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Celestron Ultima 80 Review Facts

Hunting without a scope can be difficult. A scope helps with many aspects of the hunt. A scope can help with accuracy which is the most obvious. It assists those hunting to get a closer and more specific look at the animal they are aiming at. It can also help narrow down the area of the animal being shot at in order to offer a more humane means of killing the animal. It also helps but giving a closer look to those who would otherwise need to move closer to the animal. Moving closer can cause two major issues. One is that it could spook the animal and therefore cause the hunter to miss the shot. It can also spook other animals which, again, would cause the hunter to lose the shot on other potential targets. The second disadvantage moving closer to the animal may cause is that it could potentially put the hunter in danger especially when the animal being shot at is more aggressive or vicious than others (like bears). Scopes are very handy when hunting because it offers a means for the animal to be seen without the hunter being seen, offers a safer alternative to moving closer to the animal and gives the hunter better accuracy when hunting. All of which gives enough of a reason to consider a high-quality scope before the hunters next trip into the woods.

This article focuses specifically on the Celestron Ultima 80. Celestron is a popular company which provides quality hunting gear.  Based out of Torrance, California, Celestron offers numerous optics products intended on assisting hunters with their hunt. The Ultima 80 is a very popular product offered by the company. We read through consumer reviews in order to determine what consumers who bought this product liked and disliked about it. We also looked at its features and advancements in order to determine whether it is worth the cost. We finally looked at its quality and durability in order to determine the longevity of this scope. This is our in-depth review of the Celestron Ultima 80. We hope that this article serves you in your next scope purchase.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The Celestron Ultima 80 offers quality construction 
  • The Celestron Ultima 80 offers a sturdy image without requiring tripod assistance 
  • Others found despite its price it to be a decent scope 
  • Easily connects to cameras as well as guns
  • Not as clear as higher magnification scopes 
  • Some reviewers didn't find that the scope was worth the higher price tag
  • Some reviewers also found its body to be a little bulky 
  • Not ideal for hunting but good for target practice 


Basic features are features that are required for the scope to function correctly. They are typically coated lenses and some sort of stability feature. With the Celestron Ultima 80, it offers an 80 mm refractor spotting scope for better viewing of the object being observed. It also offers multi-coated optics which means that the view is not interrupted due to glare caused by the sun. Multi-coated lenses are common in all sorts of optics including camera and eye lenses. Multi-coated is often referred to as 'anti-glare'. The Celestron Ultima 80 also offers a 20-60 times zoom which allows those using the scope to see up to 60 X. Those who used this scope did find that the zoom was suitable for target practice but some found that it was better on a camera than it was for hunting. It seemed to lack the clarity and zooming capacity needed for hunting. This scope does offer a steady image according to most reviewers, especially considering the price. Most reviewers referred to this scope as being 'adequate' or 'good' but rarely 'great' or 'exceptional' which should be considered. Overall, it offers the basic features required in order to use this scope for the purpose required but does so at adequate levels, unfortunately.


Advanced features are features that are typically above and beyond the basic features. They are usually those features that aren't necessarily required for the scope to work adequately but more so are there to add convenience to the use of the product. The Celestron Ultima 80 offers a couple more advanced features that offer more convenience like 45-degree viewing angle for less neck strain and more comfortable viewing. This is unique in scopes, in that, most scopes offer straight on viewing meaning that the user needs to lower themselves to look into the scope or lift the scope in order to see through it. With this scope, it can easily be mounted on the camera or the gun being used and the viewer can easily look through the scope without angling their neck at an awkward angle. This is also handy for those who are looking through the scope for extended periods of time or for those with existing neck issues. The Celestron Ultima 80 is also completely waterproof which is handy for when using the scope in areas of higher humidity. The scope will be protected in those scenarios and does not require additional protection from the rain which is positive. Overall, this product offers two unique and advanced features which will aid in the hunter or photographers travels.


The Celestron Ultima 80 offers 80 mm refractor spotting and multi-coated optics for better clarity. The scope itself is also offered at a 45-degree viewing angle. The multi-coated lenses help those looking through the lens to see with more clarity because there is no glare on the lens (as mentioned earlier in this article). The zooming capacity, as well, on this scope is 20 to 60 times. Those who used this lens did find that it offered a decent image and offered a high level of stability which is ideal. They didn't really appreciate the zooming capacity of this scope though but were forgiving because the refractor spotting scope is only offered in 80 mm. This scope, as mentioned earlier, may be better suited for target practice over hunting. Those who used this lens also found that it was not ideal to use in darker environments as the image was not illuminated or clear, unfortunately. This scope, in bright light though, does offer a decent and stable view. Many were also forgiving of this scope's abilities due to its price while others complained that it should work better because of its price. There were mixed reviews of the cost value of this scope. Overall, it's a decent scope with a clear and steady image when used in brighter areas.


