Canon EOS 1300D

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Canon EOS 1300D Review Facts

With all the camera equipment on the market, where does one start looking? Nikon, Canon, Sony... the options are endless. The features of each camera are also extensive and often times overwhelming especially for non-professionals. The reliability of the manufacturer is also important. Technology can be expensive, especially when considering cameras. The reliability of the manufacturer, its return policy and its warranty is important to consider. This will not only help with the buyer long term satisfaction but will also help with the ease of mind when buying such an expensive piece of equipment.

Other areas to consider when buying cameras are the features. There are both photography and videography features available with most cameras but one area (either photo or video) will be more prominent than the other. Consider what area is important to you before looking at cameras as some companies do better in video while others are more prominent in photography. Our website has a wide range of reviews on the top photography and tech equipment for those looking for comprehensive reviews on particular products or top 10 options. This review is a single product review.

This article is a product review on the Canon EOS 1300D. Canon is a popular electronics company that specializes in photography. This review is full of collected information from consumers, both amateur and professional, about their thoughts on this product (both likes and dislikes). We also looked at aspects like the cameras performance as well as its connectivity in order to determine its ease of use and overall quality. This is our comprehensive review of the Canon EOS 1300D. We hope that this article helps you with your next camera purchase. Enjoy!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Well-priced
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with wide range of accessories 
  • The viewfinder is a consistent point of contention
  • Issues with the slow focusing offered by the live view 


Reviewers were happy with the number of accessories included plus the additional extra equipment that could be purchased for this camera. This includes the camera body itself, the removable leans, a power cord to charge the battery of the camera, a direct to plug wall charging dock, a USB cord to connect the camera directly to your computer, a removable and replaceable battery and a shoulder strap. Note, not all packs offer the removable lens.

There is also a whole wack of additional accessories that can be purchased at an additional cost for this camera including a wide range of lenses depending on the photographer's needs and requirements. There are also additional and larger batteries available when the included battery stops working or is not long lasting enough for travelers needs. There are also larger SD cards available for those who want something with higher storage capacity.

Note, as well, this does not come with an SD card. It's useful to either buy one that suits your needs or to hold on to your current one in order to use this camera. There are also additional straps, chargers, and cords available of one breaks or stops working. Overall, the accessories included has been praised by reviewers and is praised by us too!


Reviewers did have some concerns about the fixed rear screen offered. They also didn't like the slow focusing live view which caused some missed opportunities as a result. The lack of touchscreen control also bothered some reviewers, however, at this price the lack of touch screen does make sense. Other setting issues included the viewfinder which is only offered at 95%. The viewfinder of this camera is decently bright and easy to read even when in areas of high light (like direct sunlight or in the studio). There is a note mentioned by reviewers in regards to only offering 95% of the screen, this technology is sort of becoming obsolete in light of the electronic viewfinders now available on the market.

Probably the most common complaint about the camera is the viewfinder but not many found it to be a deal breaker. Another note about this camera is that there is no dedicated movie button which means that the photographer has to first set the dial to video before recording. Not a huge issue but still a little annoying. There is also no manual control over the video settings which, again, professional videographers may take issue with. The cost of the camera, though, does sort of fit the settings offered by this camera. It is definitely more of an entry-level camera above anything else.


Reviewers appreciated both the ease of use of this product as well as its lightweight design. Reviewers were happy with how easily this product could be towed around without causing unnecessary strain. Because this camera is more intended for beginners, the lens is also quite lightweight making the entire camera easy to travel with. This, of course, could change depending on whether or not additional lenses are used with this camera. It can adapt and accept a wide range of lenses including quite large and heavy ones but as is, with the entry level lens the camera is quite light and easy to tow.

As mentioned later in this article, the design and feel of this camera are quite liked and appreciated by reviewers. They found that the body is smooth to the touch and not too bulky but at the same time, it seemed to be well made and offered a design that still looked like a professional camera. The camera also offers the option of adding safety or carrying strap for those looking for something to wear around the neck or shoulder and the design of the strap is also quite nice with its classic Canon logo across the bad.

The band is comfortable and easy to wear which is also quite nice considering this camera may be used for an extended period of time when traveling. Overall, this camera offers a nice design and regularly praised by reviewers.


