Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0

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Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0 Review Facts

Running is an activity that nearly anyone can do. It not only offers a better level of cardiovascular activity more consistently but it can be done nearly anywhere. Running requires very little equipment outside of a quality running shoe. Running can be done inside on treadmills and tracks or outside on city streets and trails. Running shoes should be made of quality materials especially when worn outside as running on sharper surfaces like rocks or bumping into harder surfaces can wear down running shoes rather quickly. They should also offer breathable uppers made of materials that can easily stretch over the top of the foot without causing too much pressure or pain from things like protruding seams. The upper usually has laces running through them that tighten the shoe to the foot and also allows those with oddly shaped feet to tighten according to their feet. The heel of a running shoe should lock the heel of the foot into the shoe without slippage or blistering. The heel should also offer proper cushioning in order to decrease impact reduction. without proper impact reduction, running can cause wear and tear on areas of the body to the point where surgeries may be required later on. This is why impact reduction is important. The outsole of a running shoe should also offer a level of impact reduction in order to assist further with impact reduction, along with the midsole of a proper running shoe.

This review is on the Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0. This is a very popular product from the just as popular brand Reebok. We looked at what consumers liked and disliked about this product. We also looked at the materials used in order to determine the flexibility of the product, cushioning and breathability. Finally, we looked at the products construction in order to determine its quality and durability. This is our comprehensive review of the Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0. We hope that this review serves you in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This product is quite comfortable throughout the insole and midsole 
  • This product offers a decent level of flexibility
  • This product is quite versatile 
  • This product is quite attractive in design 
  • This product seems to have some sizing issues (doesn't fit true to size)
  • This product seems to have some durability concerns as well 
  • This product doesn't over as good of control throughout the heel as competative models 


This product offers a nano weave upper which is offered in all the nano models offered by Reebok. The nano weave is a woven material used throughout the upper which allows cool air to enter the shoe while also pushing hot air out of the shoe like mesh typically does. Reebok credits the nano technology for having 'cooling' abilities. This also allows the upper to form better to the shoe which allows for a closer and more flexible fit. This is ideal especially when competing like in marathons. This product also offers a sock liner that runs throughout the upper and insole. This also helps keep the shoe closer to the foot. Those who wore this product did find that the sock liner along with the nano weave mesh does keep the feet cool and dry during their run. The issue that many found, though, is as a result of the sock liner there seem to be some tightness issues. This product doesn't fit quite true to size and this may require those buying this product to size up. Overall, though, between the nano weave mesh technology throughout the upper of this product and the sock liner, this product does seem to be a fairly breathable shoe which is positive.


This product offers a molded EVA midsole which not only provides support but additional cushioning. This cushioning is important because this will not only keep the feet comfortable but also help with impact reduction and comfort through the joints and knees. This product also offers a low-cut design which is supposed to assist with a free movement and offers quicker transitions. This has been regularly reviewed as being a bit of an issue. Due to the fact that this product is marketed as a high-performance shoe, the heel does seem to have some issues when in more aggressive motion which is that the heel slips fairly easily according to some reviewers. This is discussed in more detail below, however, this does affect the overall comfort level of the wearer because not only does this cause some slippage but can also cause sprangs and blisters. This product is quite lightweight which is positive because this would not weight down the foot and helps with the wearer's performance. The shoes weigh about 10 ounces which is quite light for a running shoe. The other issue that some runners found, mentioned above, is that the shoe does fit quite small which may require sizing up.


This product offers toe tection which is supposed to add durability to the toe area during sports that specifically grind down on the toe more. The to tection is also available for high-intensity workouts. The outsole of this product is also made of a high abrasion rubber material which is supposed to stop the shoe from wearing down and enable the runner to move their workouts from inside to outside where there may be more detrimental materials (like sharp rocks). Those who wore this product did praise the products high abrasion rubber and the toe tection. They did have some concerns about the shoe's construction though, saying that the glue that connects the outsole and the upper seems to be a bit of an issue. The glue doesn't seem to be strong enough to hold the two together and those participating in more aggressive activities did find that the glue broke down relatively quickly and the outsole started to disconnect from the shoe which is an issue. Overall, though the toe tection does stand up to its commitment which is to protect the shoe from manage that can be associated with some activities which is positive.


