the best on the market, online and in-stores. Now, we want to share with you that our goal with this article was to really provide you with the valuable insight that you need to make a well-informed decision. We understand what it’s like to run with new, cheap headphones that underperform or are uncomfortable. This buying guide sought to eliminate that risk.

With that being said, whether you are looking for a pair of wireless running headphones or a pair of traditional running headphones with waterproof or water-resistant technology, there is a product for you on today’s list. This leads us to ask a few questions that might just help confirm your product decision:

What features matter the most to you in running headphones?

What type of running do you like to do?

What type of headphones captured your attention?

Criteria Used to Evaluate Running Headphones

After spending the amount of time that we have to study all the different headphones available for consumers, running headphones are one of the coolest and most unique products out there. At the same time, they are probably one of the hardest markets to select a product from. There are so many different running headphones, all claiming to be sweatproof and the best in the game. However, we can tell you, as many runners might be able to attest as well, there are many products that are just shy of a scam or rip-off. With that being said, we wanted to help make your life easier when it comes to purchasing a pair of running headphones. Rather than risking it and buying a pair that break or don’t function well – or having to spend hours doing research, we did it for you!

Now, if you are a responsible consumer, you might be wondering – how the heck did you pick out 10 running headphones out of a field of thousands? Well, what we did was create a process to pick out headphones. In fact, we created a system of measurement, more formally known as our Criteria Use for Evaluation. This is simply a list of important criteria that we used when measuring and analyzing each product for this guide. In doing this, we were able to highlight the very best running headphones that not only are praised by the experts but also previous customers in hopes of helping you!

Want to learn more?

Quality of Build

In our opinion, the most important criteria that should be used when evaluating running headphones is the quality of the construction and build. For us, the quality of the build is one of the biggest decision makers and the reason behind why each product made our list. What we learned from doing our research was that many headphone makers produced decent headphones but they were poorly designed. In this, customers complained about the earbuds falling apart or even the sound quality is impaired after walking through a sprinkle of rain. Now, when it comes to running, neither of these options can happen – or it can be a hindrance. So, as we looked at all of the products, we ensured that product was carefully constructed from the most durable and strongest materials possible. This included quality wiring, closures, and even resistant materials. To further our research, we also did external research regarding each brand of headphones that made our list to ensure their quality of build and construction. Each product that we shared with you today was positively praised – when it comes to product quality and build quality – by previous consumers, which was further justification.


We can all agree that an uncomfortable pair of headphones can really hinder a run. Whether you are performance running or heading to your local gym – it doesn’t matter. Having earbuds that pop out after every few minutes, or earbuds that hurt the interior part of your ear are simply an inconvenience and, in our opinion, a waste of an investment. With this in mind, when we were creating this buying guide, we wanted to highlight only the best products on the market that were comfortable for your ears. In fact, our motivation was to find products that fit like pillows to the ears. Now, to be honest, initially, it was challenging. Reason being, many companies market their earbuds as comfortable; however, as the general consensus stated in the customer reviews, it was not the case. So, after skimming through more and more products, we were able to find products and manufacturers that really stepped up to the challenge, producing comfortable headphones for runners – which is what you read about today!

Technology and Innovation

Now, it’s not a far stretch to say that running headphones are a piece of technology. With that being said, we should expect from these products some degree of technology and innovation, right? Well, this was precisely what we set out to figure out. In this, we found out the best manufacturers in the industry actually took the time to infuse some unique and cool technology into their product. For example, as you might have noted, there are a few products today that are entirely wireless, making running a wire-free experience. Additionally, there are some products that feature great sound-quality technology to make listening to music while running a brand new experience. In light of all of this, each product that we shared with you today represents the pinnacle of the running headphone market as far as technology and innovation. So, if you want the best, start your running journey here!


No one wants to purchase a product that breaks after a few uses. Whether it’s because the headphones hit the ground or touched a bead of water – durability is incredibly important to all of us. So, as we evaluated each product, one of the first things that we looked out for was how the manufacturer assured their consumers. Now, when it comes to this market, many companies talked about their durability in the forms of including sweatproof technology, water-resistant properties or even water-proof materials. Additionally, there were a few companies that attempted to hook consumers with warranties and guarantees, which was quite clever and smart. Now, to offer you only the best products, we did not stop our research there. We furthered it by studying the images of the headphones and looking for the type of materials that the company used. This could speak volumes about the quality and lifespan of the product. Lastly, we looked at customer reviews to see if anyone complained about their headphones breaking.