Reviewers are very happy with the cameras built in WI-FI feature, as well as its NFC connectivity. This camera has the ability to transfer and store photos through the Canon connect station CS100. This is a device that costs extra but can connect wirelessly to a camera and can store up to 1 TB of videos and photos by touching the camera to the device.


As we've mentioned numerous times in this article, this camera is an entry-level camera. Though it offers a ton of professional settings it still lacks heavily in some areas that professionals weren't happy about including the video settings issue and the fact that the viewfinder only really shows 95% of the scene. That said, this camera is quite comfortable to use and is easy to hold onto.

It also offers some nice features like its resolution, its photodetectors and its processor which is an improvement from the 1200D predecessor. The maximum boosted ISO is about 12800 which isn't bad for an entry level camera and it also offers a max resolution of 5184 by 3456. The end result is discussed a little more below in the bottom line area but overall this isn't a terrible camera. It definitely offers better features than a standard compact camera and not at a price that is in line with professional cameras.

Those who bought this camera didn't buy it for its video performance but the camera can shoot in full HD with some cinematic controls due to the DSLR control depth field. This allows for a little more creativity in photographers videos. Overall this camera performs about in line with the price which is important and definitely compliments the price of the camera.


The Canon EOS 1300D offers upgrades from the 1200D including NFC and WI-FI features. Outside of the additional NFC and the WI-FI features, the 1300D also added an increased screen resolution as well as a better processor which reviewers were impressed with. The Canon EOS 1300D 18 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor which helps with the overall quality of the images. It offers a 9 AF point with 1 cross-type point which offers better sensitivity and faster shutter speeds. The ISO sensitivity is 100 to 6400 which is expandable to 12800.

The viewfinder offers a full HD recording mode with options of 24p, 25p and 30p drop frame timing which reviewers appreciated but wasn't the reason for buying the camera as this is still on the low end for professionally filmed video. The video recording offers 720p at 59.94 Hz and 50 Hz. It also offers to record at 480p ED at 30p and 25p which, again, reviewers liked but wasn't the primary reason for their buying decision.

It also offers 3 frames per second and offers a low pass filter for better detailing. The highlighted features of this camera are its improved 3 inch LCD screen which reviewers noted was quite large and easy to use, as well as it's WI-FI connectivity which reviewers found useful especially when comparing to earlier versions of this camera.


The body of this camera the same as its predecessor, the Canon 1200D. Those who have used the 1200D may find this appealing. The body of this camera is impressively light but still bulky enough for those looking for a professional camera. Note that even though we say bulky here the camera is quite small for a DSLR. This is appealing to some reviewers who noted that they liked that this camera is easy to travel with due to its size and weight but they still feel as though the camera feels sturdy and well-built. It makes a great travel companion for those with a persistent travel bug.

A good deal of the function buttons are all in one place including the scrolling dial which sits on top of the camera but still close to the function buttons. This makes the camera a little easier to work with when holding in the air in two hands. Reviewers found the body of this camera easy to use and lightweight which is ideal for those on the go. They appreciated the nice feel of the camera noting that the materials used are nice to the touch and that the body overall felt well-built which is really positive.


- Large APS-C 18-megapixel sensor for better detailing
- 6400 ISO for better low light shots
- Auto-selection for better setting controls automatically if preferred
- Powerful digital DIGIC processing with DIGIC 4 plus
- Large viewfinder screen, 4:3 wide, 7.5 cm/ 3" LCD
- Cinematic 1090 video recording for movie-style quality recording
- Creative filters for more creative editing directly through the device
- On camera guide to help amateurs learn on the spot


The Canon EOS 1300D is a discounted version of the popular Canon EOS 2000D. Canon wanted to offer a camera that offers more options than a standard consumer-built camera without the higher price tag. The body of this camera is the same as its previous version, the 1200D. This allows those looking for a slight upgrade (including the NFC and the new WI-FI features) to still feel comfortable ergonomically. Reviewers are impressed with the feel of this as it's quite lightweight but still substantial.

This is great for those traveling as a result and adds that onto the fact that this can connect to a carrying strap making it even easier to tow around. Though there are better products on the market it is really hard to beat the price point of this camera. Those who bought it were impressed with its resolution and the quality of pictures offered by this camera and, again, at a decent price. Overall, it's a decent camera and should be considered for those looking for a decent price entry level camera.