Best Motion Activated Cameras Reviewed and Rated

Finding the best motion activated cameras is all about knowing what features are important for your needs. Some buyers like to use motion activated cameras for hunting, while others may use the ones made for game hunting in their home. This offers a cheaper alternative to home security without compromising on features. Surprisingly, choosing the best motion activated cameras is not all about getting the most expensive, or even the most powerful model. Because of the changing needs of the many customers in the business, when looking for the best motion activated cameras, it all comes down to the individual.

Our Top 3 Picks

KV.D Camera
  • KV.D Camera
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Loop Recording
  • Price: See Here
  • RECONYX Camera
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Invisible Flash
  • Price: See Here
Amcrest Camera
  • Amcrest Camera
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Detailed Screen
  • Price: See Here

What Are The Best Brands?

Just like any industry, cameras have a lot of competition when it comes to brand name. If you’re looking for the best names in the business, then the top dogs are Stealth Cam, Bushnell, Browning, Moultrie and Reconyx. And because of the many developing technologies, there are lesser known companies that have made dents in the industry, with a lot of them being new companies. Some lesser known companies to watch out for include TEC.BEAN, Bestok, Bestguarder, Amcrest and KV.D. Now just because these brands are lesser known, it doesn’t mean they are not better. There are millions that swear by TEC.BEAN just like there are millions that won’t give up their Bushnell’s. But if you’re going for complete notoriety in the motion activated camera game, then the holy trio is Bushnell, Moultrie and Browning.

How to Maintain & Clean a Motion Activated Camera

No matter the price of your camera, you want to keep it well maintained so that it takes optimal photos and video. What’s the point in getting a camera that takes fantastic pictures only to let the lens get damaged over time? Start simple, but regularly cleaning the camera on a weekly basis. Nothing too fancy, just a one minute checkup that includes dusting it off and cleaning the lens. If there is an LCD screen on it make sure to tend to that as well. Always make sure the camera is off before cleaning, and never use any abrasive liquids. The best way to clean a camera is with a microfiber cloth, the same you would use with your glasses. This will stop any possible scratches from occurring while you wipe the delicate areas.

Buyers that tend to leave their cameras sitting for long periods of time without use may want to remove the batteries before putting it away. The last thing you need is for battery acid to completely ruin your camera from the inside out. It would also help if you had packets of silica gel on hand (it’s cheap) to store with the camera in a cool, dry place. On the list of things to avoid would be canned air cleaning, extreme temperatures and placing it in your pocket without protecting the vital areas. Your motion activated camera needs very little care, but no care at all will definitely be a cause for concern.

10 Best Motion Activated Cameras



When the HC600 seems to be a bit out of the price range for customers, many end up getting a Moultrie. Or in this case, a KV.D model. The brand and model has been featured in several hunting magazines, receiving praises from both critics and owners.

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The Best Camera

The KV.D has the strongest camera of any model on the list, with stunning photos and HD video one of its many selling points. It also has the best mechanics when it comes to rendering photos, meaning the internals for the viewer are just as powerful as the camera.

Features and Specifications

16 megapixel camera
Low Glow Black IR LED
5 second trigger speed
Motion freeze technology
6 months of life with batteries
IP54 Waterproof case
  • 1920x1080p video with audio
  • Supports 64 GB SD cards
  • One of the fastest trigger speeds in the industry
  • Largest TFT viewer on the list at 2.4 inches
  • Loop Recording
  • Password protected and lockable
  • Brand is not as well-known as the others


When defining what makes a great motion activated camera, the HC600 is a favorite of many professionals. The price may scare away a lot of customers, but the excellence of the product is something that has rarely been copied.

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Invisible Flash

A lot of the products in this guide have invisible flashes, but none quite as sophisticated as the No Glow High Output Infrared Night Vision of the HC600. It’s undetectable, even when used to protect the home. It’s just one of those features that can only be refined by years of hard work and rebuilding.

Features and Specifications

Undetectable Night Vision Flash
Weather resistant in ranges from -20 to 120 F
Camo Weatherproof Enclosure
BuckView Advanced Software included for PC’s
High quality bungee cord included
Dimensions are 3.5×7.9×11.8
Weighs 1.75 pounds
  • Full 1080p HD video capable
  • Completely invisible flash
  • Runs up to a year on a full set of batteries
  • Ultra HD IR camera lens put others to shame
  • Weatherproof enclosure can take some really hard hits
  • Detailed instructions come with included software
  • The most expensive camera on the list
  • Uses 12 AA batteries


Another surprising camera on many lists is the Amcrest ATC-1201G due to its impressive media capabilities. This all in one camera strikes a really good balance in price versus value, leaving many to believe it is the future of the industry.

