Marmot Limestone 4P

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Marmot Limestone 4P Review Facts

The Marmot Limestone 4P is a new version of a popular freestanding, 3-season tent for four people. It has two doors, two vestibules, and a full-coverage fly. The tent can be pitched on any terrain. To be fully functional it is best to stake out the fly.

It is a two-layer type tent that is typical of 3-season tents. There are an inner body and the full-coverage fly. The tent is heavy. It weighs 11 pounds and 11 ounces. The weight places the tent in the car camping category.

It is a tent excellent for young parents with a small child, couples wanting a lot of space, or groups of friends. Packed, the dimensions are 27.5 x 10 inches. The tent can be transported via motorbike. It is excellent for motorbikers on a cross-country tour.

The tent is very versatile. It is suitable for activities where carrying the tent in a backpack is not necessary. The tent is ideal for base camp mountaineers and hikers. The original version has been around for seven or eight years.

This general structure is similar. It now has two doors instead of one. The color has been changed to orange and green-gold compared to dark green. A negligible one-inch difference in height and the loss of a doormat are other changes.

There are four shock-corded poles - two main poles and two shorter ridge poles that play a significant role. On the other sides, the poles pull up the ceiling. Extra volume is added to the headspace. Main poles with pre-bent construction also create extra volume.

There is no hub. The tent becomes freestanding when the main poles have gone through the sleeves and the ends put into grommets. An impressive fly covers the entire tent and creates two vestibules.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easy set-up
  • Full protection
  • Freestanding
  • Great value and height
  • Reliable
  • Expensive
  • Heavy


The poles are 12 mm in diameter. They are made of high-quality, durable and strong DAC aluminum. They are DA17 poles. For those unfamiliar with the terminology, DA17 was first engineered for large tents. The poles have strength and flexibility to bend and later return straight.

The floor of the tent is made of heavyweight 150-Denier Oxford fabric. The canopy is made of 40D no-see-um net and 68D polyester taffeta which is also used in the fly along with 68D polyester Oxford.

Sidewall material is 75D Polyester taffeta also. The polyester in the fly is thick and called Polyester Ripstop material. It is coated with UV resistance, and the seams are sealed to make the tent last for many camping trips.


Putting two adults, two kids, and a pet into a regular tent advertised for four people is not ‘quality family time.’ It can be described more as the kids made each other cry, the pet used the sleeping bag for a bathroom, and Dad and Mom swear never to take another family camping trip.

A four-person tent can feel cramped. The Marmot Limestone 4P sports a spacious design. It accommodates four campers and their furry friend comfortably. The Zone construction is a secret behind the spacious feel.

Vertical walls create more headroom and storage space. The interior is relatively tall. Occupants can stretch out, change clothes, and move around without being pinned against the ceiling. A super-sized door means campers don’t feel as if they are crawling into a rabbit hole.

There is sufficient space for four sleeping pads that are 60 cm wide. Storage for gear is provided in the two vestibules. The dimensions of the floor are 100 x 86 inches. The vast floor measures 59.7 square feet.

Each person has 1.4 square meters of space. A height of 63 inches is created by ridge poles that permit lots of headspace and elbow room. It is a quite liveable tent. The two asymmetrical vestibules created by the fly adds a 20 square foot and eight square foot area of covered space for gear.

The D-shaped door rolls out and the vestibule that was created still provide covered space. Internal pockets help everyone to stay somewhat organized. Small pockets with diffusive fabric are located on the ceiling. A headlamp in the pockets gives the tent ambient light.

At 60 inches, the ceiling vaults into a level space. There is room for occupants to stand in multiple spots rather than just the highest point of the tent, typical to other tents. Tall campers can easily pass through the door with a slight crouch.

Storage caddies along the side of either door are incredibly useful for stowing extraneous products and toiletries. The three pockets provide a place for all necessities down to a tiny bottom pocket for a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Among the unique features that provide more storage is the rainfly. It zips down to the ground to provide extra shelter before entrance into the tent. The vestibule space is useful for storing muddy, wet tennis shoes outside the tent. When the fly is secure, campers can put on tennis shoes without bringing their feet inside or putting socks on outside dirt.


This tent is an excellent example of a reliable Marmot brand. The floor fabric has a 3000 mm rating and a 1500 mm rating for the fly. They are both great numbers. It is unlikely that more protection would ever be needed.

All the seams are taped. They full-coverage fly ensures campers are entirely protected in the tent. Oregon campers quickly learn they must come to terms and inevitable flash rainstorms. The thick 100 percent Polyester Ripstop material provides a waterproof barrier.


The floor is a perimeter or catenary-cut type. This design has taut edges where the floor and walls meet. It is not a bathtub floor where the fabric goes up the walls to a certain height. Everything is color-coded.

The construction is simple. The weight is not an issue if the tent is used as a camping tool that does not have to be carried a long distance. The tent was made with thoughtful details such as reflective guy-out points to prevent tripping and to bring down the tent in the dark.

