Wearing an Arm Guard When Bow hunting

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Bow hunting is a feature of archery that has existed for centuries as far as mankind is concerned. Prehistoric man developed the use of bows and arrows to hunt animals for meat and sustenance. In modern times, the game of archery developed beyond just the prey hunt it covered in times past. While there is no statute that says an archer must wear armguards, the tweaks made to the game and vocation of arrow shooting came about to promote the safety of the athlete. An armguard serves a necessary purpose that shields the arm from injuries when shooting an arrow.

The bow comprises a string that is designed out of polymer materials, to enhance its elasticity. As the archer pulls on the string, there is a likelihood that there will be some discomfort for the shooter on the fingers and the arm. Using a protective gear can be of help here in dousing the pain and reduce the exposure to injuries. Apart from the armguard, there are at least five other items on the safety gear list that archers need to wear to promote personal safety.

Wearing the arm guard

The best practice for the wearing of the armguard is to use it on the arm that normally holds the bow. This is necessary for every bowhunter to know as one of the first lessons in using bow hunting safety equipment.

When the armguard is worn, it serves to hold the inner stretch of the forearm together as the arrow is shot. This is needed as a shot arrow can brace or get caught by the shooter’s inner arm frame. Apart from the swerve that the brace might give the shot, the potential for a personal harm is too pronounced to be left to chance. The arm guard also serves the purpose of preventing clothing worn by the shooter to sway the arrow either by getting the arrow entangled or adding a displacement to the impact. Either of these two scenarios can make the shooter miss the prey or desired target, and this becomes an unwelcome hazard when bow hunting.

Each arm guard can be worn on the arm using the buckles to make the fastening easier and possible. Others might come with Velcro straps, and they are easier to wear and pull off when the occasion demands.

The types of armguard

Traditionally, arm guards were designed using the skin of animals and similar hides. The hides were smoothened so that even the string hits the arm, the arrow will remain on the right trajectory to hit the target. Modern arm guards are made to suit the user’s preferences and are available in vinyl, plastic, and stainless steel types.  The use of light materials is only adhered to when they offer the needed protection and comfort.

Each arm guard is flexibly designed with elastic linings put in place for the bow hunter’s comfort and to fit into several arm sizes. It is recommended that the best fit among arm guards must be measured to extend beyond half the space between the elbow and the wrist by at least two inches. When new bow hunters are being inducted to use the arm guard, they are provided the type that has extra pads on them for the safety. When this set of users become accustomed to this safety gear, they can settle for the one they prefer.

Full Length VS Half Length arm guard

The use of the full-length arm guard is recommended for new bow hunters. When they wear it on their bow arms, it will extend to space before and after the elbow.  This is an added protection for the neophyte still learning the ropes of bow hunting.

Full-length arm guards help the user protect the arm; prevent sleeves from getting caught by the arrow and to keep the impact of the string flat if it hits the arm as the arrow gets released. As the archer learns to rotate the arm used for the bow handling around the elbow, and out of the bow string’s path, a switch can be made thereafter. The archer can use the half-length arm guard after getting used to the shooting routine.

To master the art of rotating the elbow of the bow arm, the archer needs to put in some practice.

Normally, this can be done as follows:

  • The archer needs to place one hand on the door frame at home, a table or a wall are options
  • This is to make sure that the hand is steady
  • The arm muscles should then be used to help rotate the elbow
  • For this step, the muscles should crease inwardly and not upward towards the roof
  • Having succeeded at rotating the elbow away from the bowstring’s pathway, the new bow hunter’s form would have improved
  • This means that the bow shoulder can now be positioned in a stable manner when shooting

It is important to state that even the elite bow hunters that have amassed years of experience in the hunting vocation have their arm guards on all the time.
Safety is not to be compromised, and every bow hunter needs to prevent injuries.

The takeaways

  • Armguards are recommended for all shooters and bow hunters
  • The chances of  the string bracing the arm is high and the precaution here is to use an arm guard
  • A string slap or brace will leave the archer with an inflammation on the arm with reddish swelling and associated pain; this is avoidable by using an arm guard
  • When the bow hunter gets into an improved bow hunting form, it is laudable but not enough to forego the arm guard
  • The variety of arm guards are cheap and affordable for anyone to buy and use
  • As the design of arm guards come in an easy pattern, DIY is possible if no option exists at the time


As a bow hunter who needs vital accessories to hunt successfully, when shopping online for arm guards, always look out for the type that suits your purpose and hunting routine.
If you must buy a used product, make sure to have clear images so that you will be in a position to review the state of the fabric and fasteners. It makes no economic sense to order what you cannot use.

Lastly, never forget that arm guards are protective and they will help maintain your arrow trajectory and your aiming precision.