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Beats Powerbeats 3 Review Facts

The progression of audio has become more and more impressive throughout the technology revolution. It has become even more impressive over the last 10 years. Thanks to companies like Bose and Apple, we are seeing an extreme advancement in sound quality, device design, and comfort being offered by wearable audio equipment. Connectivity has also become important in more recent years with the advancement of Bluetooth or "wireless" audio. Wireless earphones and headphones are becoming almost a staple amongst households as a result of their availability and convenience. This is especially true when it comes to wearable audio equipment used when working out. Fitness equipment has to be somewhat easy to use in order to really focus on the activity at hand. Not having to focus on a loose lace or a pesky cord helps enhance performance and makes for an easier workout.  This does require certain features in order to work, though, beyond connectivity. This also required a reliable and comfortable earbud or headband. If the device slips off when faced with sweat or vigorous movement it would cause some frustration to the wearer and potentially prove to be unusable. In addition to these features. some water resistant qualities are also important as with cardio and subsequent higher heart rate comes sweat build up and, therefore, potential damage to the device if the device doesn't offer proper coating to block damage by moisture. Though the advancement is there and numerous manufacturers are offering them, it's important that the device being bought is reliable and suits the buyer's needs. If not, then the hefty price tag typically associated with this type of device may not be worth it.

Our website provides product reviews in order to help buyers decide on their next purchase. Whether it's camping equipment, tracking gear or audio devices, we research the highest rated products and try to offer an impartial view to help with the buying experience. This article is focused on one product specifically which is the Beats Powerbeats 3. This product is a wireless headphone offered by the very popular brand Beats. Beats, initially its own company, was bought out by Apple in 2014 and has since become a powerhouse in quality audio equipment. We looked at this model specifically in order to determine if it lives up to the Beats name or if it fell short in some areas. So, let's get into it. We hope that this product review helps you with your next wireless earphone purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The sound quality offered by these earphones is excellent
  • The base is also very impressive 
  • These earphones provide exceptional connectivity due to the W1 chip, especially with Apple products
  • They are also quite comfortable, as noted by reviewers 
  • Reviewers had issues with the mic quality of these earphones, noting they sounded as though they were underwater when using it 
  • These earphones have absolutely no water resistance (this includes sweat), some reviewers found they were damaged quickly solely due to sweat 
  • There were quite a few concerns about the battery of these earphones in that it's not very good quality and doesn't last very long


These earphones are wireless and offer high-quality bass making them ideal for working out. They have a quoted 12-hour battery life as well as a quick charge feature that allows them to offer an additional hour of battery life on a 5-minute charge. They are also ideal for those on the go, traveling or using transit due to their wireless capabilities.


These earphones offer Bluetooth technology in order to effortlessly connect to any listening device. They also offer a remote directly on the cord for easier access to audio settings as well as answering calls.


The Beats Powerbeats 3 also offers advanced features including fast fuel, as noted above, which allows users the ability to charge their earphones for an additional hour of listening in only 5 minutes. They also give direct access to Siri which would be appealing to Apple users. They offer a high-performance sound with great bass to keep the buyer pumped up during workouts. They also offer ear hooks to help keep earphones more secure when sweating or when performing more vigorous movements.


Sound quality is usually the focus with reviewer notes. This is obvious as the whole purpose of audio equipment is to get a crisp, clear listening experience. The sound quality typically offered by Beats is impressive. Those who buy earphones and headphones at this price expect the highest quality of audio, as they should. There are distinct differences in sound when considering earphones and headphones. The noise cancellation offered by headphones is assisted with the cup of the headphone which completely covers the ear where earbuds really need to conform to the ear in order to offer the same type of sound. Additionally, there is less space acoustically for the music and sound to offer its full impact. This seems to be a note made by many reviewers in that the bass is offered by these earphones but the sound quality isn't quite what they expected considering. They also noted that the bass seems so strong that it almost seems like it's making up or muffling out the sound quality of these earphones. One reviewer noted that this is because it is meant to be used in the gym and the bass helps with workouts, it also shouldn't be expected to offer the same sound quality as headphones offer. Regardless of these notes, the sound quality, though decent, doesn't quite live up to the price but the bass does. It's hard to tell what side reviewers really fell on in this regard as some loved the enhanced bass while others preferred better sound quality. The ratio was about 50/50 on either side.


