KEEN Targhee III Mid

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Targhee III is a high-performance hiking boot that walks forward on the reputation of a popular brand that is known for affordable good quality boots. Take a look at the new look and impressive updated features.

This is a cost-friendly mid-range boot that gives the comfort of a hiking shoe in conjunction with the traction, support, and stability of a hiking boot.  Performs in all terrains, a waterproofing breathable membrane lets sweat evaporate out and stops water from getting in.

Soft leather and synthetic uppers shape to your feet for support and a durable rubber outsole for good traction on multiple surfaces. Absolutely great for day-long hikes.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Soft comfortable uppers: leather

Durable sole

Good traction

Waterproof + durability

Value for money


Breathability could be better

Stability could be better

Key Features


The uppers are constructed from multiple seams to hold together the synthetic fabrics and nubuck leather, this does give a good amount of flexibility. This combination of materials reduces the lack of flexibility often found in boots with full leather uppers.

A clear drawback is that seams can be a durability vulnerability, to counter this problem, treat the seams with a product such as "seam grip". Another good move to prolong durability is to use a leather treatment for the upper leather segments, this will also enhance waterproofing. When treating the uppers, ensure you do not damp down the level of breathability.


Good protection against water goes up to a height of 3.75 inches. This is a flood level that works for you when stepping in trail puddles but for heavy wet environments, you should consider a boot with a higher flood level.

The uppers include the use of multiple seams and this means vulnerability to water penetration. Regularly treating the seams will give added protection. This boot is protective in wet weather but with limitations.


Per pair, these boots weigh in at around 2.38 pounds a pair with slight weight variations due to different boot sizes. You do get extras such as a toe bumper, padded collar, and tongue in a lightweight package.


Traction is a must-have and the Targhee III scores very well. The All-Terrian rubber outsole ensures great traction on a broad range of surfaces in dry conditions and also works well on muddy and wet surfaces. The lug patterning comprises moderately sized lugs that bite securely into loose screes, sands, and mud while having a low enough lug profile to grip rock/granite surfaces.


The uppers are a soft construction of nubuck leather and synthetics materials stitched together, the flexibility is very good. A drawback is that there is that side to side stability is less. This can be countered by adjusting the lace-up system to direct more support to the heel area.

The wide sole certainly enhances stability though users note that edging is moderately impacted by the combination of sole flex and pronounced rocker. This is not enough to deter from using this boot but is a slight drawback to be aware of.


For comfort, this boot steps over the winning line. Take them out of the box and they are ready for the trails. The nubuck leather is supple enough for immediate comfort and this feature ensures shoe-like comfort.

For rocky trails and other challenging surfaces, this boot has a fitted ESS shank and a large robust toe bumper provides comfort and protection from rocks and tree roots. The ankle area is well cushioned and protects against rubbing on the ankles. The lace-up system is designed to include lace webbing which wraps the heels and these varied cinching choices ensure you can achieve a customized comfortable FIT.

The Keen-Dry membrane is similar to the Gore-Tex lining system and ensures good protection against water while allowing breathability. The boot has a wide design and some can counter this by wearing thicker socks and utilizing the adjustability provided by the lace-up system.

A useful tip, when trying on this boot, wear thin socks, this will help for selecting a good size FIT.


Keen offers a good broad selection of footwear for outdoors and the Targhee III stands out as a good mid hiking boot when compared to other options. For comparative purposes let's take a snapshot look at similar boots with subtle variations from Keen.

The KEEN Targhee EXP Mid Waterproof works for men and ladies, seriously light on the feet, amazing level of comfort, very good waterproofing, and according to user feedback, well above average breathability. This mid-boot offers more stability than many other options, a slight drawback: some users mention that they are a little restrictive on width.

Another very nice comparative choice for those looking for a full leather day hiker is the Keen Pyrenees. The build quality is very solid, and these even have a leather footbed inside. User feedback points out that for a leather boot, break-in time is really minimal and for many these boots were fine straight from the packing box. This is a leather boot so don't expect the same level of breathability which is available from synthetic materials.

A final nice alternative option is the Keen Venture Mid Hiking Boot, with A slightly higher price tag. A nicely light boot, very comfortable, good waterproof protection, breathability works well and from new a very fast break-in time. The slight drawback, the traction is good but it could be better.


The Keen Targhee III has been revamped and looks better.

The nubuck and synthetic combined uppers, not only look good, they have a purpose of design for protection and especially comfort. With an impressive level of waterproofing and breathability, these are good boots. The traction is good and works for multiple terrain surfaces in different weathers.

The price tag is reasonable and these boots are a good addition to gear for regular day hiking.