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REI Kingdom 6 Review Facts

The REI Kingdom 6 is an excellent all-around tent that balances multiple uses without compromise to its weather resistance and durability. It is a tall and spacious tent that has two rooms. Users can choose between privacy and extra ventilation with the use of a fly.

As long as there is no back door awning exposure to driving rain, the tent performs well in the rain and is relatively stable when high winds occur. It is well-made and well-priced which makes it an excellent long lasting tent choice without breaking the bank.

Kingdom 6 is an updated version that has redesigned aesthetics and some reworked structural elements that enable more straightforward setup and increase stability. It is one pound heavier. The tent is meant for car camping, so the extra weight is not much of an issue.

More mesh is utilized in the screen ‘front’ of the tent. It provides more ventilation and a broader view range. A modified pole configuration includes the tent being pitched with a hubbed pole set and a doorway pole for each door.

The predecessor had two hubbed pole sets and a crossover pole. The $469 price is $30 more than the model 5. The tent offers a highly customized camping experience. It has a simple design. The tent applies to a variety of types of camping adventures. A group of reviewers that tested 11 tents rated the REI Kingdom 6 as the most comfortable.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Backpack style carrying bag
  • Big doors
  • Big vestibule
  • Lots of pockets
  • Rainfly versatility
  • Tall
  • Two rooms
  • Additional vestibule costs more
  • Only one vestibule
  • Small second door awning


All REI products are made of quality materials that keep the campsite gang safe. The REI Kingdom 6 is a well-built tent backed by the company’s guarantee. Half of the interior of the tent is mesh; the other is made of more substantial tent fabric.

Durable 14.5 mm poles are made of lightweight aluminum. There should be no concern about snapping or bending through the setup process. A bathtub floor is made of 150-denier Oxford cloth which is thick and can withstand rambunctious kids. The combination of hardware and 78-denier waterproof polyester makes the tent a campsite fortress inside and out.


A top feature of the REI Kingdom 6 is its spacious interior. There is room for an entire family or more. The floor area is 83.3 square feet and not too impressive. It is small in comparison to many tents available.

An incredible amount of volume is created by a center supported three-hoop design. The behemoth shelter allows occupants to stand up and walk about without scraping their heads on fabric. Nothing sours a campout faster than being in a tent that is not big enough to accommodate the occupants. This tent is among some multi-person tents that address the issue. It divides the main living space into two rooms. It allows separate sleeping areas for children and adults.

There is enough space for sleeping cots or air mattresses. Lower cots fit compactly against the tent walls better than cots of sitting height. There is an entrance to each room. Occupants of the others section by not be disturbed when nature calls during the night.

The average sleeping space is a little less than 15 square feet. There is enough space for six people with room for things they need to store. Maximum ceiling height is an aspect of tent size often overlooked. This large shelter has a maximum ceiling height. Stepping over tent mates can be done with ease. For a lot of uses, the REI Kingdom 6 is the right size - not too small or too large.

The tent built for six is much like the ‘4’ version with a frame and overall size that are larger. The livable space has nearly all the features reviewers look for. The 75-inch peak height is throughout the majority of the tent.


Kingdom 6 does well in windless rain. It suffers when it is in the wind and is not guyed out. The tent is a three-season shelter. It can handle moderate sprinkles of snow but is not designed for harsh winter conditions.

Users report remaining entirely leakproof in extreme downpours even if standing water collects below the floor. Occupants and gear remain bone dry. The rain fly awning located above the main door is a weak spot.

During an aggressive rainstorm, it is not the ideal protection. Rain blows past the fly into the window of mesh at the main entrance, especially during harsh storms. It is not uncommon for any tent.

There is a spectacular large vestibule on one side of the fly to keep users dry while taking off jackets and shoes before entering the tent. It also prevents sideways rain from getting items inside the tent wet.


REI Kingdom 6 looks a little like a giant caterpillar. If oriented so that the wind does not hit broadside, it is an excellent design during a storm. The guy lines are well-designed. They are fixed to the fly at appropriately shoulder height.

It makes a stronger anchor than lines attached too low or those anchored at the bottom edges and corners of the tent. It is a beautiful, durable, simple designed tent. The tent has stakes that are sturdy and well-designed.

They are so big as to require a mallet to drive into the ground. The stakes are sturdier than most reviewed. They have a tip that is tapered which makes piercing the ground easier. The design is meant for the entire family.

The main compartment has a privacy curtain that divides the interior into two rooms. It can be drawn back, tucking it out of the way. An important detail makes the tent rank ahead of its competition. There is no point where the curtain is at risk of getting ripped by rough treatment of occupants.

The simple drawn design of Kingdom 6 is distinctly rip-proof. The guy line is a simple and adequate design. It is as solid in the wind as its competitors because it has a broader, taller side that is prone to catching the wind.

This tent is not the smallest tent when packed up. The carrying bag design more than makes up for a slight increase in size. The tent can be easily stuffed, folded, or rolled into the bag. REI did not make a super tight fitting bag that looks tidy and small on the store shelf that will be heartbreaking every time the user tries in vain to stuff the tent back into an itsy-bitsy bag.

Several inside pockets are low to the ground which allows campers to store and organize belongings and gear. Above each door is a mesh stuff pocket that is among the favorite features of the reviewers.

