Burris FastFire III

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Burris FastFire III Review Facts

The compact red dot sight from Burris called the Fastfire 3 is one of the top-selling sights from Burris. This red dot reflex sight is a fast-action sighting solution or any weapon. Due to its small size, it can be used with a handgun, rifle or shotgun. It is lightweight which will not affect the handling or balance of your firearm.

The durable frame makes the sight usable in any weather condition and is recoil resistant. It will amaze you with the quick accuracy of the bright red 3 MOA aiming dot (it is available in an 8 MOA as well). It has an auto bright adjustment, which adapts to the brightness and environment. This makes for quicker aim response and no manual adjusting. If quick, easy and accurate are what you are looking for this Fastfire 3 is the red dot sight to have.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Auto Brightness Adjustment

Compact and Light

Easy to Mount

Quick and Accurate

Easy to change battery


The mount fits most guns but not all.

The push button works except have to already have on in quick draw situations

Basic Features

The compact sized sight will mount to a variety of firearms. Due to the size it can fit easily on a handgun, shotgun or rifle. It does not effect the handling or balance of the firearm. It adds to the accuracy of anything you mount this sight to.

With the 1x magnification that is parallex free which allows for both eyes to be open to focus. This allows for better accuracy and enhanced awareness. You are able to see the surrounding area and your target movement easier with both eyes open. Those that are not used to this type of visual use, adapt to it easily and with the red dot aiming becomes fast and accurate.

Durably made to withstand normal wear on a firearm. It is waterproof to use in any weather condition and add to the longevity of the sight. This is crafted to resist recoil as well. It might be compact in size but it is a tough sight no matter what tests you put to your firearm.

The Fastfire 3 has easy instructions to follow and installation only takes a few minutes. It is easier to focus on the sight and target simultaneously. Most users will start out with one and transfer it to multiple firearms. Once they use it for a while most buy a second due to the low price making it easier to leave on their favorite in their collection.

Advanced Features

Without having to manually adjust the red dot brightness, the auto-adjusting feature allows you to keep focus. This allows you to keep your hands free for a faster response. The auto feature will adjust the brightness of the red dot to match the needs in different environment conditions. It gets brighter in darker settings and in the natural light it almost has a blued look that helps the red dot to stand out a little more. The light sensor red dot changes intensity with the direction of the sight and brightness. It will remain on even in darkness and uses such a small amount of energy there is an average battery life of 4 years.

The 3 MOA aiming dot gives a bright red dot for easy aiming and target visual. This can be used as a primary sight or paired with a scope already being used on rifle or shotgun. Pairing it with a scope allows for the intense magnification you want from your scope and allowing for the red dot for quick aim. It gives extra confidence when taking a shot you might otherwise have questioned if you would have fired or if you were on target.

Index-matched Hi-Lume multi-coating prevents glare that optic lenses sometimes have. When looking at the front of the sight you will see an almost yellow or gold tint to the lens. It is a highly durable and reliable coating that helps to reduce the light reflection from the lens. It increases the contrast allowing for a clean visual sight.


With crystal clear sight ability this Burris FastFire 3 is just like its name, fast aim with clear red dot make a favorite firearm even more accurate. The auto brightness adjusts to the conditions. The optical glass used is high quality and durable. The Hi-Lume coating adds to the durability while eliminating any glare.

The 1x magnification gives a slight magnification but not like a scope will. It just makes it a little clearer that the naked eye. Having a parallax free optic, you will see significantly accurate center alignment. With the side alignment, there was a slight shift. Users stated that once you use the side sights a few times you will adjust to the shift easily. This is designed for 10 – 150 yards being virtually parallax free.

Users that might have slight eye problems or wear bifocals really have great things to say about using this sight. The red dot allows them to have the confidence in their aim to be on target and take shots they previously would not have taken. This is a great gift idea for those individuals.

Primary Use

The primary use of the Burris Fastfire 3 is designed to be used at moderate to close ranges. It is a simple optic that uses a red dot as the recticle. Due to the easy and straightforward way the red dot works it is one of the best tools for training new shooters.

The other use to consider is the speed you can gain using a red dot sight. When in a low ready position, accurate rounds can be placed on a target in a few seconds. They benefit the handgun users giving your longer range faster and precise first aim system. When using the sight with a handgun, it will take the basic feel and muscle memory to look directly in the sight at arm's length. Once you have a little practice with this, it will become natural. When using with a rifle or shotgun it will automatically have a more natural feel, as the sight will be closer to your eye.

