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Inov8 F Lite 195 Review Facts

Running not only requires a good deal of strength but also precision. Though named one of the worlds most accessible sport, the entire experience and performance can be amplified with different equipment. This includes attire and trainers. Trainers are more than just protection for your feet from the ground. Trainers (often referred to as runners) also provide features like stability, support, impact reduction, and breathability in order to assist the runner with their performance. Stability and support come from different areas of the shoes including the midsole, insole and upper. The midsole is the area of the shoe that sits below the foot under the insole. The midsole is typically made of a rubber material and is shaped to contour the foot. The contouring helps the runner in that all areas of the foot are supported including the heel, the arch and the ball of the foot. Sometimes even the toes are supported but this is typically associated with more of a barefoot running shoe which we've reviewed in other articles. The insole of the shoe is the area of the shoe that is usually the closest to the bottom of the foot. This is typically made out of a foam-like material (though sometimes made of out gel too) and this is the area that offers more of the impact reduction and comfort to the runner. It contours to the foot even further because it is made of a softer, more flexible material that will shape around the individual's foot in order to offer even more precision with each step. Finally, the upper of the shoe is usually made of a leather material that is flexible too. The leather material is usually tightened via a lacing system which allows the runner to tighten the top of the shoe to their tightness preference. This not only keeps the foot in the shoe but also offers more stability and support to the top of the foot so that the midsole and the insole can do their jobs correctly and effectively.

This article is a single product review on the Inov8 Lite 195 running shoe. We looked at consumer reviews in order to determine what consumers who bought the shoe thought of it. We also looked at the materials used in order to create this product in order to determine it's quality. Finally, we broke the shoe down based on numerous characteristics including breathability, weight, and support to determine if this runner is worth buying. This is our review of the Inov8 F Lite 195. We hope this review assists you with your next trainer selection.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The Inov8 F Lite 195 is quite lightweight in design 
  • It is also quite attractive in design, also coming in numerous color choices 
  • They are regularly reviewed as feel light you're walking on clouds 
  • They are inexpensive, as well 
  • The Inov8 F Lite 195 seems to have quite a few durability concerns
  • Their insole seems to slip around a bit during runs, as well 
  • They also do not have much in regards to traction


The outsole of these runners is made to be quite flexible in order to offer a more natural step for the runner. Though this is the case numerous runners found that the outsole was so flexible that it started to breakdown relatively easily, eventually causing a hole that rendered the shoes useless after a very short period of time. Durability, discussed later in this article, seems to be a major concern about these shoes.


The technology used to create the midsole of these runners is called Inov8's POWERFLOW. This technology is supposed to provide a lightweight and comfortable fit. It also offers some shock absorbing qualities, offering 10% better shock absorption than previous models as well as 15% better energy return. Those who bought these runners found these runners to feel more like "walking on clouds" than running shoes. They seem to offer a decent level of both comfort and cushioning to the bottom of the foot. They are also considered to be quite lightweight which is important.


The upper of these runners offer a newly internally structured "one-piece" construction which is supposed to help the shoe adapt and breath with increased durability. The upper uses a lacing system to tighten and secure the shoe. The upper of these runners is quite flexible which offers a decent comfort level for the runner. The lacing system is effective and durable. Those who bought these shoes appreciated how ventilated the upper made these shoes and also appreciated the comfort and support offered by the uppers of these runners which is positive.


These runners weigh 195 grams or 6.8 ounces which is considerably light when considering the average weight of running shoes. The midsole and the upper are crafted in a way that does not cause an additional weight to these runners. Those who bought these runners found them very lightweight and easy to wear for extended periods of time.


As previously mentioned, these runners offer a 'one-piece upper that allows cool air to enter the shoe while also encouraging hot air to exit the shoe. Those who bought these runners were happy with the level of ventilation offered by these shoes, allowing for better breathability and sweat reduction.


These runners offer a more flexible outsole for the purpose of offering a more natural step especially when running. This feature also helps when weight lifting, specifically larger weights that require some heel to toe rolling. They also are lightweight in design allowing the wearer to wear them for extended periods of time. The midsole contours to the foot really well which offers enhanced comfort and the insole of these runners not only offer a good level of cushioning but high levels of impact reduction. One issue that some reviewers had is that the insole of these runners are removable which is usually a good thing as this accommodates for custom orthotics, however, with these runners, the insole slides around a little which makes them uncomfortable for running. This, of course, is a real concern considering they are intended for running purposes.


