New Balance 1500T2

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New Balance 1500T2 Review Facts

We have given you a plethora of shoes to choose from, many are able to be used as running shoes, but are not technically built for such. This time we are drawing your attention to a line which is built exactly for that. So, whether you are a professional at running, or you simply enjoy it as a hobby, you may want to join us on this one to see if what we have found is the right fit. After all, if you are out running, you want to be as balanced in that direction as you can get. Your shoes have to be able to handle different terrain and get you through messy areas without letting you down- and no one wants sore feet from shoes that simply do not work with their activities. This line wants to be the best, as most do, and that means getting pluses outdoors, indoors and leaving you feeling good afterward. That means knowing your feet are safe, supported and comfortable from the start of your run to the end of it. As per usual, we will be holding them to the standards they set for themselves- running shoes. No apples to oranges for us, and we start with the pros and cons at their most basic.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great support
  • Highly responsive
  • Handles change in terrain well
  • Good traction
  • Adjustable ‘lace’ system
  • Easy on/off
  • Great breathability
  • Narrow toe box
  • Slightly expensive


Traction goes a long way with any show we have reviewed, and this one definitely has it. We found that it can traverse more than just one type of terrain, it goes for indoor, outdoor and off the beaten track. The impressive part is that it also grips even when on wet surfaces, marking it as way above average than most shoes we have gone over. As far as running shoes go, the outsole alone has you started on the right track for having a great running shoe. It also reacts to your foot's movements, remaining unrestrictive, while an added rubber over it prevents the usual wear and tear of other competing brands. So, this line starts out ahead of the line, let us see if it only holds up in the beginning sprint, or if it gets all the way to the finish with flying colors!


Designed to be a professional grade running shoe, the midsole is designed to be comfortable, but not to the extent of being extremely soft. The foam lining used to support your foot in every way is a bit more firm than a casual running shoe might have, but then again, this shoe was built for speed. If what you are hunting for is a morning jog, it is still very responsive to your movements, but you will not get the soft as a cloud sensation from it. The foam is created to provide support to your arch and to the sides of your feet and to help redirect energy in your steps to give you a speedier run.


The outsole is built with a technology that many shoes have attempted to perfect, but not all of them seem to have gotten done well. With a semi strap system and bungie like material for the mesh, it holds and supports your upper foot, and has a cushioned inside that makes it so the support is not too hard on the foot. The mesh is also entirely breathable, and thanks to the straps, it does not lose breathability to how firm a grip the shoe is given. It also offers a placement within the outsole design that gives the wearer arch support that other shoes do not always offer. Combined with the flexibility of the shoe, this makes for a great support system altogether.


Talk about a weight off of your feet, this running shoe offers support in another fashion as well. Most running shoes average around nine to eleven ounces, this one only weighs around eight for men, and seven for its women sizes. That takes off at least two ounces of weight no matter which you prefer to buy. Weight can definitely change how well a show works for running, and with less of it, there is less to pull on muscles and tendon, and it also means you will not tire as easily. Again, this particular line of shoe seems to be taking the cake!


With as much form-fitting support as this shoe has, you would think the breathability would become an issue. Most shoes that give a snug fit to the top and bottom end up giving an issue here, after all, cushion tends to cut in on the air flow. With the 1500T2 however, you get the breathability along with the fit and comfort. A mesh type design on top allows for the straps to be pulled however tight you need, without giving up air flow. While this shoe gives a great blend, we must admit that it isn’t entirely perfect, but it gives enough to again stand on the top of the list which makes it continue to be very impressive.


For the most part, this shoe keeps its comfort, but it does seem that many feel it falls short of being on top with this particular line. They are firmer than a few of their competitors, this is to assure more complete support overall. Breaking it down, though, the support means less strain over time as well as less weight and more durability. In order to decide what our thoughts were on this sudden seeming lack, we went over all that we already knew about what it was attempting to provide. While the shoe is firmer, we feel that it actually prevents soreness and weariness through its build, by doing so, it provides comfort in a different way. The only complaint in this area that we could not give a plus side to was the fact its toe box is felt to be overly snug fitting. It isn’t painful for most but simply feels like it could use a little more wiggle room. Because of this smaller, snugger fit, these shoes are better for medium to small sized feet, and not so good for larger feet. No shoe is perfect though, and those that mentioned this downside said it wasn’t enough to make them get rid of the shoe, nor even to use it less. In fact, most still felt these were still the best they had.


This is the other area where a few felt that this line just did not match up to others that they are competing against. While its general appearance is not unappealing- in fact, we think they look awesome and so do most that we have done research on- it lacks color options. In fact, there only appears to be a single look for them. The thing that pops out to us, though, as it does to others who have tried this shoe, is that it is a running shoe, which means it isn’t aiming to be a shoe that says ‘look at me’ in the way of look. Instead, this shoe says ‘look at me’ in how it performs which is what really counts. The design is simply too good for those runners out there who take their performance seriously to really give a second thought to the fact that it doesn’t have ten thousand color choices. What it lacks in closet pizazz it makes up for in every way that matters, making this a non-issue overall.