The primary use of this scope is for magnification of a magnitude of viewing situation. It is described as being a great 'all-around instrument'. It is ideal for observing nature in a viewing-only capacity as well as long distance spotting for hunting. It is waterproof which means that it can be used in areas with higher humidity or when weather unexpectantly turns for the worst. It also comes with protective accessories, discussed more below in order to offer a means of protecting the scope and adding longevity to it. This scope can be mounted on top of a camera, gun or even tripod for longer viewing times. It is supposed to offer 50% brighter images, however, consumers seem to disagree with this statement, saying in comparison to other scopes on the market this scope seems to offer fairly dark images unless used in areas of high light. The scope also offers a green rubber optical tube which is supposed to be used for subtle observation of any nature-based environment. The description on the company website does, for the most part, confirm this product's use in that it is definitely better for observing and target practice than it is for hunting or using in more rugged and variable light terrains.


This product offers a decent level of durability according to reviewers which is positive. The website doesn't list any primary or specific durability features added to this scope, however, it does mention that the scope comes with protective accessories like eye protective covers and a padded green woven nylon carrying case in order to protect the scope when not in use. It also is waterproof which means that water, rain and other environmental features will not affect the unit. Water within the scope can cause humidity to build up within the scope. This means that there will be better clarity rather than fog within the lens even if the scope gets wet. This is a feature not always offered in scopes but ideal and almost crucial in order to offer better longevity to the product. The outer shell of this scope is also made of a hard coated plastic and metal combo for a better impact reduction in case of accidental hits or drops when in motion. Those who used this scope did find that it lives a long time and didn't seem to break down easily. The construction seems to be sound and the body and lenses are made of quality materials which is positive. A common observation that reviewers noted about this scope is that it offers solid construction which is great and helped with our overall rating of this scope.


This scope can be mounted on numerous objects including cameras, guns, and tripods. The Celestron Ultima 80 wights about 57 ounces or 1616 grams which means that though reviewers regularly review this scope as being bulky, it's not super heavy. Those who used this scope did not find that mounting on a tripod was entirely necessary unless using the scope for extended periods of time. Those who bought this product most commonly used it to mount on top of a camera. Some reviewers noted that the scope is a little too big and bulky to comfortably mount on top of a gun though. For the most part, this scope is better for cameras and tripods for viewing nature with. Those who mounted this scope to a tripod also warned those using this scope that a tripod with an adjustable center of gravity is required in order to use this scope. This scope does not come with a mount but can be purchased for an additional charge. They also note that smaller, lower quality tripods will cause frustration due to the leveling requirements of this scope. Overall, this scope mounts to different objects but is better suited for more sturdy and strong tripods or cameras. Less so for guns, unfortunately.


There seems to be some debate over the weight of this scope. Some found the scope to be heavy, others found it to be quite light. One common agreement among reviewers is the body of this scope, that being that the body is a little bulky. Those who used this scope found that it was a little bulky and doesn't mount comfortably on guns as mentioned above. The Celestron Ultima 80 has BaK-4 prism glass inside the tubes which is commonly quite heavy in weight. The BaK-4 are high-quality prisms but they are quite heavy in nature. The body of this scope is 57 ounces and the dimensions are 490 mm by 90 mm by 190 mm which is quite large when compared to other scopes on the market today. It can be mounted on a tripod which offers relief to those using this scope for extended periods of time. As mentioned earlier, many found the body of this scope a little bulky and not great for guns or hunting trips. This should be considered before buying this product. It is definitely better suited for mounting on a tripod and observing nature with.


This is mentioned earlier in the article but the price is mid-range. Those who bought this product didn't really feel that the price was justified considering its performance. It sounds like this product is better suited for nature viewing than it is for hunting which impacts the cost value of this scope.


80 mm refractor spotting scope
Multi-coated lenses for a clearer image
BaK 4 prisms for a crisper image
20-60 x zoom
45-degree viewing angle for neck relief
Waterproof body
High durability
Protective accessories to offer better longevity
Limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind


Overall, this product is a decent product if being used for a specific purpose with specific accessories. Those that used this product found that it worked well if used for observing nature and in areas of high light. It was not great for mounting on a gun as the body is a little heavy and bulky. There was some debate about the price of the scope. Some found that the scope was overpriced considering, others found the price about right if being used for its intended purpose. Overall, this scope seems to be just fine. It does not offer superior clarity or zoom. It also seems to offer a decent view and body for long-term use. The accessories are handy as well as this offers better longevity of the product. It is definitely worth consideration if being used for observing nature or for photography, less so if being used for hunting.