Battery Life

Have you ever used a pair of Bluetooth headphones on a run, or perhaps used an electronic, and after about an hour, all the sudden, it powers down because the battery life went from 100% to 0%? When it comes to the running headphone market, this can be a common occurrence for consumers if they are not careful when purchasing their future running companion. Now, every single product that we shared with you today has built a reputation, offering secured and long-lasting battery lives. To verify this, we always consulted with both the manufacturer’s product specifications, but also what the consumers were saying in the reviews.

Cost and Value

Aside from any physical aspects of running headphones, one of the most important criteria in our opinion is the cost and value. Now, if you might have a guess, cost and value are quite important to us – hence why we have talked about it for every single product. It’s the most valuable asset to consumers for assessing whether or not a product is really worth their consideration. In this, when it comes to running headphones – you don’t have to worry about spending the time assessing this since we already did it for you. Essentially, we looked at a wealth of different running headphones and took notes of all of the different prices. In this, we wanted to know what exactly the market looked like. From there, we looked at each pair of headphones and assessed them based on value. What does this specific pair of headphones offer a consumer that likes to run? This was the question that we wanted to answer for each product. What you read about today was the products that impressed us the most, as far as value, and offered at the best price tags.

Sound Quality

The last aspect that we evaluated when picking out products for our list today was sound quality. In truth, the whole purpose of a pair of headphones is to play music in your ears while you are running. With that being said, to measure the quality of the sound for each pair of headphones, we started off by simply looking at how the manufacturer talked about sound quality. We wanted to know their perception of the quality of sound that the headphones can produce. From there, we expanded to look at many different consumer reviews. If we saw any reviews referencing poor sound quality, choppy sounds, or anything of that nature, we no longer considered that product. The last thing any of us want when running is a choppy version of our favorite song!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are running headphones better than regular headphones?
A: This is a question that many new consumers tend to ask. Reason being regular headphones will naturally be cheaper – and people are curious about how much money they need to spend. With that being said, running headphones are better than regular headphones because of the type of innovation and technology that these manufacturers embed in them. For example, a pair of running headphones is typically designed with sweatproof and waterproof technology. This is for when an individual is running for an extended period of time, and they break a sweat. With regular headphones, if an individual is not careful, even a few sweat beads can mess up the entire operating system.

Q: What is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant headphones?
A: As you might have noted there are many different types of running headphones; some that include water-resistant features, some that include waterproof features, and others that include sweatproof technology. Now, if you are not entirely experienced in this market – you might think all of these are the same; however, each is gravely different. When a pair of headphones is marketed as water-resistant, it simply means that they can handle very small amounts of water before liquid can seep through the product. Waterproof products, on the other hand, are essentially impermeable. In other words, runners can enjoy being outside, no matter the weather and the headphones would not get damaged.

Q: What is the average battery life for a pair of running headphones?
A: Before we can answer this question, all readers should know that the average battery life for a pair of running headphones is entirely dependent upon the specific product. Reason being, each manufacturer embeds a different type of battery and operating system in each headphone. With that being said, depending on the brand, users can expect an average battery life of 4-6 hours, which appears to be the standard of our list today.

Q: How do you know of running headphones are compatible with a specific type of phone?
A: Great question. Before you ever buy a pair of running headphones, especially if they are wireless or function off of Bluetooth technology – it’s incredibly important that you know that your smartphone is equipped to handle them. To figure out whether your phone can, all you need to do is look at the specific manufacturer’s product description. In that section, almost any Bluetooth operating running headphone company shares specifics on this information. If you are ever unsure checking with previous customers in the reviews or contact the manufacturer directly.

Q: How to clean running headphones?
A: As you might imagine, after running with headphones in your ears for even ten minutes can result in a build-up of sweat, ear-wax, and other unknown, small bacteria. With that being said, if you are planning on keeping your pair of running headphones intact and functional – you need to clean them! With that being said, if you are unsure how to clean a pair of headphones, that’s okay too! It’s quite easy. For one, there are many different products in local stores that are simply earphone wipes. These wipes are infused with alcohol and other cleaning agents to remove and eliminate any form of bacteria on the headphones. Now, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money – you can make this at home as well. It’s not hard. You can either use a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide or even a lemon and vinegar solution.


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