BioLite HeadLamp 330

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Editor’s Conclusion
The BioLite 330 scores highly for comfort and stability with its soft textured headband strap and secure platform for the lamp-set.

You can choose light options for all types of settings that you can encounter out in the dark in various terrains. Suitable for camping, hiking, cycling, trekking, running, on and off trails, and climbing.

A one-button system accesses the settings; some practice is needed to master this control. Water-proof in rain and snow but not designed to be fully immersed in water. This model uses a rechargeable battery. The price tag is a medium-cost product that offers good performance.
Editor's Pros & Cons





Good choice of light settings


One button to access different setting, needs practice

No AAA batteries option

Key Features

Snap Shot

Lighting: 330 lumens when high setting & 5 lumens when low
Beam distance: 16 feet when set at low, 250 feet when set on high
Water resistance: IPX4 standard for in the rain/sleet
Modes: Red flood & white spot. white flood & white spot + flood and white strobe
Battery life: 40 hrs on low & 3.5 hrs on high
Power: 900 Li-ion battery-rechargeable
Weight: 2.4 ounces


You get five main settings and options for white and red lights. The white light reaches 330 lumens which are easily ample for night trail walking or running. The dimmable white light gives versatility for how you use your light. The red light option provides an excellent gentle illumination which works for use around a campsite and tent.

The headlamp sits well balanced, and much of this good balance is due to designing the battery into the rear of the headband to balance with the lamp at the front. A thin wire inside the headband connects the battery to the light. The headband is a comfortable material with moisture-wicking capability. The headband and comfortable lamp-unit balance is a good performance feature for this unit. Bounce is eliminated while you walk.

The battery is rechargeable via a micro UBB attachment. The lamp has red and white modes, spot and flood modes, a dimming mode, and a battery meter. This model also features a digital lock to prevent accidental activation while carried in a pack.

Three hundred thirty lumens will be your maximum level of brightness, for which you get around 3.5 hours. On a low setting, the makers say you get up to 40 hours; user feedback suggests that the battery time varies on low.

The LED switch is designed into the top of the lamp for easy touch-access. Navigating features-modes with the button will require putting in some practice.

Lock mode

The lock mode feature will prevent an accidental switching on. Just press the button for 8 seconds to lock or unlock the lamp system. The lights will activate to the last lighting mode which you were using.

To move through the modes shown below, you need to press and hold the control button for half a second. This does require practice.

Red flood
White spot plus dimmer
White flood plus dimmer
White spot plus strobe together and with dimmer.

To activate the dimmer when in light mode, press and hold the button to reach your preferred dimming level.


The system is light and comfortable and weighs 69 grams.


A good performing comparative option is the Petzl Actik Core Headlamp, a multibeam option with a rechargeable battery or AAA batteries choice.

This model gives two beam patterns, mixed or flood, and choices for bright levels. The Actik Core is also operated via a single button to navigate the features. On red light mode, your night vision is less reduced. The lamp system also has a lock to prevent accidental activation.

The IPX4 waterproof rating suggests the lamp is waterproof in sleet or rain but not submerging in water.

The lamp is suitable for trail finding, trekking/hiking, camping, and other nighttime activities.


The BioLite 330 is a versatile lamp system with features that allow you to set your lighting to work for you.

The beam is easily powerful enough for use on trails and can be set and dimmed down for less beam while tidying up around your tent or even for reading. The design feature placing the battery at the rear of the headband is good and gives a secure balance. The lamp at the front of the headband counterbalances the weight. An annoying bounce while walking is eliminated through this design.

The only drawback for some users is that the design does not allow an option for using AAA batteries. The price tag is medium, and the performance is good. A sound investment for those that need light when out and about at night.