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Logitech G633 Review Facts

Gaming headsets are becoming very important. For one, when you are playing late at night or early in the morning, you have to worry about who you might be disturbing. Add in the fact that if you are playing a first-person shooter game, using surround sound can really be a disrupting influence. Rather than spending quite a bit by soundproofing the room you play games in, you can spend much less to gain just as much immersive fun by purchasing the Logitech G633 headset.

Of course, there are sets that can swing between gaming and other activities, and that does draw a lot of peoples attention. The question is, what does this set have that makes it stand out in the heavy competition? Let us head in to see where this set can grab the eyes, and where it might fall behind.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Surround sound capable
  • Comfortable build
  • Customizable controls
  • USB and 3.5mm interchangeable
  • Breathable ear pads
  • 40mm Pro-G audio drivers
  • Trouble maintaining hold
  • Tight on head

Activities for Use

In truth, this headset, with its only real shortcoming, is perfect for sitting and playing a action-adventure video game or perhaps listening to music or watching a movie. Unfortunately, if you decide you need a headset for other activities than the aforementioned ones we listed, this headset will probably fail you ultimately.

While the headset is durable and it has strong audio abilities, it has just one drawback that we have been able to find, and that is that this headset has a hard time holding tight to one’s head. And because of that, you should be able to see that you can only really use this headset for those exact activities, though really, that is not such a bad thing. Considering the pure size of this headset, using it for something else is not truly all that smart.

The reason this truly can be a letdown, however, is due ultimately to its tight grip. A common misconception is that if you make something heavy grip tight enough, it won’t slide. However, when you are talking something like a headset, the weight will make the grip a pointless endeavor when it comes to how tight it holds, and this shows, unfortunately.

Basic Features

The basic features of this headset are simple. This headset is for playing video games, no matter what your preferred platform is. As long as it either has a USB or a 3.5mm port, this headset can be used. It is that easy to use. Plug it in, put the headset on, and you are ready to go.

Another basic feature is one that is often overlooked when you are quickly hunting a set down, it’s padded. Why is this important? Well, if you plan to be wearing it for an extended period of time, as most gamers will, you don’t want an unpadded headset. The plastic, no matter how amiable at first, will eventually dig in and become uncomfortable. Padding is, ultimately, a feature that is exceptionally important when purchasing a quality headset.

Finally, the ear cups themselves have a rather basic and overlooked feature, they are deep. What does that mean? Well, like padding, it is important on a comfort level that your ears do not feel constant pressure. Such can lead to migraines which no one wants to have to endure during or after gameplay. Having ear cuffs that sit around the ear, and also do not press in on the ear from the center, can keep such issues from happening.

Advanced Features

There are more advanced features to this headset than one would believe. Logitech has packed a whole lot of features into this headset. There are multiple settings that can be used, like controlling the LED lights that are laced along the back and sides of the ear cups, allowing you to control the color that they glow. There is another setting that allows the color to pulse as if breathing, and yet another setting that makes the color slide through the entire RGB color spectrum. Another feature this headset has is that you can control which sound style you hear. Be it 7.1 Dolby surround sound or DTS (Which is, as research as explained, is a different surround sound system), or even standard stereo sound, it is yours to set.

What gaming headset is complete without a microphone? This headset has one, and it is quite nice in more than one way. For one, it is not removable, it does not retract into the ear cup, it folds up into a nice little holder. So far, not bad, right? But there is more to this microphone, while the arm and head of this microphone are made of plastic, there is something interesting about it. That something is that the head of the microphone is extendable, and that extension is flexible. On top of that, the microphone and headset give sidetone, which allows you, the user, to hear yourself while remaining in-game. Now that is amazing.


As was mentioned before, you can connect this headset with either a USB or a 3.5mm. These cables can be easily detached from the headset. One or the other allows you to jack into whichever device you are using. We would like to think that this is an amazing thing to keep in mind considering It means that you don’t need to worry about dropping out due to distance.

