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Yamaha A3M Review Facts

Yamaha is a brand of guitars that has guitars in all categories from budget beginner models to higher-end acoustic guitars. The A3M electro-acoustic is one of the performance-focused A-Series. It was released in 2017.

The guitar offers power, comfort, and partnership for the road’s gigging guitarist. The A-Series combines naturally majestic amplified tone, modern technology, and conservative design. The line has three tiers.

A3M guitars belong in the middle tier. They are flat-top dreadnought guitars. Many campfire song leaders, troubadours, and folk singers have discovered that an acoustic guitar has a simplistic beauty that can’t be beaten.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Amplified tone options
  • Broken-in feel
  • Easy to play
  • Inexpensive
  • Full, rich sound
  • Performance ready
  • Electronic controls design is not particularly attractive
  • Warranty issued only through Yamaha Authorized Dealers


All guitars should have a protective bag, sleeve, or case for safe storage. The Yamaha A3M comes with a gig bag. There is an unlimited number of ways to personalize and customize a fretted instrument. Suggestions include pickguards, picks, tremolo bridges, strap locks, capos, and slides.

Basic Features

It is both exhausting and fun to sop for a new instrument whether a person has played for years or is just starting. There are many prices, features, and styles to consider. Those who love acoustic guitar sounds but need to play through speakers that have no microphone need an acoustic electric guitar.

Narrowing the decision still leaves many systems and features to consider. What can a player get from a Yamaha A3M guitar? Common questions people ask before buying an acoustic guitar include: Does it have a clean sound and behave when amplified? Are sacrifices made in quality in one area to enhance another? Will the guitar lose the acoustic ‘feel’ as volume rises or is clarity maintained?

The question needing to be asked is, Which is best for you? The guitar needs quality sound electrically and acoustically. Pleasing amplified sound is open to conjecture. What one player finds pleasing is not always pleasant to another. The guitar should be comfortable for the player to use and easy to play.

The Yamaha Corporation is the world’s largest musical instruments manufacturer. It has developed a line of guitars. The A-Series was designed to become the guitar of choice in performance acoustics. Included in the purchase are two required AA batteries.

Advanced Features

Features that take playing up a notch include Yamaha’s road-ready construction. A custom scalloped bracing pattern provides an expressive, powerful acoustic tone. The most commonly used pickup system is the ‘piezo.’ They have a weak output that needs a signal boost from a preamp. A preamp is standard on acoustic-electric guitars. They require batteries. Yamaha includes two AA batteries.

Treble, bass, and volume controls are standard. The SRT 2 System does not have a built-in tuner. Treble, bass, and volume control are offered along with blend control that allows moving between preamp and pickup to refine the sound. The sound acoustically is round and full.

Sound Quality

The A3M is an electro-acoustic guitar that features Yamaha’s Studio Response Technology (SRT) to amplify the sound. It is a fantastic system that blends a combination of piezo pickup and microphone.

A 3-band EQ (treble, middle, and bass) and master volume control the preamp. The subtle dials are on the body’s side, which is an improvement over more cumbersome control panels. It helps retain the naturally elegant look of the guitar.

From plugged-in tone to acoustic projection, the A3M sounds fantastic. The combination of solid mahogany and spruce gives a beautifully balanced tone that is already ’ broken in’ regarding aging. It has a rich, full sound with great warmth.

Electronics are not needed to loudly project sound, but the A3M has a pro sound through the construction. A custom scalloped bracing pattern provides an expressive, powerful acoustic tone. The straight taper neck with hand-rolled edges affords out of the box played-in comfort.

A new SRT 2 pickup system possesses stage-ready simplicity and vibrant natural plugged-in tone. A-Series guitars have Elixir NANOWEB 80/20 strings that deliver extended life and lively tone.

The newly developed sound of the A-Series is stronger and louder in low-mid ranges. Cutting-edge acoustic analysis technology that the Yamaha R & D Division developed is responsible. The analysis leads to developing shorter bracing for the backboard and a new scallop bracing used for the top.

The A.R.E. process gives the guitar a vintage quality tone. A rich sound makes it seems as though a musician had been playing the instrument for years from the moment the guitar is picked up. A perfect blend of pure acoustic and piezo sound is offered. It sounds as though a vintage microphone made a recording in a studio. The guitar produces a sound meant only for the stage.

When strummed, the guitar is quite loud. It is superb for fingerpicking. The tonal qualities remain no matter what style. The sound has a dynamic feel. It has a low end that is warm. Amplification is the area where it makes its mark.

A lot of choices are provided by the pickup/preamp system to create unique sounds. The setup is powerful. A feedback reducer is an asset that gives a ‘concert’ feel. It can be an excellent studio guitar, a feat most manufacturers have difficulty producing. The sound is crisp and clear. The guitar offers options some less expensive competitors do not.


It is an all wood model having a back and sides of mahogany and solid Sitka spruce used on the top. All have been treated with Yamaha’s A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement). It pre-ages the wood giving it a beautiful tone.

The rosewood fretboard has hand-rolled edges on a straight taper. Rosewood is among the most popular choices of tonewood. It is used most often on the fretboard. Spruce is a relatively inexpensive tonewood that is used for the top of a guitar.

