Keen Venture Mid Waterproof

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Keen Venture is light on the feet and good for all types of trail hiking.

Being comfortable and light enough for casual hikes but also good for long hikes while carrying a moderately sized backpack. This boot gives good support for ankles and a nice overall level of protection for the feet. Ideal for hikers who are looking for lightweight comfort and a more robust structure than available in standard hiking shoes.

This boot does have a shoe-like feel to it and this means a good feeling of agility while hiking trails and when carrying a light-moderate pack. The Keen All-Terrain sole ensures good traction and in wet weather protection is provided via the KEEN.DRY waterproofing membrane.

For those looking for a mid-performance option between heavy-duty boots and hiking shoes, Keen has produced the Mid-Venture, which is constructed using up-to-date footwear technologies.
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Quick break in



Traction is average

FIT for wide feet

Key Features


User feedback is extensive and has not raised any notable concerns regarding durability when this boot is used within its design purpose.

The sole durability is good due to the Keen All-Terrain+ tough rubber compound material. The uppers are made from a blended mesh construction which has good durability but be sure to avoid sharp abrasive surfaces, constant rough abrasion will impact on durability.

Water Resistance

Water protection is good up to 4.5 inches and fine when wading through trail puddles. The designed in water-proof membrane works well for keeping the feet dry, while breathability performs and works to keep the feet relatively dry and comfortable and deters a build up of sweat.


This mid-range boot has an average weight of around 2 pounds a pair, give or take a few ounces for boot size. This weight is standard among mid-range hiking boots and compares well with other mid-range boots.


The Keen.All-Terrain+ is a feature which has an impressive robust lug lay-out, in dry weather the grip is sticky and reliable. There are not any negative issues raised by users for dry weather performance.

In wet and muddy weather the lugs do bite and give very good traction, a slight downside is the lugs can at times pick up mud and this can reduce surface area traction. the traction performs well enough on snow and on mud but for very muddy a heavier lug patterning would work better.

The best performance for traction is in dry to moderate weather hiking conditions.


The overall feel of this boot is soft, flexible and works nicely for mobility. These feel like a shoe but with more stability.

Stability is good for carrying light loads and for day-long hikes, the cuff gives ankle protection/stability but it is not designed for taking on heavy loads. For heavy loads a full heavy duty boot will work better.

The sole, despite a robust lug patterning, it does have a good amount of flex which serves well towards stability when hiking up or down inclines ate scaling large rock obstacles.


These mid-range boots are all about comfort, light weight, nice traction, durability, waterproofing and breathability. The break in period is very fast, users report that the toe-box needs a little time to break in, apart from this, the boot is comfortable enough to wear directly from the box.

The mesh uppers are soft and unrestrictive, the EVA midsole has just the right level of suppleness for a good comfortable feel. For comfort, the design favors wide feet so for those with narrow feet it means you need to cinch the lace-up system nice and tightly.

The KonnectFit is good for heel adjustment to customize FIT and the boot feels supportive and has nice stability blended with spacious comfort.


The Keen Venture excels for day hiking on all types of trails, it's ideal for warm weather hiking and ok for muddy conditions but can pick up some mud.

For a boot with more features, you can check the KEEN Targhee Ill Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot with a slightly higher price tag. The KEEN All-Terrian sole has traction which works well for very muddy surfaces. This boot includes an external support shank for stability and support on uneven trail surfaces. The uppers are leather combined with synthetics, great for colder weather but perhaps warmer feet during summer when compared to the Keen Venture.

For those looking to spend at a balanced price to get more performance, consider the Salomon Men's X Ultra 3 Wide Mid GTX Hiking boot. These are 100% synthetic construction, and highly waterproof. Traction is very good on most surfaces, the boots feature an EnergyCell midsole and EVA foam for shock-absorbing.

There are a few comparable budgets for mid-range hiking boots. Perhaps the best choice from budget options for price, comfort, and performance could be the Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Boot. These have Leather / Suede / Mesh combined uppers, a rubber sole, and better than average traction.


These boots are well constructed and the footwear tech used is very good. Comfort and stability are high points along with the level of water-proofing. traction is very good but some issues with mud sticking between the lugs in very muddy conditions.

The Keen Venture is really in its element for use on trails for day-long hikes in dry and wet weather because it will keep the feet dry. In warmer weather, the breathability is ok to deter hot sweaty feet but in hot weather, you might have to expect warm feet but the level of breathability holds out well.

The performance is clearly better than a hiking shoe and not on par with a full-blown boot design. These are good enough for a day or night hike carrying a moderate-weight backpack.

This is a versatile boot and performs comparatively well against other mid-range boot options on the market.

The price tag stands slightly above mid-range and reflects a well constructed, nicely designed comfortable mid-range boot.