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Brooks Anthem Review Facts

Running is a highly effective form of physical activity for anyone wanting to get in shape and stay in shape. It offers one of the best ways to get a participants heart rate up and keep it up. It also works every part of the body at the same time. It is considered the most accessible sport because it can be done nearly everywhere. It is also extremely inexpensive to participate in. It only required a pair of runners. Runners range in price, however, can get as low as $50.00 per pair of quality runners. The primary issue with running is that it isn't easy on the other parts of the body including the joints and the bones. Runners usually find in their later years that they require hip and knee replacements more than those who did not activity run in their lives. This is why a proper pair of runners is crucial. A proper pair of runners will provide impact reduction and stability in order to offer a more natural and supported step. These two features will go a long way in keeping a runners body in top shape as well as protecting joints and bones.

This article is on the Brooks Anthem. Brooks is a highly rated company that started in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has over 100 years of experience making sports apparel. Brooks offers a wide range of running shoes as well and has been named 'The Best Running Shoe' by both Runners World and Sports Illustrated. They offer quality shoes made of quality materials and good construction. This article zeros in on the very popular product offered by Brooks called the Brooks Anthem. This is the first of the Anthem line and is a trainer meant for those going longer distances for longer periods of time. We went through consumer reviews in order to put together a comprehensive review of this product. We also looked at the materials used as well as the overall construction of the shoe. This is our in-depth review of the Brooks Anthem. We hope that it helps you with your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight design 
  • Offers good support around arch and ankle
  • Attractive in design 
  • Offers plenty of room for foot without losing support or natural step
  • Due to room in shoe and cushioning shoe feels a little bulky 
  • Some durability issues 


This product has an upper that is almost entirely covered in mesh. This product has mesh material that runs right to the toe which is unique to runners. The product doesn't have a traditional exterior toe bumper but is actually just mesh at the toe which could be some issues in regards to durability. Having mesh at the toe would add further ventilation to the already higher levels of airflow that a mesh material would provide. Having proper ventilation is important because the airflow keeps feet cool and dry. Each step forces the hot air out while encouraging cool air in. This will avoid unnecessary heat and sweat to build up avoiding any potential blisters and slippage. Those who tried this product confirmed that this product is both lightweight and breathable. There were, however, complaints of the lack of toe bumper and mesh alternative. Those who complained did say that without the toe bumper they found that the front of the product was not adequately protected and therefore there was some breakage relatively quickly. This will most likely happen if running in areas with more obstacles that the toe would bump up against like hikes or trails.


This product has adequate cushioning, less than other neutral shoes that Brooks currently carries. Though those who wore this product did say that the cushioning was adequate. They also found that this product is quite lightweight so going for longer distances didn't have any additional drag that would slow a runner down. They are quite responsive as well, offering a supported and more natural step that Brooks is known for. Those who wore this product found that they were happy with the level of support, especially in the arch. One reviewer went as far as to say that they are someone that frequently experiences shin splints even inexpensive runners and this product completely prevented them. Those with hip issues, as well, found the support in these shoes to be superior to alternatives. Due to less cushioning, there could be less impact reduction, however, this does not seem to be a complaint. In fact, those who wore this shoe found only corrective and stress decrease on their bodies. This is a huge advantage as cushioning does typically weigh down the shoe but less cushioning usually decreases the effectiveness of the impact reduction of the shoe, so that they were able to both lighten the shoe, decrease the cushioning, provide adequate cushioning and impact reduction is impressive.


This product has some complaints about its durability. Though the product is made of quality materials, the lack of an external toe bumper would definitely cause some breakdown issues of the shoe. The toe is an area that bumps into obstacles the most and that is why a good deal of runners on the market offer a toe bumper. Without the toe bumper, the material used would need to be highly durable (like leather) however this product does only offer a mesh material. For that reason, this product does seem to have some durability issues. Another frequent issue with this type of product is the construction (glue) between the upper and the outsole. Those who wore this shoe did not find the construction of the shoe to be unreliable, fortunately. This product does offer decent durability in regards to the overall construction of the shoe, however, it seems that the material is a primary concern. One reviewer said that the product showed signs of wear a month in. This was considered in our rating.