While some have come to prefer wireless sets, there are two major reasons gamers may still hold to wired pairs. First and foremost is battery life. With a wired set, this is not an issue since it runs as long as your device is on. The second is the connectivity. Being wireless with a pro controller is more for those seeking to move about freely and do things while on the set. If you're gaming, you are going to be sitting in a single location- so having a steady connection is much more important than being able to do a lot of activity.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is truly something to behold, as it is possibly the best on the market. Be it the 40mm Pro-G audio drivers or the various sound settings there are, this headset has a strength to it that will draw attention. It could be that this headset has sidetone, allowing you to hear yourself as you have the talk to people feature in some games. Whatever the case, this sound quality is definitely worth the cost of this headset. Now, with great sound quality, you have one less reason to ignore this headset.

Add in the offered software for PC and Mac, and you get the mock surround sound you expect from the brand, and rightfully so. It definitively changes how you hear things and makes it even better than what you get straight out of the box, which is already impressive. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on consoles or on Linux OS, but even then, as said, the sound quality is great straight out of the box.


Be it the breathable ear cups or the padding on the headband, this headset is quite comfortable. A person could wear this headset for almost any length of time and be in comfort. Is that such a bad thing? Possibly so, as it might be almost addictive to use with its comfort. You could easily lose track of time even more than normal while playing a good video game or watching a series of movies. This is something to keep in mind, as people (Unless you work with playing video games or watching movies) do need to sleep, eat, and go to work.

As we mentioned in basic features, when you are looking to game for extended periods of time, comfort is a priority. With this in mind, the padding is the first thing we homed in on, but we did take note to the one part that this set has that causes discomfort. The company seemed to think that a tighter grip would keep this heavier set from falling, unfortunately, it did not work out, and this is something that takes away from the comfort.

For some the tightness simply becomes overwhelming and the padding will lose its benefits. If you are prone to pressure headaches and migraines, this pair may end up being a no go on this fact alone.


This headset is a corded headset, though the cord can be changed from USB to 3.5mm stereo jack. The shaping of it is something else to behold, as it is definitely unique. It is quite hard to describe, honestly, almost something that might have come out of a science fiction movie. This is pretty interesting to behold, especially with the LEDs all lit up. And finally, there is a simple fact that this headset is made to be multiplatform, which means that as long as the system can somehow jack in a headset, this headset is usable.

If the aesthetic style is what you are looking for, then this pair hands it to you on a silver platter. As far as gaming sets go, you can get intricately personalized and send waves of interest through others who get to check your set out. Of course, this definitively makes this set a gamer set and not something most would want to wear out in public for easy listening.


This headset has been made strong, which is amazing considering that it is made out of plastic, for the most part. There is metal, as well, in the headband to give it strength. Otherwise, though, this headset is plastic, cloth, and padding. Still, it is pretty durable. If this headset falls to the floor, there should be no damage. And if there is damage, it should not even begin to affect the performance of this headset. That, among everything else, makes this headset stand out on its own.

Ease of Use

As with most headsets, this headset seems to not need any extra programs. It appears to be completely plug-and-play. That makes this completely easy to use it. Unfortunately, just using this headset is not enough. There are various settings that can be personalized, which makes the use of this headset not exactly as easy as it seems. Understanding how to set up an equalizer can make things more difficult.

Mapping out the three G buttons also makes things a bit more difficult. Also getting used to the placement of the buttons, located on the back of the left ear cup, can be a bit of a challenge. Logitech made them shaped differently to make things a bit easier, but it still is not that easy to get used to their placement. For the most part, though, this headset is easy to use as long as you are not looking for all the little extra bits this wonderful headset offers.

Power Source

There is no power source for this headset. It is not wireless, and therefore, does not have any need for an internal power source. It gets its power through the cables that connect it to your device of choice. As long as the device has its own power, your headset will have power. That is the bonus to using a headset that is wired.


What would you think, as a reader for our articles, that a headset of this quality would cost? Would you pay a couple of hundred dollars for it? Would a hundred dollars be what one would expect? At the time that this article is being written, Amazon.com is selling this wondrous headset for a mere $49.99. We would like to think that the price is definitely worth what you get when you buy this headset, worth it and far more.

Key Features

-LED lights
-Removable ear pads
-Very little sound bleed
-Soft ear pads
-Multiplatform capable
-Interchangeable cables for PC and 3.5mm

Bottom Line

This headset is an amazing piece of work. With settings that makes almost any game or movie far more immersive. Don’t settle for the mundane when you can have something that will make your friends drool during your next gaming session. Of course, if you are wanting something for use while out and about, this may not be your best choice, but it certainly does break the mold for gamers everywhere.