Vortex VMX-3T

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Vortex VMX-3T Review Facts

When you are hunting you can go with just the naked eye, but as most of us know, this can also put you at a quick disadvantage with those who have all the extras. Why? Well, let us start with the bare basics. Some will settle with just the bare start of extra’s, a crosshair single magnifier. This lets them make sure they are lined up with what they can see as a target. It isn’t the greatest, but it’s better than just looking down your barrel with no added help. Then you get the laser sight, now you know you are on target, but at over 100 yards, you may not know exactly what you are shooting at even if you can tell it is wildlife and not a person. What we mean is- where are you hitting? Front? Back? Side? Leg? You can’t be perfectly sure no matter how good your vision is, so you’ll hit, but it may not be anything vital, and then you could lose your kill.

By adding just that little touch of extra magnification you can assure that not only are you hitting your target, but you are hitting it efficiently. It may cost you a little extra, but in the end, it may be the difference between you getting that 10-point buck and someone else taking a kill you started. This is why we are introducing you to this product and saying it might be well worth looking into. If you already knew you wanted this and are just swinging into our review to find out if this is what you want- perfect! That is what we are here for, to bring you the pros and cons for each and every product we review so you can make the most informed choice possible. No bias here- we intend to make sure you can rely on us for the information you need! Welcome to our review of this optical magnifier, and we hope you get everything you need to decide on this one right here!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Highly durable materials
  • Solid mount
  • Fog and waterproof
  • Great and easy adjusters
  • Switches quickly between near and far
  • Glare resistance allows for use both at low and high light times
  • Lens covers separate purchase
  • Mounts require screw driver
  • Eye relief could be better

Basic Features

The most basic part about this piece is the fact it is built perfectly for keeping your target in sight and allowing you to adjust as necessary to keep it there. It has far as weatherproofing on the part of fog and water so that neither will end up causing you issues when using this. It stays steady and has a great mounting structure as well. You can easily adjust for how close something is and not have to worry about glare either.

For a modifier to your guns already potentially great ability to aim and hit what you are going for, this will be that final touch so that you know you won’t miss. Most people will stick to a single modifier but adding this additional piece of equipment raises the bar and lets you know you won’t miss and won’t have to take a second shot to get it done right.

Unfortunately, the one downside to the basics for this particular product is that it does not come with lens protectors. You may have to find and purchase the correct size to keep this one from getting buffed or scratched and causing issues- though most who have used it say that it is still worth every penny, the benefits of having it have simply outweighed such a simple need to get a little extra for protecting it.

Advanced Features

This starts out with a very simple explanation, you actually have a true lowest setting. Most of the other lower-end products that claim to offer what this one does can cloud your vision at the lowest setting. Why? Because it isn’t actually taking that final magnification away. For this reason, you end up actually muddling your shot and may end up missing despite it all. What this particular magnifier has is an actual no magnification 1x setting, so even at close range, you have exactly what you need to not miss.

The other side is on the fact of the lens itself keeping other elements from interfering as mentioned above, but in coordination, making it quick and easy to switch between sets without having to worry that any of the magnifications will end up blurred by outside influences.

Without this magnifier, you might be able to get a good shot- but with it, you can be assured of it. With the materials used, you can also expect that this magnifier also won’t end up falling apart on you either. It is tough and will stay exactly as you need it- and without glare, you can expect to see as easily in lower light as you do at the brightest point of the day.


This scope magnifier has this particular trait covered in every way possible. If you want reliability in sight being clear to your target, this is definitely where you’ll find it. The lenses are waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about a spring or summer drizzle or rain getting your vision clogged up. As fall approaches or cooler more moist nights encroach, where others have to worry that the warmth of their body will fog everything up, you will find yourself getting no such concern as the lenses are also fog proof! You’ll have clarity where most will find themselves struggling to keep their lenses pure while they focus.

If the time of day, and how the light is hitting you is your worry, glare being the ugliest of all traitors, you don’t have that concern with this magnifier either! High noon or dusk, you’ll be able to see and take your shot with the anti-glare materials put into place with this piece.

The one thing many won’t anticipate or consider, however, is that the magnifier they use may very well cause problems with clarity without outside interference. This is due to the fact that even at 1x setting, most are still partially magnified, which can blur your shot or distort it completely. With this one though, you are getting that clear, zero magnification promised at this setting, so your clarity remains true, and so will your shot.