These runners are quite attractive in design. They definitely offer a more minimalist feel which is in currently. They are also narrow in design which makes the shoes look a little slicker. They are also offered in numerous color choices in order to suit individual styles. Though they may not necessarily be versatile enough to shift from the gym to daily activities, if the individual wearing them naturally has a more athletic design, these might do the trick!


This seems to be the major failure of these runners. The durability seems to be a major point of contention of these runners. Though the outsole is quite flexible, as mentioned earlier, the outsole also seems to be so flexible that the outsole cracks and breaks leaving holes. This, of course, is a major issue as this means that the runners are useless after this happens. Those who bought these runners praised their price but also noted that they rarely got 3 months of use out of these runners.


These runners offer Rope-Tec reinforcements which offer some reinforcements where ropes typically cause pressure when rope climbing. They also offer a 'sticky outsole' which is supposed to offer better protection, though this was disputed with numerous reviewers (discussed later in this article). The lacing system offered by these runners offers secure support that helps with the shoes natural step. It also offers a Y-lock heel system which holds the heel in place for proprioception (the sense through which the mind perceives the position and motion of our body, typically used in yoga).


One highlight of these runners is their responsiveness. They seem to be quite responsive as a result of the flexibility offered by the outsole of these runners as well as the natural support offered by the midsole of these runners. If responsiveness is a primary requirement in running shoes, these shoes are probably the closest one might find to a barefoot runner or a climbing shoe. Though not as flexible as either, these were designed for rope climbing and therefore the outsole requires a level of flexibility in order to do so. These shoes definitely offer that flexibility and therefore responsiveness.


These runners offer support through the midsole and the lacing system. They also offer a Y-lock heel system which stops the heel from moving around too much in the shoe, offering both support and protection to the heel.


These runners are meant for gym use as well as running. The unique terrain these runners are also designed for are, as previously noted, rope climbing. They offer a unique design that is reinforced in areas of pressure usually applied when rope climbing. They do have some durability concerns and thus these runners might be better served as an indoor activity shoe including for weight lifting as their heel to toe drop seems to be ideal for more intensive weight lifting efforts.


These runners are actually really reasonably priced though this seems to be in line with their poor durability and shortened shelf life. Those who bought these shoes noted that they easily ran through them within a couple of months. The price does seem to fit the durability of the shoe, which is also quite low. They are quite attractive in design, though, which allows those wearing these runners versatile and the ability to wear them out and about as well.


These runners are listed as being ultra sticky for better traction. Those who bought these runners did find that they do seem to lack good traction whether inside or outside. They seem to be better suited as a gym buddy than an outdoor running shoe as a result of its lack of traction.


These runners are definitely quite flexible, as noted earlier. The midsole and the outsole offer a high level of durability for the purpose of offering an incredibly natural step. The upper, as well, is one piece which also offers another element of flexibility throughout the shoe. Overall, a very flexible shoe for those requiring something more responsive.


These runners offer a highly effective lacing system which tights to the top of the foot comfortable and securely to protect the top of the shoe and keeps the foot tighter to the insole of these runners. They also offer a tight hold to the heel of the foot to protect the heel and the ankle from rolls. The reinforced sides of the shoe not only help protect the shoe from ropes but also helps provide stability to the sides of the foot.


These runners offer a 4 mm heel-to-toe drop which is ideal for smoother transitions. Though this is typically used in running, these runners seem to be better suited for activities that rely on the flexibility of the shoe as well as the heel-to-toe drop rather than durability.


- Versatile in that they can be used for different activities as well as daily wear
- Attractive design and offered in numerous color options for individual styles
- Precision fit for a more natural and supportive step
- One-piece upper for a more comfortable and breathable fit
- Rope-Tec technology offers reinforced hot spots in order to offer durability when climbing
- Lightweight for longer wear in these runners
- High levels of shock absorption to protect the body
- Energy return for better performance


The bottom line is that these runners are decent entry-level runners. They are probably not ideal for those training for marathons. They are better suited as a gym or rope companion. They are ideal for adventurists that prefer to perform their adventures away from the dirt, bugs, and grime (so, indoors). They are attractive in design and are offered in numerous color choices in order to suit the wearer. The durability is pretty minimal but the price is in line with the cost of these runners. They are also quite flexible and responsive which reviewers liked. They are also quite lightweight in design, between that and their supportive and contoured fit, these runners feel like you are "walking on clouds". Overall, a fine shoe but probably not ideal for anyone looking for a serious trainer.