With ample space to stash gear, multiple storage features, and set-up that is quick and easy, it seems like Marmot thought of everything. A configuration that is both simple and strong is used for the Limestone.

The overall structure manages to ventilate the humid and sticky atmosphere that lingers following a summer storm. Take down is also simple. Campers have haphazardly folded and rolled the tent into its stuff sack without cramming it in.

It packs nicely, and the compact result can be stored in small places. The Marmot Limestone 4P is roomy. It features mesh on all the walls. The tent covers all its bases. Set-up is quick, zippers are effective, shelter from the outdoors is provided, and there is plenty of space and storage.


The durable material and size are responsible for the weight of the tent. The huge floor is made of very strong 150D polyester. Thick, strong poles also contribute to the weight. Two poles that extend along the tent top provide a strong and taut structure.

The two longest poles that run from side to side effortlessly slide into their respective sleeves. Clips secure them tightly to the ground. Reviewers appreciate the durable snap-proof zippers that line the doorway.

They open smoothly from floor to ceiling and never snag. The Limestone is a quality well-built tent that will last many nights and seasons. All stitching is uniform and fully seam-taped. The catenary floor is more durable and substantially thicker than the walls.

The zippers are designed not to catch any door fabric or mesh. A fair amount of the walls are covered with mesh. The ceiling is nylon-reinforced at the seams. It keeps everything rip/tear free and intact.

Burly poles keep everything in the upright position when the winds are gusty. The only concern of reviewers is at the tent peak where the pole sleeves intersect. The top pole sleeves cinch at the crux and may have to be pushed through. It creates the possibility of stitching stress that may tear out from impatient set-up or tear down or repeated use. Repeated testing by reviewers did not cause the fabric to loosen.


Several vent combinations with a mesh structure beneath the fly guarantee proper ventilation. Condensation is not an issue. The mesh and vents, along with the walls and ceiling, provide air passages that circulate freely throughout the tent.

Rolling up the front panel and keeping the sides down lets campers enjoy the view and still be protected from the wind. A couple of guy lines and some hiking poles can be used to pull the rectangular portion of the front out vertically to create a veranda that is sun-shaded.

Weather Resistance

The Limestone rain fly provides impressive coverage. The sides go to the ground. The tent can be tightened at the point it connects to the poles. Everything is efficient and taut on the outside leaving the occupants dry on the inside.

The vestibule keeps things muddy or dirty out of the tent while keeping them out of the elements. Some reviewers feel a bigger vestibule would be better. It goes out approximately three feet.

There is a downward slant from the door top. It is terrific for storing gear but doesn’t add to personal lounging spaces. The Limestone vestibule is not inadequate or tiny. It is palatial. The vestibule effectively accomplishes its purpose, but campers are unlikely to invite neighbors to hang out when the weather is nasty.

There are large mesh sections over the entire ceiling and on the rain fly that can be popped up quickly to allow heat to escape through the tent top. Keeping things airy and cool is not a problem. A multitude of added guy line loops secures the Limestone when it is windy.


The price is not the tent’s most celebrated feature. The MSRP is $339. The tent is worth the money. Prices for the tent are ever changing. Amazon advertises the price as $339 to $545.

Key Features

* 2 Doors
* 4-person capacity
* 4 Poles
* Catenary cut floor
* Color coding Dimensions 100 x 86 x 63 inches
* Floor area 59.7 square feet
* Fly with vents
* Interior pockets
* Limited lifetime warranty
* Materials: Polyester taffeta and Oxford fabric and aluminum poles
* Packed size: 27.5 x 10 x 10 inches
* Taped seams
* Two vestibules with areas of 20 square feet and eight square feet
* Weighs 11 pounds and 11 ounces

Bottom Line

The Marmot 3-season Limestone 4P is a go-to ten that is comfortable, roomy, and protects campers from the elements. It meets all camping needs and more. The Limestone ensures the next camping trip will offer luxury and peace of mind.

When camping with the family, comfort counts. This tent is a hassle-free and sturdy living solution. The good times will begin in no time. Fabrics are sturdy and weather-resistant. Abundant fly vents prevent indoor conditions from becoming muggy.

There is an orange and green version of the Limestone 4P. When setting up, the tent presents a grand 83.3 square feet of living space. There is a ceiling height of 63 inches. Packed up the dimensions are 10 x 10 x 27.5 inches.

It weighs in at 11 pounds and 11 ounces. The outside of the tent is very similar to the 6P version. It has a full-coverage fly with attachment points for guy lines. The fly is seal taped, and there are multiple reflective clips and vents.

The same type of vestibule has the same door and spacious interior for pets and gear. The double zipper is well-protected by a waterproof flap. On the reverse, there is a small traditional shaped vestibule.

The aluminum poles are pre-bent to maximize volume inside the tent. There are two doors - one massive double door at the front and a smaller one on the back. The double door is interesting because it rolls into the middle instead of off to one side.

The tent has mesh at the top and a taped seam base. There are four main poles, two of which come up, cross at the top, and come back down. There are two more poles on the upper side to spread the tent out and maximize the volume.