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Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro Review Facts

Lacrosse prides themselves on their innovative design of hunting boots. Of course, you could just buy some tall gumboots and wade out into the bush, but every new product that comes out from Lacrosse has some new feature or material combination that makes life easier and comfier for farmers, workers, and hunters. The Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro is the culmination of all of that work. Considered by many to be one of the best boots on the market, the Alphaburly Pro has innovations and clever additions from top to bottom. From the way it fits to the way it grips, and even in the ways it keeps you warm and dry, Lacrosse has come up with an answer for everything. With all these quality of life improvements comes a bit of a steeper price tag. Is it worth it? Let's find out.

Editor's Pros & Cons

-Great Traction and Tread

-Very Comfortable and Warm

-Durable Waterproofing

-Customizable Fit


-Little bit Pricey

-Superficial Damage

Sole Composition

The Alphaburly Pro's sole is made up of a rubber outsole, and an EVA foam midsole. The rubber is hand made and allows for advanced waterproofing, traction, and defense. The EVA foam is the classic running shoe foam that keeps the boot lightweight and has good response for your feet. It also has a nylon shank sandwiched between the two for an extra layer of shock absorption. The tread has been designed as a lug sole, with an aggressive and dynamic tread pattern designed for unpredictable, shifting terrain. Where Lacrosse's innovation comes in is the layered rubber at the heel and toe. There are actually three layers at each of these spots. This adds some extra protection and durability for your feet.

Terrain & Traction

The Lacrosses Alphaburly Pro is designed to handle as extreme a situation as you can think of. Going off the trails and out into the wild has its fair share of unpredictability so the Alphaburly has a wide range of features to handle that. It has an aggressive tread that will keep good traction in all kinds of elements. You won't have to worry about losing your footing, even in snow or deep water. The edges of the boot have a chamfered pattern, which effectively slough off mud and other debris that can stick to your feet. The rest of the boot is designed for harsh conditions as well. The boot is rated for negative twenty degrees celsius, but you might want to bring some warm socks just in case. It also has been effectively waterproofed .

Upper Build

The upper is built of a combination of rubber and neoprene, with a jersey lining for comfort. The rubber has been hand laid over top of 3.5 millimeter thick neoprene. The rubber is built for durability and defense. Rubber is about as good as you can get for impermeability. There is two layers of rubber down on the instep of the shoe. This double vamp is for some extra support and warmth where it matters the most. The neoprene does a really great job of keeping your foot warm. Neoprene is an effective material in a wide range of environments, and will always keep its consistency and insulating properties. The lining has been embossed in a diamond pattern and does a good job of wicking sweat away from your foot and out of the boot.

Size & Weight

You can get the Alphaburly Pro from a size 6 to a size 15. They are 16" up from the arch, and 18" inches from heel to ankle. The boot entrance has a 16" circumference, but it is adjustable. These boots are definitely heavier than a cheap pair of gum boots at 5 pounds a pair, but they won't feel that way when you're trudging around in them. There's a lot of extra protection built into them, but the neoprene and EVA foam are lightweight enough to counter them. You'll be wearing these boots for extended periods of time so rest assured that they won't be unnecessarily tiring you out after a long day of hiking. Some people noted that they fit a little big. The cinchable calf should solve that problem in the leg. For the foot, try wearing thicker socks, or putting in a thicker insole. In a lot of cases that extra room is a blessing that allows you to custom fit your boot.

Airflow & Waterproofing

Waterproofing is one of the most aspects in a hunting boot. Getting wet feet early in a hunt will eventually end that hunt. The Alphaburly Pro does a very good job in this department. The seal on these boots is absolute. You can spend all day in deep water and never get wet. That seal also won't wear down any time soon. The rubber bears the brunt of this work of course, but there is also the neoprene to thank in this job. It does a good job repelling water as well, and will also keep the inside of your boot scent-free. The neoprene does lean heavily towards the warm side, as it should, but it also does an okay job of regulating heat on a warmer day. A final addition to help your feet feel aired out inside the boot is the embossed liner. The jersey material is slightly porous, giving the air and sweat somewhere to go. The lining will also dry very quickly and the upper part of the boot can be rolled down so that they will often dry out over night, if needed.


The Alphaburly comes in a few varieties. None of theme are much more effective than the others. They follow a more grassy pattern. There's just a simple green boot if you want to keep it simple. Then for camouflage there's a lighter colored Mossy Oak Break Up Country, the more dark green of the Realtree Xtra Green and in between those two is the regular Realtree. An important note for the camouflage of the Alphaburly Pro is that there have been some complaints that despite the high quality materials used in the rest of the boot, the camouflage pattern wears off quite quickly. It may be best to get one of the simpler patterns if having your camouflage look slightly rubbed off would bother you.

