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Canon Powershot G9 X Review Facts

One of the greatest outcomes of the technological revolution is accessibility. Due to the internet and innovative solutions not only is information more readily available but it's also available and lower and lower costs. We have a small device, about the size of our palms, that holds our calendar, a calculator, access to our friends and family whenever we want. This is something that was only shown in science fiction films or fantasy movies in the '60s. Today this is something that even children have access to in order to help with their education, keep them safe and to keep them connected to the world around them.

Mobile or cell phones are not the only piece of technology that has advanced due to the technological era, though. Cameras have also become incredibly impressive. The zoom, auto-functions, and pixels are so impressive that with high-quality equipment a printed photo could nearly pass as a window. In addition to functionality, the cost of owning a professional camera has also become more accessible to non-professional or amateur photographers as well. Owning quality photography and audio equipment has never been easier or cost-effective for the everyday consumer.

Our website finds popular products and does research on them in order to offer an unbiased opinion on them for those looking for new camping, audio, and athletic equipment. Though products have become more accessible due to the technological revolution, it has almost toppled over the other side whereby there is almost too much information. What we've done is created a website in order to compile what consumers who already bought the product thought and compile it all into one article. This article is focused on the Canon Powershot G9 X, a compact and lightweight camera offered by the popular photography brand Canon. We looked at its quality, durability, and features to determine if it's worth the cost associated with it. We hope that this article helps you in your buying process.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This camera is light-weight and easy to travel with 
  • It offers a full LCD touch screen for better viewing and focusing options
  • It offers decent quality photos for the size 
  • It also offers Bluetooth and WI-FI features for easier access to photos
  • This camera is a little expensive 
  • This camera doesn't offer the best ergonomics 


The Canon Powershot G9 X comes with standard accessories including the device itself, a battery pack, a battery charger, and a wrist strap. The website also offers some additional accessories including items like a carrying case.


The Canon Powershot G9 X offers some unit settings like optional Bluetooth pairing and WI-FI which isn't necessarily uncommon but new for camera equipment. The advantage to these settings is that it allows those shooting photos to send the photos wirelessly to a device. On the company website, it does note that the Bluetooth can pair with the majority of iOS versions (iPhone's processing system) and some Android systems. There were a couple of reviewers that mentioned that they were unable to access the camera via Bluetooth though. Though this is the case, it's not because the Bluetooth doesn't necessarily work but that it doesn't have the capability to pair with that system. The camera also offers full dynamic IS and time-lapse movie options assuming your SD card is large enough. This means that it can capture movies in full HD while also offering some stabilization features to help keep the frame steady. The picture style function is also a fun feature which essentially allows the photographer to take photos in a filter. It allows for brighter and higher contrast photo's to be taken without having to edit the photo later.


This camera is quite attractive in design. Those who purchased it noted that it's impressively light and small when compared to similar products on the market. Though this is the case many reviewers did think that it didn't seem terribly durable. Though there were few issues with the durability of the camera, they just noted that the camera didn't feel substantial enough to, say, handle a drop very well if it happened. Others noted that though they hadn't had issues with it yet, that they felt that earlier versions and comparable versions felt a little more sturdy and substantial. The camera itself is attractive in design, though, as mentioned. It comes in a couple of different color options depending on personal preference. This includes a sleek and simple black option, as well as a more modern option with faux leather panels on either side. Due to the size of the camera, it easily fits in the palm of your hand without the need for a strap or carrying case. It also easily fits in a pocket. Those who bought this camera liked it's designed and praised Canon for making a high-quality camera in such a compact body which is really positive. One additional note that reviewers mentioned is the lack of an angled flash option. Though this really isn't common in these compact, travel cameras, reviewers felt that it could benefit from offering a more customized lighting option for things like bounce-back flash for softer lighting photos. Again, this is not a common feature in this type of product but we thought we'd at least mention it as a handful of reviewer did mention it.


