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Anker SoundBuds Curve Review Facts

There are different types of earphones on the market today ranging in sound quality and fit. There are different fits specifically for those who require different shaping and sizes for their ears. The first type of earphone is the type that goes directly in the ear without any support outside of the shape of the earbud itself. The earbud is the part that physically goes in the ear. The earbud can sometimes be made out of a foam or plastic material. The foam material squeezes into the ear and contours a little better to the inner ear because it's an extremely flexible material. While the plastic models tend to be less flexible but still flexible enough to fit into the ear opening. There are also hard plastic models that do not stretch or bend at all and these types are usually shaped a little less generically (sort of like the top of a mushroom) but rather a little more ergonomically in order to contour to the body of the ear without actually offering and molding features or abilities. There are also brands that offer a bit of a strap or arm that hugs the top of the ear in order to keep the earphone in the ear a little more securely. This model is ideal for those who find earphones falling out of their ears a little too easily. These arms are usually also ergonomically shaped in order to contour to the top and back of the ear better for a tighter hold. Earphones can offer high levels of noise cancellation if they are shaped correctly. Unfortunately, when they are not shaped correctly they can both decrease the sound quality/noise cancellation abilities of earphones but also cause a good deal of discomfort and overall dissatisfaction of the product over the long term.

This article is a single product review on the Anker SoundBuds Curve. This product is an over-the-ear, more secure fit type earphone. We looked at what consumers thought about these earphones in order to put together a comprehensive review on it. We also looked at how they are built, how well the fit and dug deeper into their sound quality and overall customer satisfaction levels. This is our review of the Anker SoundBuds Curve. We hope that our in-depth review assists you in your next earphone purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The Anker SoundBuds Curve are quite lightweight in design 
  • They are so comfortable reviewers often forgot they were wearing earphones at all 
  • They are wireless with a long battery life and quick recharge time 
  • They are also great up to 30 feet as long as there are no obstructions
  • If there are obstructions the sound is intermittent and scattered 
  • If they fall out of range and disconnect they don't automatically reconnect 
  • Some reviewers found that in some versions the waterproofing doesn't always hold up
  • The shock caused by walking around easily relays into the earphone and is amplified when listening to music


These earphones offer a Bluetooth connection that allows users to be away from their phone without losing connection. They are also water resistant and offer a long term battery life. This is ideal for those on the go or playing sports. Because the cord connects behind the head, the cord won't get in the way when in movement. The arm that goes around the ear keeps the earphone in place which helps for those more aggressive or vigorous movements. They are great for working out, running, playing sports and travel with their little hard shell travel case.


These earphones offer both basic and advanced features which are surprising considering their price tag. They offer high-resolution sound with noise cancellation technology. They also offer multiple sized ear tips in order to fit different ear types without issues. They also offer a mic in order to answer calls when on the go or when doing something else. They offer a 3-button remote (with the mic) that allows users to skip songs easier as well as adjust the volume. They also come with a long term warranty, up to 18-months which is fairly impressive when compared to the alternative, more expensive options on the market today.


Their advanced features are surprising especially when you look at the price tag on these earphones (price is listed above and is discussed in more depth below). We are going to list them here and then go into greater detail later in the article in order to really dig into whether these additional features are really functional and useful. With these earphones, the consumer gets a semi-wireless experience. They do not require connection to the device outside of Bluetooth connectivity. They charge within an hour and a half and apparently will offer 14 hours of talk time as well as 12 and a half hours of music. They are also waterproof which means that gym sweat and run won't actually wreck these headphones. This is a unique and potentially big selling feature of these earphones. The shell is water resistant and the internal nano-coating also helps protect the technology from water damage which is interesting.


This earphone uses aptX high-resolution technology in order to offer a higher level of sound quality. It also offers CVC Noise Cancellation technology in order to offer better sound by offering the isolation of external noise. One note that reviewers mentioned about these earphones is that though the sound quality isn't the best available on the market it is impressive considering the price of these earphones. Another note mentioned that the bass is fairly weak in these earphones which makes sense, again, considering the price. Because of the price of these earphones you are going to have some quality issues. One constant annoyance that reviewers found is simple shock results (so anything coming from the movement of the body that ripples into the earphone) is really relayed when wearing these earphones. They found that this was an issue as well as the mic rubbing on a shirt or the neck has terrible amplification especially when listening to music on higher volumes.


