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Beats Solo 3 Review Facts

Listening to music has been linked to an improved lifestyle by lower stress levels and offering some relief from anxiety. It isn't often that an individual doesn't have a personal preference in regards to the type of music they like. It ranges from fast and upbeat to slow and mellow depending on the artist or album. Music offers an open creative space for any single person to live in and express themselves in. Other benefits of music are that it helps improve an individuals mood. Many people, when having a bad day, will put on music in order to sway their negative energy and hopefully move it into something more neutral. In addition to this, music can help improve energy levels as well. Many people listen to upbeat music in order to increase their energy levels. Many individuals who workout or train will listen to 'pump-me-up' music in order to increase their energy levels and perform better. Music is also incredible in that it can help decrease pain and provide comfort for those who are ill or hurt. It has also been proven to help children with autism which is an incredible benefit to music. Music can be listened to on many different devices but one of the best to get the highest sound quality with are earphones. Earphones have the benefit of being able to provide music closer to the ear in order to offer the highest level of sound. Some earphones also have noise reduction technology which keeps the sounds around the individual wearing the headphones out in order offer only the sound offered by the earphones themselves.

This article focuses on the Beats Solo 3. Beats, being a relatively young company, are quickly rising to be one of the best in consumer-based, quality audio. They offer a wide range of quality devices used to provide superior sound quality. We have decided to do a comprehensive review of the Beats Solo 3. We looked at consumer reviewers in order to determine the quality of these earphones as well as to determine its basic and advanced features. We also looked at the materials used and the construction of the headphones in order to determine their durability and reliability. This is our in-depth review of the Beats Solo 3. We hope that this review serves you in your next headphones purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The sound quality of these headphones are crisp and clean 
  • The battery life of these earphones is very impressive 
  • The Bluetooth range is impressive in that it is good up to about 40 feet
  • The call quality (when receiving incoming phone calls while connected to a phone) is also clear 
  • These headphones do not do well in cold weather
  • They are a little pricey 
  • There are some glitches in regards to the Bluetooth, some reviewers found the Bluetooth would randomly quit and require restarting


These headphones are wireless and therefore provide wireless technology through Class 1 Bluetooth. They also offer phone functions like answering calls and music controls in order to make it more convenient for the wearer to answer calls without having to take the headphones off. They also offer volume control which allows the user to adjust the volume directly on the headphones themselves rather than having to do so via the phone or tablet the earphones are connected to. They also offer noise cancellation technology which keeps outside sounds out and the music in in order to offer superior sound quality. This also helps keep the music within the area its designated for rather than bothering those around the wearer. They also offer an LED Fuel Gauge which lets the wearer know when the earphones are running out of battery life. The LED lights also extend to the functionality of the earphones in that they light up when buttons are pressed which is quite attractive in design and helps the wearer know that the function is being done. Overall, these headphones offer all the basic features required in order to use these earphones with ease which is positive.


The advanced features of these headphones include a 40-hour battery which is something that is quite unique to this type of technology. This makes sense considering the price tag of these headphones which is discussed in more detail below but is quite high, unfortunately. They also offer Class 1 Bluetooth technology (which is also discussed in greater detail below), this technology is impressive because it allows the wearer to move further away from their device with the headphones without losing connection or sound quality which is positive. These headphones also offer fast charge via a micro-USB cable. This means that with Fast Fuel technology offered by Beats, these headphones can offer 3 hours of battery life when charged for only 5 minutes which is useful. No longer does the owner have to wait an hour to charge headphones just to go to the gym. These headphones can offer 3 hours of battery life for only 5 minutes of charging. Overall these headphones offer a ton of advanced features which are extremely impressive.


Mentioned later in this article, these headphones are unique in that they offer Class 1 Bluetooth which offers superior sound quality at longer distances. They are obviously wireless which can have some issues regarding the sound quality of the product in comparable products. Luckily with the Beats Solo 3, it looks like the sound quality is quite impressive and impressive at longer distances. This product can be used when walking around the house even if the phone or tablet doesn't come with the wearer. They also offer award-winning sound. Reviewers confirmed that these headphones offered both crisp and clear sound when listening to music or when taking calls. They offer a beam-forming mic for optimal call clarity. Beam-forming mic technology is a professional grade microphone which offers beamforming and adaptive steering technology. This means that it offers a professional level of clarity when answering calls or commanding Siri which is positive. Overall, it seems that these earphones not only provide optimal sound quality and also clarity for calls which is positive.


