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Nike Air Max Torch 4 Review Facts

When trying on running shoes we often look at the general comfort of the shoe rather than we do other crucial areas. There are areas such as the upper and the midsole that we may not consider when looking at running shoes. The heel of a running shoe is an area that should also be considered due to the heels vitalness. The heel of a running shoe holds, as it suggests, the heel. The heel of a running shoe should cup the heel of the foot without causing too much pressure on one specific area. The heel area of the shoe includes both the bottom of the foot as well as the Achilles area of the foot. Those with Achilles heel issues specifically should consider the functionality of the heel because if the heel area is too tight or too high on the heel it could cause considerable pain for the runner. The heel forms the bottom of the foot up to the top of the Achilles. The base of the heel should also offer cushioning that not only offers comfort but also helps with impact reduction. Depending on the type of run the participant is doing the heel may be the first point of contact with the ground and would, therefore, need to offer a higher level of impact reduction than a runner whose activity causes more impact on the ball of the foot. Impact reduction in the area that touches the ground first is important because this is going to determine the runner's ability to go further for longer comfortably and it will also help with long-term damage typically associated with running (hip replacement and knee surgery due to wear and tear). The heel of the running shoe is a critical area to consider when looking at running shoes for these reasons.

This article focuses on the Nike Air Max Torch 4. Nike Air is a special line of running shoes that offer air rather than solid materials (like gel and foam) as cushioning in the heel. Nike Air is a highly debated type of running technology due to its high levels of impact reduction and energy return but also its reliability and seemingly lack of durability and longevity. There are those who are highly supportive of the technology and those who are highly against, there seems to be very little middle ground. We looked at consumer reviews of this product in order to determine the products pros and cons. We looked at materials used in order to determine the breathability and functionality of the product. We also looked at the products construction in order to determine its durability and its reliability. This is our comprehensive review of the Nike Air Max Torch 4. We hope that this article serves you in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This shoe can be worn on numerous surfaces and terrains 
  • This shoe is regularly reviewed as being very comfortable
  • This shoe is quite reasonably priced 
  • This shoe offers a high level of impact reduction
  • This product isn't attractive in design 
  • This product isn't versatile in that it can't really be worn outside of during physical activity 
  • This product isn't great for long runs 


This product offers a breathable mesh and synthetic material across its upper. This offers both ventilation and a secure fit. The mesh across the top of the upper allows the upper to wrap the foot better due to the decreased structural integrity of the product and decreased stiffness of the material. The mesh allows cool air to enter the shoe, as well, in order to push the hot air out of the shoe. This keeps the runner's feet cool and dry throughout their run. Those who wore this product did find that their feet stayed cool and dry during their run which is positive. This added to our overall rating of the shoe. The synthetic materials used around the mesh not only adds structure to the shoe but also offer a form of protection for the mesh which can break down relatively easily due to its structural integrity. This adds to the shoes overall durability. This is discussed more below. The synthetic material also dries easier in order to keep feet dry as well. The padded tongue and collar not only offer a level of comfort but also keeps moisture out of the shoe which can also be found when running out on city streets. Those who wore this product liked the shoe's breathability.


This product offers a breathable upper which as mentioned above keeps feet cool and dry during runs. The padded collar and tongue offer better comfort for the front and collar of the ankle. This also keeps water out of the shoe in areas where there may be moisture like around puddles. The front of the upper offers a lace-up system which allows the wearer to tighten the shoe closer to the foot and the heel of this product offers a visible air-sole heel which looks interesting but also offers a high level of impact reduction as well as gives the runner the feeling of literally running on air (because they are!). The impact reduction helps in the short-term as it avoids any soreness in the legs due to impact but also offers long-term comfort because this will decrease the requirement for major surgeries later on. Running typically does impact the joints and bones negatively due to the constant high impact that running causes. The decreased impact is a highly valuable feature in running shoes. Those who wore this product praised the shoes comfort levels saying that they are both comfortable as well as offer a decent fit. Both of which are positive reviews.


