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SIG Romeo 5 Review Facts

An integral part of any firearm is the shooter’s ability to aim. If you cannot properly aim at a target, you will not hit the bulls-eye. If you cannot properly aim while hunting, you will not have any dinner. Most guns come with some form of sight, however rudimentary or simplistic, but sometimes you just want something more precise, and that is where an aftermarket sight comes in. There are multitudes of varieties and versions that may or may not work with your particular firearms, and therefore may or may not suit your needs, but with that much variety on the market it behooves you to find out as much as you can before you buy, in order to find the sight that works best for you. This particular sight is the red dot variety and is produced by SIG: the Romeo 5.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Over 40 MOA adjustments for wind resistance & elevation

Point of sight is point of aim

Motion activation

Easy to adjust

Provides additional accuracy


Factory defect “dot” shape

Longer QC turnaround time

Basic Features

This handy little sight offers 1x magnification, a twenty-millimeter objective diameter, and unlimited eye relief. For those who might not be certain, “unlimited eye relief” means that the position of your eye behind the sight does not need to be meticulous or ‘just so’ for you to use it properly. The red dot, parallel to the bore of the firearm, is listed as a 2 MOA – or “minute of angle” – rating. It refers to the adjustment angle and what the dot will cover at a certain amount of yardage. For example, one minute of angle at one hundred yards equates to the dot covering one inch. This item also comes with an adjustment rangeability of plus or minus forty MOA for elevation or wind change. Additionally, it has 10 illumination settings broken down into eight daytime and two night-vision options. No matter how light or dark it is outside, you have a range of options available to you to make the most of your sight’s capabilities.

Advanced Features

On top of all of the standard features of a sight, this one has the added bonus of Motion-Activated Illumination or “MOTAC” which is commonly referred to as “shake awake”. This means that the sight powers up automatically when it senses movement, and powers down after a short while if it no longer senses movement. This is an exceptionally helpful feature for battery saving and the streamlined readiness it offers. If your rifle was not in your hand, or in the proper position when a target enters your field of vision you can simply lift or turn your gun and the sight will come to life. Should you be taking your gun to a range, this feature works more for the battery saving aspect. If you intend to mount this sight on a hunting rifle, however, the lack of need to find an ‘on’ switch before aiming and firing can buy you precious seconds that might otherwise have let your quarry escape. A slightly more controversial use of this feature is home defense; more than one user reported the peace of mind of knowing that this sight will turn on immediately just by picking up their firearm if someone were to break into their home in the middle of the night. One always hopes that they will not need to use such a thing, but peace of mind is precious, and seeing a red dot might be enough to stay a potential threat into surrender or retreat. This is not something that anyone hopes for, but peace of mind can go a long way to adding value to an item, and so it is being considered something of a bonus feature.


Having a sight is not worth terribly much if it does not help your accuracy. On the Romeo 5 the point of aim is the point of impact, so you know exactly what your intended target point is supposed to be. There were some reports of defective models whose red dot came out as a line or a starburst, so keep your receipt and test this sight out as soon as you receive it to be sure it functions properly. If not, it may take you several weeks to see a replacement, but that also depends on your retailer. Choose wisely when deciding where to shop and, if you buy in person as opposed to online, ask the seller if they will let you test it out quickly to be sure it is in good working order. At its best, the Romeo 5 is going to do a great job of helping you pick off your quarry, whether that quarry is a breathing animal you intend to eat, a practice target you need to hit center mass on, or a paper target on a simple leisurely day at the shooting range to keep your skills sharp.

Primary Use

The obvious use of a sight is to point out the item at which you are aiming with your gun, so the primary use of the SIG Romeo 5 is to illuminate the item you want to shoot. Obvious uses of such a tool are for target practice, hunting, and competitive shooting (where allowed). Another use for this sight, though perhaps a debatable use, is home defense. Without condoning or opposing such a thing, it is worth mentioning that there is peace of mind knowing that, should something awful happen and your home need defending, you will not have to worry about retrieving your weapon and then trying to figure out turning on a sight while you have likely just been woken up in the middle of the night by a burglar or other intruder. Hopefully, this is something you will never have to consider or experience, but peace of mind can make a normally moderately valuable purchase into something priceless.


The Spectra-coat anti-reflection coating on the SIG Romeo 5 reduces surface reflections, giving a quality optic performance. Having this sight on a gun out in the wilderness is also very much an expectation SIG is ready for, with fog-proof performance and a waterproof rating of IPX-7. These helpful little features are a means of keeping you in good working order while you are out hunting, or if you find yourself at an outdoor range and drop your sight in a mud puddle. The CR2032 battery option promises hundreds of hours of continuous use, which is pushed further by the MOTAC energy-saving quality. They approximate about four-hundred fifty hours. Even when you have to change the battery, it is easily removed and replaced from the sight without taking it off the gun, having a side-opening entry point. You will not need to replace your battery often, but just in case you think you need to, bring it along and swap them out in a matter of moments. Often times when a product is being tested it is put through what is commonly referred to as “rigorous field tests” to test for durability and quality. Those tests are dependent upon who is doing the testing, but suffice it to say that this sight can handle the normal rough and tumble of hunting or target practice, but it is still very much not a toy, and as such it is not advised that you try out any such tests without consulting official sources about what the Romeo 5 is capable of realistically withstanding. Do not drop kick it with a steel-toed boot to see if it can handle being dropped; do not try and force moisture into it to see if the battery housing is really waterproof. Be realistic, and do not try to hurt your product, because you just dropped over a hundred dollars on it and really should not be abusing it.