Beats is owned by Apple. Apple is well-known for its great products that seem to really only work effectively with each other. This could be a sales tactic or simply the technology offered by Apple. Like with Apple, the Beats offer a W1 chip with pairs effortlessly with all Apple and Beats products. This may not necessarily be the case with all devices, though, there were very few complaints in regards to its connectivity as well as its ability to stay connected. This technology does seem to be their strongest as all Apple products do seem to talk very well with each other. One reviewer noted that they forgot that the whole point of buying a wireless or Bluetooth product is having the ability to walk away from the device being listened to. They found that they were able to go fairly far before losing connectivity between the earphones and their device. This is particularly important for those requiring that distance (for instance those doing workouts via their phone that requires movement as well as the ability to move away from their screen).


These earphones offer flexible, secure fit ear hooks which are supposed to offer comfort and stability. In addition to this, the earbuds are quite soft and easy to insert into the ear. Those who bought these earphones found that they are quite comfortable and secure, however, this seemed to change when the earbud got wet (due to sweat build up) which caused them to move around a little more in the ear. Luckily, the ear hooks stop them from falling out of the ear a little.


These earphones are quite stylish in design, the fact that they are Beats doesn't hurt this perk. They are sleek and stylish, they come in a couple of different color options as well which reviewers liked. The wire that connects the two earphones together sits nicely on the back of the neck which offers a more discrete design. Overall, they are attractive in design and reviewers were happy with how they look.


These earphones are quite durable in design, though, as a couple of reviewers noted, their water resistance and sweat resistant coating weren't as reliable as the website states. There were a few that had these earphones breakdown due to sweat alone. They aren't meant for the pool but they should be able to handle some sweat and rain. Unfortunately, that was a point of contention with some reviewers.


These earphones are quite easy to set up and offer a high level of reliable connectivity which reviewers really appreciated. As noted earlier, this is especially true for Apple users. They offer the remote the can be used to change songs, connect with Siri and answer calls. That being said, there seem to be some complaints, as well with the mic. Reviewers mentioned that they sounded as though they were underwater when using the mic of these earphones.


According to the manufacturer's website, these earphones offer a 12-hour battery life along with a quick charge feature that allows them to offer an additional hour of battery life with a 5-minute charge. Though this is impressive reviewers did take issue with the battery life of these earphones noting that the battery doesn't actually last that long. Others had to fully replace the battery of these earphones relatively quickly noting that it completely died within a year. One reviewer also noted that as a result of these earphones seem to offer zero water resistance (despite the manufacturer's website which states they do), the battery died on them due to moisture building up within the earphones (moisture being sweat due to cardio). This, of course, is a major concern as these earphones are meant to be used for workouts specifically and are wireless (this defeats the purpose especially when considering the price). Though this wasn't the case with all reviewers, some appreciated the battery life of these saying that they lasted as long as quoted. It could be a batch of them that had faulty batteries, it's unclear but the issues that a batch of people experienced should be noted before buying these earphones especially considering their price point.


These earphones are quite expensive in price just as with all other Beats products. In general, Beats are known for their higher price tag. Interestingly (though not surprising) part of the style appeal of Beats is the fact that they are a little more expensive. That said, with the price certain expectations are required to be met and these earphones hit them in some places but not in others. Firstly, they are a durable and comfortable earphone, as long as they are kept dry. A handful of people found them to stop working due to sweat build-up within the device and others also found that they slipped around a bit and became uncomfortable when they got a little wet. Some went as far as to buy new earbuds in order to make them a little more comfortable which adds even more to the price of these earphones. Additionally, the battery life seems a little unreliable. On the plus side, they are durable as long as they are kept dry. They are also stylish. The sound quality is decent but the bass is what people are writing home about. At the end of the day, it's hard, really hard, to justify the price of these earphones and perhaps it makes more sense to wait for a sale on these earphones before buying them. Then, at least, the price and their downfalls will be easier to stomach.


- Class 1 Bluetooth and W1 Chip for great connectivity
- 12-hour battery life with quick charge features for those on the go
- Sweat and water resistance
- Flexible secure-fit ear hooks to keep them secure when running
- High-performance sound and bass for a better listening experience
- Reputable brand and stylish design
- Talk, Siri and music controls directly on the device for ease-of-use


These earphones kind of sit in the middle of the road. The sound quality and bass are impressive for most reviewers but the durability and the comfort is a little questionable. These are higher in price and it does seem you are paying for the sound quality and design more than you are paying for the quality of these earphones. In addition to those issues, reviewers had an issue with the mic as well. Though these are made by a fairly reputable company, backed by an even larger, more reputable company, perhaps these earphones are best bought when on sale rather than at full price.