The overlays of this product hold the mesh in place and help protect the mesh from wear and tear during runs and walks. The front of this product offers a toe bumper in order to protect the shoe in areas that are 'bumped' into more frequently (hence the name). The outsole of this product is made of a highly durable full-length BRS 1000 which is a carbon rubber that is supposed to withstand all surfaces. Those who wore this product did find that they could be used in numerous terrains including city streets which tend to have sharper objects like rocks and debris on them. Rocks and debris will cut through the rubber faster than other surfaces will so the fact that they can easily withstand city streets is good. The materials used for this running shoe does seem to be less quality than the website says. The feeling of the shoe feels mid-quality. Those who wore this product found that it is the quality stitching of this shoe that makes the shoe more durable than the material itself. The sole seems to be okay but some did find that the outsole detached from the upper within the first 3 months. This product seems to be better used as a short-term running shoe than an intensive training shoe.


The heel of this product has the air technology used in all air products. The air product line is debated due to the common occurrence of the air pod blowing out relatively quickly and easily early in the life of this line of shoes. When the air blows out of the shoe it becomes essentially useless when in motion. The impact reduction is nil at this point and it is also known to cause such a 'flat' that the runner can feel the ground under their heel. This product offers a fairly thick midsole due to the air pods. The heel to toe ration offers a pretty decent transition which is positive. Those who wore this product did find due to the air pod that the impact reduction and the energy return is decent. Based on the reviews it was surprising to see so many positive reviews about this product's a high level of durability, even throughout the heel. Very few seem to have issues with the air pods blowing out. This particular model of the air line seems to offer a decent protective material around the pod in order to keep it from blowing out. The air also offers decent energy return as well which is positive especially when it comes to the shoe's performance.


This product offers a phylon midsole which runs through the forefoot in order to offer a durable and flexible support. The midsole utilizes the heel's air max unit in order to add cushioning to the shoe. The midsole contours to the foot in order to offer a better fit to the underfoot. The phylon is a durable material that is both firm and supportive without hurting the arch of the foot. There were several wearers with existing arch, ankle and leg problems that found these shoes either stopped the issue or at least helped with the issue which is positive. The midsole also offers a level of impact reduction. This, as mentioned earlier in the article, helps in the long-term due to less wear and tear on the joints and bones that can cause the requirement for invasive surgeries down the road. Overall, the max air coupled with the phylon midsole offers support, stability, lightweight feel and impact reduction.


The outsole of this product is wrapped in order to add support and a secure fit. The rubber is made of a BRS 1000 carbon rubber material and the design of the outsole is a cleat-like or waffle design. This helps 'stick' to surfaces better in order to but support those wearing the shoe and also propels the runner forward which helps with the wearer's performance. Those who wore this product found that it can be worn on a variety of surfaces which makes the shoe much more versatile. The material used for the outsole is also quite durable which is positive especially when running outside. The outsole is also quite thick which offers impact reduction and durability to the shoe. This is most likely why it is able to handle more terrains than comparable products. The outsole seems to be made of quality material and the construction seems to be done quite well. There were very few complaints about the outsole disconnecting from the upper of the shoe (which is a common complaint seen with running shoes). Overall, this product offers a high-quality outsole with a decent traction. But again, this product is probably better (in regards to outsole performance) for shorter runs and not necessarily aggressive or intensive training.


This product is quite reasonably priced considering a couple factors. Firstly, this product is quite durable. Typically durability and price go hand in hand because the more often you have to replace a pair of trainers, the cheaper (theoretically) the shoe should be. This product is quite durable which means it will last a lot longer than those that are less durable. It also prolongs the aesthetic of the shoe which means they'll look newer longer. The other factor is the versatility of the shoe. This product can be worn on numerous surfaces, eliminating the need for specific runners for specific purposes due to the traction or support. That said, this isn't the most fashionable shoe and that kind of hurts the shoes overall versatility. It isn't really an everyday or night-out shoe. It is probably better reserved as a gym or road companion. Overall, though, this product is quite inexpensive in price and is quite durable, both of which are quite positive qualities.


The bottom line is that this is a pretty decent shoe. There seem to be very few complaints about this runner. Those who wore it appreciated the support and durability of the shoe. The cushioning is great even though it is a Nike Air product which seems to have issues in other models. The air pod seems to be properly protected and therefore is properly protected from sharp objects on the ground. This shoe offers impact reduction through the heel, midsole, and outsole of it. It also offers a decent level of grip on several different terrains. Overall, this product is a reliable one at a decent price. It fits true to size as well which makes ordering it online easy. It is definitely worth a try!