Danner Mountain Light

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Editor’s Conclusion
Danner offers many options, and this stitch-down boot with a full leather upper has been received very positively among hiking and backpacking enthusiasts. The outsole is the classic  Vibram Kletterlift which is tried, tested, and gives grippy traction on all surfaces, wet or dry.

High-quality leather for the uppers and a Gore-Tex liner work in conjunction for effective waterproofing. This is another stitch-down boot from the makers, and these have full lacing from toe to top to ensure a secure FIT further.  Built with a narrow profile, those with wide feet should order their size as an "EE" (wide)

These weigh in at 1.2kg, which is acceptable for a robust boot built with quality materials and capable of performing in tough wild locations.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Toe to top lace system

Gore_Tex Liner

Vibram Kletterlift sole

Fiber-Glass shank

Airthotic heel cradle

Great arch support


Sizing runs narrow for some

Those with wide feet need to order size with an EE (wide)

Key Features

FIT, materials and durability

This boot does run long for the toe area, and so users should consider sizing when ordering a pair. Danner makes a nice range of boots, and the Mountain Light has a narrow feel. If you have wide feet, look to order an "EE" (wide) in your size, this will ensure a comfortable FIT.

For FIT, the boots sit high on the ankle and give a nice amount of support. And this support is furthered with the toe-to-top lace-up system. Arch support is excellent, and an Airthotic heel cradle gives nice support for the heel. The boot itself is sturdy and provides a high amount of support.

The materials used to construct this boot are all high quality and durable. The leather uppers are thick and supportive; you will need to break in these before you go on a long hike. As with all high-quality leathers, maintaining the health of the leather with regularly good quality shoe leather polish is important for durability.

For durability, the sole is very robust tough rubber and can stand up to all types of weathers and environments; the sole and fiberglass shank combination does give a stiff feel to the underfoot but flexibility is evident when you need it.

The lugs have a good depth to them and are not prone to wearing down. Because the boot is very durable and designed to last for years, Danner can have the sole replaced.


Traction for these boots comes from the long-term tried and tested Vibram Kletterlift sole, which has proven very popular. The grip is reliable on multiple surfaces in wet and dry conditions, and the lugs are good for shedding mud.

User feedback mentions that these boots give impressive traction on all surfaces, even when traversing challenging inclines in tough outdoor environments. The sole has the right level of stiffness for support but is also flexible when it is needed.

The rubber used to make the sole gives good shock absorbance while being very durable and protective underfoot.

Waterproofing and breathability

Your feet will stay dry, the level of protection is outstanding.

Gore-Tex liners feature in all good quality wet/cold weather hiking boots because the level of waterproofing is proven to be at a standard wanted and needed by those who hike in wet environments.

Waterproofing through the use of uppers made from thick quality leather means a good amount of waterproof protection. To keep this level of protection going, the leather must be regularly conditioned with a good quality boot wax. Adding a Gore-Tex liner into the construction of the boot adds another level of impressive waterproofing.

With these layers of waterproofing, the boot does offer breathability; leather gives a degree of breathability. The Gore-Tex liners keep water out, but they do allow moisture to evaporate out of the boot. The level of breathability for the Mountain Light is fine in moderate and cold weather, but in warmer weather, the feet may well feel a little warm.

For warmer weather hiking, a summer version of the Mountain light is available.


These boots weigh in at 1.2kg, which is certainly not light.

But the weight can be attributed to the use of high-quality materials which ensure support, protection, performance, and durability.

This is a boot with weight, but it is not heavy enough to feel clumsy or clumpy.


There are cheaper options for hiking boots, and the market is flooded with choices, from budget options right up to the price you will pay for the Mountain Lights.

This boot is built to last, not a few seasons but for years. The makers have opted for high-quality materials rather than a lower price tag. These are high-performance boots, built to work in any weather or environment and last years.

The value is balanced, and you could actually spend more re-buying budget-priced boots because they need regular replacing. Danner boots are about buying a long-term piece of hiking kit.


If you have read this far and are not put off by the price tag, you can consider a comparative alternative when investing in a good boot.

Check out the Danner Acadia. They're built for any environment boot, and it has 100% Leather and Cordura uppers at 8 inches. A tactical boot, often used by the military, police, survivalists, hikers, backpackers, and other outdoor workers.

The expected Danner features include a stitch-down boot with a Vibram Kletterlift sole, Gore-Tex liner, and fiberglass shank.

A very comparable boot sits up higher on your leg, so the extra support is an alternative to the ankle-length Mountain Light.


User feedback is consistently pointing out that the boots' performance exceeds expectations.

The general description of the boots is that they are good for hill walking, which is correct, but they can do much more. These are a long-term investment and worth adding to your kit.