Best Portable Speakers Reviewed & Rated for Quality

You are outside on that warm, breezy, summer evening.  You just finished eating dinner off the grill, and now you are sitting in your lawn chair, with a cold beer, visiting with your family or friends. The thought runs through your mind, that nothing could ever make this night better.  But, what if it could? What if you had the capability of bringing your favorite songs with you wherever you went?

A portable speaker does just that. With advancements in technology, smaller speakers now have the same sound capabilities as an outdoor speaker system, or the indoor system found in homes.  With a portable speaker, you are able to have a speaker no matter where you are.

Last Updated: October 12, 2018
By Katie Baxter:

This article has been reviewed and edited to ensure the portable speakers listed are still the most current and popular speakers available on the market. Information regarding speakers has been added for the readers convenience, and source links have been added throughout the page to direct readers to more informational topics.

Featured Recommendations

OontZ Angle 3
  • OontZ Angle 3
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ultra Quality Sound
  • Price: See Here
Anker Soundcore
  • Anker Soundcore
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Price: See Here
DOSS SoundBox
  • DOSS SoundBox
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great Control
  • Price: See Here

The advent of portable speakers has made it easier to carry the ultimate entertainment experience outdoor without worrying about the water damaging your electronic devices, as they are waterproof and can withstand immersion of up to several feet below the water surface. With many people becoming attached to their smartphones and keeping several songs that have sentimental value, it has become increasingly important to create an entertainment center that does not take their smartphones away from them. These portable speakers allow users to connect to their smartphones through reliable Bluetooth technology and listen to their favorite playlist on the go. Some of these speakers are so small that you can fit them in your palm and yet deliver exceptional sound to entertain the whole home. Portable speakers can be very convenient because they can be carried to any destination. In fact, you can have a small beach party without worrying about your friends splashing water on it, as the waterproof design will keep the water off. Below is a list of best portable speakers reviewed for quality.


10 Best Portable Speakers


1. OontZ Angle 3

1. OontZ Angle 3
For crystal clear and distortion-free High Definition sound or state-of-the-art, well-balanced music, the OontZ Angle 3 PORTABLE will give it all to you. Rich fulfilling bass is good for listening to music across all genres. If you like enhanced clarity music, you will definitely get it. The triangular design enhances audio clarity because it maintains drivers and bass separate. Speedy connection to Bluetooth empowers you to play music from your tablet while maintaining the range.
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Ultra Quality Sound

If you are looking for sound quality, you will find it here. The full bass feature gives you a whole new experience. The speakers are also powerful enough to produce quality sound. You will be amazed at how room-filling the loud music is, with full bass for fulfilling music.

Wide Bluetooth Range

The 100-foot Bluetooth connectivity range gives you the freedom to walk around the house with your smartphone while maintaining a connection with speakers. You can also walk with the speaker as you leave your phone in the living room and yet the connection will remain intact.

Cost and Value

The triangular design is for easy grabbing while listening to your favorite music playlist. Drivers and bass radiator maintain a distance to give you audio clarity, which is a powerful feature of the triangular design. The price is fair too.

Rich full bass for fulfilling music

Long lasting battery up to 12 hours of playing time

100-foot Bluetooth range for stable Bluetooth connection

Triangular design for audio clarity


Not everyone would be impressed by the design

Battery reduces its efficiency after repeated use

2. Anker Soundcore

2. Anker Soundcore
If you are looking for incredible sound from exceptionally built quality speakers, then the Anker SoundCore is for you. It also boasts a remarkable 24-hour battery life for ultimate entertainment. Play your music all day and all night long without worrying about recharging the speaker. You will be glad you bought it because you will no longer have to worry about constant recharge.
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Worry-Free Battery Life

This Anker SoundCore product synergizes the company’s power management technology to deliver 24-hour runtime Lithium-ion battery. The battery is highly efficient and allows you to listen to the sublime audio for 24 hours.

Irresistible Finish

If you are looking for sleek design, this speaker’s curved edges accentuate its entire unique design, with sleek controls to Play and Pause music easily. Choose from a wide color range to complement your personal style and enhance your home’s visual appeal.

Cost and Value
The speaker boasts curved edges that accentuate its design. With a highly efficient battery and power management technology, you can listen to music worry-free for the whole day and night.