Results are typically outstanding. Sitka spruce is strong yet elastic that aids in helping a player articulate dynamics and tone. Mahogany is one of the best tonewoods. Acoustic guitar manufacturers often pre-string the instruments. A newly created guitar should be under tension while settling into shape.

Strings have a role of importance in the overall resonance and tonality of an acoustic guitar but do not work miracles. The number one selling strings for the acoustic guitar is Elixir Strings. They retain tone longer than other coated or uncoated strings. The strings provide long-lasting tone and playability that top artists around the world depend on.


The guitar has an incredibly comfortable mahogany neck. The A-Series guitars have hand-rolled fingerboard edges and a straight neck that provide a comfortable neck profile. The straight taper neck with hand-rolled edges affords out of the box played-in comfort.


The design is not extraordinary. It sports an attractiveness and elegance that looks great in a collection. While the A3M has not won any awards for style, the elegant and simple design is very attractive.

The body is dreadnought size with a scale length of 23.65 inches, and the treble side has a deep cutaway. A traditional western dreadnought cut provides full body resonance that cannot be found anywhere else.

It features 19 frets and a matte finish. A cutaway body offers access to higher frets. The Yamaha A3M has a simple and distinctive look. Organic, simple design features that give an elegant appearance and capture the warmth wood provides. The guitar features a distinctive pickguard that was first used on the N100 guitar in 1975. It weighs 6.8 pounds. It has dimensions of 42.5 x 21.7 x 6.1 inches.


Yamaha’s commitment to providing musicians with superior craftsmanship and quality products ensures the A3M offers players with an instrument they will enjoy for years. The company provides excellence in technology, design, and acoustics.

A.R.E. wood torrefaction is a high-heat treatment that permeates the guitar top for greater stability. The high-heat treatment removes moisture and volatiles the process which results not only in greater stability but beautiful aged color.

The Sitka wood used is in the guitar top is a grade of wood that is stiff but elastic. It is suited for aggressive fingerpicking, flat picking, and strumming. Solid tonewoods combined with solid electronics make the A3M a grade-A purchased. Yamaha offers a warranty on the A3M but only honors a warranty or performs warranty service on a guitar bought from an Authorized Dealer.

Ease of Use

When the guitar is pulled from the box, it feels broken in. The rich and full sound makes a musician feel as though an expensive guitar is being played. The guitar is ready to perform when unplugged into an amp.

The guitar is easy to understand and use for beginning gigging artists. It is a great starter guitar for beginning performers or veteran guitarists on a budget. The guitar is not for those who need a wider fretboard or are looking for something without electronics. The neck is constructed with quality materials. It is crafted to be easy to play.


Playing the guitar is fun and fast. Besides the electronics, the A3M has a set of chrome tuners that are sealed die-cast, an ebony bridge, a saddle and urea nut, and a set of strings that are Elixir coated for excellent playability.

Today’s players need a reliable workhorse that sounds and feels terrific in all applications. The Yamaha A3M is a ‘bang-for-the-buck’ performance level guitar that offers quality materials and build.

The SRT 2 pickup system optimizes the stage performance of the A3M guitar. Yamaha A3M was designed for ideal acoustic guitar performance. The A-Series is crafted to be ideally suited for the road. A-Series guitars take playing to a higher level.


For less than $1000, the player gets solid pre-aged wood, a beautiful overall sound, quality electronics, and an incredible neck. Yamaha guitars at this price are made in China. They feel like quality products and are ready to play when taken out of the box.

Two of the most compelling reasons for buying an acoustic guitar are price and user-friendliness. Some musical instruments are complicated for beginners to learn how to play and prohibitively expensive. Acoustic guitars are easy on the ears, easy to carry, and easy to learn. An acoustic guitar can be bought for an affordable price.

Sometimes the difference between a $200 and $2000 acoustic guitar is cosmetics. A high-end guitar may have tonewood that is pricier or an inlay on the body that is more intricate. Other times there is a difference in quality.

The difference lies in the craftsmanship of the manufacturer and the choice of materials. For such a unique sounding guitar typically run in the thousands. The Yamaha A3M is much easier on the wallet.

The incredibly unique and vibrant sound can’t be found in other budget guitars. Most reviews from online retailers such as Amazon are positive. The guitar receives raves about the sound quality delivered and the fantastic price for a guitar that plays so well. It is a great guitar for the price. The Yamaha A3M exceeds other Yamaha guitars when considering the price and the quality of sound.

Key Features

* Dreadnought cutaway body featuring solid mahogany concert-size back and sides
* Ebony bridge
* Mahogany body binding
* New S.R.T. 2 system permits blending between the piezo pickup and microphone models for the perfect tone
* Rosewood fingerboard and binding
* Soft case included
* Solid Sitka Spruce top having scalloped bracing for a loud, rich acoustic sound

Bottom Line

Reviewers are impressed by the Yamaha A3M. Yamaha is modest in their boasting about innovation and technology. They are worth shouting about. Performers on a budget who are looking for a guitar capable of delivering incredible sound and has top-notch electronics need to look no further than the A3M Acoustic-Electric Guitar.

It will suit all performance needs. The Yamaha A3M is listed among a list of 2019 top 10 acoustic-electric guitars for the money. Overall, an excellent guitar is realistically priced, well-made, attractive, and comfortable to play. The A3M fits all the criteria.