These headphones connect to portable devices via Bluetooth technology. They offer Class 1 Bluetooth which essentially defines the distance the unit can be away from the music source before it starts losing connectivity. Class 1 is supposed to reach over 100 meters, however, reviewers noted that it starts to lose connectivity after about 40 meters. That being said, reviewers were very impressed by this length as many devices do not offer nearly that distance before they cut off. This is the primary positive review offered by consumers, which is the distance they can go before the sound quality starts to crack or fade. One issue that some reviewers found is that there seems to be a small glitch with the Bluetooth in that sometimes it will stop working and requires restarting in order to work again. Though this was not necessarily a point of contention with reviewers because it does not happen often, it was noted. Outside of this small issue, those who bought these headphones were impressed by the ease of connecting these headphones to their phone or tablet and how well they stay connected, even over longer distances which is positive.


These headphones offer a cushioned and adjustable headband in order to adjust the headphones to fit the wearers head a little more accurately and comfortably. The earphones are cushioned in order to offer superior noise cancellation as well, making them dual purpose. The cushioning is very soft and comfortable to the ear. Those who wore these headphones found them to be extremely soft and comfortable, however, some did find with extended wear that they started to hurt the sides of the head a little bit. This is commonly associated with those with slightly larger heads which could be the problem. The band fits snug to the head in order to avoid slippage which is positive. Those who wore these headphones had no issues using them for more vigorous activities like runs which is positive. They are adjustable in order to fit different sized heads and allows more than one person to use the headphones which are appealing to households with numerous people within it. Overall, there didn't seem to be many issues with the comfort of these headphones which is positive. It seems they are made of soft, quality materials which are positive qualities as well.


One major benefit of these headphones is the style of them. Firstly, the headphones are available in numerous colors in order to suit personal style preferences. These colors include darker, more monochrome colors like black and grey to more vibrant colors like rose gold and gold. They are also offered in brighter colors like red. They are very attractive in design which is something that the Beats line are known for. They fit tighter to the head which makes them look a little sleeker. One item that some reviewers found regarding the fit of these headphones is that they are a little snug to head and caused a little bit of strain when worn for longer periods of time. They come in both shiny and matte finishes depending on the consumer's preference. They definitely look a lot more technology forward in regards to its design where alternative products on the market seem to lack. They offer small buttons at the base of one of the earphones with a faint LED light in which we find is quite attractive and technology forward. Overall, these headphones are very fashionable in design and have the Beats label behind them which, again, is recognized as being a fashion-forward line.


Mentioned earlier in this article, those who used these headphones were impressed with how easy it was to connect these headphones to their device. In addition to this, they were also great with staying connected even at longer distance. They also offer controls directly on the headphones themselves in order to offer ease of use in regards to answering calls, adjusting the volume and knowing the battery time left. They also offer call answering options in order to offer ease when in use. The wearer does not have to take the earphones off when their phone rings, rather, they can leave the earphones on and answer calls this way. Because the headphones have a mic installed in them, they can be used fully when answering calls or utilizing Google assistant or Siri which is positive.


This is also discussed earlier in this article but the battery life of these earphones are impressive in that they can last up to 40 hours. In addition to this, they offer Fast Fuel charging which means they can offer 3 hours of battery life with only 5 minutes of charging. This is massively helpful for those on the go. They charge via a USB cord that is included with the purchase of the headphones which is positive. Overall, the battery is one of the shining stars of this product.


The price tag is debated a bit in reviews in that it is quite high. They are relatively high when compared to other products on the market today. This is most likely because they offer quality sound at longer distances and offer a long-lasting battery. All of these features require higher quality technology which these earphones offer. Though the price tag is high, they do seem to be worth the cost associated with them which is positive.


40-hour battery life
Quick charge technology for 3 hours of battery life with only 5 minutes charging time
Extra wide distance range in order to provide quality sound at longer distances
Class 1 Bluetooth technology
Attractive design
Comfortable fit
Crisp and clear sound quality


The bottom line is that these headphones are pretty impressive. Beats is a well-known household name in audio. They are well-known for offering quality sound equipment with attractive designs. These headphones do not let down that name. They offer crisp clear sound both through their audio and mic technology. They also offer noise canceling technology which means that outside noises won't affect the sound quality and the noise of the headphones won't affect other either. They also offer an extra long lasting battery with the option for quick charging which would appeal to those with less time on their hands. They fit comfortably to the head, though, some did find after extended periods of time that they started to hurt a little on the side of the head. They do stay on well even when used for more vigorous activity which is positive for those looking for a headphone meant for working out in. They also offer LED lights on the side in order to indicate what is being done and its battery life. The primary complaint with these headphones is the high price tag, however, it does seem that these headphones are worth the cost due to all the high-end technology added to them. Overall, these earphones are worth consideration.