Long lasting battery takes you through 24 hours of uninterrupted music

Curved edges add visual appeal to the whole body

A patented bass port for astonishing sound

Rock-solid Bluetooth connectivity for stable connection


The low-battery beep tone is frequent and can be annoying

Bluetooth range may not be long enough

3. DOSS SoundBox

3. DOSS SoundBox
While it is easy to underestimate the quality and power of these compact speakers, they are able to produce a full sound. The portable 12W speakers have dramatic deeper bass, with metallic design and long-lasting battery. The highly dynamic and competitive audio industry requires innovative products such as this one. This premium quality product delivers value both indoor and outdoor.
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Sensitive Touch, Great Control

With highly sensitive touch button, you can have great control to switch between 3 options (Micro SD, Bluetooth, and Aux-In) while playing the soundbox. You can play, pause and even skip music with great control.

Sleek Design

For a memorable listening experience within your limited space, you should consider this soundbox. Enjoy the music more with HD stereo sound. The volume is impressive too and you will be able to entertain yourself indoor or outdoor.

Cost and Value

Touch-sensitive buttons allow you great control to play, pause and even skip music. It will take up less space while delivering HD stereo sound at an impressive volume.

Capacitive touch control to give you easy control

Bluetooth connectivity to listen to music from your phone

Superior HD stereo sound

Compatible with Micro SD storage device to play favorite music


May not properly handle songs with too much bass

High volume may cause speakers to move around


AOMAIS takes great pride in designing and manufacturing the highest quality products backed by first class service. Tailor-made to meet customer’s needs, these speakers could exceed expectations. The company is strongly driven by its own core value of the desire to create speakers that surpass current standards. With rugged, durable strength, and attractive looks to match, these waterproof speakers will exceed your expectations.
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IPX7 Waterproof

The speakers boast top-level waterproof capability and can be fully immersed in water at a depth of up to 33 feet and will withstand or resist the water for up to 30minutes.

Clear, Rich Sound

Fill your indoor room with clear, rich sound and effortlessly connect the device with your favorite playlist to enjoy continuous sound to entertain your guests or friends. Bluetooth sync makes it easy to connect with cellphones and tablets.

Cost and Value

The speakers demonstrate the true meaning of waterproof. You will never have to worry about the water splashing on your speakers. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to sync with your phone or tablet and the price is affordable.

Full waterproof to withstand full immersion

Produces clear, rich sound for your inner room

Bluetooth connectivity allows for syncing with phone or tablet

Booming bass of 30W


The finish may rub off after a while

Can be too loud

5. OontZ Angle 3 ULTRA

5. OontZ Angle 3 ULTRA
If you want a sound that is crystal clear and distortion-free, or exceptionally well-balanced, the OontZ Angle 3 ULTRA will deliver just that. Rich satisfying bass works across all genres. It plays music with enhanced clarity. The triangular design is great for audio clarity because it keeps drivers and bass separate. The swift connection to wireless Bluetooth ensures you play music from your phone without worrying about getting out of range.
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Superior Sound Quality

Whether you want full bass or excellent sound quality, you will receive enhanced clarity from these powerful speakers. They deliver loud, room-filling volume and full bass for enriching the music.

Wide Bluetooth Range

Whether you left your phone in the bedroom or living room, you can walk around with the speaker and still enjoy stable Bluetooth connection of up to 100 feet away.

Cost and Value

The triangular design makes it easy to hold the speaker in hand while listening to music. Drivers and bass radiator are kept separate to achieve audio clarity, thanks to the triangular design. The price is fair too.

Rich full bass for enriching music

100-foot Bluetooth range to ensure stable connection

Up to 20 hours of playing time, thanks to the long life battery

Triangular design for audio clarity


Battery power may diminish over time

The design may not appeal to everyone’s taste

6. A2 LENRUE Portable

6. A2 LENRUE Portable
This portable speaker features the latest 4.1 Bluetooth technology and will support both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices. Whether you have Apple products or Android gadgets, this speaker will easily detect and connect with them wirelessly through Bluetooth. The speaker comes with blue light bulb to warm up your room and add some excitement to the environment. If you have your music on Micro SD card, don’t worry because there is a slot for it.
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Great Size, High Capacity

The small compact size makes it lightweight and portable to comfortably hold in your palm. You can easily carry it to outdoor for enriching music and will deliver the same music quality indoors.

Multiple Connection Way

Listen to the music on your phone through these speakers via Bluetooth connection because you will never have to worry about Bluetooth disconnection. The speaker accepts multiple input modes via Micro SD, USB, and AUX-In.

Cost and Value

For those who are so attached to their smartphones and would like to listen to the music on the gadget hands-free, then this portable device can be the perfect solution. Latest technology Bluetooth technology delivers real value for money.