Longevity & Overall Quality.

It is important for boots like this to survive the rough terrain of the outdoors. The Alphaburly Pro accomplishes this confidently. Lacrosse is proud of the rubber they use in their products and for good reason. It won't tear or scuff. The multiple layers in the lower part of the shoe do their part in adding some extra durability to the boot. People who have taken these boots on many long trips have noted that they still keep together. Another piece of the boot that doesn't fall apart is the tread. The tread of a boot is the part that goes through the most punishment so it's a pleasant surprise that the tread of the Lacrosse Alphaburly is its strongest piece. It takes a long time for it to become worn down. A minor issue with the Alphaburly is that there's some neoprene at the top of the boot which can stain if exposed to some of the more cloying substances you can encounter out in the wild.

Safety Features

The Alphaburly Pro does not have many features specifically designed for safety, but that is because it does a good job protecting you by being well-designed. The gusseting at the entrance of the boot will keep it tight on your foot. It is snug to the ankle so you won't slide around. It is good at regulating heat so your feet won't become too uncomfortable. Your foot won't slide around in the boot as long as you make sure it's snug in there. Finally, the sole is thick enough that you won't damage your feet that way. The only thing that the Alphaburly Pro truly lacks is that it has not been designed to be snakeproof. This could be an important factor if you live in a region with a large population of snakes.


The focus of the Alphaburly Pro's design is its strength, but it has been made of materials that still retain their flexibility while providing you protection. The neoprene and rubber come together to create a flexible upper that won't have you sacrificing any of your mobility on a hunt. The sole is also very flexible. The layering of the rubber is all in the places that don't need to flex, which leaves some room for versatility in the midfoot. This keeps your foot's movement feeling natural. Another important aspect of the rubber's versatility is that it is good at weathering different environments. Lacrosse's rubber is good at staying firm on very hot days, and keeping flexible on the really cold ones.

Support & Balance

Another important aspect of a hunting boot that Lacrosse knocks out of the park is support. It does wonders for you when you can feel confident in each step and the Alphaburly Pro won't have you doubting what you can do out there. The three layers of rubber that reinforce the heel and toe of this boot keep even the strongest impacts against the ground minimized. Your arch gets its own share of support from the nylon shank that runs along the bottom of the EVA foam. To counteract the thick layers of material under your foot, there are also features to promote your stability. Many reviewers noted that you will always feel confident in the hold the boot has on your ankle. The rubber has been narrowed a little at the ankle to help the boot keep a firm grip on your ankle and the rest of your foot. On the other side of the foot the toe box is nice and wide to give your toes lots of room to stretch and grip.

Lacing System

The lacing system of the Alphaburly Pro uses what Lacrosse calls the Active Fit system. This is a neoprene gusseting that makes it easy to take the boot on and off, as well make sure you have a secure fit on your calf. The neoprene is a very comfortable material that won't rub against the back of your leg. This also makes the upper part of the boot very customizable. It is easy to fit your pant legs into the boot and then cinch it to whatever tightness you like afterwards. It also accommodates any size of calf.

Value & Cost

Sadly, all the great features of the Alphaburly Pro come at a cost. This boot costs a bit more than other ones you will find on the market. Luckily, this boot will also last you long enough that you won't be thinking of the price tag. Any issues with sizing can be easily dealt with without having to send it back. It will last a long enough time that you won't feel like you have wasted your money. There also haven't been many complaints about improperly shipped units or flaws in people's individual pairs of boots. If you're in need of a serious boot for any kind of serious work you may need to do, you won't feel like you spent your money improperly here.

Comparison & Similarities

There are actually two versions of the Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro. Which one you would like depends on where you live and what season you spend your time in. Besides the original Alphaburly Pro, there is also an insulated version that has thinsulate insulation lining around the foot. There have been a few complaints from users about the original version's ability to stay warm in colder environments. Sometimes using wool socks is enough to solve that problem, but why risk it if you are going to be spending all of your time in the snow anyway. The insulated version does a good job of keeping you warm while only adding a little bit more weight to the boot.

Key Features

-Neoprene Core keeps you warm and dry
-Active Fit Neoprene Gusseting for a customizable fit
-Waterproof hand laid rubber
-Chamfered tread sheds sticky debris

Final Thoughts

The Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro is a very high-quality boot. No matter what kind of use you are trying to get out of it, the Alphaburly will most likely meet your need. The only issue with this boot is the price. There's a lot of value to be wrung out of this boot. It will last a long time, it can be taken anywhere, and it will keep you warm and comfortable the entire time. If you need some boots for a once a year trip then you can find something cheaper elsewhere, but if you spend as much time in your boots as you do in your runners, the Alphaburly Pro is your boot.