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Bose QuietComfort 35 Review Facts

Music has become a staple in modern households. We use music to set the mood, calm us down, hype us up and to express ourselves. Listening to music has been proven to offer incredible health benefits including helping with heavier stuff like depression and anxiety. Music can open up a creative space for some while offering an emotional space for others. The benefits of music are nearly countless. In order to get the most out of the sound quality of our speakers, we need to ensure that the speakers we are buying are quality. Listening to earphones and headphone are the best bang for your buck in that they can come in better quality for about a quarter that one might pay for high-quality home speakers. Earphones also have the benefit of offering noise reduction that is usually experienced when traveling about. Noise cancellation helps keep outside noises out while keeping the music within the space between the ear and the speaker. Another benefit of listening to music via earphones or headphones is the closeness of the speakers to the ear. It is much easier to hear little nuances in the music that might not otherwise be heard when listening to free-standing speakers in ones home. Overall, music is an excellent means of changing one's mood and should be listened to with quality equipment in order to get the most out of the experience.

This article focuses on the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones. Bose is very well known for offering the top in sound and audio equipment. They have a reputation for crystal clear sound but usually at a higher price tag. We decided to do some research on the particular pair of headphones as they are quite popular with reviewers and we wanted to know why. We've compiled the top and most reliable feedback on this product in order to find out what reviewers and consumers liked and disliked about these headphones. We also looked at the materials used as well as the technology used in order to determine if the cost value aspect is there. Without further adieu, this is our comprehensive review of the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones. We hope that this article serves you in your next headphone purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent noise cancellation abilities 
  • Sound quality offered by these headphones is clear and rich 
  • The headband and earcups of these headphones are extremely comfortable 
  • Extra long battery life 
  • Great Bluetooth range 
  • Pairing with multiple devices is difficult and unclear 
  • Regular complaints about the headphones randomly turing themselves on 
  • As a result of issue above, battery life drains much quicker 


The Bose QuietComfort 35 offers wireless audio with extra long battery life. It comes with a charging cable in order to quickly charge the battery of these headphones. They also offer ultra soft synthetic leather ear cups and an adjustable band for superior comfort.


The advanced features of the Bose QuietComfort 35 are the extra long battery life. Those who purchased these headphones noted that rather than the 20 hours listed on the website, they actually offer closer to 25 hours. The Bluetooth, as well, is actually way further than noted on the website, offering closer to 70 feet before the sound quality starts to slip. In addition to these features, Bose offers one of a kind noise cancellation technology in order to block outside noise out and incredible sound quality which reviewers regularly praised.


Bose is known for their amazing sound quality. With these headphones, they do not let the consumer down. Those who wore these headphones found that the sound quality is perfect especially when compared to other products on the market. The sounds are regularly reviewed as being warm and full. They also found that they could hear little nuances in the music that they couldn't hear with other headphones. The noise cancellation helps with the overall quality of the sound. Bose offers the best in noise cancellation technology. Those who wore this product noted that it nearly feels like they had gone deaf because these headphones are so isolating. This helps with the sound quality of the device because it means that outside noise does not get into the earphones which would dampen the sound experienced through the headphones. The Bluetooth technology is also fantastic in that it is still clear even when at max range. Some found that they could nearly go double the quoted length away from their device before they lost connection. Overall, Bose has dominated in both sound quality and noise cancellation and as a result has dominated the market in regards to overall customer satisfaction (in this category).


This device almost connects too well and in a minute we'll tell you why. Firstly, those who bought these earphones found that the Bluetooth is incredible with these headphones. They connect easily to the device being listened to and the Bluetooth is regularly reviewed as offering far greater distance from the device being listened to than Bose lists on the device packaging and website. Some reviewers found they could go nearly 75 feet which is really impressive. This means that a device can be left charging and the consumer can walk around the house easily without losing connection. One thing reviewers noted is that it's a little complicated and unclear about how to connect the headphones to more than one device. That said, it is possible. The reason the connection might be a little too good is that the biggest and most common gripe reviewers found with these headphones are that they randomly turn on when in range of the device it is connected to and will often take over as the primary audio source for the device. Reviewers found that as a result not only did it make it impossible to answer a call without adjusting the audio source on the device first but they also found this would drain the battery. There was an overwhelming amount of reviewers with this issue and no updating or resetting fixed the problem. It is also unclear whether Bose is looking into fixing this issue or not.


