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Therm-A-Rest XLite Review Facts

If you’re someone who loves sleeping in the outdoors, you know how important it is to have a sleeping pad that is both lightweight and comfortable. Many people who love mountaineering, backpacking, hiking, and other outdoor activities loved the Therm-A-Rest XLite sleeping pad for this purpose. As one of the most lightweight sleeping pads on the market, you will easily be able to use this in a variety of different situations. In this review, we will talk about the sleeping pad’s different features and what people had to say about it.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This is one of the lightest sleeping pads on the market, making it perfect for transport
  • Compared to how light it is, the sleeping pad is warm
  • You can use this sleeping pad on a variety of occasions and in a variety of conditions
  • The sleeping pad packs to a small size
  • It is surprisingly durable compared to how lightweight it is
  • The sleeping pad is a bit pricey when compared to other ones
  • The sleeping pad isn’t wide enough for a lot of people to sleep too comfortably


Considering the fact that this is one of the most lightweight sleeping pads on the market, it should come to no surprise that it is made out of one of the most lightweight materials available- nylon. Nylon is popular because it is easy to clean, it dries easily, and it helps to decrease the weight of a product. The top and the bottom of the sleeping pad are made out of 30d rip nylon, and the pad’s core is made simply out of nylon. Despite the fact that it is, indeed, made out of nylon, a lot of people said that they were able to use the sleeping pad for many years if they did not use it on rough and sharp surfaces.


A lot of people were pleased with how comfortable this mattress was, and plenty said that it is the most comfortable outdoor sleeping mattress that they have ever slept on. However, there were some areas that needed attention. The first was that a lot of people had complained that previous versions of this sleeping pad were extremely noisy to sleep on due to the lightweight material that they were made out of. The newer version is a bit noisy, but nowhere near as much as the previous models, and a lot of people said that this is no longer much of an issue for them. The other area that people complained about the mattress’ comfort was when it came to width. It is widely recommended that you choose to get the large version of the mattress for maximum comfort. Of course, considering how small it is, you shouldn’t be expecting to get something as large as the mattress you sleep on at home, but if you get the regular size, a lot of people said that they had no room whatsoever for their arms. The large version of the mattress is 5 inches larger both in width and in height, and so, people said that this was the most comfortable option for them in terms of stretching abilities.

Best Use

There are quite a number of different ways in which you could be using this mattress. Plenty of people liked it for regular camping activities, whereas others preferred it for when they went mountaineering, backpacking, cycling, and more. It works best when you use it in the spring, summer, or winter, but plenty of people chose to use it in colder weather and said that they did not experience too many problems. It isn’t meant to be used by more than one person at a time. Also, you might not want to be putting this mattress on sharper surfaces, and consider having a foam pad or your camping tent underneath it so that you don’t have to worry about it tearing or anything else that might compromise its performance abilities.

Weather Resistance

Not much has been said about how well the sleeping pad is when it comes to wet conditions. However, some people have suggested that you use some sort of cover on top of the pad when you go to sleep if you’re someone who sweats a lot at night.

One of the areas that a lot of people covered in their reviews was the warmth of the pad. It isn’t too overly warm, but the company did work to improve how the sleeping pad keeps you warm at night in comparison to previous models. The pad has ThermaCapture layers, which means that any radiant heat will not be able to escape the pad. And, the sleeping pad also has reflective material as part of its Triangular Core Matrix system, so any light reflected onto it will be reflected back to your body, and you won’t have to worry at all about losing any of your body heat. You won’t need to use any synthetic filler or down if you choose to be using this sleeping pad. The sleeping pad is meant to be used for three seasons- the spring, summer, and fall- but some people did choose to use it in colder conditions and did not have many problems. This also depends on whether you are someone who gets cold easily; if you are, then you might not want to use this sleeping pad in the winter. But it is generally accepted as being good for temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. One person said that, if you want to be using this sleeping pad in the cold weather, then consider getting a foam pad to use with it for that added warmth. Overall, though, most people did not complain about how warm they were with this sleeping pad and the company did work hard to improve the heated abilities of this sleeping pad.


