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PrAna Stretch Zion Review Facts

Hiking and mountain climbing offers a really unique experience. Not only does it offer a potentially new or foreign environment to exercise and explore, but it also offers higher levels of oxygen to breathe in as well as opportunities to work on new muscle groups. When out on trails and when climbing, there are often times different obstacles than on city streets and paths. These obstacles encourage working on new and sometimes obscure muscle groups. This can sometimes be surprising to someone that considers themselves "gym-fit" as these muscle groups aren't always accessible with standard gym equipment. Though this change in environment can be a positive thing, it can also be a negative thing in that it can open the participant up to injury if not properly equipped. This includes clothing, accessories and hiking/climbing gear. This can be items like climbing shoes and boots in order to offer protection to the bottom of the foot when faced with sharp rocks as well as protection from rolled ankles. It can also be hiking socks to protect the foot from sweat leading to slips and discomfort. It can also be hiking poles to help with grip and aid on less than ideal walking conditions and trails. Before hitting the trails and mountains it is crucial to consider the hiking being initiated, the weather conditions the day of the hike and all accessories required for the trip in order to stay safe and keep the hike fun.

This article is a single product review on the PrAna Stretch Zion Pant. These pants made for wear, with the ability to not only breathe but also over decent levels of stretch for quick movements out on the trails. We looked at consumer reviews left about this product, and we pulled all the most common likes and dislikes left about it. We also looked at the product itself to determine if it's made out of quality materials and to see how well the product is constructed. Finally, we determined if the durability and versatility match the cost of this product. This is our review of the PrAna Stretch Zion. We hope that this review helps you with your next outdoor pant purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • These pants offer a decent stretch allowing for more comfortable movement¬†
  • They are also regularly reviewed as being quite durable¬†
  • They offer a nice, lightweight design
  • They are also very breathable which reviewers appreciate
  • Though these pants are made of quality materials, some reviewers found them to be quite expensive¬†
  • The company changed the sizing on the new Zion pants which some reviewers found too tight and a little frustrating


PrAna is a company that started in California. It focuses on providing comfortable, durable and adaptable clothing. They strive to provide clothing that can adapt to any environment or adventure. They put a lot of their energy into giving back to the community while also promoting sustainability. Their clothes initially were designed for both yoga and climbing gear. They believe that companies should give back as much as they take from the world. Their products seem to be fairly well-made, offering a very comfortable line of clothing. Those who bought single products from the brand tend to return to buy others. One item that some reviewers noted is that the price tag on a lot of their products is a little high when comparing to alternatives on the market. That said, most of the product offered by the company seem to last a long time even when worn in rougher environments.


These pants are quite lightweight in design and also offer ventilated inseam gussets with the intent of keeping good ventilation throughout the inside of the pant. This, of course, creates breathability and ideally a sweat-free environment when in motion. The material itself is also quick-dry, meaning that in addition to its water resistant features, these pants are supposed to dry very quickly if for whatever reason the water resistance fails. It also means that any moisture build-up as a result of sweat dissipates relatively easily as well. This is discussed more below in the waterproof section.


These pants offer a streamlined adjustable waistband in order to get a better fit for all body types. The pant leg offers roll-up leg snaps which allow the wearer to roll the pant leg up and snap it in place for times when more ventilation is required or when the day gets warmer. These pants are made of a mix of Nylon (91%, so the major material of the duo) and Spandex (3%, most likely added for its stretch qualities). Those who bought these pants found them to be quite comfortable, though noting, that if earlier versions of these pants were bought the fit is different. It's unclear why PrAna made the adjustment but the newer versions of these pants seem to fit a little tighter than earlier versions and may require sizing up. Many found that the size they had before was looser fitting than the more recent sizing. The pant legs themselves are a little baggy which, though complained about for being a little baggy, provides ample room for movement. The Spandex material offered also makes these pants stretchy enough to move around in comfortably which reviewers really liked. Overall, lightweight, roomy, stretchy and breathable, all positive attributes.


These pants are made for the good old outdoors and, therefore, should be made from durable materials. They offer PrAna's stretch 'Zion' fabric which is a very durable and water-resistant material used in all their outdoor clothing. The water repellent finish is supposed to completely protect the wearer from any water seep through when out in more humid weather. This helps protect the material from any potential mold and mildew that could grow as a result of being wet for extended periods of time. Sometimes hikes and climbs can go on for longer than a day and this is why it's important to have clothing that can withstand the elements for more than a couple hours. Those who bought these pants were pretty impressed with their durability. They noted that these pants survived fairly harsh conditions without any issues. They found that their weather-resistant features were quite impressive and reliable. They appreciated what felt like very high-quality materials used as well as the materials lightweight nature.


