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PrAna Halle Review Facts

What do you wear for colder hiking days, bouldering, or rock climbing? A pair of Prana Halle Pants is an excellent option. A group of reviewers rated the pair of pants using a ten-point system. The pants received the following scores: Comfort/Mobility (9), Durability (7), Features/Convenience (7), Versatility (8), and Weather Resistance (6).

Versatility consists of being multi-functional, flattering, and easy to care for. That is a difficult list to fill with one pair of pants. Prana has met the prerequisites with the Halle pants. They are prepared for desert bouldering, mountain hikes, the Utah desert, the office, or a trip to Europe.

The Prana Halle pants feature stretch Zion performance fabric. It is a combination of 97 percent nylon and three percent Spandex. It is breathable, stretchy, and durable. The pants have been treated with a DWR finish. There is a choice of colors available that likely provides a suitable option.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Articulated knees
  • Comfortable
  • Feminine fit
  • Many adjustable options
  • Mobile
  • Small pockets
  • Some pilling
  • Weak buttons


Prana Halle Pants are versatile and chic. They offer multiple ways to wear the trouser style pants. Prana knows one size does not fit everyone; neither do selections from XS to XL when purchasing lifestyle or hiking pants.

Halle pants come in sizes zero to 18. The company is aware that ladies have different sized legs. The pants come in three inseam lengths. A quality pair of hiking pants needs pockets. There are plenty of pockets in the Prana Halle Pants.


When active in cool and temperate weather, the Prana Halle pants offer excellent breathability. They are a bit too thick for comfort when temperatures are warm. The pants convert to a 24-inch crop that provides some ventilation. A pair of zip-off leg pants offers more.

For that reason, the pants received a low breathability rating. The Halle is a little to thick to be worn in warm, summer conditions, but is excellent for fall, spring, and summer in higher elevations.

The stretch hiking pants are meant for use in the outdoors. Stretch Zion is a nylon/spandex fabric that wicks moisture from the body. Perspiration is not an issue. The stretch Zion woven fabric has a DWR finish that offers durable performance and repels water, keeping the wearer dry in inclement weather. It is meant to provide water resistance against light rain.


Out of 12 pairs of pants rated by a team of reviewers, the Parana Halle model was among the highest for comfort and mobility. The Halle material is a bit stretchy and soft. A comfortable fit is due to pants that sit at the mid-waist.


The pants hold up against sharp and rough rocks. The material tends to pill in areas of high wear such as the knees and insides of the legs. The pilling causes the pants to lose some points for durability.

Buttons may be lost along the way because they are not tightly sewn to the pants. The pants have two buttons attached in place and an extra on the inside. Unlike a snap closure, a button can be sewn back on the pants. The price of the Prana Halle pants is more expensive than more versatile pants. The $85 price tag is for a pair of pants that is not as versatile as some of the competition and barely water resistant.

The value of the pants lies in its durability. They can handle wear and tear. Older versions handing in the closet still look great after years of use. The pants hold against abrasion. There are claims pro and con about how durable the DWR treatment is. Some say it works for a short time then fades in its ability to repel water. Others say it sheds light rain, creek splashes, and spills from water bottles.


The pants weight 12 ounces. From crutch to cuff, the pants’ inseam, of the regular size, is 32 inches. When cropped, the measurement is 24 inches. The pants have a straight leg fit. They are available in sizes from zero to 18.

Three inseam options are offered - short, 30 inches; regular, 32 inches; and tall, 36 inches. The 12-ounce weight is in the middle of the spectrum. There are pants lighter and heavier. The material stretches a little throughout the day. Internal drawstrings allow the waist to be adjusted without wearing a belt. The adjustment is crucial when wearing a climbing harness or backpack hip belt where no additional material is wanted.

They run a bit large. The sizing is ideal when first worn. Wearing the pants for two or more days will cause them to stretch a half to a full size larger. That feature is not a big deal to some who feel pants a little loose are more comfortable on the move.


While not the most versatile model in the group tested, the pants have a variety of applications. The durable pants are suitable for climbing and scrambling and fashionable enough to be worn around town.

They provide warmth on chilly climbing days. Some pants are more breathable and lightweight if that is desired. The pants are best suited for dry day hiking in the fall and spring or for bouldering, climbing, or scrambling.

The pants cross over to around-town, non-technical use. The relaxed fit can be used with a base layer. As a bonus, the pants can be rolled up for water encounters, style, and ventilation. They are also comfortable travel pants.

The Halle Pants are the ultimate cross-functional pants. They can function in the office, traveling, climbing, and hiking. The most functional pocket is a vertical zippered pocket located on the right thigh. It is ideal for items that need to be secure such as a phone or boarding pass.


The pants move in stride while walking to the mailbox, climbing, or hiking. There is no gusseted groin. Tests had no problem throwing a heel hook up or taking high steps without the gusset. The articulated knees and straight leg design make the pants comfortably flexible in the knee area.

