Natural Energy Drinks to Boost Your Productivity

An in-depth review of Natural Energy Drinks to Boost Your Productivity

In a time when energy drinks have gotten a severely bad name and the debate is raging strong over whether any energy drink is actually good for you, natural energy drinks are being overlooked as well. It is a known fact that between working, family, cleaning, a social life, kids, and even taking a walk every day, productivity and energy can be a little on the low side for most of us. We all need a pick me up to get through the day and energy drinks have a way of giving you that pick me up. But what about the health risks and the side effects associated with these artificial energy drinks? Is it worth the risk?

In our opinion, no it is not worth the risk and that’s where natural energy drinks to increase your productivity and energy come in. Believe it or not, there are natural energy drinks out there that don’t contain a ton of caffeine and a ton of sugar that will help you feel energized and productive without side effects that might kill you. Today, you can even choose between organic and all-natural energy drinks, so the choice is yours on that one. In this blog, we will go into a few of the best natural energy drinks to increase your energy and productivity, the pros and cons of organic and all-natural, and even a little bit about why artificial energy drinks are so bad for you. So grab your energy drink of choice, pull up a chair and follow us on our journey to find the best natural energy drinks to boost your productivity and energy as well. Smoothies

What’s So Wrong with Artificial Energy Drinks?

There are so many things wrong with artificial energy drinks that it’s hard to know where to begin. So, we will just list a few bullet points to get the main problems out there and move on.

  • There are over 500 brands of artificial energy drinks on the market today
  • Many of these drinks are advertised by their ability to help you stay up all night, though it is never a good idea not to sleep
  • Health concerns are steadily growing about the safety of these types of drinks
  • Commonly reported side effects include insomnia, rapidly beating heart, chest pain, diarrhea, headaches, and irritability
  • Energy drinks have been responsible for countless visits to the emergency room yearly and some of these have even been fatal
  • There is nothing natural about the caffeine found in artificial energy drinks
  • The drinks are primarily made up of sugar and caffeine, neither of which is good for you when you have too much of them

These are just a few of the things that have been reported and found to be wrong with artificial energy drinks, there are many, many more. However, it’s time for us to move on in our blog to the reason for this blog, which is natural energy drinks and what they can do for you. Ready to get started? Then, let’s go!

Natural Energy Drinks for Productivity and Energy Revealed

Now, that you know the dangers of drinking those artificial energy drinks that are flying out of the freezer in most stores, it’s time to delve into the types of natural energy drinks that won’t hurt you and can give your productivity a boost. A few of those drinks will be listed below.

Green Tea

According to which country you live in, coffee could be the drink of choice, with coffee shops on every corner. Which means you might be surprised to find out that green tea is still the number one beverage in the world, not only for its many health benefits but for increasing productivity as well. Green tea is known for helping to increase attention spans by calming you but not making you drowsy. It is also said to be beneficial for your mood, to boost learning, and increase memory. Since it has such a small concentration of caffeine, it can help with energy levels without leaving you feeling jittery and wired.Tea


In the western world, coffee is the number natural energy beverage of choice. It’s known for giving a boost of energy when needed, helping with alertness, focus, and memory and it is a natural beverage. Studies have even shown that people who drink coffee have less of a risk of developing Alzheimer’s as well, so it could help with your mental alertness in the long run. So, the next time you’re low on energy and ultra unproductive, head to your local cafe and grab a mug of Joe, the natural energy drink.


Who would have thought that the most natural drink on earth would be an energy drink and could produce energy as well as help you be more productive? Water, if you think about it, is something that our bodies need to survive, so it stands to reason that if we want to be more productive and have more energy, we would give our body what it needs. The next time, you are lagging in energy and aren’t mentally alert enough to get through that work day, think about when the last time was that you drank enough water. That could be your fix right there!


Smoothies aren’t only good for you, they taste great as well. If you need a jolt of energy to get through the day, try making a smoothie with blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds or even pomegranates, as these are considered to be brain foods and are extremely good for you and your energy levels. Since these smoothies are rich in protein, something the body needs, they will surely add a pep to your step for the rest of the afternoon and the ingredients aren’t dangerous. There isn’t a ton of sugar and caffeine in these natural energy drinks, which means you don’t have to worry about that crash later in the evening, making smoothies a win-win for anyone who needs more energy and to be more productive as well.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is another type of tea that is known to give you energy. It’s a traditional South American tea that comes out of the holly plant family. Drinkers of this tea say that it has the strength of coffee while giving you the health benefits of tea, and providing you with the euphoria of chocolate as well. How’s that for getting everything all in one cup? It is said to be so full of vitamins that it could easily sustain life. Avid drinkers of the tea have reported that it helps to increase their mental energy, helps them to focus and be more alert, and does it all without the jitters that often come from drinking too much coffee.

