Petzl Tikkina Headlamp

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Editor’s Conclusion
Petzl's Tikkina Headlamp is a budget purchase that provides a surprisingly good level of performance. The price tag makes it worth purchasing two headlamps with the second being a reliable backup option. Not many products on the open market offer this level of value for money.

Puts out up to 250 lumens of brightness. Available for use with three AAA batteries or a rechargeable battery and USB charging cable.

The performance is at a level that meets the basic needs for lighting outdoors at night on trails or while camping. This features a spot beam with a click button operating system for high, medium, or low.

Read on through our review of this impressive buyer-friendly headlamp. We look at the pros for features, performance, and flag up any need-to-know information that could help you make up your mind about this one.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Compact and lightweight

Good beam

Budget price

Decent battery life


Flood beam optics

Key Features

Beam Options

The beam is surprisingly good when factoring in the purchase price. The makers state the beam is good up to 65 meters. User feedback suggests this depends on weather and conditions. The pro for this model is that it is a good trail finder during nighttime treks and comparatively better than other similar priced headlamps.

The beam is push-button user-friendly controlled, and offers low, medium, and high capability.

Use for close proximity

This model has a flood beam function.

You get the brightness in the core of the beam, but this starts tapering off along the sides. This is only a slight downside, and for most users, it does not create any issues when out and about at night. The performance, when measured against the price ticket, is acceptable.


Battery life will vary; for example, the lowlight mode gives up to 223 hours. However, it is not very likely that a user will stay out in the field that long. You certainly won't be using this mode for trail finding.

In high mode, the expected run-time power is around 3.5 hours, and again when factoring in the budget price, this is a good performance. If you are using batteries, take along three spare AAA batteries just in case you need them.

You can go for the rechargeable core battery version; it is a separate purchase. The rechargeable version works with a USB charger.

Design and Weight

This light is a head-band design with a lightweight housing at the front, and users say the FIT is comfortable. The design gives user-friendly control over the high, medium, and low beams via a push button.

The overall weight is 2.9 ounces which is much lighter than many budget price comparable options.

Easy to use

The Tikkinia scores highly for ease of use. The light options are all push-button controlled, and this is fast and easy.


Water protection is there because the light housing is a durable, compact plastic unit mounted to the front of the head-strap. Users point out that in moderate rain, they did not encounter any issues.

Water protection will be highly challenged if you use this consistently in heavy-duty rain or drop it into a deep puddle or stream.


There are a good number of comparative low-price ticket options on the market. However, it is realistic to say the Tikkina is ahead of most chances for performance.

Comparatively, for trail finding, the Black Diamond Equipment - Wiz Headlamp is only slightly higher in cost and is popular for children. The performance features include 2 Single-Power LED's, which put out 30 lumens of effective proximity lighting at full strength; you get a dimmed option and a choice of strobe modes.

Another great PETZL product we reviewed is the PETZL ACTIK CORE Headlamp, so make sure to check it out as well.

The light-box is mounted on a head strap, and interestingly, it works effectively even if worn upside down. Depending on the user, this can be a pro or a con? There is a shutdown feature at 2 hours of use to avoid draining the batteries. When this happens, simply switch it on again.

An excellent comparative budget option for adults is the Black Diamond Equipment - Astro 250 Headlamp. This provides light at 250 lumens, which is basic and good for trails and camping.

The Astro 250 runs on 3 AAA batteries which are included in the purchase price. Available light settings are strobe, dimming, and full-strength; the features include a light memory setting. When you switch on the lamp after a break from using, it goes directly to your mode.

On a high setting, you get a good beam up to 35 meters and 3 meters on a low setting.

This option has a Storm-proof water protection level of IPX 4; the makers claim water protection is good for sleet or rain, regardless of the angle.

Another great product we reviewed is the BioLite HeadLamp 330, so make sure to check it out as well.

This is a lightweight model at only 1.9 oz.


The Petzl Tikkina head-lamp provides sound performance at an exceptionally buyer-friendly price.

The features are user-friendly, the beam performance is impressive when factoring in the price tag. A lightweight and comfortable design are good for trail finding or camping. Available for use with three batteries or for a slightly higher price, try the core battery recharging version.

Certainly, this is a worthwhile investment when adding up features, performance, user friendly, comfort, and durability at a budget price.