What Are the Best Hunting Organizations in the US?

What Are the Best Hunting Organizations in the US? What Are the Best Hunting Organizations in the US? thegearhunt.com

To make up a list that is representative of the best hunting organizations in the U.S. might not be so easy a task to approach. However, considering that the metrics of every organization can be readily assessed, this outline gives you a precise idea of the most reviewed names in the sphere of hunting.

The Boone and Crockett Club

This more than a century old club offers its membership for $35 and has been identified as the oldest conservation organization that focuses on wildlife in the United States of America. The duo of George Bird Grinnell and Theodore Roosevelt formed the club in the year 1887.

The club galvanized efforts to inaugurate the national parks in Grand Canyon, Glacier, Yellowstone, and Denali.  The Lacey Act, Alaskan Game Laws, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, among others, was initiated by this organization.

The approach of using the science-based approach to wildlife conservation was championed by this organization. Its efforts saw to the establishment of Fishery research units. Wildlife research units as well as the Act for wildlife refuge in the USA.

The organization is reputed with the fair chase hunting principle, which alludes to preservation, sustainability, and conservation of animal resources and species across America.

Pheasants Forever

Pheasant hunters offer membership for an annual fee of $35, and it is committed to wildlife conservation.  The organization came to be in 1982 when some pheasant hunters decided to beat back the loss of upland habitat that sustained the endangered pheasants.

The group primes itself as vanguards of the upland habitat and is home to over 100 wildlife biologists, and other members totaling 150,000. It operates in more than 700 locations across the country.

The Mule Deer Foundation


You can become a member of the Mule Deer Foundation for $35 annual fees. The foundation was set up to preserve the winter mule species in North America. These species witnessed a depletion that was astounding in 1984 as a result of sustained snowfall that extended beyond winter till the onset of summer. The situation affected blacktail deer and the mule deer, which had to contend with food scarcity and freezing temperatures.

The foundation was formed in 1988 so that the mule deer can be protected and restored. The steps taken by the association included the acquisition of easements and expanse of land. These steps have boosted the multiplication of free-range deer in healthy numbers.

A number of organizations that include private corporations, government agencies, and numerous landowners have provided support to the group to boost its efforts. The group’s forays have led to an increase in the number of healthy and mature deer that can be hunted during the hunting season.

The Quality Deer Management Association

This association offers its annual membership for $35 and is committed to proliferating quality deer in healthy in North America. The organization can boast of membership strength of 60,000 across the 50 states of America. It also has members in neighboring countries in North America.

The organization provides education to deer farmers in order to boost its ideals of (QDM) Quality Deer Management. The support it has received so far comes from corporate sponsors, volunteer members and advocates of deer preservation.

The organization has deployed practical research and advocacy to boost a balanced deer population across North America. These efforts to protect the hunting heritage of America have led to grooming and education of youths on the best hunting practices.

The Safari Club International

To hold the annual membership of this organization, you need to pay $65. The group is dedicated to wildlife preservation and appreciation of the bounties of nature. There are more than 190 chapters in the organization that is located in many countries of the world.

Since its advent in 1972, it has raised its membership above 55,000 and has remained committed to wildlife habitat and preservation of the world’s natural hunting heritage. The group documents that it has expended more than $140 million since the year 2000 in its efforts to advocate hunting liberties in national and state legislatures.

The thrust of the foundation is worldwide and it has contributed immensely in this direction through humanitarian efforts and outdoor education.

The National Wild Turkey Federation

This hunting organization was founded in 1973 and it offers its annual membership for $35. The efforts of the group are directed at conserving the ecosystem where wild turkey is found. Hunters and conservationists line up behind this organization for its laudable work.

The federation uses a science-based approach in its conservation forays, and this has not gone without notice. It has also stepped efforts to protect the rights of hunters across the country. When the group started out in 1973, the wild turkey population was put at 1.5 million. At present, this figure has soared to above 7 million.

The membership strength is reputed to be more than 250,000 and if you are keen to see a healthy ecosystem around the globe, you can get behind this group.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

The preservation of elks, the hunting heritage as well as other wildlife, fall within the purview of this foundation. It offers annual membership for a fee of $35. The group started out in 1984 when a quartet of hunters agreed on the need to preserve the North American elk population. There are about 220,000 members of the foundation’s roll call to date.

The foundation has raised chapters across America, and as at last count, it has surpassed the number 500 in chapter count. The group has advocated the opening up of elk habitats across America over the years and has succeeded in doing so across 911,000 acres.

Access by outdoor enthusiasts, anglers, hikers and hunters to elk habitats have improved considerably as a result of the efforts of the group.

The National Rifle Association

The NRA is well-reviewed and stands out as the premier hunting organization that can be found in America. The annual membership can be accessed on payment of $30. This is considerably a pressure group that also wields enormous political influence across the country.

The association has been steadfast in defending the provisions of the American Second Amendment, which gives the right to own arms to citizens of the country. The membership of this association is in excess of five million by current estimates.

There are affiliated ranges as well as numerous clubs across America that is assisted by the NRA in one form or the other, on an ongoing basis. The resources they provide are for public and private ranges that are affiliated.

The standpoint of the NRA is clearly pro-hunting and this means that if you are a hunter, firearms owner, conservationist or a seasonal shooter, you are eligible for membership of the NRA.