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Saucony Ride 10 Review Facts

Running offers a superior workout to alternative activities. This is due to both its ability to keep heart rates high but also because it is accessible to everyone. It can be done pretty much anywhere and on any budget. Benefits of running supersede the aesthetic benefits in that it is also great to help regulate blood pressure, helps with depression and helps keep certain cancers at bay. Those who participate in running regular not only feel better physically but mentally feel better as it helps keep anxiety levels down and helps keep the brain positive with higher levels of endorphins. Running, in general, is massively beneficial and should be considered in one way or another in one's daily activities.

A disadvantage to running, however, the wear and tear on the body that running causes. Unfortunately, with the impact of the foot hitting the ground is amplified when running due to increased speed and force. This then ripples through the body and can cause breakdown of joints and bones. This can be prolonged and potentially avoided with proper footwear. This article is on the Saucony Ride 10. Saucony (pronounced sock-a-knee) is a company that originated in Kutztown, Pennsylvania back in 1898 making the company over 120 years old. The company offers a wide range of sports apparel including running, trail and racing shoes. This article hones in on the Saucony Ride 10. We looked at consumer ratings and reviews in order to put together a comprehensive review of this product. In addition to consumer reviews, we looked at materials used and the construction of the shoe in order to determine the shoes overall quality. We hope that this review helps you with your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Energy absorption and return
  • Superior support and stability 
  • Offers a more natural step reducing foot and leg fatigue
  • Attractive design
  • Not designer 
  • Traction issues in high moisture areas 
  • May require sizing up 
  • Less toe room due to narrow design


This shoe offers an engineered mesh upper which is supposed to offer greater breathability but also a lightweight fit. The mesh material used has a more modern appearance, giving the shoe a sleeker and more modernized appearance. It runs from the toe bumper to about mid arch and offers ventilation all the way through the front half of the shoe. This is beneficial because airflow would easily be able to enter the shoe through the entire toe mound as opposed to comparable items on the market today, some of which only offer mesh on the top and not on the sides. This shoe would offer greater ventilation and airflow throughout the shoe with each step, forcing hot air out and cool air in. This would keep the foot cool and dry. Cool and dry means less overheating and less moisture build-up which would lead to some blistering and wearing on the skin of the foot. Those who wore this said that they had no issues running for longer distances in these kicks, as their feet did not overheat and wearing these shoes longer (even after the run, back in their homes) was easy and comfortable.


Outside of the runner's feet staying cool and dry as mentioned above, these shoes do offer a lot of different comfort-focussed features. The Ride 9 offers a woven heel piece that offers structure and stability when running. This is discussed in more detail below. It also offers EVERUN technology which essentially gives the runner more energy with each step by returning the exerted energy back to the runner to offer more bounce in their run. In addition to that these shoes also have cushioning throughout the underside to not only provide comfort for the runner's foot but also to help with impact reduction. This article focusses more on impact reduction and wear and tear associated with running. Proper cushioning should be able to absorb some of that impact and decrease the wear on the runner's body. Those who wore this product liked that it offered better impact reduction, causing less strain on their joints, hips, and knees. These shoes offer stability to the ankle, support to the arch and cushioning for the foot. Overall, the comfort is satisfactory and this aided in our overall rating of this product.


They seem to be constructed fairly well. Typically with running shoes there seem to be some durability issues with the upper due to the weak nature of mesh materials (mesh, having holes throughout it, offers less structural integrity than something solid would offer) as well as the connection of the outsole to the upper as it is typically done with a glue and not a solid material. These shoes seem to have a very strong mesh fabric along the upper. Additionally, this product offers a decently sized toe bumper that would prevent any damage from the area that the shoe would 'bump' against objects more commonly. The connection between the upper and the outsole seems to also be done well in that not many people found the upper and the outsole disconnecting due to the glue breaking down. This product seems to be fairly well built with very little concerns about the overall durability of the shoe. Consumers that purchased these and left reviews about them confirmed that they lasted them a long time and that they seem to be constructed quite well. This is an advantage to this product especially considering its price tag (discussed more below).


This product, as mentioned above, offers a woven heel piece which is supposed to provide structure and support to the ankle and heel. Having a shoe that holds the heel in place is crucial when training because a heel sliding will cause some awkward steps and potential injuries (sprang ankles due to stepping down improperly). Having a shoe that is locked in place would offer a more natural step for the runner and better control. Another advantage to having proper stability in the heel is that it provides some stability and support for the runner's ankle as well. Proper stability to the ankle (and heel) promotes better posture and an easier workout due to less strain on the back of the foot. For these reasons having a woven heel piece is beneficial and an advantage for this product. Those who wore these shoes found that they felt stable and secure. They found that they were able to run longer distances due to less foot fatigue and also because their body wasn't attempting to balance or stabilize itself. This is a great feature in a trainer and was also taken into consideration when deciding our overall rating.