Other pants feel tight behind the knees. The Halles allow full motion with restriction. The articulated knees keep the movement on the hiking trail simple and easy. When the weather warms up, the legs can be rolled up, and the straps snapped to prevent them from falling.

The little bit of stretch makes the pants form-fitting and run true to size or a bit big. A hidden drawstring keeps the pants from falling off. Prana Stretch Zion Fabric provides the durability and stretch necessary for active hiking, climbing, and more.

The Zion Stretch fabric expands and contracts to move with the wearer during any sport or activity. Some reviewers describe it as quick-drying and lightweight. Others complained that drying in the sun is slow.


Prana products have an interior label with care instructions. When in doubt, wash the garment in cold water. Tumble dry on a low setting.


The Prana Halle pants are available in eight colors. They include Cargo green, Black, Dark Khaki, Dark ginger, and Coal. Users are likely to find a color that suits their taste. A blend of 97 percent nylon and three percent Spandex is used for making the shell. The trim is 100 percent polyester.

The Prana Halle Pants were not the top choice of reviewers, but they have some functional features they liked. Earlier versions did not have a drawstring cinch on the waist. It is a significant upgrade. A zippered thigh pocket is a favorite feature.

It can hold a camera or phone. Earlier models had a pocket that was smaller and nearly useless. The hand pockets in the front did not earn the same appreciation. Not so deep pockets may cause items to pop out when the wearer squats.

Securing the roll-up convertible option is simple. Tabs on either side wrap around the section that rolls up and snaps in place. The material is a bit stiff. It tends to remain in place if a wearer chooses to roll it lower or higher without the tabs.

The securing tabs are easy to use, but the buttons can be easily damaged by machine dry heat, abrasion, or bending. Despite the minor details, the roll-up option is versatile and adds some ventilation to the pants.

They are the most stylish pants reviewed by the group of testers. The button front fly eliminates the need for a belt. Standard belt loops on the pants are there if the wearer feels inclined to accessorize. A mid-rise waist and straight legs accommodate those with large glutes and quads.

When temperatures rise, roll up the bottom and snap the loops provided to create a pair of capris. Two rear snap closure pockets feature cute decorative snaps. They are easily closed and opened and with one hand. The phone has to lay horizontally which is a bit awkward. The front pockets are shallow. It is challenging to store much in the pockets. Items can pop out when the wearer sits down.

Water Resistance

A Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating causes water to bead and roll off a treated item. Water behaves a bit like it is meant to do, but quickly saturates the material of the pants, according to the team of reviewers who rated the pants.

The Prana Halle Pants received a low rating for water resistance. Testing with a spray bottle meant to simulate and being caught in a storm both yielded the same results. The DWR works for approximately one minute before the pants become soaked.

The pants take over an hour to dry in the sun. They are not recommended as an option if the wearers will get and stay wet. For climbing and bouldering that is over when a storm sets in, wearing the pants has no concerns. Not all consumers or advertisers share the above perception of the pants’ water resistance.

The versatility of the cross-functional pants makes them a natural addition to every day or hiking apparel. Whether embarking on a hiking adventure or running errands, the articulated knees permit unrestricted movement.

Style can be adjusted based on weather conditions and activities for a totally adaptable fit. The upper right leg area has a hidden zip pocket that conveniently provides a place to stash small items, ensuring secure, easy-access storage. The pants are a relaxed fit, mid-rise style with straight legs.

Weather Protection

Reviewers have comfortably worn the pants in temperatures that ranged from 35°F to 75°F. The overall fit, articulated knees, and stretchy feel make for a comfortable all day adventure. The UPF 50+ is another excellent feature. It protects the wearer from harmful rays.

Key Features

* Articulated knees
* Cross-functional pants
* DWR finish
* Mid-rise waist
* Offered in three inseams
* Relaxed fit
* Roll-up leg feature
* Straight bootleg
* Stretch Zion performance
* Trouser styling having a button front fly
* UPF 50+
* Upper right leg hidden zip stash pocket

Bottom Line

The Prana Halle Pants are a flattering, mid-rise, relaxed fit pants. They can be worn around town without appearing to be hiking pants only. The pants are functional and comfortable for traveling, biking, and climbing.

Reviewers have awarded the pants as Top Pick for mobility. They are suitable for rock climbing and bouldering. Nylon/Spandex allows a broad range of movement. The pants resist scratches and tears from plants and sharp rocks.

They fit well when wearing a harness. The pants are treated with a DWR coating that most reviewers rate as positive, but some say the pants are not overly water-resistant. The lack of that quality makes them better suited for climbing than hiking. Climbing in the rain is not advised.

The well-designed Prana Halle has flattering design details and a feminine fit. They function in both the wilderness and in town. The mobility, comfort, and ability to roll up the pants are hard to beat. They have earned the Top Pick of Mobility award.

The pants provide unimpeded movement on the trail and rocks. As a backcountry option, the pants are not ideal but are an excellent choice for adventures in cooler weather without the danger of getting wet.