The heel of this product offers a low-cut design. This is supposed to not only add to the aesthetic of the shoe but also offer freer movement and quicker transitions. Thought most found that this is the case there seem to be some issues with the heel actually slipping out of the shoe when in motion. This is also not because of moisture build-up, this is due to the low cut design. Though it does make the shoe look nicer and more fashionable, this is an issue because not only could this cause some blistering but this could potentially cause injury. The heel does, however, offer proper cushioning throughout in order to protect the heel and add comfort. This also helps with impact reduction throughout the body. Impact reduction is discussed more below, but this product does have many reviewers saying that the impact reduction and cushioning is really great in this product. This is positive.


The midsole of this product is made of a molded EVA material that is not only supportive but cushioning. The cushioning of a shoe is especially important because the cushioning not only provides comfort but also helps with impact reduction. Impact can effect the body negatively in that it causes wear and tear on the bones and joints. This can lead to invasive and complicated surgeries later on down the road. This is why it is so important that those who are participating in more aggressive sports which includes running, looks for runners with impact reduction. The EVA midsole of this product does seem to offer proper impact reduction, however, many reviewers did find that the midsole is almost too spongy which may affect the control of the shoe. The shoe is quite flexible throughout the midsole which helps with this but the spongy nature, some reviewers noted, was a little too spongy and could use some revamping there. The midsole is listed on the Reebok website as offer better control this was unfortunately debunked by reviewers. Overall, the midsole is supportive and cushioned but almost too spongy which can be a point of contention for some runners.


The outsole of this product is made of a high abrasion rubber material which offers better durability and superior traction. The outside is supposed to grip the floor better which works hand in hand with the shoes flexibility in order to offer better stability and control. The spongy midsole does affect the shoes overall control, however, based on customer reviews the outsole seems to be quite sticky which is positive. The outsole is also regularly reviewed as being quite durable, however, as mentioned above, the glue seems to be a little cheap and seems to disconnect relatively easily. Traction is important in running shoes as this assists the runners with their overall performance. This can also help those using this product as a walking shoe with slippery surfaces. Overall, though, the outsole seems to be made of quality materials, is quite sticky which offers better traction and offers a decent level of control even if the midsole doesn't which is positive.


This product is quite attractive in appearance and can definitely be categorized as being a fashionable shoe. This product is quite narrow in design which allows the shoe to fit closer to the foot and also offers a sleeker appearance. It is also offered in numerous color options which makes the shoes more customization for individual styles. This does assist with justifying the products price because this product is easily versatile between gym and fashion accessory. This product is also made of quality materials which keep the shoe looking better for longer. One issue is the glue issue. Some reviewers also questioned the factories quality control, stating that they found both glue and creases across the upper of this product right out of the box which is an issue. Overall, this product is quite attractive in appearance which also helps justify the runner's cost.


This product is a little higher in price. It is quite versatile due to its attractive appearance and also because it can be worn for numerous activities (not just running). The product is also made of quality materials which also helps justify the price a bit. There does seem to be some construction concerns in that the glue used to connect the upper to the outsole is quite cheap and is regularly reviewed as breaking down quite easily. This affects the shoes aesthetic as the shoe will look worn down faster, unfortunately. It also affects the shoe longevity as this would require replacement faster. Overall, it is hard to decide whether the shoe is worth the price which is an issue.


Overall, this is an attractive shoe with a high price tag. It's pro's is that this product is quite attractive in design, it offers a high level of cushioning which is comfortable for the foot and also offers better impact reduction, it is tighter to the foot which offers both stability and control, it offers a nice traction which improves performance and is made of quality materials. The cons of this product are that the glue isn't great on this product so it breaks down easier, the heel of this product seems to be too low which causes some slippage and the cushioning throughout the underfoot is quite spongy which has been reviewed as causing some issues with the control of the shoe when in motion. This product is on the expensive side which is justified in that it is an attractive and versatile product made of quality materials. It loses its justification slightly based on the issues those had with the shoe as well as the low-quality glue that is used and potentially their low factory quality checking issues that some reviewers found. Overall, this product is probably worth a try but should probably be tried on in store due to the sizing concerns that some reviewers found.