You might not know how a red dot sight actually works, here is a brief explanation. There is a little technological component of how it works to make it simple. There is a spherical mirror that reflects the light from the LED of the axis focus. Made to only reflect red light, the reflector has a special coating. This prevents your disruption of your reticle that other light can cause. MOA is used to measure the size of the dot. The size is controlled by a hole in the LED front. As a general rule, the bigger dots are quicker to see and get on the target. The smaller dots are better for shooting at moderate distances.

An experienced marksman mounted the Burris Fastfire 3 to the 20x-60x spotting scope. The results of the combo allowed for quick target alignment while allowing to switch between the sight to the scope eyepiece easily. Many users can shoot up to 1,000 M when shooting off a bench or long-range prone shooting pairing the sight and a higher strength scope. with the sight. Users are pleased with the quality and reliable results of the sight.


The FastFire 3 might be small but it is mighty. The frame is built from bronze, stainless steel and anodized aluminum. This makes it very reliable in all weather conditions. It is resistant to recoil, which means once it is set even with hundreds of rounds shot it does not need to be readjusted.

The high grade optical glass allows for a crisp clarity but is extremely durable. The protective coating is for anti-glare but adds to the durability. There is a sight cover that is made of polymer. This easily slides on and off the sight. It protects the lens from scratches or debris while transporting or storing your firearm.


The Burris Fastfire 3 comes with the Picatinny/Weaver mounting plate that will mount to most rifles, shotguns and handguns. This allows it to attach it to most firearms even with a scope already on the weapon. It comes with the sight adjusting tool and adjusting disc with a screwdriver.

To install place the gasket plate metal side down onto the mounting plate to align the screw holes. Install the battery and place the sight on the plate. Place the two screws and tighten to 12 lbs. Loosen the nut on the mount and place on the rail. Check the clamping edges are engaged. Apply pressure on the sight and tighten the clamp to 20 lbs. It really is that simple to mount and have a durable, reliable red dot sight.

The zeroing point of impact is adjustable by using the scale disc and screwdriver. Put the scale disc onto the windage and elevation adjustment screws using any edge as the reference line. The disc allows for adjustment in both directions of rotation. There are reference marks so you know how much to turn. The disc has indication marks that correspond to 1 minute of an angle. 1 inch at 100 yards, 0.5 inch at 50 yards making it easy to read and adjust.


The exterior body made of bronze, stainless steel and anodized aluminum make this a light but very durable body. The materials used keep the internal components protected and waterproof. A note that it is water resistant and usable if accidentally submerged. If exposed to salty or dirty water, rinse with distilled water and dry the sight. The Burris Company believes in the durability and quality of the sight that it is covered by the Forever Warranty. They will repair or replace your optic no questions asked.


The Burris Fastfire 3 comes in at a light 0.9oz. This powerful red dot sight being so light and versatile does not throw off the alignment of your firearm. Keeping the balance of your firearm helps to assure that your already zeroed in rifle stays that way. The red dot sight just helps with quick aim.

The weight and size allow the sight to be left on during storage. The compact sight can be stored in your rifle case without any problems. The design allows it to fit atop of a rifle scope without interfering with adjustable turrets. It leaves enough space that if adjustments are needed to the turrets, it is not too cramped. If you are wearing shooting gloves or have larger hands, you will appreciate this.


The low price point for this small sight will give you impressive results. It is comparable to other red dot sights that are in the higher price category. The value of the quality built Burris Fastfire 3 that gives the quick aim ability to any existing piece in your collection. The versatility of using with most scopes adds to the value. Why pay more for a sight when this one gets high reviews for users. It also is easy to mount to change to different firearms depending on what you are using that day.

Key Features

-Lightweight at 0.9 oz
-Compact size
-1x Magnification
-3 or 8 MOA Aiming Dot
-Automatic Brightness Adjustment
-Durable and Waterproof

Bottom Line

The Burris Fastfire 3 is the solution for a perfect fast- action sighting for your firearm collection. The Fastfire 3 comes with a forever warranty. That makes a statement in itself about how much the company believes in the product that it makes. The Burris Company started in 1971 creating rifle scopes that were a higher quality then the ones currently on the market. They have proved the test of time with continuing to produce high-quality sights and scopes.

The 3 MOA aiming dot gives a bright red dot for easy aiming and fast target acquisition. The dot size can be seen in any lighting condition without any problems. You cannot go wrong with this compact dot sight that can be used with most firearms to offer versatility. It only makes your existing shooting experience better.