As mentioned earlier, this camera offers both built-in WI-FI and Bluetooth features. This allows individuals to connect directly to the Canon Camera Connect app and can transfer photos and videos wirelessly to different web services. The camera also offers NFC technology which allows users to wirelessly download their images through an additional piece of hardware offered by Canon by simply touching the camera to the device. Many reviewers, especially those with multiple NFC devices, found this really handy especially when it comes to large photo dumps. The issue with the Bluetooth technology is that it works with almost all Apple devices but doesn't really work well with many others. This could be alleviated with updates later on but for the time being those with Android phones older than 4.0 systems found that they were unable to connect directly to their phone even with the app. Something really interesting about the WI-FI feature is that if both the compatible device (phone or tablet) is connected to the same WI-FI as the camera, the phone can be used as an additional viewfinder. Reviewers thought this to be an interesting feature that is maybe not necessary but still quite handy which is really positive. Overall, the connectivity of this device is good but not compatible with all devices and this should be noted before buying this product.


The LCD screen is discussed in more details below so we won't ruin it for you here, but, we will make one note in regards to its performance. The LCD screen is a touch screen which reviewers appreciated. The highlight of the screen is that it offers some focus features that make focusing more convenient and offers a more accurate focus. In addition to this, the screen allows for more control in other areas like lighting and detailing. Reviewers were happy with the performance of this camera noting that even the front dial is super easy to work with and didn't require too much attention when attempting to get a good shot. They found, in general, that more often than not they were able to get a great shot with fewer retakes. Though the performance of the camera is great, this is not a professional camera and you can't expect to get professional pictures from it. It's a great commuter camera for someone who wants something a little better than their iPhone camera but doesn't want to tug along a large professional camera everywhere they go.


One of the features that are most highly regarded and praised is the Canon Powershot G9 X's LCD touch screen display. Though cameras have offered this feature, Canon included, many found that they finally got it right with this camera. The screen itself is sensitive enough to the touch that it picks up what the user is doing and there seem to be very low error rates in regards to which area of the screen was meant to be pressed as well as just the screens functionality in general. On top of the touch feature of the screen, the screen itself is fairly large (about 3-inches) and essentially covers the entire back of the camera with some small room for a button or two. Those who bought this camera usually commented on the screen and those who commented on the screen usually had only positive things to say about it which, again, is super positive for such a little, novice camera. This camera also offers a bright 3 times optical zoom lens that allows both a tight zoom and also a wider shot option for larger scenes like mountain ranges or group photos. The zoom allows for clear shots even in low lights (even without the flash on) which reviewers regularly praised the camera for. This camera is great for shooting in low light which is something that a lot of mobile phone cameras seem to have an issue with making this a great addition for capturing memories with.


So here is the clincher, this camera is small. We mean, really small. It weighs a whopping 206 grams and measures about 4 by 2 by 1 (W x H x D) inches. On top of that, it offers a 3-inch LCD screen on the back of the camera which is great because it offers a far easier viewing experience while also allowing for some zoom and focus adjustments directly on the screen. The downfall is that there is not much room for much else. This means that a lot of the buttons are a little jumbled together and some consumers (especially those with larger fingers) found it nearly impossible not to hit a button unintentionally when taking a photo. The LCD screen is also a touch screen so utilizing that for support or as extra finger room. This is the biggest issue for reviewers who found this to be quite frustrating as it took away from the ease of use of the device.


- 20.1 Megapixel, high-sensitivity CMOS sensor for clearer photos
- DIGIC 7 Image Processor for higher image quality
- Slim, lightweight design for easier toting
- Built-in WI-FI connection for better and easier connectivity
- Bluetooth for easier photo transfer between devices
- Bright optical zoom lens for both up close and wide shots
- Full, 3-inch touch LCD screen for even better accuracy
- Picture style function to offer fun styling options


This camera seems to be a good little device. For the most part, those who bought this device were happy with it. It is not a professional camera. It is not meant for taking professional photos. This camera is on the expensive side and though this is the case the cost is not really associated with the quality of the photos but rather its additional features. The highlights of this camera are the LCD screen which is large and a fully functional touch screen. The additional zoom feature associated with the screen is praised by consumers through one reviewer did note that the zoom function doesn't always work even when the little zoom square present on the screen is on the object that is being focused on. The other great feature about this camera is the Bluetooth add-on which makes transferring photos to your phone much easier. The issue with that, though, is there is a limited number of devices it can actually connect to making this feature useless to a good deal of the population. The picture quality is good despite not being a professional camera but a couple of reviewers mentioned that they wish the flash had the option of being angled in order to offer some bounce-back lighting techniques but this is pretty minor. Overall, this camera is highly rated by consumers and is recommended for anyone looking for a light-weight, portable camera.