Latest Bluetooth technology to maintain solid connection

Superior sound quality and excellent bass

Multiple connection including Bluetooth, Micro SD, USB, and AUX-in.

Small, lightweight and portable


The circular design might not appeal to everyone’s taste

Short-lasting battery power of up 4 hours

7. LENRUE Portable

7. LENRUE Portable
This wireless speaker supports Bluetooth and is compatible with virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device. It also supports Micro SD card to enable you to carry music on your memory card and listen all day long as you unwind and reflect on how your week has been. With a high-quality bass and excellent loudspeakers, this product delivers every time.
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Superior Sound Quality

The speakers are known for producing excellent bass and a high-quality sound. This deceivingly small package allows you to enjoy quality music within your home environment. Whether you are relaxing with friends or just want some alone time, this speaker will give you just that.

Beautiful Light Bulb

The blue light bulb helps to add more energy to your environment. It offers a creative way to warm up the surrounding and create a calming mood for everyone around.

Cost and Value

This deceivingly small package delivers excellent bass and superior sound quality. With a blue light bulb, you can light up your environment and change the general mood, all at a fair price.

High-quality loudspeakers within a small package

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity

Blue light to warm the surrounding

Micro SD insert to carry your playlist around


The Bluetooth connectivity can be problematic

The lights may not be as long-lasting

8. Tribit XSound Go

8. Tribit XSound Go
Tribit is a fast-growing brand in the U.S. and boasts innovative designs to help add value to the sound industry. The compact yet powerful design delivers rich music and room-filling sound. The auditory experience from these speakers will delight your senses. Keep the party going by adding this speaker to your entertainment unit and invite your friends to sing along.
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Performs in the Rain

This soundbox will keep on singing even in the rain. The waterproof design will keep the water off and the speaker will work even in the shower. You don’t have to worry when it rains.

All-around Sound

Whether you want to take the fun outdoor or remain in the house, this unit will perform anywhere. Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to listen to songs on your phone.

Cost and Value

Waterproof design allows you to sing in the shower and dance in the rain. This all-around soundbox is suitable for both indoor and outdoor music. In addition, it is highly affordable.

All-round sound to listen indoor and outdoor

Bluetooth connection to listen to songs stored on phone’s memory

Excellent battery life of up to 24 hours

Dustproof and durable, built to last


Bass might not meet expectations

May not suit hands-free phone conversations

9. DOSS SoundBox XS

9. DOSS SoundBox XS
This well-established manufacturer has established a solid reputation for producing cutting-edge audio technology. When it comes to sound, they have mastered the art of producing a high-quality audio to meet end-users’ sound needs. Touch sensitive design allows you great control to play, pause and skip music whenever you wish. The tiny design is both fashionable and allows you to play music while holding it in your palm.
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Tiny, Fashionable Design

The device uses wireless Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. With tough sensitive controls and tiny, portable design to hold the palm, this speaker represents modern design soundbox.

Touch Sensitive Design

You can play your music and remain in total control, thanks to the touch-sensitive buttons. You can adjust the volume by moving your finger along the circle placed in the middle of the soundbox.

Cost and Value

The speaker is so small that you can hold in your palm while playing or listening to your favorite music. The design also matches contemporary looks, all at a humble price of a few dollars.

Crystal clear sound quality to deliver good music

Automatically reconnecting Bluetooth 4.0

Touch sensitive design for total control over how you listen to your music

Up to 8 hours of playing time


May keep disconnecting from the Dot after some time

Battery efficiency deteriorates over time.

10. SHAVA Night Light

10. SHAVA Night Light
SHAVA Bluetooth speakers allow you to add more fun to your life by listening to music that feeds your soul. The color-changing speakers are very trendy and super easy to connect by pairing with Bluetooth, and are compatible with virtually all Bluetooth-enabled devices. The typical SHAVA speaker features rich sound, with 6 LED multi-colored themes. This can be an effective MP3 player and the 8-hour long-lasting battery will ensure uninterrupted music time.
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6 LED Multi-colored Themes

The speaker has an adjustable LED light with various themes to choose from. This color-changing speaker will enable you to color your room and enlighten your mood while partying with friends.

Timing Power off Function

These speakers are designed with built-in timing function to power off after a certain time. This feature can be convenient for kids. You could also leave your favorite music playlist on and set the power off timer as you go to bed.

Cost and Value

With LED colored themes and timing power off function to limit how long your kids use these speakers, these speakers could add life to your world of entertainment.