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Eye in the Sky

Sporting a field of view of 100 degrees, there is very little that is missed when this camera is put in a good spot. PIR field of view is definitely this camera’s strongpoint, and against other models it wins hands down on coverage.

Features and Specifications

12 megapixels
Night vision range up to 65 ft.
3 levels of automatic motion sensing
7 second trigger speed
100 degree PIR fiend of view
3 months of standby power on batteries
Up to 90 seconds of video recording
  • Full 1080p video
  • Takes good night photos and videos
  • Widest field of view of any camera
  • Switches to night vision mode automatically
  • Great on batteries
  • Detailed 2 inch LCD screen
  • Grade A weatherproof case
  • Comes with detachable laser remote
  • May require initial adjustment to keep it from catching too much action


And this is when things start to get a little bit interesting, with the advanced optics of this Bestguarder device. A dark horse on many top lists, it has managed to make a name for itself due to superior specifications matched with a pretty safe price point. All three available colors are made for game hunting, since they use different versions of the camo design.

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Great Photos and Video

The 12 megapixel camera on the unit takes top class photos and videos. And for users that don’t need such a high quality, the camera can be toned down to save space and battery power. Modes available are 8MP, 5MP and even 2MP.

Features and Specifications

12 megapixel camera
6 second trigger speed
1920×1080 HD video with audio up to 90 seconds
36pcs Black IR LED
Undetectable flash works up to 75 ft.
2 inch LCD display screen
  • Camera has variable settings
  • Up to 9 pictures per trigger
  • PIR motion sensor works in both camera or video mode
  • Hybrid mode can catch videos and pictures at the same time
  • Digital zoom works up to 4x
  • All three color styles are made for outdoor use
  • Camera is picky with SD cards (anything lower than class 10 will be buggy)


The Spy A-5 Gen 2 is all about reliability for hunters or home security enthusiasts. Using a tough as nails casing and sporting an easy to use interface, this is the camera that people default to when they want a no nonsense design. It is one of the all-time greats, and continues to serve millions of people faithfully.

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Bigger, Better and Faster

This is an updated version of their previous best seller, the Fame Spy A-5. Everything about the previous model has been updated. That includes some of the shortcomings like battery life, which has almost doubled.

Features and Specifications

5 second trigger speed
Infostrip management
5 megapixels
850 nanometer IR LED flash up to 50 ft.
40 ft. detection range
Dimensions of 5.9×2.3×7.2
Weighs 13.6 ounces
  • Lowest priced camera on the list
  • Good nighttime infrared shots
  • Improved generation 2 green casing
  • Control panel is easy to use
  • Power port allows you to bypass using batteries
  • Video is standard definition at 640×480
  • Lowest overall resolution of all cameras on the list
  • Highest trigger speed


Available in 6 models, this comes as Bestok’s best offering in the camera lineup. The company has surprised many with a 12MP model that takes some photos even better than Bushnell’s 14MP models. With a little bit of time with the manual, there is a good chance all of the features will be used by all levels of users.

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Accessories Are Always A Plus

All six available models come with an eight gigabyte SD card for extra storage. That is enough for most users and will keep you from having to make a separate purchase. An adequate amount of photos and video can be stored on that size with room to spare.

Features and Specifications

12 Megapixels with a very advanced CMOS sensor
Runs on 4 AA or 6 AA batteries
Prep sensor for wider viewing angles
Built in enhanced response speed
1 second trigger time
Dimensions are 5 ½ x 3 ½ x 2 ½ inches
  • Multiple battery configuration saves money
  • Included 8Gb card is enough to last all year
  • Camera is smaller than most
  • Locations can be coded into the photos
  • LCD screen is discreet but big enough to make viewing photos fun
  • Max photo size is 4000×3000
  • Comes in 2 different camos, 2 blacks, gray and dark green colors
  • Video is only 720p
  • IR flash is weak when doing ranges outside the norm
  • Wrong settings can lead to dark pictures


At this point the highest megapixel count goes to the Aggressor, a cam that has been used for both game hunting and home security. Bushnell is one of the biggest names in the business, and this camera is considered one of their top flagship models.

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Hyper PIR

The motion sensor technology used with the Aggressor is called Hyper PIR, and it is in a class of its own. Reaching out to 60 feet and beyond, the motion sensor in the camera reaches further out (accurately) than other similarly priced models.

Features and Specifications

14 Megapixel camera
Video shoots at 1280×720 HD
60 ft. and beyond with the 48 no glow Black LED’s
Field Scan works in multiple time slot configurations
  • 3G Wireless connectivity so you can upload photos to the cloud
  • Both the companion Android and iOS app are free
  • One of the priciest on the market
  • No 1080p video


Now comes the powerhouse of the list, which of course comes from the innovative TEC.BEAN company. The hardware inside the camera is next level, and is pretty much futureproof. Ahead of its time in many ways, there is still a lot more to this camera than its interior.