There are a number of parameters built into the SIG Romeo 5’s design to make mounting a breeze. The integrated M1913 Picatinny interface offers mounting options for a multitude of weaponry, providing you do your measurements and compatibility research correctly. Some of the varieties specifically listed that are compatible with this sight are MSR rifles, shotguns, carbines, submachine guns, as well as full sized handguns. Certain rifles have a scope-mounting groove made into the receiver for a scope or sight, but not all grooves are created equally, so do your homework and be sure that things are going to fit before purchasing, if at all possible. When you are mounting it, consider that this is a small device, as far as gun accessories go, and as such the hardware to affix it to your weapon are going to be small as well. Try not to over-tighten, or you will be risking the annoying result of stripping the tiny screw. If you strip the hole as well, you are left with a much bigger problem than replacing a tiny screw, so tread carefully.


This sight has trapezoidal surfacing, pistol side grip checkering, and an overall matte black coloration to keep everything sleek, steady, and low-key. The battery access point is on the side for the purposes of easy access, and the adjustment wheel is flat on the top of the apparatus. The way the mount is designed, if the battery dies while you are out in the wilderness you can still use the original sight that comes on most standard rifles, as the mount offers a sort of tunnel from the body of the sight to the mounting screw point. Also, depending on the design of your firearm, this sight can blend right into the receiver in terms of coloration or appearance, leaving you with a sleek and inconspicuous addition to your weapon.


Most rifles weigh in at a minimum of five pounds before any aftermarket features or accessories, so adding the SIG Romeo 5 is not going to overly encumber you, as it only weighs 5.1 ounces. It is helpfully compact in overall size, being just under two and a half inches long, one and a half inches wide, and one and a half inches in height. You could – though it is not recommended – put this sight in your pocket and then attach it when you reach your hunting grounds, or get to the range, if you wanted to. Some retailers may offer a small padded box, or a bag, for protection of your purchase, but these cannot be promised or guaranteed because every retailer is different and any extras that might come with your purchase are not always going to be the same and may or may not alter the overall weight or shipping costs if you purchase through online means.


The SIG Romeo 5 red dot sight is not as expensive as some other sights, but the general consensus from purchasers is that it is well worth the money. If a 2 MOA red dot sight is what you are looking for, the Romeo 5 is going to do the job for a $120-$200 price tag, depending upon your retailer or what sales or deals you may come across. See if you can test one before buying, and if not save your receipt and go over returns policies – but you will probably not need it. The ability to return it or exchange it if there is a manufacturing defect will be something you want to confirm before you hand over your credit card information; while it is not an everlasting issue, it has been reported that defective models made it out of the manufacturer – a problem assumed to be a quality control issue – and since whole batches were going out with the issue, it took a while to get a corrected one as a replacement. This particular issue has occurred at least twice, but it is also likely resolved at this time. Try not to let past mistakes put you off entirely – and if at all possible, try to buy in person – it is recommended so that you can (hopefully) turn it on and make sure that this red dot sight is actually a red dot, and not a line or a starburst as some were reported. Another defect that was reported, though not as widely, was a stripped mounting screw right out of the box. Look over the product before purchasing if you can, and if you do not have that option be sure to save your receipt and test it out immediately upon delivery. If you are ordering online, check for refund and return policies, or anything called purchaser insurance. There are plenty of ways to protect your investment, no matter how small, and while this sight can work wonderfully right out of the box, the reality is that there have been problems in the past, and even if you give SIG the benefit of the doubt and buy their merchandise you still deserve to protect your hard-earned money. For this reason, it is recommended that official retailers be your main focus, as a personal sale from someone will very rarely have any sort of guarantees or refunds available. For example, if you purchase this sight at a garage sale, they are not likely to buy it back from you if it does not work properly.

Key Features

-MOTAC preserves battery and efficiency
-point of aim is point of sight
-Spectracoat anti-reflection coating

Bottom Line

There is a sight out there for every possible need or whim. The SIG Romeo 5 is one of many. It is compact, it is lightweight, it is easy to use, and it will do the job. There are ten different illumination settings, forty MOA adjustments for environmental factors, and an unlimited eye relief all working together to give you the best possible accuracy it can offer. If you find yourself on a range or otherwise target shooting, you will have every point in your favor when taking aim at that paper target, dummy, hay bale, or whatever it is you have to aim at. If you are a hunter in the wilderness, know that you can be resting, not at the ready, and the moment you see a deer, bear, boar, or other prey come into view, you can grab your weapon and just by pointing the gun you will have a sight on and aiding you in taking out your prey. There are certainly other options on the market, but this one will do the job just as well, and for less money than a lot of other makes, models, or sized sights. If you take care of it, it will take care of you. Just be sure you know what you are doing, and always handle with care and safety for the protection of your product as well as yourself, and anyone else who might interact with you when this sight is in use. Always exercise due caution, and maybe even a little bit of extra caution just to be on the safe side.