KEEN Revel III Hiking Boot

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Editor’s Conclusion
KEEN’s Revel III Hiking Boot has a uniquely appealing style, it's good for all tough terrains and especially hiking during the winter.

The uppers are full nubuck leather built over the Keen Heat Trapolator, this means 3 layers to retain heat inside the boot during winter weather. Waterproofing is given via the Keen Dry system which ensures dry feet and ventilation. Users point out that waterproofing is very good but breathability for the boot is challenged in hot weather. The non-marking outsole is tough rubber and gives good grippy traction. This boot is built to tackle winter hiking, the fit is comfortable and has plenty of space in the toe-box.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Nubuck leather


Reasonably light for winter hiking




Breathability in hot weather

Maintain the stitching

Shoelace durability

Key Features


The uppers are 100% nubuck leather, for fit, the boot wears in seriously quickly and the leather gives comfort and protection. For warmth in winter, the boot has a charcoal bamboo insulation layer which is very effective in cold weather. These boots are designed to give comfort in cold weather, in hot weather breathability is lacking, this is due to design purposes, these are not hot weather hikers.

The large rubber toecap not only gives lots of space but also protects from sharp objects on trail surfaces. Inside the boot, the arch and ankle, shellback heel cradling support are very good and you can use the lacing system to effectively adjust for a comfortable fit.

Compression-molded EVA comfort for the midsole area which works with a TPU shank to give good stability. Breathability works in cold weather but this performance becomes less if these boots are used in warmer summer months.


The tough rubber non-marking outsoles have multi-directional lug layouts for evenly distributed traction on muddy, wet and icy surfaces. The traction holds well on multi trail surfaces and performs well on ascending and descending slopes. User feedback is unanimous the lug system gives good traction and does shed mud which helps maintain the lightweight.


Purpose designed for winter conditions, insulated to ensure your feet will stay warm to around twenty degrees minus. With enough extra width so hikers can wear a thick pair of wool socks.

With winter in mind, these boots will not over-heat and stay consistently comfortable. The protective toe-box offers more space than other similar boots from KEEN. The rubber non-marking outsoles offer spacious width and are highly resistant and protective against sharp stones and tree roots. The rubber toe-caps are solid and easily fend off knocks and bumps protectively. Both ankles are protected by generously sized ankle pads.

The leather uppers give good protection against, scuffs, knocks, sharp rocks while holding in warmth and helping to keep up consistent water protection.


The leather uppers encase the feet supportively and generous ankle pads further add to support. The lace-up system can be tightened to individual preference for more support while the wide thick sole allows for a broad supportive footprint.

The multi-directional lug layout gives a grippy bite on iced-up surfaces, mud, and all wet/frozen trail surfaces. The footbed is cushioned and bouncy and has a fairly efficient layer of thermal protection.


Designed for winter hiking, the level of waterproofing has a good design purpose. Healthy well maintained regularly oiled leather has a good amount of waterproofing. Water protection is further supported through the waterproof membrane which has a breathability level suited for winter. Cinch up the lacing system and expect good water protection on wet surfaces and consistent surface snow up to a few inches deep.


The revel III provides comfortably balanced stability and this is due to the designers factoring in requirements for a boot that works on icy surfaces and moderate snowy conditions. The lug layout is multi-directional and grippy while ensuring that mud is shed quickly to maintain a lightweight boot with confidence giving stability.

The thick ankle pads give effective protection and the lace-up system works with the heel-cup to promote an individual preference for stability.


KEEN points out that the boot FIT's true to size. However, the sole has a generous width and the toe-cap offers a lot of toe flexing space. Many users advise that winter hikers factor in wearing thick wool socks for the extra sole width when selecting a pair for FIT.


Leather has a very good level of durability, however, it is a good practice to regularly treat the leather with boot oil or wax to maintain durability. The boot has stitched seams which can be a vulnerability in wet weather and treating these seams with a suitable seam application will counter this weakness and promote durability.

The sole is thick durable rubber and user feedback is consistent that it is tough and durable. A slight drawback from users is that the laces are prone to wear and snapping so you should consider investing in a pair of high-quality laces.

The overall durability is good and the materials used are chosen to easily handle cold winter weather conditions.


Leather uppers for hiking boots will always have a large following of appreciative users. Here we take a look at some of the non-leather boots available from Keen as a comparative option.

These two comparative options are not specifically designed to take on tough winter conditions but they are highly waterproofed and suitable for moderate wet weather terrains.

A popular choice from KEEN is the Venture Mid constructed with a combination of synthetic mesh and leather uppers. This boot is not specific for winter use but it's very good as a light day hiker in moderate weather conditions on multiple surfaces. For comfort and performance, the support is nice, traction is very good, a KEEN inner membrane for waterproofing, and a nice amount of breathability. The price tag is close to being budget-friendly in return for a good comfortable and durable hiking boot.

Another good performing comparative option is the Keen Targhee III Mid available at a very buyer friendly price. This boot gives a traction capability usually found in a heavy-duty boot while providing the level of comfort usually reserved for a good hiking shoe. Very good for multiple surfaces in moderate weather conditions and fine for day-long hikes.


The Revel III has a specific purpose, which is winter hiking in moderate snow and wet conditions.

This boot can be used in warmer seasons but as a winter boot, breathability performs less effectively in hot weather. For hikers looking for support, comfort and reliable traction, and waterproofing in winter weather, this boot is a very good option.

The price tag is balanced and affordable and you will get a high level of durability and performance. These are a good addition to winter hiking gear.