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Brooks Ghost 10 Review Facts

Brooks Sports is an American company that was founded in 1914. They did well in the early years but filed for bankruptcy in the 80's. In the early 2000's, the company stopped focusing so much on the variation of product and refocused on technology. The sports equipment company eventually produced running shoes that were credited as the best running shoe in both Runners World and Sports Illustrated. Now Brooks running shoes are a household name and their products are sold all over the world. They started their company with bathing shoes and ballet slippers, not running shoes. They launched "the Beast", which is a shoe that is supposed to provide better control and precision of every step. Their 1999 campaign really focused on the runner's feet and providing superior comfort over their competitors and they became known for it. Brooks is a reputable company with a good customer service team. They successfully persevered despite bankruptcy and came out a smarter company as a result of it.

This article focuses specifically on the Brooks Ghost 10. This runner is an attractive model that comes in both men and women versions as well as in numerous colors. They are the 10th version of this runner which shows that it has done well in the past. It is quite narrow at the toe with a hard rubber toe bumper and has an almost fishnet mesh at the toe, transitioning to ergonomic lines flowing through to the back heel. They have a shorter lacing system with rubber eyelets rather than metal. They have a medium width tongue and a soft and cushioned heel lining at the back of the opening of the shoe. The shoe is fairly highly rated on numerous third party sites and is supposed to have the 'smoothest ride'. We looked at different aspects of the shoe including materials used and its construction. We also looked at consumer reviews to get a better idea of what individuals thought of the shoe and any likes and dislikes they had. This is our review of the Brooks Ghost 10 Running Shoe. We hope you find it helpful in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • True to size
  • Attractive in design
  • Very comfortable (good cushion) 
  • Inexpensive
  • No great for low arches 
  • Some issues with the toe bumper 


This product does have the upper mesh layer, however, have been labeled as non-breathable. This is more than likely due to the GORE-TEX lining. GORE-TEX, labeled as both waterproof and yet breathable, does often have complaints about the lack of breathability it provides. Runners who tried out this shoe found that their feet got quite warm during their runs which is obviously an issue because it is uncomfortable and can cause moisture build up. They did confirm that these runners were actually better in cooler temperatures, however, because their feet stayed warm. These shoes may be ideal for cooler climates or even higher moisture climates with their added waterproofing, but they may not be ideal for warmers areas despite the ventilation made available by their upper mesh.


This product is listed as being cushioned and plush. Brooks is known for their 'happy feet' which is supposed to indicate superior comfort. The arch in this product is medium/high which would be beneficial for average and higher arches. This would probably be an issue for those with lower ones. They also have a flexible forefoot, according to their website, that is supposed to offer better flexibility and control over the foot and step. The shoe, as mentioned above, does get a little warm when in motion and can cause some moisture build up in the shoe as a result of it. Luckily, in cooler temperatures, these shoes do tend to stay a little warmer. The waterproofing helps keep the shoe dry with higher humidity climates which is beneficial. They have a great cushioning especially in the heel which aids in impact resistance as well as energy and bounce of the shoe. The toe is quite cradled as well in this shoe for better grip and precision when stepping down. Overall, reviewers found this shoe incredibly comfortable despite some minor issues. The cushioning on this product is superior and those who ran in this shoe did confirm that they could do it for an extended period of time which is a plus for long distance runners.


This product features GORE-TEX technology which adds a level of waterproofing not typically available in running shoes. Those who wore this runner confirmed that the shoe itself is extremely waterproof which would help make it a little more versatile. The shoe itself would probably be able to make it through some more aggressive terrain like trails as a result of it however the grip isn't quite good enough for rocky terrain like mountains. The GORE-TEX is highly regarded as one of the best waterproofing materials out there however as mentioned above does kind of take away from the breathability of the shoe which should, of course, be considered before purchasing. Waterproofing is more important in trail runs. If the inside of the shoe gets wet as a result of either sweat or external water getting into the inside of the shoe this could end up hurting the runner's feet. The moisture can cause blisters and calluses which would make for an uncomfortable run. Additionally, the water will cause faster deterioration of the shoe and therefore decrease the shoe's longevity. Many runners don't have waterproofing at all and the fact that this one does adds a benefit to the shoe that is unique to running shoes in general. This is a huge perk.


