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Mizuno Wave Enigma 6 Review Facts

The Mizuno Wave Enigma 6 was built to provide support and comfort to road runners looking for a solid option that is efficient and durable. The neutral shoes are made of high-quality materials that offer a stable and durable ride that lasts for any run the legs can handle.

The Mizuno Wave Enigma 6 was built to take on the toughest roads. X-10 carbon rubber is used in the outsole. It is a flexible and durable rubber used in many of Mizuno high-quality road shoes. The Enigma is a generously cushioned design meant for high-mileage trainers. The durable shoe can take a lot of miles and abuse.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Flexible shoe allows the foot to move naturally
  • Good stability
  • Mizuno Wave system, running from the midfoot to the heel, provides torsional rigidity while effectively absorbing shock
  • Roomy well-fitting upper
  • Secure fit
  • Upper keeps the shoe on the light end of the spectrum and offers breathability
  • Color scheme lacks appeal
  • Some complaints about cushioning in the heel
  • Too stiff for some runners due to the Wave plate


The X-10 carbon rubber used in the Wave Enigma 6 delivers long-lasting protection from the rough ground. It was deliberately placed in high-impact areas on the bottom of the high-quality outsole. This material creates high-level traction on sketchy surfaces. The outsole features flex grooves that make the platform pliable and flexible.

It offers a better connection to the ground. The X-10 carbon rubber used in the Wave Enigma 6 delivers long-lasting protection from the rough terrain. It was deliberately placed in high-impact areas on the bottom of the high-quality outsole.

This material creates high-level traction on sketchy surfaces. The outsole features flex grooves that make the platform pliable and flexible. It offers a better connection to the ground. The rubber material covers the midsole and protects it from abrasive asphalt.


Mizuno's Wave plate system is featured in the midsole. The foam unit is a resilient and durable cushion that is lighter than previously used U4ic foam. U4icX is new material that is responsive and offers energizing bounce back and cushion.

The shoe features the thermal plastic wave unit creating torsional rigidity that helps heel to toe transition smoother with each step. The midsole unit features an OrthoLite sockliner that is antimicrobial and keeps the interior dry and clean.


The upper of this Mizuno shoe is one of the few updates. It has a new semi-stretch material for keeping runners comfortably, locked in. The newly structured Stroebel boards aid in the improvement of the shoe's underfoot feel. The upper of the Wave Enigma 6 is amazingly comfortable. The material combination makes the shoe feel snug but not so tight that the feet cannot breathe.

The foot is kept ventilated and dry by open mesh that permits air to circulate. Dynamotion Fit creates a stretchable material that adapts to the shape of the feet and allows them to flex with every motion. The feet are kept secure by synthetic overlays. Problems of running a half size small and inadequate room in the toe box from the previous version were corrected. The heel counter took on more structure that provides great lockdown in the heel.


The men's version of the Wave Enigma 6 weighs 11.9 ounces and the women's weights 9.4 ounces. The weight is slightly less than other Mizuno models, but the shoe is not considered to be a lightweight option. Lighter weight mesh was used in the upper to cut some of the shoe's weight. Some runners are a bit put off by the heavier weight. The level of comfort of the shoes 'outweighs' the drawbacks.


The upper is made with synthetic mesh overlays that create a solid shoe around the feet but allow air to circulate as needed to keep the feet cool. The shoes are comfortable whether the run is gearing up for a marathon or going for a morning jog. In the midsole, there is a sock layer that keeps feet dry and absorbs moisture. The bottom of the feet can breathe.


Superior comfort is offered by the Wave Enigma 6. The design of the upper and midsole provides enough comfort for everyday training and running. Extra cushion in the midsole is provided by an advanced Wave system made of plastic plates. U4icX foam provides cushioning even after running tough miles.

The foot is not restricted. It moves with the foot from point to point. The flexibility allows the runner to maintain natural movement. Similar to other Mizuno shoes, the Wave Enigma 6 us very comfortable. There were some complaints about the cushioning system in the heel section. Several reviews felt it was lacking and not very efficient.


Unique design features and highly noticeable contrasting colors are characteristics that have made Mizuno style shoes well-known. The shoes need little hype. They draw attention on their own. The style of the Wave Enigma is a little different.

It is not specifically wild in design nor comes in bright neon colors. Muted classic color options such as charcoal gray with red, black with dark shadows, and navy are options. There are several color options available for those who prefer the bolder colors. They include blue with light green and gray with clownfish orange.


Premium durability is offered by the Mizuno X-10 material that absorbs the impact that occurs on the asphalt. The material is made from a unique composite of carbon rubber. It can withstand even the toughest miles. A Wave plate system adds a layer of durability while the overlays and upper mesh are flexible enough for movement with the runner.


Besides durability, the Wave Enigma 6 offers protection from slippery asphalt by with its superior grip. The midsole not only cushions the runner's steps but provide support to keep them in line. The upper permits air to circulate with ease but keeps hazards and elements away from the skin.