Picking back up quickly in this review, we find that yet again, this line hits the mark with durability. The fact that in every point that truly matters, these shoes are high quality makes us want to go and ask for all the secrets. After all, when you have shoes that are this firm in making a line so completely dedicated to where they need to be in order to create a reliable running shoe is definitely a mastered art. Built with blown rubber and the right amount and strength of material for speed or distance running, this show will last you for many marathons to come without losing what makes it a truly remarkable shoe. The sole of this shoe is quality in itself and surpasses expectations since it is built for speed. Those who thought it couldn’t stand up to time and distance were happily surprised to find they were wrong.


You know these are built for speed, and you know they have durability. We also have given them high marks for breathability and their design is just brilliantly built for running- but when we mentioned traction, you undoubtedly wondered whether this also meant you’d be protected. Some shoes sacrifice traction for protection, but this line seems to say, ‘you don’t need to choose’. Yes! You can run over any terrain and don’t even have to count wet surfaces as ‘avoid at all cost’ so obviously there is protection there. Its grip also is designed for quick and easy turns to prevent falls, and nothing is going to be felt under tread that will slow you down. You really can go anywhere in these and know you will be safe on your feet!


Continuing their ultimate trend is their completely responsive shoe. Not only does it conform to your foot the from inside, but the foam has just the right combination of firm and flexible to move with you and give you that extra bounce you need to your step. It propels movement without any restriction to how much it supports. Add to the inside responsiveness, the combination of grip and flexibility of the rubber design on the outside and you have that perfect bounce to your movement to give you speed and endurance. If you want it spelled out, these shoes will move with you in every way, responding to you in ways that most other shoes fall short with.


A constant reminder throughout every part of this pair is that it supports you and your determination no matter how long you are running for. The design was made with all the right quality components to assure that you got support through the upper, mid and outsole so that you can take the longest tracks and not be sore or hurt afterward. The foam used supports your arch and the firm inner supports the bottom of your foot along with its rubber sole. The firm grip of the upper doesn’t hold your foot back so it will not strain your muscles either. Comfortable support from start to finish.


When we mentioned that this shoe impressed, this was one of the biggest reasons why. Many shoes are designed for specific terrain types, and while they can be worn elsewhere, it isn’t really suggested if you want the shoe both to continue to function and to last. The 1500T2 however, is built to handle all terrain- and with it, the inconveniences of being off the well-worn path. Able to protect your feet against debris, make swift gripping movements and turns and even able to keep you standing on wet surfaces, these shoes are exactly what any runner would want no matter what path they travel, or any weather they might run into.


These shoes are a little on the pricey side but given the quality and what they have to offer, we feel that they are not only worth every cent but likely several times what they are asking. If you can’t afford a triple-digit shoe right off but need or want the kind of assurance these can give you, we suggest saving for a bit and going all out! You won’t want nor need to replace them for a while to come, so you might agree that when it comes to what these are worth, the price tag is definitively not too high.


As we have said many times previously, but just in case you jumped to traction to read, this line of running shoes has traction covered. No matter what terrain you are seeking to traverse, these will catch your every move, allowing you quick and easy turns and even providing all the grip you need on wet surfaces so that falling will be the last concern you have to have. From your paved or beaten out paths to gravel and the less traveled areas, these shoes have grip in their blown rubber soles that simply have you covered.


Flexibility comes hand in hand with responsiveness, and we definitely know they are responsive by now. They assure your foot doesn’t need to strain to turn or move within the shoe and are flexible enough to give you just the right amount of push in your step to keep you going at your set pace. Traction also is a part of this, because if the shoe bottoms weren’t flexible they couldn’t grip and assure you stay on your feet at all points.


Need we say it again? Sure! Why not? You get a stable shoe in every way you can mean the word. From stability caused by support to your feet and their movements, or by traction and holding you up on any terrain, these shoes are the definition of stability. They will keep you safe, comfortable and supported allowing you to go the distance, any distance you desire, without worry.


The drop is literally how far it is from the rise of heal to the lower toe region- it is, in essence, the slant of your shoe. While medically there is very little the drop can do in a tennis shoe to aid your health in truth, it can be more comfortable, in the opinion of the wearer, to know you have the right distance. The drop for this pair is about mid-range at 6 mm, just enough for that little extra boost forward in step.

Key Features

-Traction (even when wet)
-Great strap hold for easy on/off
-Upper mesh for breathability

Bottom Line

If what you want is a quality running shoe that does its job right, this is it. All of the qualities that you could need in one pair of shoes are delivered in full with the New Balance 1500T2. The only places this particular line seemed to ‘fall short’ of the top were in areas that fall more towards fashion and not as much towards proper design. So, if you want flare, this isn’t your shoe- but if you want as close to perfect as you can get while running your next marathon, you have already crossed the finish line in your hunt right here!