The manufacturer's website actually doesn't really say the range of these earphones, however, based on consumer reviews it appears that these earphones offer up to a 30-foot range which is impressive. They come with an updated version of Bluetooth which is version V4.1. Those who bought these earphones were impressed by the range offered by these earphones. They do completely shut down when the item being used dies or falls out of range but it doesn't just happen. One issue that some reviewers found is that when the connection dropped due to the loss of Bluetooth when back in range the earphones won't automatically reconnect and resume playing. Sometimes reviewers had to turn the earphones off and turn them back on in order to get them going again. This, of course, was quite frustrating for reviewers. When objects are in the way, as well (like a wall), the sound can really start breaking down and audio becomes intermittent which reviewers also found a little annoying.


These earphones offer multiple sizing of ear tips which helps those looking for something a little more customized. The ear tips are also made of a silicone material which helps provide comfort when wearing these earphones for an extended period of time. They also offer a removable ear wing and a security arm in order to keep the earphone on the ear with more ease. This may be particularly appealing for those using these earphones for more vigorous sports or for those who find earbud only earphones falling out of their ears easily. Reviewers regularly noted that these earphones are quite comfortable, some even said that they sometimes forget that they are wearing the earphones at times. They are also quite lightweight which means less fatigue and higher levels of comfort for the ears and the neck.


These earphones are not terribly designed, though they may not be a leading name in fashionable technology, Anker did make a nice, minimalist looking product with these earphones. They are quite simply designed, the cord that connects to the two earbuds sits goes around the back of the head for more discreet wear. They do only come in one color but as mentioned earlier are quite minimalist in design. They may look a little big in the ear due to a slightly larger external component (more than likely holding the battery and chip that offers the Bluetooth connection). Otherwise, these earphones are pretty nice.


They come with a carrying case, which again is pretty rare with this type of product. Even the more expensive brands only come with a thin or dinky bag that won't protect them from anything but minor scratches. These earphones actually offer a hard-bodied protective case to carry these earphones around with.


Reviewers noted that these earphones are handy in numerous ways, one specific function that these earphones offered that reviewers liked is that they give off a light audible warning sound when the battery is low in order to remind the user to charge them rather than just dying like some models on the market. They also shut down when the Bluetooth is no longer detected. They offer a decent range as well which allows the user to move further from the device without having to get up and physically move it in order to keep listening to their audio.


These earphones are powered by a battery that charges in an hour and a half while offering around 14 hours of talk time and 12.5 hours of listening time. The website does note that the playtime varies according to the volume level being listened to and the audio content as well.


These earphones are extremely reasonably priced. They are on the very low end in regards to price in general forgetting that they also offer a Bluetooth connection option and a water-resistant build. They also offer a surprisingly long battery life which, again, is very impressive considering the price of these earphones.


-18-month warranty for peace of mind
-Reputable company with a great customer service team
-Powerful aptX high-resolution sound quality
-Noise cancellation technology for a better sound
-Long battery life (up to 15 hours) for less charging times
-Protective water resistant coating for better durability
-Comes with a hard case, again, to assist with the longevity of this product
-Built-in mic for calls on the go


Overall it does appear that you get what you pay for. As with many cheaper versions of this type of product, there are some issues with the sound quality of these earphones. Though they don't crack like some versions, the simple movement of the body can be heard and is amplified with these earphones. They also completely disconnect when the Bluetooth is out of range and this could be something as simple as a wall obstruction. On top of this, when they don't disconnect but are struggling to maintain a connection they stutter and break up. When they finally lose connection they don't automatically reconnect when back in range but rather require a full Bluetooth power off and power on to get them up and going again. That all said, these are very inexpensive earphones. They are very good for those wanting something cheap and wireless. They also offer decent sound quality when in range and offer a mid-grade bass. They are attractive in design and offer different sizing options for comfort. On the topic of comfort, these earphones are quite comfortable and light, so much so that reviewers often found they forgot they were wearing them. Overall, great product for those on a budget or to get for kids (in fear of less coordinated fingers or potential forgotten items) but not for those wanting top grade sound quality and reliability.