Primary Use

The primary use for this equipment is to act as a secondary magnification on your gun and to clear up your sites so that you can be as focused and on target as you can possibly get. This is meant for rifles and can be easily mounted to your gun with a screwdriver. Many people felt that having a different way to mount would have been easier, but they agree that despite this one set back with putting it together, the mount itself remained strong and stable.

Use of the scope did not cause any interference and due to its build, it has become one of the most preferred and well-liked items on the agenda to purchase. The intent is to assure you will get your shot perfect in combination with a laser sight and your normal mount. It's intended as an amplifier and works best when used as such. While some feel it isn’t necessary in order to get their shot, it actually has proven that after 100 yards of distance, those with magnification have a much better chance at hitting their targets than without it. So, if you want to have greater range, this will assure you have it.


This piece has durability in its build where the cheaper versions and even most in its same price range won’t hold up to this particular model. The materials used to give you a sturdy mount, as well as a sturdy magnifier from the get, go. Built using a 30mm aluminum casing which holds nitrogen, it gives you anti-fog and waterproof assurance so that everything stays clear. Every lens is triple coated to protect against glare, which means you will get the perfect ‘picture’ of clarity when using it, even with zero magnification.

The whole magnifier can even be swiveled out of your sites when it isn’t needed thanks to the removal of the previous versions rubber casing that encircled half of the magnifier. With a full warranty from the company, you also can get anything you need to be replaced even if it does somehow get damaged- no questions asked. The biggest thing to note, however, is that we really didn’t find many who had the genuine article who had to use the warranty and most who had been quite satisfied. Suffice to say, the company, Vortex, has a great reputation with its customers, and they only seem to be continuing the practice of quality products with this model magnifier.


Mounting is not difficult, but it could be a little easier according to some. Instead of using twist screws that require only your fingers to get into position and holding tightly, you will need a screwdriver to get this one on and off. However, most people state that it is so durable and stable that you needn’t worry about how it goes on, because once it’s there, you don’t have to worry that it will become loose even after taking a shot. The mount stays in place and is made of hardy and durable materials just like the magnifier itself, which means you can expect the same quality you always could with the company.

With such a good reputation, the last thing Vortex likely wants is to have a piece that lets their buyers down. Like everything else about this product, the mount is covered in the warranty as well- so if your having issues you can go to them and get them resolved with little to no questions asked. There really isn’t better ease to your mind when your buying the extra’s in knowing that should you have an issue, it will get resolved in an effective and timely manner.


Since we have already gone over what the materials are, we will cover a more basic set of attributes here. The body for this device is a solid piece, which means you change between each lens by a dial which switches your lens magnification to your desired or needed strength. While the 1x magnification is effectively a 0 magnification, many find that still using it at this level keeps a clearer image of the shot. However, the way this piece is set up, you can also swivel the entire body down, so you aren’t using it at all if you don’t need to.

Thankfully, changing any part of this one doesn’t make a lot of noise, nor require a lot of effort, so it is quick and quite assuring you get what you need without startling your prey. The previous version had rubber over half of the casing to minimize problems with grip and cold, however, this proved ineffective and actually got in the way more than it helped, so Vortex took note and removed it with this newer and more efficient model.


This is an amazingly light-weight device considering what goes into its build. With all aluminum, 30mm size and encasing the fog/waterproof nitrogen inside, it still only weighs just under 12 oz. For some this might be a clincher, the added weight just is too much to want to bother with something that they consider a bonus to an already over effective weapon.

However, those who have chosen to use it say the difference is not only minimal in their minds but the benefits of having it there have definitively proven to be with the little extra balance and having to handle their gun just a tiny bit different. When it comes down to it, you really have to end up asking if cutting the small weight is worth missing a perfect shot or not.


Most scopes of this quality, especially with the warranty that comes with it, will cost you around $400 to purchase. This particular one will only cost you about half that. Considering the fact you likely won’t have any issues with it, the warranty gives you comfortable padding that makes it well worth the extra to pick up and add to your hunting repertoire.

Key Features

-Easily put into place
-High-quality materials
-Actual zero amplification clarity
-Great company and warranty

Bottom Line

If you want to assure you have the best gear, and you don’t want any chance of missing your shot because of a lack of it, this is definitely worth getting. Between the materials and their durability as well as the quality out into making each shot count, this magnifier will be something you won’t regret.

Of course, if it is the little things that matter, weight and lens covers, you might still be a bit dubious until someone else makes the shot that counts who has one. Whether you choose to go for this purchase or not, you will likely find yourself coming back if the gear is something you find yourself wanting to make sure you have the best of.