The heel of this product offers a rounded design that is supposed to provide better alignment and help reduce stress on the joints. This, mentioned earlier on in the article, will go a long way in preventing any major issues that running can cause later on down the road. Those who wore this product found that this product provides incredible support and stability to both the heel and the ankle of the foot. The collar of this product is also cushioned in order to provide better comfort and stability. This product, like most Brooks runners, offers a higher level of stability to the foot in order to provide a more natural step for the runner. Overall those who wore this product were extremely impressed with the heel and ankle support. They also found the product to be quite comfortable in the heel decreasing hip and joint issues, as well as shin splints which are a huge plus.


This product offers Brooks BioMoGo DNA midsole. This innovation is supposed to offer a better design that adapts to each step and stride. It is supposed to offer a more natural and supported step. Having a closer, a more natural step is important because it will give the runner a more natural step without having to adapt for the shoe. This not only allows the runner to focus on other aspects of the run but will also slow down foot and leg fatigue. Those who wore this product praised the BioMoGo technology, saying that they actively look for this technology now when they buy future runners. This runner is wider in design as well which is ideal for individuals with wider feet. It offers more room in the toes which helps with the balance and comfort of the runner. This product offers a good support system, that supports the ball, arch, and heel of the foot. Those who wore this product were impressed by how supportive the arch was in this product despite being a neutral runner. Overall, the midsole of this product is both durable and supportive.


There isn't much information on the outsole of this product. It is made of a durable rubber and those who wore this product found that it offered decent tread. It does not do as well on wet surface but the product is not meant for trail running. The outsoles of this product are durable and offer a decent traction. This product is meant for urban streets.


This product is quite inexpensive in price. Brooks runners, in general, are lower in price in comparison to the market. It isn't that Brooks offers a superior product but they aren't as popular as more popular brands. This product is ideal for those who are looking for good support and stability. It is also ideal for those who have existing hip, knees and shin issues because it offers advanced technology that helps delay wear and tear on the body. This product isn't fashionable however they are not ugly. Those who wore this product found them to be a little bulky and wide. This is, however, positive for those with wider feet. Those who wore this product also found that they had good wiggle room in the toe area. Even though they are wider in the foot the stability is not lost which is impressive. In addition to that, the product is quite comfortable and lightweight. The major issue with this product is that the mesh upper is not quite durable enough for bumps which should be considered before buying this shoe. Overall, though, this product is worth the cost and ideal for those on a budget who want a supportive running shoe.


This product isn't fashionable. It is not unattractive in design but it probably wouldn't accessorize well with an everyday outfit. It would more than likely be better as a gym buddy or a running accessory. It is a little wider in design and those who wore this product did find that it is a little bulkier in appearance. This is ideal for those with wider feet or those who like room in their product but not ideal for the general aesthetic of the product. This would also make the product less versatile which may impact the value of the runner. That said, because of the low price tag buying another set of runners to go along with a more fashionable outfit would not break the bank. This product does have a more minimal design which is an advantage to comparable products. It is almost entirely covered in mesh and is offered in a couple different colors. Overall, this product has an okay design. It isn't fashionable but it isn't unattractive. It is a little bulky but this, again, may be appreciated by some.


Overall this product is a reliable, inexpensive product that offers superior stability and support. This product is highly recommended for those with knees and joint issues or for those who frequently experience shin splints. They are comfortable despite their light cushioning (in comparison to competitive products on the market) but still amazingly has decent impact reduction. The highlight of this product is the heel and ankle support that runners found with this product. Those who wore this product also really like the supportive midsole of this product. This product, like most Brooks products, offer a more natural step which helps with longer runs and training. Overall, this product is a good one. It is highly rated by reviewers and didn't have much for negative reviews. The biggest complaint is issues with the lack of a toe bumper which ended up causing some damage to the product in the long term however the lack of bumper also increased the breathability of this product. We liked this runner, it is a good bang for your buck and the pros far out weight the cons.