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Brooks Hyperion Review Facts

Running shoes are typically judged by their cushioning and comfort level alone, they don't always get judged by their more advanced features. There are areas of the shoe of importance that are often overlooked like the upper, midsole and outsole. The durability of the shoe usually depends on the material used, construction and protection features. Many shoes offer toe bumpers, a plastic or more often rubber material that surrounds the toe of the shoe in order to both protect the weaker material used across the upper and to also protect the toes of the foot. The toe bumper (as it is often called) is placed on the area of the shoe that is bumped most frequently (hence its name). Many runners also offer reinforced construction on 'critical areas' which are areas of the shoe that face the most interaction with harder and sharper surfaces, as well as areas that are also bumped more frequently causing more wear and tear than lesser bumped areas of the shoe. The durability of a running shoe is very important, especially when investing in a more expensive running shoe. The value of the product and its justification for cost is also affected by the shoe's durability. This is why reviews such as this one are so important to read before investing in a running shoe, we look at ratings and reviews in order to give an idea of the majority of consumers thought of the product and to help determine whether the shoe is worth the cost.

This single product review is on the Brooks Hyperion. This running shoe is quite popular with consumers and is regularly reviewed. We looked at what consumers are saying about its specific features and its pros and cons. We looked at materials used in order to determine the breathability and function of the shoe. We also looked at its construction in order to determine its durability and reliability. This is our comprehensive review of the Brooks Hyperion. We hope that this review assists you with your next running shoe purchase and also helps you consider more obscure features that will make your running experience more enjoyable.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This shoe is attractive in design
  • This shoe offers a high level of breathability
  • This shoe also offers a lightweight feelĀ 
  • This shoe offers a nice midsole with proper stability
  • This product seems to have some stability issues areas outside the midsoleĀ 
  • This product seems to have some issues with room in the toe box


This product offers a sock-like fit liner that hugs close to the foot and adds enhanced breathability. The sock liner is quite thick and based on reviews offers a better level of cushioning and impact reduction. The upper of this product also offers mesh ventilation across the toe mound of this product. The benefit of mesh is that it allows cool air to enter the shoe while also pushing hot air out of the product. This keeps feet cool and dry and helps manage moisture build-up due to hot feet. Those who wore this product praised the shoe's breathability and lightweight design. They found that throughout their runs their feet stayed cooler than they experienced with a competitive products which is positive.


As mentioned above, feet stay cool and dry during runs, causing no discomfort due to sweat buildup within the shoe. The sock liner offers a tighter fit to the foot which gives the runner a more natural feeling step. The sock liner is also regularly reviewed as a little thick (yet breathable) which keeps the shoe closer and tighter to the foot. It also adds additional cushioning to the shoe. Those who wore this product did appreciate the sock liner and its thickness, however, there seem to be some issues with the toe box of this shoe. The shoe is quite narrow in design already and with the sock liner being a little thick, there doesn't seem to be much room in the toe box. Those who wore this product found that their toes were a little cramped in that area. They also found chaffing in the toe area and around the heel as a result of the sock liner. This product also offers Brooks BioMoGo DNA midsole, this is discussed more below but adds to the comfort level. This helps the runner adapt to their stride according to the company website. Those who wore this product liked the midsole of this product, saying that the flex grooves in it help with a much more comfortable and natural stride which is positive.


This product offers a rubber outsole that seems to hold together quite well according to many reviewers. The upper of this product isn't all mesh which typically would affect the shoe's breathability (not so much in this case which is positive). The lack of mesh throughout the upper of this product adds to the stability of the product. Mesh offers a lower level of structural integrity which affects the products durability levels. Luckily with this product, the upper isn't completely mesh but still offers a high level of breathability. Those who wore this product did find that it is quite durable and the aesthetic of the shoe stayed newer looking longer. This product is attractive in design, offers a high level of durability, is made of quality materials and is also constructed well, all of which are positive features especially considering the price of this product which is discussed in more detail below.