These headphones are regularly reviewed as being incredibly comfortable. The ear cups of these headphones are made of an ultra-soft leather material which also runs up the band of the headphones. Those who wore these headphones found that it was easy to wear them for extended periods of time without having to take them off. Though one reviewer did note that those who had a smaller head actually had some discomfort issues with these headphones. It is unclear whether adjusting the band would have fixed this. Those who wore these headphones found that the materials used are ideal and high quality, and that the clamping force was perfect for the perfect fit around their head. They fit well to the head which also offers some protection from the cold which isn't a listed function of these headphones but might make those in cooler climates happy. Overall, they are comfortable and easy to wear for extended periods of time which is ideal.


This product is attractive and modern in design, however, is still a little large. The ear cups are a little over-sized which is enough to cover the ear and provide perfect noise cancellation but can make them little a little bulky. Outside of this minor issue, they are attractive and modern in design which is nice. They come in both silver and black as well in order to suit individual styles.


As mentioned earlier in this article, they connect relatively easily but there seem to be some functionality issues. They turn on randomly which drains the battery and makes using personal devices a little difficult. It also appears that it is a little difficult to connect to more than one device. One positive is, again, the length of which the Bluetooth can reach which means that the wearer can move around freely as long as they are within Bluetooth range and the Bluetooth range seems to be nearly double what the website and box state. The headphones themselves have buttons on them that allows the user to adjust things like volume and play/pause directly from the earphones themselves and these functions work with all types of devices which is positive. The battery life of these headphones as well is around 25 hours which is longer than stated on their website and box as well. Overall, these headphones are very easy to use but do have some functionality issues, unfortunately.


These headphones are wireless meaning they run on a battery. The battery receives praise quite often because of how long the battery lasts. Those who purchased this product found that even though the website and box both state that it offers a 20-hour battery some reviewers found that the battery lasted at least 25 hours before requiring recharging which is more than ideal. The headphones also charge quite quickly which is appealing to particularly busy individuals. The device comes with a charging cord in order to recharge the battery which is great. One item to note, and this was also mentioned earlier, because of the functionality issues with the device randomly turning on on its own, this affects the battery life of the device. When they randomly turn on without the user knowing it, it (of course) drains the battery a lot faster). This is a big and ongoing issue with this device that Bose hasn't fixed. Those with this complaint noted that they did all the updates and restarted the system but nothing seemed to help. This should be noted before buying these headphones especially considering the price of these headphones.


The price of these headphones is definitely on the higher side. The reason for this is the name behind these headphones. Bose is known as being one of the best in home audio equipment. Because the company uses the best materials and offers the latest in technology, they tend to offer products at a much higher cost. These headphones are in line with this in that they are quite expensive. These headphones offer top of the line sound cancellation, they are regularly regarded as being the top in noise cancellation services. The sound quality is also a reason why they are so expensive, they do truly offer one of the best sound qualities available to consumers. These particular headphones also offer an extended Bluetooth range as well as battery life. The issue is that many reviewers found that as a result of the headphones turning on randomly the benefits are starting to get weighted down by the issues, unfortunately. This issue means that the battery life is actually shorter as a result as them always being on and it also affects the functionality of the device it is connected to. Overall, it's hard to justify the price of these headphones as a result.


-Wireless audio
-Extra long Bluetooth range
-Extra long battery life (20 hours)
-World-class noise cancellation EQ
-Easy pairing
-Comfortable, adjustable band and synthetic leather ear cups
-Attractive design


The bottom line is that this is a tough one. Firstly, for sound quality and noise cancellation of these headphones are top of the line. In regards to Bluetooth range and battery life, again, these headphones are superior to others on the market. The connectivity of these headphones, as well, is superior. The issue is that they are nearly not worth consideration based on the issue that reviewers are having with the power function of these headphones. This is one of the first reviews where we found an overwhelming amount of notes about one particular function being a major issue. It seems that these headphones, in general, have the issue, not just a batch of them. This also means that the battery life is also affected as a result which stomps out the fact that reviewers were blown away by the length of the battery life (longer than stated online or on the box). Outside of the major issue they are attractive in design and regularly reviewed as being incredibly comfortable. Overall, it might be best to wait for a newer version to come out or some sort of bug fix in order to avoid frustration. It seems that Bose customer service team, as well, don't really offer much in regards of resolution or help. Until this issue is fixed, it's probably not worth consideration sadly.