Super easy to pair with other Bluetooth-enabled devices

Trendy color-changing speakers with 6 LED colored themes

Timing power off function to control use, especially if you have kids

Long lasting battery could go up to 8 hours


May not hold battery for longer over time

Bluetooth connectivity may be problematic after several months

Entertainment has gone a notch higher to include high-tech devices that may seem deceivingly small but produce high-quality sound to bring life to homes and warm outdoor environments. Today, most people prefer to carry their portable speakers wherever they go because they never know when they are going to need to be entertained by some good music. Outdoor bashes and beachside parties have become so popular that people have been forced to add some music to the outdoor entertainment world. If you are having your friends over and would like to take the entertainment to your patio outside, these portable speakers will come in handy.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Portable Speakers

There are many manufacturers of these portable speakers and they make different models to appeal to different audiences or users. The numerous options available out there can overwhelm the user. If you are not well-conversant with what to look for in portable speakers, you should inquire and do your due diligence to help you make your final purchase decision. Most modern technology speakers today have Bluetooth connectivity and waterproof design so that you don’t have to worry about how to play music from the favorite playlist on your phone, or the unpredictable weather and accidental splashes soaking your speakers and ruining the moment. Below are the criteria for evaluating the best portable speakers.

Waterproof Design

While you can use portable speakers indoors, they are designed to withstand the harsh elements of weather that the outdoor environment throws at them. Snow, mildew, rain, and beach or pool water can damage your speakers if they are not waterproof. However, having waterproof speakers eliminates the need to worry and allows you to focus more on the experience. You won’t have to be mad at your misbehaving friend or cheeky sister for splashing water all over your speakers. In addition, you won’t have to end the beach party prematurely because it has started raining on your speakers. You will continue enjoying the music until you have had enough. Therefore, it is important to consider waterproof design when shopping for your entertainment system because it gives you the option to carry it to the shower and other water prone areas worry-free.

However, while most of these portable speakers will boast of waterproof design, some are just water resistant and will only keep off small amounts of water. Some are completely waterproof and can be immersed in water up to several feet and for several minutes. Others are also mudproof, snowproof and even dustproof. If you want to entertain yourself in the shower while listening to songs that motivate and bring the best in you, waterproof speakers are your best option. You can take them to camp, hiking, pool, beach, and even boat riding and kayaking.

Sound Quality

For party lovers, quality sound is everything. You don’t want to be listening to a poor quality sound that is irritating to the ears. No one wants to have fun without good quality sound, and even your friends may prefer that you just turn the music off if the sound is irritating. This makes it even more important to shop around for high-quality sound before making the ultimate buy-decision. Clear, rich sound is guaranteed to fill the room with energy and life. Different speakers have different watt sounds, which greatly determine the power output of the soundbox. You can get super bass booms when using portable speakers, but you have to understand that different speakers have different bass boom power. Similarly, dual speakers often provide stereo surround sound. Whether you prefer round or rectangular shaped speakers, they should be able to deliver the sound quality you desire.

Wireless Connectivity

Technological development has made it possible to synchronize devices. This has made it easier for people to connect their devices with favorite playlists and enjoy the music for any occasion. When shopping for portable speakers, you should consider this feature. Most people have become so attached to their smartphones that they use it to store virtually everything: music, motivational talks, interviews, and several other audio files. In fact, it is nearly impossible for most people to take a whole hour without touching their phones. This has made it important to make portable speakers that can connect to smartphones and other technology devices. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, you should be able to connect easily to the portable speakers via Bluetooth. Samsung and HTC devices can also connect to the speakers to give quality music and sound. In fact, you can connect the speakers to your TV to get enriching sound.

They can also be great for hands-free calling. If your friend is calling and would like to communicate on a loudspeaker, you can simply use the function to communicate. When your sister calls you when you are busy with house chores and do not have to stop to receive the call, you can put her on the loudspeaker and enjoy the conversation without the call interrupting whatever you were doing. These portable speakers are great loudspeakers and can provide a great hands-free experience when communicating with family, friends, and loved ones over the phone. You can also put the caller on loudspeaker so that everybody else around the house can be included in the conversation, (with their permission of course). Therefore, there is a limit to how you could use the wireless connectivity function of portable speakers. It provides so much freedom and flexibility when it comes to music and even calls.