The feature makes stowing the door easy and tidy. There are no floppy, twist-tied hanging doors. The tent has loops on the inside for hanging lights, or laundry (with an extra p-cord). There is no mesh top pocket, often called a ‘gear loft,’ for ambiance lighting provided by a headlamp or stashing a jacket quickly.

Zippers are on three sides of the rectangular bag. It also has accessory zipper pockets located on the outside for guy lines and stakes. There are three compartments on the inside for the fly, poles, and tent body.

REI Kingdom 6 is one of the taller tents reviewed. The height makes the tent comfortable for the entire family under various weather conditions. Campers can modify the use of ventilation versus privacy, especially if the tent fly is not being used. Testers raved about the overall durability and simplicity themes. Outdoor adventures are not distracted by issues or complications.


Unlike ultralight tents that sacrifice strength and durability to save weight, tents that are multi-person tents are specifically designed for a semi-permanent camp base or car camping. Rugged materials are used to withstand scrapes and scuffs.

The REI Kingdom 6 is made of polyester Oxford that is 150-denier coated. It keeps mud and water from oozing inside the tent but is resistant to dog toenails and foot traffic. Precautions should be taken to clear the ground before setting up the tent to remove any branches or large stones that can pose the threat of a puncture.

The floor is as nearly bulletproof as possible. Both the walls and rainfly are made with 75-denier nylon. All seams are sealed in the factory. There should be no issues with holes or rips under regular use.


Security has a different meaning for every camper. For some, it is protection against the elements. For others, it may be feeling safe in the outdoors. Security comes down to feeling the tent will hold up.

It is equivalent to durability. Features such as the composition of the poles and fabric and all of the hardware associated with a tent must be considered. Anyone of the items being faulty can turn a good night’s sleep into agony.

The Kingdom 6 lives up to its 3-season tent classification. The rip-proof center divider provides two rooms that offer different features. The sleeping area is mostly built of 75-denier nylon for privacy and warmth.

The other area is entirely 45-denier nylon mesh that provides excellent ventilation. Occupants can lay back in a bug-free breezeway to stargaze or hideaway from brisk nights by nestling in the bedroom.

Either situation offers the ultimate in protection from the ever-changing elements in nature. The rain fly can be rolled back for more ventilation when needed. The tent is a piece of camping equipment that was well thought out. It can withstand rain and wind and keep occupants dry as long as the weather is not too crazy.

Weather Resistance

When the room divider is not used the interior is a little more ventilated. The tent can be customized to the users’ needs. It is excellent for warm days and cool nights. Campers can choose what best suits their requirements.

Reviewers gave the REI Kingdom 6 an eight of ten rating for weather resistance. Only one tent was rated higher. A little tent placement planning and set up makes for successful dealing with wet Pacific Northwest summers.

The awning can be butted against shrubs, bushes, or under trees. Point the vestibule into the storm. A little extra effort keeps camper comfortable and dry through any weather that occurs in the Pacific Northwest.tent

The vestibule is designed to be placed over half of the tent with solid sides because the vestibule coverage of the door needs to be waterproof. The setup can be fine-tuned according to different preferences, ventilation, privacy, and weather.

A disadvantage of the tent is its inability to withstand high winds. It is a freestanding design tent. Even if the tent is fully guyed out, performance under windy conditions is poor. The pole design is partially responsible, but the vertical walls play a significant role.

The tent that is designed to provide the most headroom and livable space has walls that turn into sails as the wind pushes them. Weathering a wind storm can be an annoyance to deal with or cause tent poles to snap or bend and damage the rain fly. Even without the fly, ventilation is moderate unless the tent is oriented to face right into the wind.


At $469, the REI Kingdom 6 is an excellent buy. It is in line with its closest competitors and cheaper than others of the same size and shape. The tent is a middle-of-the-road priced all-around tent.

It is durable, sturdy, well-crafted, simple and more affordable than most tents that are similar. The tent balances functionality, durability, and size. It favors wet and cool conditions. Some reviewers thought the tent seemed expensive but were quick to recognize the great times possible with friends and relatives as they explore the outdoors then reminisce and relax at a campsite castle.

Key Features

* 6-foot, 3-inch peak height provides comfortable headroom
* 11/14.5 mm pole diameter
* 25.5 x 16.5 x 9.5 inches packed
* 29 sq. ft. vestibule for gear storage
* 83.3 sq. ft. of floor space
* 120 x 100 inches floor dimensions
* Aluminum pole material
* Freestanding with zipped sliders
* Large, mesh bug proof walls for stargazing and ventilation
* Nylon and nylon mesh canopy fabric
* Polyester taffeta fly fabric
* Rear vestibule/awning offers protection from inclement weather
* Semi-sealed waterproof polyester fly
* Simple cross pole structure for single person setup
* Two doors
* Two poles and a crossover pole
* Weighs 19 pounds 12 ounces

Bottom Line

The REI Kingdom 6 is a favorite camping tent among reviewers. It is thoughtfully designed and crafted with careful attention paid to trade-offs and details. The tall tent is shaped better than most and withstands higher winds.

One half is well-ventilated and the other well-sealed. One side has a big door or window with an awning. The other has a generous vestibule. The tent is not the lightest or smallest tent tested by reviewers.

It has a carrying bag that is well-designed with backpack straps to get campers to walk-in campsites that are a short distance from where they park. The tent will keep friends and family stoked for many long or short camping adventures, rain or shine.