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High Tech

This is easily a top 3 model when it comes to raw power in both pictures and video. True HD that lives up to expectations is hard to find without glitches. Yet this TEC.BEAN model takes great media in the day or night time cycles. As a result, there is also less blur in photos that are taken at high angles.

Features and Specifications

12 megapixels
1920x1080p full HD video with audio up to 90 seconds
Trigger speed of 0.6-0.8 seconds
Motion Freeze technology that reduces bad shots and saves power
Protective case with password protection for internals
2 inch TFT LCD color screen for viewing media
Night Vision range using 940nm Black IR LED
  • Takes fantastic HD photos and video
  • Up to 9 pictures can be taken per trigger
  • Bright and detailed viewer embedded on the camera
  • High motion detect area when in use
  • Five unique capture modes
  • Requires 8 AA batteries
  • External DC adapter is sold separately
  • Built in functions may be too advanced for beginners


This is the only Browning on the list, and may come as a surprise. The Strike Force Sub Micro is one of the more underrated cameras in their lineup, but one that shouldn’t be ignored. This is one of the best motion activated cameras you can get, and all for a decent price.

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Incredible Trigger Time

The Browning Strike Force Sub Micro sports a fast 0.67 trigger time, which puts it in an elite category. A fast trigger time leads to less blurry pictures and less recovery time if you tend to take burst shots. There are few cameras that will be fast than this, so trigger time is without a doubt its best feature.

Features and Specifications

HD video recording with sound up to 2 minutes
10 Megapixels
Flash range of 100 ft.
Zero Blur Night IR photos
1 pound
Dimensions of 4.5×2.5×3.2
  • Low priced HD camera
  • Fantastic video recording with audio
  • Six AA batteries goes a long way
  • Comes with Browning Buck Watch time-lapse software
  • Small and powerful
  • Slightly higher priced than the top Moultrie camera
  • Included software isn’t Mac compatible
  • Lack of field viewer may be a turnoff


Proving that power isn’t the only important feature, one of the weaker cameras on the list is from Stealth Cam, but has garnered a lot of attention over the years for its reliability. Add to that the plethora of options, and this becomes one of the most solidly built options on the list.

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Without gutting the most important modes out of the camera, Stealth Cam has managed to incorporate meaningful video and photo modes. For any level of user that means less time fiddling with modes that you won’t use, and more time to set up your other cameras. There are only four buttons to worry about, and everything is so straightforward that a manual isn’t even necessary.

Features and Specifications

7 Megapixels
14 IR Emitters w/ 40 ft. range
Burst Mode capable of 1-6 images per trigger
Recovery time out between 1-59 minutes
Video recording up to 15 seconds
EZ dial programming with an included quick set option
2 pounds
Dimensions of 7x3x11
  • One of the lowest priced cameras on the market
  • Very good on batteries
  • Variable recovery time out with option for customization
  • Light in weight and small in size
  • Tree Bark color is hides very well in all conditions
  • Casing is hard plastic that can take a lot of lumps
  • Slightly above average camera
  • Video is strong in quality but limited in length
  • It makes more sense to get the P14 model than the P12 model

How to Make the Best Decision When Choosing a Motion Camera

Going through the list of ten models, there are very few differences between them. There are major differences in the price, and some minor differences in features offered. The first thing to look at is how much you’re willing to spend out of pocket. Then from there decide what you consider a must have feature. While some can’t live without a password protected camera, others can’t live without HD video. Lastly, decide whether an accomplished brand name is important to your purchase. With those three steps used to decide on the best motion activated cameras, you’ll always come away with a product that’s useful.


How Important Are a Camera’s Megapixels (MP)?

It’s not the end all be all, but a camera’s MP shows just how good the photo and videos will be that you take. A slow trigger speed can make a high MP count worthless, so be careful.

Do You Have To Use the Included Viewer Software?

Any included viewer software isn’t mandatory. It is just a bridge to import/export the content you want from the device. Good software will also let you manipulate the photos, which is great for customers without any photo editing software.

      Can A Standard Definition Camera Take HD Photos and Video?

No, that is not possible. So when making a purchase, decided whether HD is important to you.

      How Reliable Are The Motion Sensors?

All 10 of the cameras listed have top grade motion sensors, which is why it’s important to customize the settings once you turn on the camera. You don’t want to catch EVERYTHING, so monitor the sensitivity levels from the start\

      Can You Use Rechargeable Batteries?

Yes and no. You can always use rechargeable batteries, but getting regular rechargeable AA’s and using them in a game camera will drain it quickly. Always use high performance rechargeable batteries to get the best bang for your buck.