Battery Life

The essence of having portable speakers is that they give you the flexibility to bring them to virtually any outdoor event. Whether you love listening to music while playing soccer, swimming, or partying by the poolside, the portability of these speakers is what distinguishes them from other speakers used at home. In this regard, portable speakers rely on rechargeable lithium batteries to power various functions. Lithium battery technology is often used because of ability to store power for longer and can be recharged halfway-full without affecting the battery’s efficiency. If you want more play-time, then you should look for speakers with longer playing time.

The high the ampere-hours (AH) the longer the battery is likely to last. Portable speakers can last from two hours to 24 hours. Therefore, if you are looking to entertain yourself and your guests for longer, then longer lasting batteries will serve your better. However, audio content and sound volume tend to affect playtime. Regardless, it is advisable to buy portable speakers that can last long enough to allow you to have uninterrupted music for the duration you will be outdoors. If you spend 2 to 3 hours outdoor, then you portable speakers with the battery power of up to 4 or 6 hours will serve your needs. However, if you spend more time outdoors, then you might need speakers with longer lasting batteries to enjoy your music while doing various activities outdoor.

On the other, while the quick charge feature might not seem like a very important factor when considering battery life, it saves you the time spent waiting for the speaker battery to attain full charge capacity. This can help you with parties planned on short notice. Your friends can call you to inform you of a planned party and you can be ready in three hours, (with your portable speaker of course). This is because you can plug it in to charge as you get ready for the event.

Controls and Ease of Use

Portable speakers should be very easy to use. The controls should be designed in such a manner that is easy to understand and use. Remember you will be using these controls to take control of your speaker and decide what to listen to or how to play your music. For instance, they should make it easy to control the volume by increasing or reducing it. Similarly, it should be easy to play or pause the music to attend to a phone call or any other matter of urgency around the house without missing your favorite song. On the other hand, you can choose to skip songs you don’t feel like listening to at that moment.

All these should feel effortless. Some speakers are made of touch-sensitive controls to make it hassle-free to control your music. If you are going to buy portable speakers with touch control, it should be touch sensitive so that you can maintain total control over what is played via the speakers. Controlling some speakers’ sound volume is as easy as tracing your fingertip in a circular motion along a circle on top of the speaker. If the speaker you want to buy seems difficult to understand and use, you might want to consider another option that will give you an easy time.


While this does not affect the performance of the portable speaker, it plays a significant role in how your speaker will look like. Portable speakers feature different designs to appeal to different audiences or tastes and preferences. You should pick a design that you are comfortable carrying around or that represents your personal taste and style. Fashionable designs can communicate that you are trendy and have great taste. Since you are going to be using the speakers most of the time, it is important to choose designs that you love.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are portable speakers?

A:  These are speakers with a compact design to carry around to outdoor environments to listen to music and other audio files. Portable speakers have been growing in popularity and people even carry them to the streets and public places these days. It is not unusual to find people with portable speakers along the beaches.

Q: Where can I buy a good portable speaker?

A: There are several different shops that sell good speakers and audio equipment. You can find them by visiting your nearest chain store or electronic items retailer across the country. You may also opt to log onto your PC and visit any of the popular eCommerce platforms for a range of contemporary design portable speakers. The product description page often contains detailed information about the product features and benefits. Take your time to go through the features to select portable speakers that meet your needs.

Q: How can I tell portable speakers are loud enough?

A: The power output or sound of speakers is often determined by the number of watts. The high the watts the louder your speakers can be. This also dictates the sound bass. If you want exceptional bass and loud sound, choose speakers with higher watts.

Q: How long should rechargeable portable speakers last before they run out of charge?

A: Portable speakers have different battery capacity and use different battery power management technologies. This affects the duration a speaker can take before it runs out of charge. Typically, portable speakers use rechargeable Lithium-ion battery technology. The higher the ampere-hours the longer the battery power is likely to last. Typically, the battery power should last for the period during which you are going to listen to music using the portable speakers, (usually a few hours).

Q: What is the best portable speaker?

A: The best portable speaker should have good quality sound, waterproof design, long-lasting battery, sleek design and size, ease control buttons, and more. It should also appeal to the eyes of the user in terms of innovative design.

Q: How much does the best portable speaker cost?

A: Portable speakers greatly vary in cost from one manufacturer to another. The cost is often determined by the features and functionalities of the item. However, with technological advancement, the prices of portable speakers have dropped significantly and have become very affordable these days. You can get a good portable speaker for a few dollars. You don’t have to break the bank in order to entertain yourself or friends and family.

Q: Are all portable speakers waterproof?

A: No, not all portable speakers come with this capability. However, as they become more popular, many made either water proof or water resistant. Make sure when purchasing a speaker to research the capabilities your item has around water.


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