Turmeric Tea

While all the teas and, of course, the coffee, have at least a little caffeine in them, the next natural energy drink on our list has none. Turmeric itself is a spice that has been used for cooking and even healing for over thousands of years. It is extremely popular in Okinawa, Japan, where the citizens happen to be among the longest-lived people in the world. It is known to boost the immune system, help with many health problems, and of course, keep you mentally aware, productive, and give you the energy you crave. The tea can be bought or you can make it yourself as well.

Coconut Water

It seems that water and tea are ranking high on our list of natural energy drinks, so there must be something to them. Coconut water is said to be the perfect way to boost your energy levels and has earned the name of nature’s drink over the years, which certainly recommends it as a drink you should try. You can drink the water by itself or blend it into a smoothie with bananas and strawberries for a tasty treat and double the energy and productivity levels and have we mentioned that it’s good for you!?


There are also natural energy drinks that can be bought in a can, below we will list a few of them for your perusal. Make sure that you do your research well to ensure that these are indeed as natural as they say they are.

  • MatchaBar Hustle (Unsweetened)
  • Bai Bubbles Sparkling Antioxidant Infusion
  • Hiball Sparkling Energy Water
  • Celsius Naturals
  • Zevia Energy
  • RUNA Energy Drinks
  • BluePrint Mindful Ma-Tay Tea
  • V8+Energy
  • Tea Riot
  • Clean Cause Sparkling Energy Water
  • Just Chill Beverages

These are a few of the natural energy drinks that will boost your energy and productivity that you can buy in many stores. The trick is to make sure that they don’t have ingredients that aren’t natural or organic, which brings us to the next section in our blog, the pros, and cons of all-natural and organic natural energy drinks. Which is better? Read on below to find out.

Pros and Cons of All-Natural Versus Organic Energy Drinks

While both of these natural energy drinks have gained extreme popularity over the last few years,  there is a debate over which one is better for your health. Of course, as with anything else in the world, these drinks come with their own set of pros and cons. Below we will go into a few of them, so you are also in the know and can come to an informed decision which one, if either drink, is the right choice for you.

Pros of All-Natural Energy and Organic Energy Drinks

  • They don’t contain any artificial chemicals
  • Natural caffeine is used from things such as coffee, green tea, or guarana
  • Organic energy drinks are said to be free of all pesticides and other chemical residues
  • Both use sugar that is found in a more natural state
  • Juices used are from natural flavors, no artificial sweeteners
  • There are no controversial dyes and food colorings used, everything used is all-natural as it should be
  • There are no artificial preservatives used in these drinks

Cons of All-Natural Energy and Organic Energy Drinks

  • The organic energy drinks are still known to be high in sugar and calories, something most of us want to avoid in our natural energy drinks
  • Drinks that are all-natural can still be full of caffeine, which isn’t suitable for everyone to drink
  • Some of these drinks contain additional ingredients or even herbs that people can be sensitive to
  • The amount of herbs used in some of the organic drinks is so tiny that they can’t really do what they advertise in the way of health benefits, productivity, and energy levels
  • Organic energy drinks can be much more expensive that all-natural energy drinks are
  • While they do try, natural energy drinks could never replace the vitamins and minerals you get from eating a diet that is rich in fruit and veggies, the way they were meant to be eaten

These are just a few of the pros and cons to all-natural and organic energy drinks. Either way, whatever the pros and cons, they are still better for you than the artificial energy drinks that are flooding the market today. However, as with anything else that you try to get more energy and to increase your productivity, it is best to talk to your primary care provider before you do.Coffee

Whether it’s all-natural or not, there are still people who have allergic reactions or are not able to have the caffeine that some of these drinks contain. If you are having problems with productivity and your energy levels are dropping, then it’s time to make an appointment with your primary care provider so that you can work out the problem and how to cure it together.

This concludes our blog on natural energy drinks to boost your productivity and give you the energy you need to make it through the day. Remember, consult your primary care provider before changing up your diet or starting to include any of these drinks in it.


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