These components combine to create shoes that offer more protection than other options on the road. The design of the wave plate helps disperse impact forces from the feet. The full-length foam unit used in the Enigma 6 delivers impact attenuation and responsive cushioning.

The elastic Mizuno Wave unit heightens underfoot comfort and protection. The midsole unit emphasizes absorption, ensuring the runner is well-balanced. Look no further then the Wave Enigma 6 if looking for protection.


High-level response is offered by the Enigma 6. The unique Wave plate system creates additional support and stability with every step. The platform beneath each step provides a bounce back feeling. It aids in keeping the runner comfortable.

The platform responds well to every step on the road. The uppers flex with the foot as the runner moves. It creates space for the foot to adjust and move. The Mizuno U4icX foam and wave plate of the midsole unit provide increased responsiveness and softness.


The Enigma 6 is a neutral shoe designed to offer support. The midsole foam, in combination with the plate system, creates a solid base for which the foot to land. Arch support is provided for those who need to keep their feet on the solid ground without overpronating. The shoe offers a supportive ride with a degree of responsiveness and bounce. The support of the shoes gives runners confidence to use the shoes on trail runs that are less technical.


Though built for the road, the Wave Enigma 6 can do more. The solid outsole offers a sturdy grip and durability. The shoe withstands the challenges of road runs. Some runners find the shoes so comfortable they wear them on a variety of terrains. The shoes have been worn on light dirt tracks and trails without issue.

The Mizuno Enigma 6 is among the best options offered. It provides a cushion on tough pavement and grip on the slick ground. The shoes provide comfort for miles. While technically not trail shoes, they support feet throughout a trail run. Testers used the shoes on road, trail, and treadmill runs and found the shoes were comfortable on each.


Mizuno's price tag on the Wave Enigma 6 may keep the shoes out of reach for some runners. The hefty price may be the reason runners choose another option. For those who are on the fence, consider the high-quality of the shoe that keeps a runner comfortable.

Comfort and support are absolute necessities for running shoes. When a shoe is available, that provides those features, the investment of often worth the price. The MSRP is $150. Amazon sells the Wave Enigma form $67 to $240. The Wave Enigma 6 is an excellent choice for runners who need a shoe with plenty of support. Durability is a factor in the overall value of a shoe. The Wave Enigma 6 can take whatever it encounters.


The X-10 material in the outsole and heel does more than offer durability. A grip-filled surface was created that offers traction on compromising runs. The outsole clings tightly to the ground below. It can propel the runner forward and allow him or her to stop on a dime. Flexible grooves are featured in the base of the shoes that allow feet to mold better to the surface as needed. These options create shoes that are built for traction under adverse conditions.


To create flexibility the average running shoe has some midsole foam and flexible upper fabrics. Some attempt to eliminate material to form a flexible minimalist option. The Enigma 6 offers flexibility and a stable base on which to run.

Flex grooves found on the outsole allow the shoe to shift and bend. The wave plate system offers support while the light foam provides space of the feet for flexing with every step. The build of the upper offers security and the mesh permits feet to move throughout every step.


The build of the base was a design to provide stability. The Wave system for heel strikes creates a stable platform. The lightweight foam cushions every step. The plate creates torsional rigidity that is essential for a smooth heel to toe transition.

During the transition, the flex curves of the outsole shift, creating a base that keeps the runner well-connected to the ground. They offer a step that is more stable than other shoes on the market. During long runs, the added stability is excellent to have when the legs get tired, and the stride begins to fall apart.


The Wave Enigma 6 has a heel height of 32mm for both men and women models. The forefoot height is 20mm. Those heights give a heel to drop of 12mm. The 12mm drop is higher than the average ten-mm.

It allows the runner to continue with hard heel strikes that connect to the ground and easily roll forward to the forefoot. The drop is meant to help make the runner comfortable and smooth transitions. A tester felt the heel elevation caused discomfort in the knees.

Key Features

Dynamotion Fit
OrthoLite Sockliner
Outsole has flex grooves
Outsole of durable X-10 carbon rubber
Responsive Wave plate system

Bottom Line

The Mizuno Wave Enigma 6 is a road shoe of high-quality. It creates a smooth, comfortable ride that most runners seek in a neutral option. The durable and tough outsole keeps the runner in contact with the ground due to the built-in flex grooves.

There is enough cushion in the midsole to withstand the toughest runs. The Wave plate system offers a means of absorbing the shock of heel strikes and helps facilitate a smooth gait. The U4icX foam in the forefoot creates an energized and comfortable feeling. A solid mesh base of the upper provides secure synthetic overlays. They tighten around the feet to keep them in the right spot yet still offer flexibility. This shoe is a great place to begin looking for a quality running shoe.

A source that provided much of the information found here rated the shoes as 6.5 out of ten. It deserves the 8.5 rating of this post, with dings in style, weight, and price. The price is likely to spur criticism. Runners expect a $150 shoe to deliver quality in all areas.