The insole of this product fits very well with any foot type. They are true-to-size as well so there should be no issues with fitting right into these shoes. They also require no breaking in which may be desirable for more serious runners. They cushion the foot nicely as well as cradle it to offer better precision with each step. One issue that some reviewers mentioned that isn't very common is that there seems to be some valgus stress on the knee with these runners. This could be due to the insole of the shoe and the foot not landing correctly on the pavement. It isn't entirely clear what is causing this issue with some runners but valgus stress is usually a genetic thing or is caused post-trauma which would mean that the shoe itself shouldn't be the cause of this stress, however, there was more than one individual that complained about some pain in the knees when wearing this runner. It may not be ideal for those, then, who have had these issues in the past.


The upper on this shoe is made of synthetic fabric and mesh. It offers a better and more secure fit and the mesh adds a bit of breathability, though the GORE-TEX, as mentioned, sort of cancels out the mesh, unfortunately. The upper also has the GORE-TEX fabric lining which makes the shoe incredibly waterproof and water-resistant. The lacing system is a little shorter than some other models on the market but it works well with the mesh fabric to help tighten the shoe to the foot and offers better precision. There weren't very many comments about the upper of the shoe except for the toe bumper. The toe bumper gave some runners bruised toes (one reviewer went as far as to take it right off the shoe which is not advised). Other than some minor issues with the toe bumper, the shoe is quite durable and very waterproof.


The midsole of this product is made of a "BioMoGo DNA" which is supposed to add additional cushioning to the arch and heel. There was an even split of people both complimenting the fit and support of the shoe as well as complaints about the shoes hurting arches. As mentioned earlier in this article, the arch on this product is medium to high so this could be the issue with the arch support. It may be too high for those with lower arches which would be the reason for the pain. This should be considered before purchasing this shoe. The cushioning in the midsole, however, is reviewed as being quite comfortable and those who did like this shoe found this to be the biggest asset to this shoe. They said that runs could be extended due to the additional cushioning which would be ideal for those running marathons.


There is very little listed about the traction of this product. The website lists very little as far as the traction goes and reviewers didn't have much to say about it either which isn't necessarily a negative thing. As they say, no news is good news. Those who did comment about the traction did praise it. For a street shoe, this product is reviewed as having decent traction considering. They would probably not do very well as a trail or climbing shoe but they would do better than average for a street shoe which is a plus.


This runner is attractive in design. We wouldn't go so far as to say that it is stylish and could be worn also as a fashion accessory, however, they are stylish for a running shoe. The shoe is more monochrome in design, in that it doesn't come in too many contrasting colors. It has a more narrow toe which gives is more of a sleek design. They would definitely give a runner an elevated look. They have both neutral and bright color options, the fishnet gives it a very sporty look and the back lines around the heel in an attractive design. They look fast! The heel isn't too thick and they have about a 12 mm drop so the toe is quite thin in comparison to the heel. Overall, they are attractive and the price is right. We definitely like the look of these runners.


This product is actually quite inexpensive considering everything it has to offer. The shoe is attractive in design, offering a more sleek alternative to the clunky runner people are used to. They offer superior comfort in comparison to its competitors due to its innovated cushioning. They can be worn for much longer than some competitors as well so this makes them ideal for all sorts of activities, making them a little more versatile. They are well constructed and made of high-quality materials. They are also highly-praised outside of some arch issues. The shoes are very waterproof which makes them ideal for areas of higher moisture and humidity but unfortunately also makes them less breathable. Overall, the price is right on these runners. They are good quality, highly regarded sneaker with superior comfort and durability. They are ideal for all runners, especially those on a budget.


Overall, this is a good running shoe. Outside of the issues associated with some leg pain and arch discomfort, both of which seem to be more of a case-by-case basis and not so much a defect of the shoe, this shoe is very highly regarded by both beginners as well as seasoned athletes. The fact that Brooks is now on its 10th version of this shoe kind if proves that point even further. This shoe has been popular with runners for a long time probably as a result of its superior cushioning. Low arches beware, this shoe is probably not for you as the arches tend to run a little high but as far as sizing goes, they fit true-to-size. Brooks is a reputable company with a good track record and a decent exchange policy. Additionally, their customer service is supposed to be very helpful and friendly. Overall, this is a good running shoe and this is why we've rated it so high.