This product offers several items that are meant to assist with the stability of this product. The BioMoGo DNA material used in the midsole of this product (discussed more below) contours to the foot in order to provide support, stability and a better, more flexible fit. It also offers a medium to high arch support to the foot which assists with any collapsing of the arch and offers better support to it as well. The support style of this product is a neutral one. The sock liner of this product is also supposed to surround the foot better in order to provide stability, control and cushioning to the foot. Those who wore this product did praise its midsole, saying that they felt that the midsole did provide a high level of support as well as offering a decent amount of cushioning to the foot, however, they felt that the rest of the shoe lacked in the support and stability required in order to run longer distances. The primary area that could use improvement is the platform of the runner which did not provide enough support for those who required the support. This takes away from the shoe's effectiveness and would stop the runner from going further, unfortunately.


The midsole of this product offers Brooks BioMoGo DNA cushioning and support system. Midsoles are supposed to contour to the bottom of the foot in order to provide both a tighter hold, as well as proper support to the grooves of the underfoot (arch, hell, and ball). BioMoGo offers a contour feel to the product in order to offer a more natural step to those wearing the product. Those who wore this product really appreciated the flexibility of the midsole and how natural it felt to run and walk in this product. Though there are some complaints about the support and stability of this product (discussed in more detail below) there only seems to be positive reviews in regards to the support, flexibility, and function of the midsole of this product which is positive.


The outsole of this product offers a rebounding rubber material which allows those wearing this product a better, more energetic push off. This feature offers better energy return when in motion. It also offers better traction in order to grip the surface that the shoe is on and will, therefore, propel the runner forward with more ease. This helps the overall performance of the runner which is positive. Due to the flexibility of the outsole and midsole, those wearing this product found that there is far less resistance when toeing off as well which, again, aids in the performance of the runner. The outsole of this product is also quite lightweight which helps with performance and the delay of foot and leg fatigue. There also doesn't seem to be too many concerns in regards to the durability of the outsole. Because the outsole of this type of product tends to break down first due to contact with sharper objects like rocks, having a product with proper durability in the outsole is important. Overall those who wore this product appreciated its outsole functionality and durability which is positive. There are also 'propulsion pods' added to the outsole of this product which is supposed to return energy back to the runner. This product focuses mostly on the return of energy to those wearing the product which helps performance. What is also nice about these add-on features is that it doesn't weigh the shoe down. It seems that Brooks did a good job with the outsole of this product but it also sounds like the shoe is better reserved for shorter runs. This is discussed more below.


This product is quite reasonably priced especially when taking into consideration the two factors used when determining the price which is durability and versatility. This product does seem to hold together fairly well. There weren't many complaints about its durability. In fact, there is praise over the durability of the outsole of this product. The product is also attractive in appearance as well. It is definitely more on the minimalist, fashionable side than it is on the classic runner shoe side. Those who purchased this product said that this product is worth the price associated with it which is positive.


This product is attractive in appearance. It is definitely a more minimalist running shoe. It comes in numerous colors, most of which offer more toned down uppers but brighter treads. It is quite minimal in design and is quite narrow in appearance. Unfortunately, the foot does feel the narrow nature of the product. Those who wore this product found that they needed to size up due to the smallness of the toe box. This product is also quite lightweight and therefore doesn't offer the classic bulky sneaker look that some comparable products offer. Brooks tends to offer a better running shoe in regards to the appearance which makes it no surprise that this product is so attractive in design. It could potentially cross over as an everyday shoe which helps justify the runners cost overall.


The bottom line is this product is probably better used as a short-term runner. Though this product is quite durable, it seems that this product is better for 5 KM runs. It doesn't offer the stability required in order to really work as a long-term runner. Those who wore this product found that the only area that really provided any stability in the midsole and even then they found that it kind of lacked. This product is lightweight in design and also offers a high level of energy return which adds to the overall performance of those wearing it. It is also attractive and narrow in design which gives the shoe a sleeker look. The issue with the narrow design is that it seems to cramp up the foot a bit especially in the toe box of the shoe. This may require some sizing up and also makes it hard to order this product online as a result. Those who wore this product appreciated the products durability and cushioning, both of which seem to be a crowd favorite. Overall, this product is durable, stylish and inexpensive. This product would work great for those on a budget, those looking for short-term performance and for growing feet. All these factors should be considered before purchasing this shoe.