The bottom of this sleeping pad is made with 30 denier nylon, so it might not necessarily be the most durable material in the world. With that being said, there were not too many complaints of the sleeping pad failing for many people. If you are someone who plans to be sleeping in a tent and on the flat ground anyways, then you will not experience any problems with this sleeping pad failing on you. However, some people who prefer to be sleeping outdoors and on rather sharp rocks or other surfaces have found that there were holes in the bottom of this sleeping pad come morning. So, the durability of this product will ultimately depend on where and how you use it. Plenty of people said that they were able to use it for years where it handled plenty of abuse and they did not experience any problems with its durability. If you are a regular camper who does not care too much for extreme experiences, then you can rest assured that you will be using this sleeping pad for a long time to come.

Another great feature is that you can also get a repair kit with the sleeping pad, so should you notice that there are any tears or holes in it, you can easily fix it- which is not something that a lot of other mattresses or sleeping pads come with.


Out of all the different sleeping pads on the market, the XLite is by far the lightest. And to top that off, it is extremely comfortable, so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing any of your comforts to make up for the fact that you’re getting something extremely lightweight out of the deal. Its weight depends on which size of the sleeping pad you choose to get. It is available in regular and small. The small size is only 8 ounces and the regular size is only 12 ounces. The sleeping pad, when you choose to pack it to put it away or to put it in your backpack for transportation, does not pack down to the smallest size possible. It packs to about the size of a one-liter bottle. There are some other sleeping pads which pack down to smaller sizes, but the fact that the XLite remains the most lightweight sleeping pad on the market that is also comfortable may be a factor that can allow you to overlook this.


One of the things that people were not so satisfied with when it came to this mattress was the price tag. It officially retails for $170, though you will be able to find it for cheaper prices on different online retail sites. However, that still doesn’t make it all that inexpensive when compared to other mattresses. However, many people said that the fact that this mattress helps to keep them warm is what made it worth the price and many other people were pleased with the performance of the mattress and how easy it was to pack. So, depending on your own personal preferences for a mattress, the fact that this mattress, in particular, is not as cheap as some other ones on the market might not matter whatsoever.

Key Features

-The heaviest version of this sleeping pad weighs only 12 ounces, making it one of the lightest sleeping pads available on the market
-You can choose to get this sleeping pad in small, regular, or large
-This pad is perfect for use during three seasons- spring, summer, and fall
-The company worked to reduce the noise from sleeping on this sleeping pad in comparison to other models
-It is easy to be able to pack this sleeping pad and to fit it in your backpack
-The pad has a reflective surface which works to make the person sleeping on it a bit warmer as they sleep
-Despite being lightweight, many people said that they were able to use this sleeping pad for years
-It is perfect if you want to go backpacking, climbing, or anything where you will have to be traveling for long distances

Bottom Line

There were some areas where people were not too pleased with the performance of the XLite, including when it came to the noise, the lack of stretching ability with the smaller versions of the pad, and when it came to the price. A lot of people said that there are other options on the market that are cheaper and that provide a lot of the same features. However, it is important to consider that this is an award-winning sleeping pad, and plenty of people were equally as pleased with how well it performed for a variety of different reasons.

For one, the biggest selling point of this sleeping pad is the fact that it is so lightweight and small. The largest version of this sleeping pad is only 12 ounces, and you aren’t going to be able to find something as light. It’s the perfect sleeping pad for transportation because you aren’t going to have to worry about carrying something too heavy with you. The only area where some people had issues was when it came to the packing size- there were other mattresses that packed down to smaller sizes- but they weren’t necessarily as lightweight in general.

You will also be able to use this mattress during three of the four seasons of the year, but that hasn’t necessarily stopped people from using the mattress in the winter or in colder places. Its layers and reflective material are meant to be able to keep you warm, and plus, if you choose to add a foam pad with the sleeping pad, then you’ll have plenty of warmth to even last you in colder weather.

And finally, one of the other great selling points of the mattress was its durability. While not too many people would have assumed that this mattress was durable, they were pleasantly surprised. A lot of people said that their sleeping pad suffered quite a good deal of abuse and they didn’t have to worry about anything happening to it. And if you’ll be sleeping on a foam pad or in a tent, your XLite sleeping pad will last you even longer.

Overall, there are tons of great features that come with the Therm-A-Rest XLite sleeping pad. You may be dissuaded by the price, but a lot of people said that its light weight and durability are not to be beaten. So, if you’re willing to shell out a little bit more, then this is the perfect option for you.