This Saucony series offers EVERUN technology as mentioned above. This technology works in two ways- it provides enhanced return of energy which essentially means with each step the technology works like a less aggressive trampoline, each step offers energy back in order to require less energy by the runner's legs. The return of energy is meant to cause less fatigue for the runner and rather offer a more spring-like step, prolonging the runner's run. The second feature of the EVERUN technology is that it helps provide adequate cushioning and support to the runner's foot. Cushioning, as mentioned above, helps decrease impact which is the primary cause of wear and tear to bones and joints during runs. It also helps keep the runner's foot cushioned so that their feet feel more comfortable. It also helps support the runners under-foot including the ball, arch, and heel of the foot. This would help keep the runner's foot in line and offer, again, a more natural step. Those who wore this product found that their foot was not only comfortable but also supporting during their runs which lead to less running injuries in the long term.


This model offers a TRI-FLEX outsole. This technology is supposed to provide greater contact with the ground as well as offer better flexibility to the shoe. Having proper traction during runs is important because this also helps propel the runner further. This works hand in hand with the EVERUN technology which helps add a spring to each step and less energy requirement from the legs. Having proper traction will grip the ground better and move the runner forward more easily and with less chance of injury. Having a flexible shoe also offers a more natural step. The benefits of which are already mentioned in this article, but essentially makes it easier for the runner to go longer due to less energy required to stabilize the foot. Those who wore this product found that the tread was good on dry surfaces, however, found there was some slippage on wet surfaces. These shoes are not meant for trail or hikes, however, city streets could potentially be wet during runs and this could be a concern. This should be considered before buying this product.


This product sits in the middle of the spectrum in price. We think that these are worth trying, though. Typically a shoe of this caliber is a little more in price. It is not an unattractive shoe (discussed more below). It is sporty looking and sleek as well. Though there seem to be some complaints that the toe room is limited as a result of it, this does offer a more sleek and fashionable design. This shoe was also rated as the Best Runners Update which also says something. This product is also extremely durable, being made of quality materials that don't have a reputation for breaking down and having solid construction between the upper and outsole. This shoe offers superior stability for all aspects of the foot including the ankle and the heel which is important. Additionally, they offer better comfort, energy return, and a natural step. This product is also highly rated by consumers. Primary issues with this model are the sizing (less toe room) and some slippage issues when on wet surfaces. Outside of these minor issues, this is a great product before even considering its low price tag. For these reasons, we believe these shoes are worth the cost.


This product is sleek and modern looking. The mesh material used on its upper adds a more modern and attractive design as well. The shoe itself is a little more minimal and sleek, offering a more narrow and fitted look it. The disadvantage to a more narrow design is that this shoe may require sizing up and those who wore these shoes found that there wasn't a lot of wiggle room in the toe area. This caused some minor discomfort at the ball of the foot. This is also not quite fashionable. They probably can't double as a night out sneaker like similar brands offer but that is something that goes hand in hand with the price. Typically sneakers that are more versatile cost more because there is no need for more than one runner for everyday use and gym use. As far as a trainer or gym buddy goes, this product is attractive in design, sleek and narrow, and will look great with the rest of your workout gear. For these reasons, this is ideal for all those looking for something attractive at a decent price.


The bottom line is we like the Saucony Ride 10. It seems to offer durability and quality without losing design or adding excess bulk. They seem to hold together long term which is impressive considering the price tag. In addition to the durability and price, this offers better stability, impact reduction and comfort than comparable items within its price range. It also offers energy return and impact reduction in one which is very impressive as those two features usually counteract one another. Those who wore these shoes found that wear and tear on their body were minimal due to the impact reduction and also the stability features of this model. Primary issues as mentioned above is toe room and some slippage on wet surfaces, both of which are not big concerns unless running frequently in areas of high humidity and moisture, or with individuals with wider feet. On top of all the advantages of this model, it is also inexpensively priced considering. The price is probably affected by the less stylish appearance to the product and yet it is still quite attractive in design with its modern mesh and narrow structure. Overall, this shoe is a highly rated, high-quality option with a ton of positive attributes. Saucony is a reliable company and offers great customer service. For all these reasons this product is worth a try!