These pants are offered in what PrAna refers to as a 'standard fit'. Though earlier versions of this pant may be considered standard, reviewers felt that the updated version of these pants do fit a little snug and did require sizing up from the original size they fit into. This was a slight point of contention for some reviewers who felt that they found a great product that changed for seemingly no (good) reason. The pants are a little wide in the leg as well which offers room, however, does seem to fit a little baggy on some. These pants are also not fitted in a way that may be versatile in that they may not easily transfer between hikes and daily wear as a result of what is considered fashionable today (tapered, fitted, bespoke, etc). They seem to wash fairly well, meaning that after being washed they don't seem to warp, stretch or shrink which is good. The website does offer a sizing guide that should be considered even if these are second or third pairs just to be safe.


These pants are meant to be worn in more rugged areas like hikes and climbs. They are considered an 'adventure pant' which essentially means they can be worn in nearly every situation. They are breathable which is great for those who are wearing these when sweating or when out in the sun. They also offer a UPF 50 plus feature to them which would protect legs from the sun which can burn skin through the fabric. This would also protect the aesthetic of the material in that they shouldn't fade easily due to sun exposure. They offer an angled dual entry cargo pocket which allows the user to hold a phone or keys eliminating the need for bags (to an extent). They are made of a highly durable material which is waterproof, sun proof and stretchy making them fairly easy to move around in. This feature is important, especially when hiking in more dangerous areas. They also roll up and clip up in order to offer a cooler pant to wear when the sun gets a little too warm. Overall, a pretty rugged pant that is durable and resistant to protect the hiker from the elements.


These pants offer numerous feature which allows the pants to move and stretch easily, the biggest being the addition of 5% Spandex as mentioned earlier in this article. Not only does the addition of Spandex offer a more flexible fit to the wearer but also extended the shelf life of these pants. This is because the breakdown of the material happens less easily due to the lack of stress on the seams of these pants. Those who bought these pants were happy with the comfort level presented by the lack of pull experienced when crouching or stretching. They appreciated that they were stretchy enough to move around in easily while also not stretching so much that the aesthetic of the pant was affected.


These pants, like most other weatherproof products, should be washed in cold water and laid out to dry. Though the pants are machine washable often times waterproofing abilities can be broken down easier due to heat associated with hot water and drying. If using a dryer is a must consider drying on lower temperatures to preserve the waterproofing features of these pants.


These pants are nicely designed. They are quite clearly made with quality materials which allow them to stay looking newer longer. One note that some reviewers mentioned is that they are a little wide in the leg which takes away from the aesthetic a little. They stretch well which keeps them from getting too worn out around the seams and hems. And despite the stretching abilities of these pants, they don't show stretch marks too easily which keeps them looking quite nice longer. They are also offered in a variety of colors to suit individual styles.


These offer two different water-resistant properties. The first being the Zion fabric used by these pants. The Zion fabric offers a durable, water repellent finish which encourages water to bead and roll off the pant leg rather than absorbing into the fabric. It also offers quick dry stretch performance for any moisture that does breach the surface and for those who may sweat a little more than others. This helps protect the fabric from mold and mildew over time and therefore offers better longevity over other products. Those who bought these pants found the water resistance to be reliable and found that even when out in the rain, these pants protected them from water and kept them dry throughout their adventures which is positive.


These pants offer water protection and quality materials in order to protect the wearer from the elements. This includes a UPF 50 plus for protection from the sun. That said, the website doesn't note any wind protection, though this was not a complaint or a point of contention for reviewers so it seems no harm, no fail on this front.


-Angled dual entry cargo pocket to hold valuables
-Adjustable waistband for a more customized fit
-Ventilated inseam gusset for better breathability
- Roll-up leg snaps for even better breathability when the sun heats up
- Zion fabric for a more durable and waterproof design
-Quick dry fabric to help with any sweat build-up
- UPF 50 plus for protection from the sun
- A nylon/spandex blend for a more flexible fit


Overall these pants seem to be a pretty decent product. They offer the breathability and ventilation required when needed. They also have the roll-up pant leg in order to accommodate those out early when the weather is cooler and to also accommodate for when the weather heats up. They also offer waterproofing and quick dry features to protect against the elements while also helping reduce sweat build up. They seem to be made of quality materials which offer a much longer shelf life and a better bang for your buck. One issue that reviewers did have an issue with, though, is that they are quite expensive. Most noted that they would wait for them to go on sale before buying them as the price tag is quite hefty. They are also a little wide in the leg which may not be ideal for those looking for something a little more tapered or fitted. An issue with the sizing of these pants is that the original sizing is not the same as the new sizing. This may require trying these pants on before buying them. Outside of these minor issues, these pants are quite impressive and should definitely be considered for your next adventure pant!